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Thursday, March 3, 2016

UGA just bought 4-5 years of mediocrity

There is no way around this.

This season will result in bad recruiting. Which will result in Mark Fox being fired after 2017.

And then a new coach.

And and new regime.

2016-17 will not be any better than this year.  This whole "wait till next year" - its a terrible, horrible, already been there premise.  UGA will not advance in the NCAA Tourney in 2017.  The end.  And we have heard this all before.

I said "Fire Fox" in 2012.  And here we are.

Georgia, due to the lack of vision giving Mark Fox an extension last year, has just bought 4, maybe 5 years of mediocrity in basketball.

Good job fans, and boosters, and AD.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Definition of Insanity is Georgia Basketball

I don't know why I keep doing it to myself. But I can say I care. And I have promoted, written, and participated as able, more than most in many ways.

Mark Fox got a raise and extension last Spring. The Georgia Athletic Department has done more than I have ever seen to support the Hoop Dawgs with promotions, ideas, energy. Todd Gurley wasn't at this game tonight by some accident.

I guess we will see where the leather meets the road. Tonight's loss was yet another abysmal disaster. Florida begged us to win and we didn't. NCAA is done baring winning the SEC.

I mostly just wonder what McGarity is going to do.

- Go Dawgs.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


This is going to be a terrible post.

I want to move on from Mark Fox.

SC has done more to advance their programs than us.

Mark Fox has owned SC.

And that is why I love sports.

What a great, great win tonight. Frazier's off the court on the court 3 was a great memory.

- Dawgs!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Basketball and Gym are the Actual Tough Decisions

What McGarity does this year and the next with basketball and gym will actually be his defining moment, as opposed to the whole "Smart wins or not" concept to define. Richt's staff was dysfunctional and expensive. It wasn’t a fun decision, but it makes sense. Would you want to be the boss of Richt and that staff?  A staff Richt put together and McGarity paid for?

You couple that with getting a hot ticket in Smart and blowing up the conference, it’s not insane. But making basketball relevant and making the greatest gym team of all time respectable is really hard work and really hard decisions. If I was the AD, it would be easier to go after Kirby than fire Fox and Durante. And Fox and Durante have been given their chance, and then some with Fox.

The greatest Gym progam in history is terrible.  And one of the biggest, money making, money in the bank schools, has not had a good basketball program since Herschel.  These are the hard decisions. 

- Go Dawgs

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A Few National Championship Notes

It's late.  No one reads this anyhow.  So, a few things:

Bama lost to Ole M, and they redoubled their efforts to get things right, which was the butt kicking they put on us in our own house.

Bama does not have a Miami U superstar team this year.  But this is what they had:

  • Good coaches
  • Attention to detail
  • The best S&C 
  • Extreme almost absurd discipline
  • Good lines
  • A vision, mission, plan "buy in"
This is why Sports and Grits got started.  Why this blog has been writing what it has writ.  That list didn't say anything about cosmic play calling or some sort of NASA experiment did it?  The same things from 100 years ago, still apply to today.

This is why Mark Richt was removed, and Kirby Smart was brought in. Because a team of guys that are disciplined, stronger, faster with a common vision win.

- Go Dawgs!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Basketball + rant

For UGA Men's to get 20 wins, we would have to go 12-4 from here out with the thinking 20 gets us to the dance. With our loses, I don't know 20 gets us in. We also have some good teams to face. Mark Fox needs to be removed, just like I said 4 years ago. Went to print and went on the air about it. I really like him a lot. And he is a Dawg. But we haven't won one single NCAA tourney game with him. And liking him doesn't mean he is getting it done. It will likely take a tornado run to get to the NCAA now. We still, freaking still, got blown up by what was basically a press. The D adjustments by Ole Miss to push us out so, so far way from the paint were smart as hell and we had nothing. And the ref thing? How long we doing that, complaining about refs? We had 3 bad calls, and the Technical, well, if the refs are setting that tone early, that is ok in that arena if they stick with it. The truth is we blew a double digit lead. We showed what we could do. Then we showed what we also do. We took a knee and missed the FG. Mark Fox has been given about as much support as we give anyone. He has his staff, and they are all paid well. Other than some ticketing/promotions stuff, there ain't much left. I really like Mark Fox as a person, and as a UGA ambassador. However, UGA should be able to go the NCAA and win a game once a decade. That would be 5 times in half a century. I don't think that is asking too much.

Why are we so willing to be so aggressive and tough and expect to win in every single sport at UGA except Football and Basketball? We don't give these passes to other coaches and other programs. But on these two, we operate on some moral clause crap that somehow we expect a Suzanne Yoculan but mourn a Coach Richt. It's crap. We don't do this in the following: women's basketball, gymnastics, swimming and diving, tennis, horses. Only in football and basketball do we have the "nice guy" rule, and only in men's basketball do we have the "don't really matter" rule. Why are people crying over Mark Richt who got $40M over time, while these same people think UGA should win rings in all those other sports. Its ridiculous. It's hypocritical. And it's not the attitude that will bring rings in football and men's basketball. And just as we watched our rivals (Clemson) blast past us once again, and as we wonder what its like to compete in a major bowl and a sweet 16, well, we will make excuses. I am so tired of not having a top basketball program, and so tired of "good guy" getting a pass that WE WOULD NOT GIVE OUR WOMEN.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Georgia Men Open SEC Slate at Florida

Let's hope JJ Frazier is on fire again this Sat!
Happy New Year!

Well, I know we don't do a lot of basketball here, however, Mr Sanchez and I like basketball a lot, and this Saturday is what I consider to be a very important game for the season. We play Florida in Gainesville in what looks like a winnable game, and that isn't something that has happened much with this match up in a long while, particularly away. I believe this game will provide a solid litmus test as to where this team stands going forward.

We just beat Robert Morris in a lack luster game, however, we played the entire team by intermission, and clearly Coach Fox's goal was to take advantage of a bad opponent and keep starters healthy, while getting lots of minutes for the bench. It just didn't have much wow factor from the stands playing a really bad Robert Morris.

At this point in the season stats begin to matter a little, and this is where we stand:

Georgia is 7-3  with a 47 RPI and an 11 SOS

Florida is 8-4 with a 17 RPI and a 2 SOS

Although they would prefer a better record of course, 3 of 4 Gator loses have come against top opponents (#21Purdue, #17Miami, #1Michigan State) as they worked through a very difficult pre-conference slate, however, this is not the Florida of 10 years ago.

For us, this game is what the Fall has been about, prepping for the SEC slate and prepping for Florida. Some (better) schools, such as Florida, can use the lead in to play more top OOC opponents to enhance their resume. Georgia smartly played solid, good teams in our OOC schedule, more fitting our overall program level. For Georgia, this game is a big tell-tale. Florida is beatable, we have good film, we are the most well rounded, balanced team under Coach Fox, with upper classmen Gaines, Mann, and Frazier finding their A game, while folks like Maten come into fruition.

This game won't make or break the season, but a win would sure be a major step towards the NCAAs and having some basketball relevance.

Oh yea, and just beating Florida is good too.

Game Info:  Jan 2, 8:00pm, at the O'Connell Center, Gainesville, FL on ESPNU

Go Dawgs! - chuck

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas, and Thank You

Hello Sports and Grits,

I want to thank you all for dropping by this season. It was a really wild, crazy year. I really got that Richt to Miami post wrong! CCRider got his Christmas gift already!

The staff here wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and we look forward to finding out more details on our future staff to share with you. Oh, and we are doing pretty well at that basketball thing, so check that out!

Go Dawgs!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Some Quick Thoughts on the Coaching Carousel

It was announced today that McClendon will also be leaving, and going to South Carolina. Known for solid recruiting and a being a solid coach, along with so many other departures, some Bulldogs may feel worried for the future.

This is Smart's staff now. We don't clearly know what the dysfunction was the past year under Richt, but it was there. And in a year, the new staff will start building their own castles. This is the time to do the needed house cleaning, and give all the folks that want to move the chance to move on, because it won't work unless everyone buys into Smart.

There will be adjustments to be made and changes to adopt too. This is normal, and this is the time. It feels like a long month, but really, it's just 4-6 weeks to put an entire staff together, which is pretty amazing really. We can worry and fret, or look forward to a new vision and revamped energy. Until proven otherwise, I am going with the latter.

- chuck

Go Dawgs!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Developing Coaching Staff, Where We Sit Today

Tracy Rocker and Kevin Sherrer are to remain on the Georgia sidelines.  Looks like Thomas Brown is following Richt to Miami as of today. We also expect Lily to depart, likely to follow Richt. And now I am going to straight steal from Mr Sanchez:

HC- Smart
OC/QB- Chaney
OL- Pittman
RB- ?
WR- ? (McClendon, Napier, other?)
TE- ? (do we even have, or let them split between OL for coaching on blocking technique and WR for route running, etc)
DL- Rocker (DC?)
LB- Sherrer (DC?)
DB or LB- Shumann
DB or LB or DC over those three- ?

Plus a lot of assistants/film/S&C TBD.  

Still a lot of movement, but we are looking at a pretty full on housecleaning, particularly on the side that totes the ball.   

Go Dawgs!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Scott Cochran to Stay at 'Bama

And now even I wonder what the point of everything was. Because we can find a Kirby somewhere, but we sure can't find a Cochran. Without a major upgrade to S&C facilities and leadership, it won't matter who is coaching.  We lost to UF 2014 because they were bigger and stronger, even though they were terrible.

I am very disappointed.

source from Bama's site

Saturday, December 12, 2015

I Pulled the Trigger an Hour Too Soon - Jim Chaney to be our OC

Wow, that's why I said "About to ...." this morning.  There is not an official statement yet but it looks very assured that Jim Chaney, of  Pitt, is coming down to Athens, maybe even today.

Cochran has some work to do here.
Chaney has time at UT and Arky before Pitt, so has familiarity as of late in the South. He is pretty well liked and respected. I will say way in the back of my mind I wondered if one of our coaches would be a more experienced guy to round out our more youthful hires. This is a solid choice.

Along with this, still more in the rumor house, is that we have also poached Akry O Line Coach Sam Pittman, which is a pretty good get as Arky had a pretty top flight O line this year. That would give us with Kirby and Pittman, some huge minds in the trenches, and I expect we are looking to get back to big horses on the line.