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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Mama always told me bad things happen in threes, and now I'm scared.

We lost another DGD recently.  CC and I have always made the lion's share of postings around here, and chuck was a welcome addition in the last several months to add another perspective to our views.  But you may notice "samdizl" on the left as one of the site contributors.  He didn't write much, but he was a primary part of this site's heart and soul.

I say "was" because sadly the Columbia County, Georgia teacher and coach is no longer with us as he passed away this morning far too young.  Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and loved ones as they deal with their grief in a very difficult time.  

Thanks for the memories big man.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Calling All Disney Dawgs!

I think this maybe this cold blooded sausage makers least favorite time of year.   I actually like basketball, which leaves me with "we're a football school" even though we have more titles in virtually every sport but football.   But it's not that.   It's how the "this is our year" crowd seems to come out in a force that I wouldn't have known existed after the loss to Clempson.   Oh yea.  The Dream Team.  Then the Ring Team.  But never the "freaking won something" team.   Oh, this is the year my Disney friends.   Oh - no joke, we are still just "5 yards short" of a National Championship.  5 yards short. (BTW, that was like 20 years ago now).   The worst, most pathetic, most asinine, most ridiculous Disney argument of them all.    As I've said here before, I compare and contrast to Alabama for a reason. And the reason is they a) have won a lot of NCs while we still have Papa T running S&C and have nice luncheons in our Athletic Facility and b) they have the best recrooting year after year after year.  Bama has rings - we don't.   But we sure got the excuses.

Enter Disney D's - "They oversign, they greyshirt, they aint fair!".   Until 2014 and Mark Richt finally oversigned.   That's right.  The saint Richt finally got wise and realized that maybe a full roster was necessary.   Sports and Grits has been telling you year in year out that the way to level the playing field was to fight fire with fire.   And we finally get here.  Kinda.   Yet Bama still rocked the 'crootin.  We did good.  Bama did amazing.  And WE STILL DONT HAVE A DAMN LEFT TACKLE.   And its our first mild attempt to fill a rooster.   Let me be clear - we are making good decisions with the coaching.  We have finally filled a rooster and did some good recruiting.   Just tell me why, oh why, did it take 8 years?   Good decisions a decade late don't deserve a blessing, they deserve a "it's about time."

And while everyone is so happy that we have the greatest defensive coaching staff ever (which is amazing as they haven't coached one damn game).  We still are selling and buying snake oil.    If, and when, we limp by Clempson and South Kakalaka, oh my, the bells will be ringing.   But what is missed is our best QB is a redshirt freshman, and rather than get him time by destroying opponents we will limp by waiting on 2015.    Because here is why this is a call for Disney Dawgs - nothing has changed.   We have the same formula, the same S&C, the same desire to win 10 games and call it good.   And no blood lust.  Cold blooded sausage makers want to start wining 60-3. Oh - no, that's not classy!   Except all the NC teams are doing it.   It's what is needed to get our underclassman playing time.   So yea, maybe we are ready to beat Klampson and that other school, but beating ain't damn good enough.   Making sausage is what's needed.  With some pissed off, anger filled, revenge seeking, no mercy cold blooded dawgs.  But you tell me, is that our style?  - enter class excuses.

Hell, I have no idea what my point is here except to say that right now it's all sunshine, pink ponies, purple rainbows and not one single accomplishment on the W-L board.    And it drives me nuts.   If I see one more "5 yards short" I think I will just label that person a complete idiot, because I don't remember any stat telling me 2 years ago that we won a NC just 5 yards short.   Every year it's some new jingle.  And I don't like how they ring.   The last UGA NC - Herschel committed on Easter, and he didnt even start for a bit.   Dooley (idiot) put Herschel in out of desperation as we looked to lose to Tennessee, and then the rest was - Herschel, Herschel, Herschel.  So don't tell me "this is the year" and "this is the class" because I don't cotton to that talk unless I see butt stomping on the field.

Good decisions that are being made deserve a head nod.  A tip of the cap.   A "nice job".  But they don't equal rings.   If this time of year meant UGA would win rings then we'd have a case full.   Be proud of good decisions.  But don't count them chickens just yet...


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A gift basket would be nice

So, Georgia has another class in the books, and it's a good one.  Highly rated, all that fun stuff.  But thanks to your local sausage makers, we quit fiddle-farting around and closed strong for once.  The class is probably a good B+, with lots of good stuff but not enough beef to warrant an A.

You can check out individual profiles with videos of each signee on Dawgsports.  As for the class as a whole, it just lacks meat.  Lots of sizzle but not a lot of steak.

RB is as good as it gets with Chubb and Michel joining the crew.  And I was falling in love with the variety of WR before little return man McKenzie came on board, giving us two burners that can be big time special teams guys, and two bigger bodies that can fly too.  Thankfully we added a much needed 2nd TE for depth, and I'm absolutely in love with the potential of the big bodied athlete that is Hunter Atkinson.  That and the potential for more 2 TE sets, which would truly be "pro-style" if that's what we're gonna claim.  If you hadn't noticed, like Bobo, the pros use a 2nd TE now and not a FB.  And the OL class, which needed a stud JUCO LT to step in this spring and win the job, whiffed there but otherwise did well with Baker and Sims as top OT prospects, as well as Wynn and Edwards inside.  4 OL per class, yep, just right.

Defensively, we loaded on DBs after a couple misses in last year's loaded DBs.  We got a good LB in Dukes after reloading last year there too.  And the DL, while flashy, lacks interior power.  Next year is supposed to be a big year in state for big DL, so it may well be part of the plan, but getting just a suspect shaped Gaillard means the staff can't miss on landing multiple contributors at DT next year and the year after.  But we landed Lorenzo Carter, who was the one big name out there, and Keyon Brown as another DE for Pruitt's 4-3 looks.

Good play makers, filling need spots at return man and TE while keeping the cupboard full on talent at DB, WR, and RB.  Good class, not great.  We gotta do better next year boy's, but it's certainly not the slackers we've been landed the last several years.  And you're welcome Dawg fans for finally demanding more out of the staff that you've been far too chicken shit to do yourselves. 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Meet Our Soon To Be New (and also very first real) Strength and Conditioning Coach

Since we have been doling out the hate from deep within the bowels of Snake Mountain with a little more regularity stuff has been getting fixed!  Turns out not only Sack O' Used Tamponds and Laktose Intolerant but now Olivadotti and Wilson are out tha' door, son.  As always Dawgnation you are welcome.  Since we are back to breakin' necks and cashin' checks it's time for us to move on down our list of things "to make happen".

Next on the hit parade is doing something about the homeless problem in Athens.  We are going to start with this one in particular:

Now I am all for giving this old dude a warm coat in the winter and three meals a day.......it shows that the football program cares.  I'm fine with letting him on the sidelines to yell at people and give the old stink eye.  What I am not fine with is letting this man, who knows nothing of S&C, be the head of our S&C program.  While Pruitt is a tenacious guy we still lack that one true face eater....that dude that everyone is just a little afraid of......this guy:

This is Rusty Whitt.  He is the S&C coach at Louisiana which I think used to be ULALA but they dropped the Lafayette part somewhere along the way.  That stream of blood running down his head and face is from where he head butted a player....who had his helmet on....too hard.....to get him fired up........then just let the blood stay there......because he is REAL, son!

Gone are the days when we will accept a frumpy old grandpa telling our guys to drink raw eggs and jog around the stadium.  In are the days when our S&C coach is swolle' up and can most likely lift everyone on the team under the table.  Gone are the days when a stern look from a geriatric with no real substance behind it is seen as discipline.  In are the days when the S&C coach threatens to kill you and means it because he is ex-Army Special Forces who did a couple of tours in Iraq and has killed more camel jockeys than Charles Martel (historical military reference- look it up I cant do everything for you).

Plus his name is Rusty.....like Rust.  Rust is what happens to metal when it is exposed to the elements.  Sure metal is too strong for the elements to just fight outright so what do the elements do?  They fight a long drawn out war of attrition against metal until finally after a couple hundred years the elements win.  A fitting name for someone who is supposed to break down and totally erode away some 18 year old kids BS and mold him into a killing machine.

So get to crackin' McGarity!  If you need to drive over to Tuscaloosa and lay on Mal Moore's grave until you get the inspiration you need to treat the football program like what it is......the single most important aspect of this University.....then do it.

Breaking News: Bama Fans Concerned 'Noles Overtaking "Biggest Crybaby" Status

First, welcome Coach Pruitt, and what a fantastic hire.  Well done at long last UGA!    As we see how he assembles his staff, we'll have more takes on that as we go.

For now, while every Georgia fan, and fans of about 100+ schools would be happy with a National Championship, FSU fans went from "Yea Team" to throwing the coach that got them there right under the bus.   I've said this about assistant coaches for years (credit Mr Sanchez for getting me to watch 'The Wire'), having your coaches get hired away is "one of them good problems."   Except for Florida State, who has to have their ball and go home.   Wahhhhh!

But no, winning a Heisman and a Natty just isn't good enough. The Noles felt they were about to go on a dynasty run....insert claim they are also sending a million players to the NFL....how can you reload if you are also losing so many players...pick a side already, you idiots use opposite arguments at the same time, it's making my head spin and puke come out.  And rather than say "Thanks Coach" they had to throw him under the bus, slandering him, using the internet as a "source", making gifs of Coach Pruitt's head chopped off, because, hey, a Natty isn't good enough, we need all the trophy's!  And the utter hypocrisy of "Winston is clean as a whistle" followed by "Pruitt's dirty" right after his hire to UGA...just Bama level full on moron.    It concluded with the FSU Athletic Department announcing all slander crap bs was wrong and untrue.   I guess FSU failed the "I'm a French model on the internet" class.   

If UGA wins a NC - I don't care if the whole staff leaves.   Seriously.  Maybe an improvement in a few places.  When you route for a team like UGA that is ever so close, closer than almost anyone, without a NC since 1980, you learn not to take things for granted.   I would have thought well of FSU, but in today's "give me give me" 14 year level thinking college world, sitting back and having a nice cigar and bourbon isn't enough, you got to cry your coach sucks and then lie about the whole thing.  

So, FSU cry babies, screw you.   Oh, I meant thank you.  Thank you for the best coaching hire we've had since Erk Russell.  Get over yourselves.   Ever think maybe Athens, being close to family, and not being around Jimbo for a massive payraise are good reasons to move?  Jacklegs.  Enjoy your year, and shut your traps.  

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Good Job Richt. Good Job McGarity. Great Job Sports & Grits!

Never let it be said that we do not give the Devil his due.  Mark Richt found the testicular fortitude to tell Grantham to look for another job.  Richt had the guts to target the top possible DC to replace Todd "Sack O' Used Tamponds".  Somehow and someway against all odds and we assume while fighting against an uncontrollable vomiting reflex.....McGarity reluctantly blew the dust off of and broke the seal on the Football Budget Ledger.  So good job boys!  You have done just enough to restore hope and possibly buy yourself one whole season off of the hot seat.

Now to where the real congratulations are due.  Congratulations CCRider, Mr. Sanchez, Chuck, and everyone who makes the most influential blog in the entire state of Georgia happen.  You may recall that long ago we were listed on a daily basis over at the Dawgbone.  It has been sometime since we were over there because their gate keeper was super jealous of all our hits while his craptastic blog was completely ignored (shocking because he is a former member of the media who does things like spell check).  Also, because we had "content detrimental to the program"!  In other words we were directly impacting recruiting.  Turns out that while we were impacting recruiting UGA signed its best class (in terms of stars) in the Richtian era.  Turns out that super competitive kids who play ball appreciate people like us who demand excellence.  So in the end if it were not for us holding the programs collective feet to the fire we wouldn't have half of the talent we currently have. 

In addition to controlling recruiting we also came along and:
a) Got rid of Willie "Football AIDS" Martinez, you're welcome
b) Got rid of Coach Moobs Van Halanger and his dreaded "mat drills", you're welcome
c) Forced Captain Crayola to get his act together, you're welcome
d) Got rid of Coach Lactose Intolerant, you're welcome
e) Got rid of Todd "Sack of Used Tamponds" Grantham, and you're welcome
f) Forced the University to actually pay for a real DC this time around. Uhhhhhh.....you're welcome

While these accomplishments should be heralded for the awe inspiring and majestic grandeur that they are we still have a long way to go.  We also owe each and every one of you an apology.  We got a little lazy over here.  We let things like work, kids and wives get in the way of our non stop haterations.  We can't help but feel a little responsible for the step backwards UGA took in 2013. 
With that apology out of the way we would like to make a promise to the entire Cold Blooded Nation:

NEVER AGAIN!  Never again shall we allow anything to stand in the way of the hate train.  We won't stop because we can't stop until Georgia wins a National Title!  Here is a list of our current goals:

a) Get a real S&C coach and program as opposed to having a homeless man who sleeps in the weight room,
b) Get a special teams coach,
c) Prevent any attempts at making a seamless transition from Richt to Boboz as HC,
d) Getting rid of Richt, and
e) Winning

So good job Richtie-poo!  We hate you and McGarity just a tad less today but we still hate you so hire a real S&C coach, special teams coach and quit fiddle farting around.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

You're welcome, again Dawgnation...


The absolute best case scenario of a hire for Georgia's DC right there.  Kirby wouldn't even be close, despite the idiots in the fan base screaming for Smart.

See what happens when we get things rolling over here, demanding heads and things be done right in Athens?  Magically, it gets done.  Don't ask us how we make the sausage, just sit back and shovel this deliciousness in your fat mouths.  You're welcome, again Dawg Nation.  Next time try showing a little more gratitude or we just might not bail you out a third time.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Candidates to Replace Todd "Sack O'Used Tamponds" Grantham. Prepare To Be Underwhelmed!

Well what we have is a man bleeding to death before our very eyes.  We aren't Doctors or anything but the guy is missing his entire left leg and that is where all the blood is coming from.  Additionally he has a small cut on his finger.......so lets put a Band-Aid on the finger and call it a day.  That is what the loss and subsequent replacement of Todd Grantham is......instead of cleaning house from the AD down (stopping the gushing blood from the leg stump) we will get yet another DC.

So who are the candidates......welllllll......lets consider a few things:

a) Despite making more money than about 108 other NCAA programs we are traditionally very cheap so don't expect a big name,
b) Richt is 1 for 3 in hiring DCs and the two bad ones were the last two we hired, and
c) We love to promote from within so as not to be questioned as to why we do things so poorly and because (see a) above) we are cheap.

So why don't we start with who it will NOT be:

1. Kirby Smart- DC Alabama
Oh the wet dream of every retarded UGA fan that has helped to sustain the level of mediocrity we are currently enduring.  We won't get Kirby because.....well.......that may result in a bidding war between us and Bama and since Bama cares about wins and we care about hoarding money we will never win a bidding war.  I am actually fine with this because Smart has no DC experience.  Saban's DC is like being Mike Leach's OC......see below:

Talk about a look saying it all.
See without Saban....when the going gets tough....he won't be there to step in.
2. Jeremy Pruitt- DC FSU
Again......we will not get into a bidding war with a school that cares about football because we will not spend any of our precious surplus.  You may laugh at that now but we will see who is laughing when the Zombie Apocalypse comes and we are the only school with a surplus.

Now that you know who it will not be here is a list of craptastic coaches that it will most likely be.....you may want to hand over your belt and shoelaces before reading this:

1. Manny Diaz - Unemployed 

Wow this would have been a great hire back in 2009!  Now it will just be like replacing our crappy DC with another under performing dumpster fire of a programs DC.

2. Clancy Pendergast - Unemployed

See Manny Diaz above.

3. Randy Shannon - LB Coach Arkansas

This guy was a HC two or three years ago and now he is a positional coach at a SEC program that is worse than us.

4. David Gibbs - DC Houston

What's that?  Oh you didn't know that they even bothered to play defense at Houston much less pay a coach?  Neither did I.

5. Kirk Olivadotti - LB Coach UGA

Because promoting from within worked out so well last time:

6. Chris Wilson - DLine coach UGA

Because promoting from within worked out so well last time:

Finally....the wildcard:

Coach O - Unemployed:

Snicker all you want but:

A) He is the best recruiter in the country,

B) Bama is looking at him for D-line coach which would mean we will literally never get another player better than a 3 star, and

C) It ain't like it can get any worse in Athens.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Grantham Leaves To Take DC Job at Louisville!

Praise be unto The Lord!

There is indeed power in prayer!  How do I know?  We'll it looks like we just got one answered!  Joe Schad is reporting over at the World Wide Leader that The Walking Sack of Used Tamponds will be hooking up with Slutty Bobby P up in Louisville!  Good Riddance!

And here is the list of Craptastic possible replacements

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Saban Hires Lane Kiffen for OC? - Mind Blown - but, but....

The reason I talk about Alabama and Nick Saban so frequently, even though I can't much stand their overbearing, backwoods, no life, pompous idiot fan base, is because, like it or not, Bama and Saban have had amazing success, and they have learned to push (as they always have) every angle possible to achieve the goal they consider most important - a National Championship.  It is simply foolish not to study Bama and their ways and compare and contrast to what Georgia does doesn't do so we could have success.  Learning from others is a long standing way of improving, and sometimes a quicker method.   We talk about S&C here at Sports and Grits often because Bama has a S&C program leaps and bounds beyond ours, and they have rings, and you can't discount that connection as just one example.

So, the Sabanator has now hired the unmighty Lane Kiffen to be his Offensive Coordinator.   This is a shock to, well, everyone.  Even Bama fans are making shoulder shrugs when asked about it.   So, let's dig a little.   Why do schools keep giving Kiffen a shot, particularly at two prior Head Coach jobs?  Well, remember Pete Carroll and the USC Trojans that were winning rings?   Their OC - Lane Kiffen.  Apparently what has been lost in translation is Lane Kiffen is a fantastic guy to sit in Mom's living room recruiting, and is a pretty darn good play caller.    And guess what?  That's all that Darth Saban needs.   This formula would not work most anywhere else as Kiffen is too prone to think himself better than he is, which is why he fails at HC, but here, Kiffen has something he hasn't had as of late, a boss that will pimp slap him at every opportunity to show him who's Daddy.  A Kiffen in check can be a focused, hard working machine, and that will be the standard and expectation from Saban.   There will be the one time Kiffen can't help himself and tells Saban what to do, and then this will happen:

At that point, the Kiffen will be in the fear, and will do what he does best, convince parents if you don't go to Bama, you will stink at life, and then call the best X and O's of his life. Because Kiffen may fail at running his own ship, but the Saban won't let him fail at steering his.   This could be a disaster at most places, but at Bama, it's more recruits Georgia will whiff on and another basic offensive system based on player ability that will be very well executed.  And no one else could pull it off with this ensemble of coaches and staff.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

UGA Is A Failure At Football And Will Be For A Long Long Time!

I don't know if any program faces the challenges that Georgia faces.

1) The powers that be at UGA view the football program as their own personal ATM but not an ATM linked to an account that they put their own money into....no more like a welfare ATM where they take the money of the fan base,
2) While in a talent rich state it is a state with a highly transient population that may or may not have any devotion to the flagship school of the state,
3) No school in the country has as many teams that view them as a rival as UGA.

Honestly,  we have an in-state rival from another major conference.  Our neighbor to the South made beating us the focal point of revitalizing their program 24 years ago.  The lesser of our two neighbors to the West view a portion of the western part of our state as their personal recruiting ground,  the greater of the rivals to the West is easily the most dominant program in the history of college football. Our in conference neighbors to the North and East also view us as a rival, and our non-conference rival to the East views us as a rival who they play two times every five or so years.   Add to that another traditional power from another Conference also to our South and also who views the Southern portion of our State as their's in terms of recruiting and it's a wonder anyone wants the pressure of the UGA job.

That said no UGA coach has had opportunity placed on a silver platter quite like Mark Richt.  Consider this- either during or just prior to Richt's tenure Alabama, Auburn, Tennessee, Florida, Florida State, Clemson and South Carolina have all been at their absolute lowest points ever.

Alabama had just fired the atrocious and scandal clad Mike Dubose, replaced him with Dennis Franchione who bolted after two lack luster seasons, hired and fired Mike Price in a two week time span, and then made the horrible hire of Mike Shula and kept him for 4 seasons.  It took Saban one season to fix the mess.  However, in the first seven years of Richt's tenure Alabama was a black hole of failure.  Bama has had 4 coaches and won three National Titles while Richt has been at Georgia.

Auburn was still recovering from the mess that was Terry Bowden with Tommy Tuberville at the helm.  Tubs was in his third season at the Barn when Richt took over and was still 4 years from from righting the ship but was three seasons away from Jetgate which most likely delayed rebuilding Auburn.  In the 9th season of the Richt-era Auburn appeared to go full retard and hired Gene Chizik who had a whopping 7-17 record at Iowa State.  Chizik would be fired after four years.

From year one through year nine of the Richt era FSU steadily declined from National Title contender to middle of the pack in the worst conference in the country.

The official UGA boogeyman, Steve Spurrier, went to the NFL after Richt's first season.  Florida hired the eternal football joke punch line, Ron Zook, and kept him for three seasons.  Yet Richt gained no ground on Florida and Zook's replacement would win 2 National Titles.  Urban would depart in 2010 and be replaced by the biggest disappointment since Geraldo opened up Al Capone's vault.  What will happen with Captain Sweaty Pants and Jort Nation is yet to be seen.  Florida has had 4 coaches and won 2 National Titles in Richt's time at Georgia.

The high water point of South Carolina being especially South Carolinaie came in 1998 when Hot Dog eating world champ Brad Scott went 1-10, was replaced by Lou Holtz, and went 0-11.  2000 and 2001 became (at that time) the golden era of Gamecock Football with an 8-4 and 9-3 seasons and Outback Bowl victories (*Note 8-4 and 9-3 should and is considered a failure of a year at Georgia).  Richt was hired in the last year of Holtz's magical two year run of relevancy.  In Richt's 2nd and 3rd season Carolina was back to losing records and Holtz retired after going 6-5 in 2004.  Darth Visor returned to the SEC scene but took over a Port-O-Potty full of failure that was the USCe program at that time. 

In the history of time no program has valued themselves as highly while the rest of the world viewed them as irrelevant as the University of Clemson.  When Richt arrived in Athens Clampersun was in year three of their very own version of Mark Richt, Ol' Tommy Bowden.   Clemson was a cesspool of failure, incompetence and mishandling of talent.  Yet inexplicably Clampersun just kept on giving Tummy extension after extension.  When they finally had to fire Ol' Tummy they were in such a financial bind that they had to hire an assistant WRs coach who may or may not have a touch of retarded but who gives the slack jawed fans of the South Carolina Upstate exactly what they want because he is exactly what they are- delusional, 14 year olds trapped in adult bodies and obsessed with Rasslin'. 

 To Recap

1) Bama has a decade of failure.  Richt is there for seven of those ten years and yet gained no ground.  Bama has three national titles in years 8-12 of the Richt regime.  Bama has had 4 coaches and 3 National Titles during the Richt era.

2) Auburn has been an unstable roller coaster ride during all 13 of Richt's seasons.  The Barn has had three coaches, one undefeated season, one National Title game loss, and one National Title.

3) Florida State steadily declined for the first nine years of the Richt era, were average in years 10-12 of the Richt era and won a National Title in year 13.  FSU has had two coaches in the Richt-era.

4) South Carolina was the whipping boy of the SEC when Richt arrived in town.  Even in the midst of the greatest run in school history they were still only mediocre at best.  After three years of Holtz running them in the ground and five years of Spurrier trying to build something the Shamecocks have closed the talent gap of Georgia and may have even surpassed us.  South Carolina ended this season with their highest ranking ever #4.  South Carolina has had two coaches in the Richt run.

5) Clemson was stuck in the same rut that were in for the majority of the Richtian reign in Athens.  They broke free and even hired a goober that everyone laughed at.  Yet the imitation Auburn just won the Orange Bowl in impressive fashion.  Clemson has had two coaches in the Richt tenure.

I say all of that to say this......look at that map......I wonder how many recruiting battles we will win in our own State?  Good thing we have that all important "stability".  Bama, Auburn, Florida and Florida State  have a combined 13 coaches and 7 National Titles while our claim to fame is falling five yards short of even getting to play for a NT.  Quick...name our four biggest rivals on the recruiting trail.....you got it!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Stopping Momentum......or How To Keep People Who Aren't From the South Interested in College Football: A Handbook for NCAA Officiating

So let me explain how this works.  You have two teams, both are pretty talented yet one is better.  So how do you use officiating to get what you want without being obvious?  Timing.  Timing is everything in officiating as well. 

Last night you had two evenly matched teams yet one was more prepared for the game.  It is 21-3 with only a little time left in the second quarter.  Auburn calls a pass play.  FSU's corner runs in front of the Auburn receiver and slows down, the receiver runs into him, pass interference- no call.  Had there been a call it would have been first and ten Auburn in FSU territory.....at a point in the game when FSU had no answers for Auburn.  The very next play.  Third down.  Long pass over the middle for a first and deep into FSU territory.  The official literally steps into the left side of the screen, waits to see if the catch is made and then throws a ticky tack flag on Auburn for holding.  The "hold" came well after the ball had left the QBs hand and was in the area of the jersey between the shoulders, below the collar, and above the bottom of the numbers......a call that is literally never made.  This forces a punt.  FSU is held but fakes the punt and then scores.  So instead of 24-3 Auburn or the more likely 28-3 Auburn lead at the half we go into the lockers 21-10.  Auburn's momentum is killed, FSU gets momentum and confidence at a time in the game where Rapeis Winston was frustrated and ready to quit.

Now......you can't simply do this and call it a day.....oh no!  Elite zebras then cover their tracks.  How about the no call on the Auburn player for the horse collar tackle on that last long pass?  Everyone saw it, it was egregious and yet no call, why?  Easy.....you know have an example of Auburn getting a blown call.  Never mind that FSU had all the momentum at that time, never mind that the officials were going to allow a score no matter what......it didn't matter because you had evidence.

How about that Sugar Bowl?

1st quarter, 1st possession: Bama crams it right down Oklahomo's throat for a TD
Oklahomo stuffed by Bama's Defense then in the middle of another Bama drive that would have put them up 14 to nothing the above egregious penalty is not called.  Oklahomo intercepts the ball and scores a TD.  What would have been a 14-0 game (that would have lead to a blow out) is suddenly tied and Oklahomo is given hope.  You kill Bama's momentum and give Oklahomo hope all at the same time......give that officiating crew a bonus, son!

Remainder of the 1st quarter and part of the second quarter the officials simply refuse to call holding on either teams O-line despite the fact that almost every O-lineman on each side held (and I mean stretch the seams in the jersey held on almost every play).  Now you have covered your tracks beautifully because everyone is saying how poorly the game is being officiated due to the lack of holding calls going both ways.  Mid way through the 2nd quarter Bama shakes off the poor officiating and takes the momentum.  Oklahomo's QB is flushed out of the pocket on 2nd down, scrambles, and throws the ball where there is no receiver and the ball does not pass the line of scrimmage but no flag for intentional grounding.  Oklahomo gets a short pass on 3rd down and kicks a FG to stem Bama's momentum.  Had the intentional grounding been called and the short gain made on 3rd down Oklahomo would not have been in FG range and would have punted. 

4th quarter:  McCarron is under pressure and throws the ball 25 yards down field to a receiver but way over his head.......refs call intentional grounding.....inexplicably they call it and kill Bama's momentum as they are coming back and on the verge of scoring.

Under 2 minutes in the 4th:  3rd down, Bama out of time outs, incomplete pass.  Bama had just scored then held them to a 3 and out but wait......10 seconds after the play is over the official 85 yards away in the other endzone throws a flag for pass interference and gives Oklahomo the game.  Had the Stoopers punted from that point Bama would have had excellent field position and would have scored since they magically pulled John Henry out of story book legend and put him pads.  Instead a deep punt after working valuable time off of the clock forced Bama to throw.  McCarron is stripped and Oklahomo scores on the fumble.

Then there is that Orange Bowl. 

Here Clemson got a taste of what it is actually like to be in the SEC.  You see a team like Clemson or FSU will get the love when they are serving a purpose for ESPN or the NCAA but when it comes to playing one of the most beloved yankee teams......no such luck.  I believe the final tally was 15 penalties against Clemson.  The Tigers would have beaten theOhio State by 5 TD's if the officials had not been involved.  Clemson had, I believe, 2 sideline infractions called on them......SIDELINE INFRACTIONS.....quick when was the last time you saw a team penalized for that?  What's that? Never? Exactly!