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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Coming Around on Kirby Smart

The Ol' Boys at S&G have been fighting the good fight against the dread Richt-O-Philia for about five years now.  In the early days we wanted Richt gone but only if he was to be replaced with a sure fire up-grade.  In my mind that has always been Gary Patterson.  In fact I have railed against the notion of hiring Kirby Smart as a replacement for Richt.  However, time changes things and one can only endure mediocrity for so long before one says "I will take anything so long as it is different!"

My mind has slowly been changed on Kirby Smart as the replacement for Richt.  The change has happened for two reasons:
1. I think there is a compelling argument for what Smart can bring, and
2. The clandestine cronies that encircle our program like vultures are obviously scared to death that Smart will get the job and fire them.  Thus is the reason for what I am now calling "Operation Throw Pruitt Under the Bus" (or Brian VanGorder 2.0) that has been simmering since the Florida fiasco.

Now as to point number 1, the compelling arguments, here they are:

1. Recruiting- Kirby Smart is regarded as one of if not the best recruiter in the country.  He lives, eats, breaths and sleeps recruiting.  His recruiting is relentless and his ties are very, very deep in SEC country.  All of that said Kirby would be walking into a situation where everything he needs to win at a high level on a consistent basis is within the borders of the Peach state.  Kirby already knows about them Georgia Peaches because he currently beats us on a consistent basis for some of our top in state talent.  Smart's dedication to recruiting is juxtaposed against Richt who will from time to time just go on two or three years stints where "Ehhhhh..recruiting reschmooting who gives a crap, right?"
According to Rivals the State of Georgia has 23 of the top 250 recruits in the Nation and 10 of the top 100.  Right now Richt has 4 of the 10 in the top 100, has lost one and has 5 undecided.  In the top 250 in the State of Georgia Richt has 6 of the 23, has lost 7 of the 23 and has 10 undecided.  Now mind you this is a banner year for Richt because usually he would have no more that 2 of these kids in the fold by now.  If Kirby Smart were at Georgia with his relentless recruiting I would imagine UGA would have 7 of the 10 in the top 100 and 14 of the 23 in the top 250 with probably 5 or 6 kids still undecided.

2. Strength and Conditioning- Word on "da' skreets" is that if Kirby jumps ship he will bring the man, the myth, the legend Scott Cochran with him. 

 In the man's own words "This little man makes MONSTERS!"  I ain't even gonna lie to y'all - the thought of Scott Cochran at Georgia just made me moist!  In fact I am sliding right out of my throne deep within the bowls of Snake Mountain even as I type this. Plus I understand that his yelling and cussing skills may be second only the Great and Mighty Patterson!

The man yells. All he does is yell. He even yells when he tweets!

3. Culture-  Now if you have been lurking around here for long enough then you know the Rider is subject to not write anything for weeks or months at a time.  That being said, so long as Richt is sucking the joint up at UGA and so long as I am writing you are going to get sick of me talking about the single most queeftastic quote to ever come forth from the lips of a Richt-O-Phile.  The quote is of course this:
"It's about a culture that has the right culture of love, respect, together.”

That is what Fran the Man said about why Pruitt was the problem after the Florida loss.  Everything about this quote perfectly sums up everything that is wrong at Georgia and wrong with Mark Richt!  Since we are program of "LOVE" let me ask you this "Why do we keep trying to capture what Saban does in a bottle and bring it to Athens?"  Do you know why we hired Todd Grantham?  He had some distant tie to Nick Saban and defense at Michigan State. Do you know why we hired Jeremy Pruitt?  The same reason FSU hired him because he was the secondary coach at Alabama for years.  Yet when we get a little of that Saban mentality in Athens we quickly try to smother it with a pillow.  We have done the peace, love, community, communist BS for 15 years now and it isn't working!  What we need is a change in culture.  What we need is a yelling, cussing, pedal to the metal, George S. Patton I better not hear any reports that we are holding our position, win at all costs culture!  That is the right culture to have because this is FOOTBALL!

4. Defense- Defense still wins championships!  I believe that if Smart is the HC he will keep Pruitt as DC.  If Richt stays then we are almost assured that Pruitt is gone!  What is that?  You don't care?  You don't really like Pruitt?  Well how about this:
In his second year and with a number of freshmen and sophomores playing Pruitt's Defense ranks like this:
Defensive Points Allowed-   168                              8th in the NCAA
Total Defense-                       4.7 yards per play       9th in the NCAA
Pass Defense-                        151.9 yards per game  2nd in the NCAA
Red Zone D-                          65%                            3rd in the NCAA
3rd Down Conversions-        30.7%                         11th in the NCAA
1st Downs Allowed               165                              3rd in the NCAA
Run Defense-                        148.1 yards per game  46th in the NCAA

Wow!  Pruitt sure does suck!  I wonder if Willie Martinez might be interested in being the new DC in Athens?

All in all I just do not think I can stomach another year of Mark Richt's pandering, mediocre nonsense!  So right now I will gladly take this:


Monday, November 23, 2015

LSU To Fire Les Miles - Some Teams Get It And Some Teams Don't


Why don't we compare Miles to Richt......just for fun:

Winning %

Miles - .775
Richt- .738

SEC Titles

Miles - 2
Richt - 2

National Titles

Miles - 1
Richt-  0

How many LSU fans are crying today?  I will tell you how many- exactly as many LSU fans are crying as National Titles Georgia has under Richt.  Want to know why?  Because LSU understands that this is the SEC and good is not good enough!  Plus, LSU is not in love with some made up religion pimping personality.  LSU will get better........we on the other hand......we will keep Richt and Schotty and run Pruitt off in true Georgia fashion!

Oh yeah I almost forgot:

"A dadgummed win is a dadgummed win and Georgia Southern is not a cupcake!"~ Typical delusional Richt-O-Phile

Just Ranting

People say (over the last 15 years) we encountered the best LSU of all time, the best Bama of all time (and counting), the best Florida of all time, the best Auburn of all time, even the best SC of all time.

Sad. Sad we so casually let SC pass us. And sad UF beats us in the worst year of their modern history, 2014. Why is the memory so short on that loss? We are proud to beat an AU team on the verge of firing a coach, and GSU.  GSU.


I just wonder, when do they encounter the best UGA of all time?  Cause that would be really cool. Is one SEC in 10 years too high a requirement?  Is meeting the expectation of wining the east, when the east is so, so, so bad too high a bar? We were supposed to go to Atlanta this year, we were supposed to get revenge on Bama, we were supposed to score a TD on Florida.  We didnt even come remotely close.

There is no argument that beats "where is the SECCG?".   We are happy to beat GSU in OT?


We are Running Out of Ways to Explain Football - Congrats Coach Pruitt for the #2 Pass D in the Land

Oh my.

Remember 2 years ago when the biggest problem according to fans was the pass defense? Well, problem solved. Thank you Coach P. And yet, I still have people telling me Coach P is a problem.

Georgia had a problem in the secondary. And that is [redacted] nailed down shut. This happened because we used our resources and money to find the best man in the business to do such a thing. And right after it happens, he is in trouble for that raisn' cain. In hindsight, it makes sense Butts-Mehre hates. Because they got showed up.

I will take a TD given up a half from now till the end of time.

It's not that complicated a formula for us, no?  Go get good people because we can and use all this "Athens and Georgia is so great" talk and put it to work. And if they don't perform, like the worst offense in Georgia history, fire the damn OC.  Which should have happened a month ago and is now just wasting time.  And Sale, well, he hasn't really done much with the pre-season vaunted O line either.  Why is he not even mentioned for being such a ridiculous failure?  Mike Bobo could coach line better than our current O Line Coach?

We really, really need to prepare for 2016 on the O line and QB.  Right now.

Georgia will beat Tech, go to some mid bowl, and the whole middle season of this year with everyone so fired up to fire someone will be forgotten.  And now Georgia is just about even with Georgia Southern.  How is this even possible, and how are people so ok with this?

Oh, we won.  Yea, that again.  We beat bad teams.  Took 2 loses to really bad teams.  Tried to lose to 2 really bad teams and GSU.  And that's ok.


Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Really Hard Position for Those of Us That Want Change

I've been a cynic of the last 10 years of Georgia Sports, because I see and know that slow to change is our motto.  Sports and Grits kicked off hard in 2010 trying to explain there were systematic problems that needed to be fixed. Oh, no, I don't deserve my nose wiped or any special love. The problem simply lies with this: how do I say "this isn't right and it's bad" while hoping for change, seeing underachievement, not at all wanting to lose, and still wanting/enjoying a win?  It's a hellava a position, because I don't want to lose, but if we don't, then change doesn't happen, and then "we won" gets put in my (our) face. "We won" without perspective is what bad leaders and politicians do in desperation, and when it's used to completely bleach everything else, and change history, we get problems.  Winning doesn't equal right. 

More fans than perhaps ever under Mark Richt weren't happy with this season. Because it got so bad that most everyone could see it. The problems brought up here at Sports and Grits for years about our program still exist. Beating Auburn is still good. No one that is a fan wants to lose to Auburn!  Then we run into this problem:
"Mike Bobo is gone. Willie Martinez is gone. Assistant coach salaries have been increased. We’re building an indoor practice facility. We’ve upgraded the strength and conditioning program. We’ve improved recruiting. We’ve hired more people with no previous ties to Georgia. We have a special teams coordinator. We’ve even been known to put a kickoff in the end zone a time or two this year.

Other than caving in to the extremists who think the second-winningest head football coach in the history of our program should be fired for going 9-3 in back-to-back regular seasons, what have irate Georgia fans been clamoring for for the last few years that they haven’t gotten? Is here a point at which we as fans, having seen our gripes all answered, look at the results, then look in the mirror, and think to ourselves, "Maybe we didn’t have all the answers, after all"? - T Kyle King, DawgSports
Mike Bobo is gone, and replaced with the worst offensive coordinator we could imagine. This isn't some sort of win. It's an indictment of just how bad CMR is at picking coordinators. Willie Martinez is gone, which took 2 years too long and two coordinators later in short order, and again, another look into how bad Mark Richt is in picking coordinators. We have a good DC, now, after fans went nuts, a DC who saved Mark Richt's job today, and is the guy in trouble for being a rabble rouser!  We are "building an IPF" - yet, we do not have one yet, so that is irrelevant, and it took 10 years too long, which is the point. We "upgraded S&C", yes, but we still do not have an elite S&C, we merely took it out of the sludge, all we did is remove Joe T, that's about it. No real, serious, changes.  Still a culture of "its just the weight guy". We have an ST coordinator - ok, well, he is terrible then, and we need a better one, an indictment on CMR picking coaches, again, and I would have just avoided that as an argument. Improved Recruiting?  We undersigned for years and we are still paying for that, trying to get back to strength, the recruiting is not "fixed".  The debacle of undersigning is why we are where we are, happy to beat a really, really bad Auburn and still getting killed by Florida. "We have been known to put a kickoff through the end zone..." - what, like a few times?   It doesn't matter if if its a "time a or two" as stats say we still give up a lot of field position.  We kicked it through the end zone a couple of times and now our kick off team is good?  No.

But let's not stop there, if you don't like Mark Richt, then you are "extremist". What a fine, and dandy, argument, you are "extremist" if you don't like Mark Richt or this program? This ain't the GOP or national politics. But that's how it goes. Oh, and "9-3" that might happen, but it hasnt even happened yet.  You are labeled an extremist on future results, while apparently the blowout loss to Bama, the stupid loss to UT, and the blowout loss to UF isn't a bad thing.  You extremist!

One thing is right, we don't have all the answers, we aren't the coaches. We aren't the AD. But I hate this argument and mentality, the argument and mentality that "we won" a game means that there aren't serious and legitimate cultural and systematic problems. The idea and culture that getting our butt absolutely kicked by Bama and Florida is ok, 'cause, you know, 9-3.  This is the entire idea of "mediocrity".  The idea that beating a bad Auburn team, which all of us are happy about, equals a lack of problem.  And I will say it again, we can be happy to beat Auburn, and still see systematic problems that will prevent a better year, and does not erase absolutely abhorrent problems.

This is the problem for those of us that want to win SECCGs and National Championships, right here. We are in the position of not wanting to lose, because we love our team also, but then having it thrown in our face, because apparently getting killed by Florida and barely beating a bad Auburn team is ok. You know what, I wanted to enjoy beating Auburn today also. I was in the minority, in fact, of expecting a win. But sure enough, beating a really bad Auburn has already been flipped into memory loss on just how bad we have paid attention to detail this season, and the last 10.

In a year, sitting right here, once again, the same questions of lack of rings will be around.  I wrote at the start this season "It's about rings." If for you, beating Auburn is enough, then great.  For me, it's about the path to Atlanta, and winning the conference, something we have done 2 times in 33 years. No, I don't expect to win an SEC every year. But with this much talent and resources, a ring a decade isn't too much too ask. Oh, and yea, I am not the coach, and I may not have the answer, but the answer I do know, is show me the rings. We fans that want improvement can enjoy winning today also, while not forgetting just how how bad we got our tails kicked by Bama and Florida.

- chuck

We're are running out of ways to explain football - Georgia over Auburn 20-13

  • Defense allowed 13.  With the only TD for Auburn on their opening, scripted, drive.
  • UGA special teams scored 13.
  • UGA Offense scored 7.
  • UGA Defense forced 3 turnovers. 
  • Georgia leads the SEC in passing Defense now.

Coach Pruitt inherited a massive mess and has had to play a lot of freshmen. His rebuilding was a huge undertaking as Grantham threw the program under the bus and Richt undersigned bad on defense.  Schottenheimer came into a decent situation, minus maybe at quarterback. And yet, there are people that don't like Pruitt?

Ok.  Everyone can think what they want. The stats just say that Pruitt is doing well.  The game trackers just show our starting field position handed from O to D has been terrible.  The numbers just say we throw a lot of INTs.   Our D is performing well in general, and particularly well while being handed really bad deals.

In today's college football world anytime you hold any team under 17 points its a good day.  Well below national average.  Holding a quality team to 21 points is a good day.  The rules and playbooks and practices allow for offenses to have many more advantages than defenses.  The game is higher scoring now, and our defense will only be better next year.

As written weekly now, Schottenheimer absolutely has to go.  I want him to go right now.  We are wasting time.  Richt has retained his job with today's win, and likely will win a few more.  We need to prepare for 2016.  We need to get in the market for the right Offensive Coordinator.   If somehow Pruitt is gone and Schotty stays, I may invent new bad words.

Georgia Takes the South's Oldest Rivalry from Auburn, 20-13

Georgia now has it's first all time lead over Auburn since 1986.  That's always good medicine.  And because so many people suck at math:
"Public service announcement for all media such as CBS, North Carolina fans/alums, and Virginia fans/alums. Georgia and Auburn played their first game in February of 1892. The Tar Heels and Wahoos began playing each other in October of 1892. Some people apparently need to learn how calendars work, or what the words "oldest" and "South" mean." - Mr Sanchez

Go Dawgs!

How Coach Pruitt Feels After the 1st Half Today:

How many weeks can this happen?

  • Auburn gives up 27.2 points per game.
  • They are 70th in scoring defense.
  • They were 94th in rushing defense
  • We have 3 points.   We have 60 yards rushing.
With every single play I feel another nail going into Mark Richt's coffin.  I don't like seeing my team play this poorly against our oldest rival, when our oldest rival is a really, really bad team this year.   And we have all the same problems this game. It's like nothing has changed.  Ugh, grr, rage, mad.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Culture, Mark Richt, and the Georgia Bulldogs

Georgia Culture.

I have never been a “fire or don't fire Mark Richt” guy. Let me explain. My angle has always been that I want to legally push the envelope to be ultra-competitive. I've long been much more upset at the ADs and chronies -  things like needing a bake sale to fix a broken down baseball park or being just about the last major program to get an IPF. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I think Mark Richt is the top dawg, and he is responsible for his terrible coaches, the undersigning, lack of a push with S&C, never having a good O line, and the absolutely horrific situation with QBs. But all of that said, without changing our "culture", a culture where people are upset that we don't have a fiery coach, but then get upset at the one fiery coach we have, a culture where we call the S&C coach the "weight guy" and allowed a 90-year-old to run S&C just because he played ball one time, a culture that took a decade too long to build an IPF, a culture that apparently refuses to have an Olympic-level S&C program at a school that sends people to world competitions, a culture that casually lets someone like AJ Green get suspended for four games over nothing without even putting up a fight, a culture that sends a letter to the NCAA to nicely ask to reinstate a player over a steroid given in high school by a doctor and who never violated a rule, a culture that lives in fear of losing or changing a nice milk cow, well, it isn't going to matter who the coach is when we roll like this. Heck, it's taken a forever just to start working the schedule to be more favorable.

That is all why I never worry about "fire Mark Richt" that much. He is the right fit for those guys that want to sell out Sanford just about every game, get multiple prime TV slots, and win eight to ten games. Their complacency and slow-to-change atmosphere is reflected from the senior levels right down to watching our young men stand in the rain completely shell shocked as Nick Saban pushed his staff like a drill instructor up and down our own sidelines. The response of Alabama losing to Ole Miss was O2 on the sidelines, staff cleaning cleats, drying gloves, changing gear, and keeping their team focused and on point.

We are not that team.

Because we have too many folks that don't think all these details are that important. Because we don't have a program that wants to do everything possible, legally, to win.  Because we have people that think pushing the envelope means doing illegal things, rather than finding the edge. Mark Richt, as head coach, is the focal point and landing zone for pissed-off fans and boosters, but if we really, really want to get serious about winning rings, then we have a lot more to address, and replacing the HC is just going to put us right back here.

All that said, losing to AU would be very bad for Mark Richt just like it was for Jim Donnan. Losing to three of the rivals, when they aren't even that good, would possibly be it for our HC. The crazy, almost comical, thing is AU is absolutely terrible leaving a little room for us, and it's possible we beat them up pretty good, which I think will be right on the edge for Richt to be around next year. Auburn is terrible, but that means winning is all the more important. A double edged sword. If we had a decent quarterback, then this game would be pretty straightforward. I don't think I will ever be over this quarterback thing, it's just so bad.

Now, losing to Auburn and Georgia Tech would very likely be it.  However, clearing out this staff and then rehiring a new staff will cost a lot of money. Does anyone think Georgia is going to flip this staff at a cost, rough math, of $10-15 million dollars?  I sure don't. It's not in our nature. I still think this year turns next year into a probation-type deal. Donnan lost to all four rivals and got another year, and Richt is making us a whole lot more money than Donnan ever did.

Georgia has a chance to take the all-time lead over Auburn this Saturday, with the series sitting at 55-55-8. I want that to happen.  I want to beat the tar out of that scandalous, cheating, lying, sorry school. I take pride that whatever our way is, it is not the Auburn way. We still have football to play, we still have two rivals to beat, it's still my alma mater that I root for, and I will always take a win over Auburn.

GO DAWGS!  - chuck

Brice Ramsey - Ok With Punting?!

A lot of people have wondered what has happened to supposed future star quarterback Brice Ramsey. The guy that was going to be the man last year, this year, someday?  Rumors floated around last year and this season he doesn't work hard, and maybe isn't smart on the play book. Which kind of fits him not playing much, especially when we really could have used him. Then we get this quote from Dawg Nation:
For now, Ramsey does appear legitimately excited about punting, saying that he’s “excited about pursuing it.” He could see himself doing so in the NFL.
“Oh yeah. I don’t have a problem doing that,” Ramsey said. “They’ve got a pretty good little life for them going on.”
He is excited to go be an NFL punter? They have a "good life?" Read:  I get paid, don't have to work that hard, and not that much pressure.  To me, this just sounds like mailing it in from the jump. It also sounds like we didn't evaluate this future QB turned punter very well at all.  And Johnathan Park was too scared to compete against this mess and left?  /facepalm

This isn't how you quarterback; not one bit.  You can't think like this and compete for the hardest, most important position on the field.  At least we finally got one answer.

- chuck

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

There Is No Such Thing As The "Georgia Way"

I keep hearing people say "The Georgia Way" especially surrounding the notion of Pruitt and how he acts.

What in the world does that mean? 
The Georgia Way? 
I ask because the only thing Georgia does on a consistent basis is under perform and disappoint. So is that the Georgia Way?  There is an "Alabama Way" which is winning at all costs see their championships.  I just didn't realize you could be a failure and still have your approach referred to as a "Way."

If you are a 36 year old pot head who was once an honor student, with a college degree and maybe even a good job at some point in your life but now you are living in your parent's house- is that the Georgia Way? 

Me coming in sans the lube....that's the Georgia Way, son!
Back in 2013 The Beloved told the Touchdown Club of Athens that Spurrier once gave him some advice in 1991.  That advice "Do not under any circumstances take the Georgia job!"
Now lots of people write this off to the Ol' Ball Coach just hatin' on the Dawgs, but is it possible that one of the Conference's transformative visionaries knew a little more about Athens than just the fact that he hated the Dawgs?  Remember this was back in 1991, back when SOS was firing on all cylinders, back when he knew the conference inside and out......so did he understand something that most people don't get?  Did he mean it like "Don't take the job or I will be beating you every year?"  Or did he mean it like "There is more there than meets the eye and nobody can ever really win there?"
Considering it was Spurrier it was probably just him being a dick and trying to take a shot at UGA where he could....but we have to ask- Was it more than that? Is it still more than that?

The Georgia Way obviously refers to the culture in Athens.  Now the question becomes this:

Is the culture in Athens from top to bottom the actual problem?

Is that what Spurrier understood back in 1991? 

Flip Flop Fran decided to go HAM on our DC this past week saying "It's about a culture that has the right culture of love, respect, together.”
Of course this came after Fran became the only human being to have ever seen a football before and still blamed Georgia's woes on the Defense and not the atrocious QB play, horrendous play calling, overall lack of fire, inability to block and a laundry list of other issues not at all related to the defense.

So what does all this drama mean?  Well for those of you who do not understand what the "Georgia Way" is let me break it all down for you with this easy to follow time line:

1- Georgia gets curb stomped by Alabama,
2- People outside of the Georgia program and fandom start to question if Richt can ever get it done they acknowledge that there is a divide amongst the fans and decide to take a closer look at exactly what Richt is,
3- In a move that smacks of Pickett's charge levels of desperation Richt starts the 3rd string QB against Florida after two weeks to prepare,
4- Georgia gets curb stomped by Florida,
5- Richt has no answers and appears both desperate and lost,
6- Everyone with a functioning knowledge of football outside of the UGA program and fandom come to the conclusion that Richt has to go if Georgia is serious about football....EVERYONE!,
7- A senile old Bulldog Legend randomly goes on the radio and blames everything on Jeremy Pruitt,
8- Rumors swirl that Pruitt will be fired,
9- Richt, ever benevolent, denies the rumors and sticks by his DC.

WTF?  Confusing right? Now understand that the "Georgia Way" means our culture which actually means the old guard's way of doing things.  Add to that the fact that Pruitt wants to win and probably doesn't fully understand college football media spin and politics because he was only at FSU for one year and media spin and politics are not allowed under Saban.  Now let's look at this timeline through the lens of the "Georgia Way":

1- Georgia gets curb stomped by Alabama,
2- People outside of the Georgia program and fandom start to question if Richt can ever get it done they acknowledge that there is a divide amongst the fans and decide to take a closer look at exactly what Richt is, Panic within the program ensues!  Richt could be fired!  All the old stage 5 clingers who have managed to stay around even though they serve no purpose would have to actually do something to keep their job under a new coach!  This is not good!  Hold on everyone stay calm we go through this every other year or so.  We will just say there is an unreasonable portion of our fan base and we still control our own destiny.  Besides we always have the old stand by of saying "10 wins a year is a lot of wins!"
3- In a move that smacks of Pickett's charge levels of desperation Richt starts the 3rd string QB against Florida after two weeks to prepare,
4- Georgia gets curb stomped by Florida,
5- Richt has no answers and appears both desperate and lost,
6- Everyone with a functioning knowledge of football outside of the UGA program and fandom come to the conclusion that Richt has to go if Georgia is serious about football....EVERYONE!, Panic has now evolved into a full on nuclear meltdown!  The sports media has never been unified behind the idea that Richt is sub-par!  We will lose our cake jobs!  We will have to work and be expected to produce!  Oh no, OH no, OH No, OH NOOOOOOOOO!  Quick find a scape goat!!!! How about the guy that actually tries and wants to win?  Yeah screw that guy his working hard makes us look bad anyway! Initiate "Operation Deflect Blame!!!!!"  Get Fran on the phone!
7- A senile old Bulldog Legend randomly goes on the radio and blames everything on Jeremy Pruitt,
8- Rumors swirl that Pruitt will be fired,
9- Richt, ever benevolent, denies the rumors and sticks by his DC.

Do you get it now?  This is the "Georgia Way!"  Let me tell you what will happen if throwing Pruitt under the bus doesn't work........Richt will be gone!  His most likely replacement is Kirby Smart.  Smart will probably clean house on all those that practice the "Georgia Way" and keep Pruitt and his staff hires.  Smart and Pruitt together would bring the Alabama Way into Athens and that way requires work and results, two things that have never been required in Athens before! 

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Maybe the Problem is Verne and Gary?

1-3 on CBS on SEC this year.  And the 1 was Vandy.  With a lot of bad UF games over the last decade on SEC on CBS.   For whatever reasons, Georgia plays a whole lot better under the radar than in this slot.  And, for serious reasons it's really hard to build rhythm on CBS.   I don't care for SEC on CBS one bit, and I seriously believe that maybe 3% of the puzzle is getting away from that mess.  

We as fans hate the announcers, but as players, the busted rhythm is a real culprit.

Stinchcomb did a good job today all in all.  The 45 minutes saved in game time did a whole lot of favors.

Go Dawgs!