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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

SEC Makes a Move to Salve Racial Tensions in the South

In an unprecedented move the Commissioner of the SEC (southeastern conference) has proposed that southern states adopt their SEC flagship school flag as their state flag, to help end or ease racial tensions in the south.   The deep south, realizing that rallying behind SEC athletics had more merit than rallying behind, well, anything else, has had a unique reaction to this.   It has gone to state legislature, state vote, and gubernatorial input.   Let’s look at this state by state.

On an easy note, the State of Louisiana has been quoted as saying “Hell Yea” and the LSU Tigers flag has been adopted with no vote.  Apparently there was no opposition other than how a low country boil should really be.   There has been a lot of discourse over proper boiling of swamp critters and a few small fights on the proper boiling of shrimp and crawdaddies.

Moving on to other SEC states, the Great State of Texas is in turmoil, but only legally.  There has been no violence.  Upon hearing this news the University of Texas has filed 132 injunctions, 145 motions, and 111 Bills.   Quoting one Texas Senator, “I was asleep, and woke up to this, I have no idea what is going on, but apparently Texas isn’t really cool with this.”   Furthermore a Texas Judge has said “ If I read everything UT has filed I’d die in my coffin.”   Texas A&M has made only one statement, “Well, we are the best football team in Texas, we are in the SEC, and we don’t see what the problem is.  If UT wants to man up and start playing the SEC we can allow a change in state flag status.   Until then, well, S-E C- S-E-C-S-E-C”.   This is an on going, albeit, really just the same shit as always battle between ATM and UT.

Moving on to the State of Georgia, the legislature has passed with a 90% margin to make the Big G the State Flag.   When Altantans where asked about this, there was a 9 to 1 ratio of “ugh?”.    One Georgia Tech student was quoted saying this was “BS”, when asked about the fact GT was actually in the SEC and left of their own accord, he simply said, “I will make a million dollars a day back in Hong Kong.”

The Great State of Kentucky was fairly united to put the big blue UK up over the capitol, although Louisville was not that happy.  In a move to compromise, the state senate put a little basketball on the corner of the flag as a "symbol of what we are really about in this state."  

Now, for unfortunate news.   The entire impetus of this movement was the racial tension in South Carolina.  When the SEC proposed this, SC showed up at SEC HQ with naked dancing girls and making it rain with 100 dollar bills.  When it was mentioned, “Hey, you didn’t get in the SEC till, well, 1992,” they simply got more naked.   That’s the good news.  Clemson, feeling supremely threatened their rival would have its flag as the state flag got on buses, made 2 or 3 unneeded circles,  and retaliated with violence.  At this time, South Carolina Gamecocks, and Clemson Tigers , are in an almost 19th century battle, with a huge number of frop mop frat boys chugging natty light and “getting it on.”    The Governor of the State, Nikki Haley, has been said, “Well, I am extremely thankful as white on black violence has stopped, replaced with entitled white on white privileged violence.”.    Improvement, is improvement.

In case you thought we forget about other deep south states, you have no worry.   Mississippi and Mississippi State have had mostly peaceful negotiations.    It looks like they will let the winner of the Egg Bowl be the team to raise its flag over the Capitol.    MSU has been heard saying “We are the better team, we aren’t skeered.”   And it has been heard Ole Miss has said “We were the first southern school to replace our racist traditions with a character from Star Wars.  We were serious as hell about that.  How can you hate on Star Wars?   So, we will we do what is necessary, and –buy-, -or sexually recruit, but, not really, coerce, but we mean that in a good way, players to our school, and fully expect the Egg Bowl to raise our flag above the State forever.”    Comments aside, the Egg Bowl still decides Mississippi. 

I must now move onto an interview with Mike Slive, Commissioner of the SEC.   We will return to the other schools momentarily.   When Slive was asked, “Aren’t North Carolina and Virginia pretty southern also?”  He had no reply.  He did get a deep evil grin, and was reportedly heard under his breath, “Soon, very soon.”  We cannot confirm this report.

Back to the South.  You maybe worried about the Great State of Tennessee.   This SEC confrontation over state flags from SEC schools turned out to be the easiest.   UT went full frontal assault.  UT exclaimed, “We are the biggest school in TN.  We have the most SEC’s.   We have the most National Championships!”   In what looked like a win for TN, Vanderbilt responded, simply, and directly, “We are ok that our prestigious school flag is not flown in front of your trailer parks.”  UT has yet to respond.

On to the State of Florida, who has the University of Florida Gators in the SEC.  In a vote of 13-1 by SEC Athletic Directors, UF was not allowed to use its flag for a state flag, saying “Well, Florida isn’t really the South.”   In related news, Florida State is piggybacking this petition to make FSU’s flag the state flag.  The nation has responded, simply, “Exactly how many Seminoles are at your University?”    FSU has yet to respond.  

And, with many, many other great Southern schools already discussed, we have to move onto Alabama.   Fortunately, negotiations between Alabama and Auburn to decide who would have the state flag from their university, the violence has been low.  But there has not been agreement.   The proposals have been between “The Iron Bowl winner gets to raise the flag.” And “The national championship winner will get to raise the flag.”    With the continual debate and no resolution, it appears the Great State of Alabama will not raise a state flag for approximately 50 years.

In case you thought this journalist was slacking, we had to do deep, deep research into Arkansas.  It seems that what is something we merely thought was a pig call, well, is not.   “WPS” is really a thing.  A serious, deep seated thing.   It means “woo pig sooie.”   Although the Great State of Arkansas has had zero violent responses to the changes in state flags, apparently screwing up “WPS” can invoke violence.   Arkansas, in a rare movement of the United States, put the entire flag issue to a straight up vote.   With 2,000 votes from the state that could vote “Yes/No” 1900 votes were write in “WPS”.   The Governor stepped in and said this is clearly a vote for the University of Arkansas, and the pig now flies over the state.

The Great State of Missouri is not forgotten in the SEC.   In a poll of 100,000 people.   97% responded, “When do we play Texas?”   This situation is an ongoing situation.    Apparently there is now an “emergency SEC response unit” to figure out how to make Mizzou a part of the SEC, like, for real.  No one has figured out a clear solution.   We hope for a solution soon, although polls show that most of Missouri doesn’t mind if a Tiger is hanging over their state capitol.

I hope this on the spot reporting helps cover Dixie like the Dew.   Until next time….

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Early Cuyler Would Cry Over this Christmas Present

So, this is what good friends do.   The delay was a mail issue, but they never said a word to me what it was.  Imagine sitting at a red light and losing track of everything as you heart get squeezed after ripping open the box.

I guess this one won't be for fly patterns in the quad.

- chuck

Monday, January 5, 2015

Pat Allen, let me tell you a few things

Dear Pat,

You recently needed to "think" after UGA's departure of Bobo and Friend.   I'll give you that you needed maybe a day on this.  They recruited you and you depended on them.  I get that.

But now, let me tell you what you didn't hear, because I am not recruiting you.  You decomitting tells me you had no interest in being a Bulldog.  And if that is not your first priority, I don't want you at my alma mater.  Sure, go to UT.  UT will love to recruit you.  UT will send girls to do bad things with you.  UT will tell you that you will be in the NFL.  UT will make you feel like you are the greatest thing ever.

Until it's not.  Because UGA puts more people in the NFL than anyone minus Alabama.  Because UGA expects you to prove yourself.  UGA expects you to work and earn your spot.  Right now, you are an primadonna kid that is only thinking of himself.  I really, really don't want your type at UGA.  I want a team. I want dedication.  I want people that want to be Bulldogs.  And that's not you.   I am frankly very happy you have decommitted, because you would have been another 3rd year failure that me and my nation depended on.

Now, we know that you only care about yourself.  And your money.  And your status.  And the irony is, there is no place better than UGA that you could have that.   You = stupid right now.

But you'd have to work.  And now we know you don't want to work.   Go to UT.  Go to Ole Miss.  I really don't care.  Because you had a chance at the best school in the south both for your sport, and for you future, and for your studies, and you aren't clear on that.  

Son, you aren't all that.   You aren't the precious.  You are not yet a man.  But you could come to the best school in Dixie and become all that.   Right now, you look exactly like a pussy.   And, just so you know, every single decommit from UGA to other schools - well, they have all crashed and burned like a super nova.  That's your future.

- good luck kid.   You better think on that schooling.  Because your footballing is likely a giant F.

- chuck

Saturday, November 1, 2014

This is why, young people, talking about Championships before you are in one is stupid . Please stop now and forever.

I hope that losing to a couple of the worst teams in the east, edit: the SEC, while we were ranked (and decently ranked) gets somebodies attention somewhere. Hope in this case would be unfounded based on the last decades.  The bye weeks have been a waste this year and most, Gurley gate did not inspire the team as many people thought it would, apparently no one looked at the weather on Thursday and thought about the impact of that (or did they over-think it and go so utterly conservative?). proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance.

All the usual suspects abound.  Coach Richt looking lost and not managing end of half/end of game times, calls, Edit: not going for it, and mismanaging timeouts.  Kicking FGs from the wrong side in bad conditions. Nor even bothering to step in/up and STOP THE MADNESS OF BOBO RUNNING INTO A 9 MAN WALL.   Bobo thinking 7-0 is a lead and ready to go home.  Not scoring, again, from the 2.  Having no idea (when the world did) that there would be a special teams fake.    Game slipping away and then tackling stops.   No creativity.  No guts or balls to throw out anything possible to change momentum.  Not taking a chance putting in another QB, both of whom have stronger arms needed in the second half.  Just riding the train straight to hell without having Indiana Jones slinging out a shovel to at least change the tracks.  

There are certain places and blogs you aren't allowed to question Mark Richt much at all.   And believe me, I will (mostly) take 8-10 wins over a mercenary that leaves our program in the dumpster (see just about every team around the time they won a NC in the last 30 years).   But at what point do we paying fans demand our AD protect our interests in winning, not money, and and what point can we have an honest discussion that Mark Richt hasn't been the same game manager since David Greene?  How many DCs are we going to fire before we maybe look (hey Bobo and Friend) at some other areas?   When are we going to demand 20 "special assistants" like Bama?  When are we going to have a premier S&C program?  Why are we even having to debate an indoor practice facility?   Nope, just blame the refs and the weather and "lady luck".   Weak sauce.   Georgia lost because we were not prepared.  And that lies ultimately on the top dog.  

So many fixable problems.   So many times we have let the nation know not to ever bet on us.   Never allowed to question the system in place.   Sell out our home games and put money in the unused bank.   

- chuck

PS - My "calling all disney dawg posts" below and my discussion about QBs and NC hype....yea.   

Sunday, September 14, 2014

HAHA! GOTCHA........14th Year in a Row!

I bet you really.....really.....really believed didn't you?

"Ooohhhhh we have the best running back in the country!"
"Ooohhhhh we have the best stable of running backs in the country!"
"Ooohhhhh we have the best defensive coordinator in the country!"

Hahahahahahaha........those are all impressions of you, LOSER!

I must admit it is getting harder to fool y'all as the years drag on and on.  I mean I had to hire a real coordinator this off season.  You should have seen your faces last night......classic, retarded Georgia fans.

Anyway........let me be serious:

***(clears throat.......looks real serious at the camera......starts laughing)****

No...no....hold on........ok I'm ready now:

"I love Georgia!  I love our kids!  I love our program!  I love this university!  I really mean that.....I really do!"


"Oh yeah....I almost forgot.......I love Jesus!"

Gets 34 year extension.

Friday, May 9, 2014

2014 NFL Draft: Round One Hits, Misses and WTFs

Well all the head fakes, mis-information, analysis and constipation regarding the first round of the NFL draft is officially in the books.  Now teams get down to the business of building their teams over the next three rounds.  Manziel mania is now isolated in one of the five or ten black holes of discontent that speckle the NFL landscape.  The SEC, once again, as expected.....per the uge.....dominated the draft.  Eleven of the first 32 picks coming from the SEC (that's roughly 1/3 for you English majors) which means 1 out of every 3 players thought to be elite played in the SEC last year.....not too shabby!

In typical NFL Draft drama fashion- we pretended to be "unsure" or "wondering" just who would go #1 overall.  I use quotes because not a single GM in his right mind (I say in his right mind because some GMs are not) would have passed on Doo-Doo Clowney.  The Son of the Bean was by far the most talented player available and was at one of the three premium positions (those positions being LT, QB and honest to God hand in the dirt pass rush DE).  So who had the hits, the misses and the WTF moments last night?  Well here is the S&G report on all that business:


Sweet Baby Ray Lewis as a Commentator- He used the words "Skruggled" and "Penetrationses"...all in the same night.  Here is the context of the second word:
"Now with Clowney, the Texans have all sorts of penetrationses."
Houston-The Dookie has landed and Houston will have no problem getting after the QB next year.  Regardless of their scheme 3-4 or 4-3 they have now added possibly the most athletic DE in the NFL to compliment the most powerful phone booth dominating DE in JJ Watt.  Grade A+

Atlanta- There was a lot of talk that the Falcons may mortgage the farm to move up get the Dookie in Hotlanta.  In the end Atlanta's metrosexual super hero of a GM did not pull the trigger and instead got the most sure thing in the entire draft, Jake Matthews.  Not only does Matthews create an immediate upgrade at LT it also allows the Falcons to move Ol' Stumpy arms, into guard where he belongs.  Atlanta may have upgraded two positions with one pick...and that is the sort of drafting we like to see.  Grade A+

Tampa Bay- While not as fast as Sammy Dropkins- Mike Evans was the clear cut second best WR in the draft.  However, was he really second?  I can't help but point to the fact that in his biggest games (against Bama) Evans showed up and showed out.  Watkins was persona non grata in his biggest games against FSU.  In the league errrebody is fast but not everybody has the raw physical tools that Mike Evans was given by God.  Grade A

Baltimore- When Sweet Baby Ray retired and Ellerbe took his show to South Beach the Ravens were left in an unusual place......they had a hole at the ILB position.  So how do you fix that?  Simple you go get the most heads up talented ILB to pass through Saban's watch in what has now replaced Penn State as line backer U, Alabama.  Mosley should be the sort of side line to side line smart player that Lewis was for so many years.  Grade A

Green Bay- Talk about lucky!  The Falcons and Packers must have each invested in the highly controversial "Horse shoe into rectum" surgery.  Green Bay just sits there......with Ted Thompson eating his own boogers, and watch as multiple teams pass on the best Safety in the draft.  Most egregious of all was the NY Jets who supposedly have a defensive guru for a head coach....they took a one dimensional Safety over Ha Ha Clinton-Dix and allowed the Packers to snag the crazy athletic beast that they needed at Safety.  Grade A+

Cincinnati- The Bengals didn't do anything special last night....they just sat back and let other teams be terrible at evaluating CB talent.  Grade A.

Carolina-  I really like Benjamin!  In fact I'm at a loss as to how he was not considered a possible top ten pick.  Anyway the Panthers get a physical freak who will give 5'10 corners nightmares next season.  Grade A+

Seattle- The Seahawks get it......there is as much talent from picks 33-45 as there is in picks 25-32.  With so much depth in this years draft the Seahawks get an extra 2nd and 4th round pick from the Vikings.  I am willing to bet the guy they take in the 4th round, whoever he is, has a longer and more productive career than Bridgewater.  Grade A

Pittsburgh- With a stable of aging safeties and Ha Ha Clinton Dix on the board the Steelers made a rare first round mistake and drafted.......*gasp*......the dreaded.....BIG TEN Line Backer.  Grade D

New York Jets- I have noticed a trend with the Jets since the beginning of the Rex Ryan era.  They always draft the right position in the first round but the wrong player.  Needing a safety to make the Rex-bone defense work they could have had Clinton-Dix but instead opted for the one dimensional Calvin Pryor.  The Jets mistake would eventually become the Packers very good fortune. Grade C-

Miami- Its fine to draft for need if the talent is sitting there....you should never reach for need in the first round.  This was a huge reach. Grade D

 Grade F-

Monday, May 5, 2014

Nope, not letting S&C go

Hey Y'all,

Yea, it's been a minute.  I had to join real life and get a real American job as a civilian and it's been quite the experience.  Apparently, they don't think time off for football is as important as I do.  So, let's jump into the topic I can still jump into any ole day of the week, cause:
Someday I will haunt you with the 4th.

Yep, as long as that 64 year old man that has had the same job since 1982 with no fear of even an office call from the boss, who can hold the reigns of one of most important elements in a college sports program, with no education or real training for the job, I can bitch about it.  But, why?! why?! are you beating this old horse (no pun) again?   Because the big ESPN news today was Oregon is adding 2 weeks of strength training to their program.    Backtrack - Aaron Murray said in his Gruden camp video that he raised attendance at volunteer work outs with his leadership from 80ish% to 97%.  That's right, our starting, star, QB is taking credit for increased workouts.  Cause it's not like the coaches can.   Which is enough for me to feel sick.  And what about this spring & summer Murray-less?  Maybe it carries over a little, but come 2015...  

Editors note:  did you know Joe T is listed as a the "Video Coordinator"?   That's extremely, very, pathetically sad. 

Back to the now.   Chip Kelly with the Ducks had a lightening fast, motivated, innovative, offense that managed to fall short of one NC, and kinda blew a decent run at another.  I can't help but to think that Oregon management looks at the loss to Auburn and contemplates, "How did we lose to such a bunch of rejects?"  Their answer?  A new $65M gym (I don't care if Nike paid for it, they still got it, stop the excuses) and now a new look at their S&C.   As opposed to just blowing some dust off for media sake.

With our O-Line already positioned to be an abysmal failure, we once again look to finesse and supreme X&Os with perfection when football still works pretty well if you block the hell out of the guy in front of you and tackle the hell out of the guy with the football.  Which always gets back to the gym.   With Georgia putting the 2nd most players in the NFL over the last 5 years, with zero rings, I'll still maintain the gym is where is discipline and values are won or lost, and where we continue to place the least emphasis of recruiting, coaching, and X&Os.  The four pillars if you will to success.  Honestly, I don't think I could assign hard values to the four pillars.   But I can say a simple X&O scheme well and violently executed will do better than x box genius.  

We live in a world where Olympic athletes stats are measured to the .001th and tracked with advanced computer algorithms, because the margins are that tight.   I don't expect a UGA S&C program to be there, yet.  I do expect us to be somewhere between that and where we are now.  Until next time.....Go Dawgs!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Mama always told me bad things happen in threes, and now I'm scared.

We lost another DGD recently.  CC and I have always made the lion's share of postings around here, and chuck was a welcome addition in the last several months to add another perspective to our views.  But you may notice "samdizl" on the left as one of the site contributors.  He didn't write much, but he was a primary part of this site's heart and soul.

I say "was" because sadly the Columbia County, Georgia teacher and coach is no longer with us as he passed away this morning far too young.  Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and loved ones as they deal with their grief in a very difficult time.  

Thanks for the memories big man.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Calling All Disney Dawgs!

I think this maybe this cold blooded sausage makers least favorite time of year.   I actually like basketball, which leaves me with "we're a football school" even though we have more titles in virtually every sport but football.   But it's not that.   It's how the "this is our year" crowd seems to come out in a force that I wouldn't have known existed after the loss to Clempson.   Oh yea.  The Dream Team.  Then the Ring Team.  But never the "freaking won something" team.   Oh, this is the year my Disney friends.   Oh - no joke, we are still just "5 yards short" of a National Championship.  5 yards short. (BTW, that was like 20 years ago now).   The worst, most pathetic, most asinine, most ridiculous Disney argument of them all.    As I've said here before, I compare and contrast to Alabama for a reason. And the reason is they a) have won a lot of NCs while we still have Papa T running S&C and have nice luncheons in our Athletic Facility and b) they have the best recrooting year after year after year.  Bama has rings - we don't.   But we sure got the excuses.

Enter Disney D's - "They oversign, they greyshirt, they aint fair!".   Until 2014 and Mark Richt finally oversigned.   That's right.  The saint Richt finally got wise and realized that maybe a full roster was necessary.   Sports and Grits has been telling you year in year out that the way to level the playing field was to fight fire with fire.   And we finally get here.  Kinda.   Yet Bama still rocked the 'crootin.  We did good.  Bama did amazing.  And WE STILL DONT HAVE A DAMN LEFT TACKLE.   And its our first mild attempt to fill a rooster.   Let me be clear - we are making good decisions with the coaching.  We have finally filled a rooster and did some good recruiting.   Just tell me why, oh why, did it take 8 years?   Good decisions a decade late don't deserve a blessing, they deserve a "it's about time."

And while everyone is so happy that we have the greatest defensive coaching staff ever (which is amazing as they haven't coached one damn game).  We still are selling and buying snake oil.    If, and when, we limp by Clempson and South Kakalaka, oh my, the bells will be ringing.   But what is missed is our best QB is a redshirt freshman, and rather than get him time by destroying opponents we will limp by waiting on 2015.    Because here is why this is a call for Disney Dawgs - nothing has changed.   We have the same formula, the same S&C, the same desire to win 10 games and call it good.   And no blood lust.  Cold blooded sausage makers want to start wining 60-3. Oh - no, that's not classy!   Except all the NC teams are doing it.   It's what is needed to get our underclassman playing time.   So yea, maybe we are ready to beat Klampson and that other school, but beating ain't damn good enough.   Making sausage is what's needed.  With some pissed off, anger filled, revenge seeking, no mercy cold blooded dawgs.  But you tell me, is that our style?  - enter class excuses.

Hell, I have no idea what my point is here except to say that right now it's all sunshine, pink ponies, purple rainbows and not one single accomplishment on the W-L board.    And it drives me nuts.   If I see one more "5 yards short" I think I will just label that person a complete idiot, because I don't remember any stat telling me 2 years ago that we won a NC just 5 yards short.   Every year it's some new jingle.  And I don't like how they ring.   The last UGA NC - Herschel committed on Easter, and he didnt even start for a bit.   Dooley (idiot) put Herschel in out of desperation as we looked to lose to Tennessee, and then the rest was - Herschel, Herschel, Herschel.  So don't tell me "this is the year" and "this is the class" because I don't cotton to that talk unless I see butt stomping on the field.

Good decisions that are being made deserve a head nod.  A tip of the cap.   A "nice job".  But they don't equal rings.   If this time of year meant UGA would win rings then we'd have a case full.   Be proud of good decisions.  But don't count them chickens just yet...


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A gift basket would be nice

So, Georgia has another class in the books, and it's a good one.  Highly rated, all that fun stuff.  But thanks to your local sausage makers, we quit fiddle-farting around and closed strong for once.  The class is probably a good B+, with lots of good stuff but not enough beef to warrant an A.

You can check out individual profiles with videos of each signee on Dawgsports.  As for the class as a whole, it just lacks meat.  Lots of sizzle but not a lot of steak.

RB is as good as it gets with Chubb and Michel joining the crew.  And I was falling in love with the variety of WR before little return man McKenzie came on board, giving us two burners that can be big time special teams guys, and two bigger bodies that can fly too.  Thankfully we added a much needed 2nd TE for depth, and I'm absolutely in love with the potential of the big bodied athlete that is Hunter Atkinson.  That and the potential for more 2 TE sets, which would truly be "pro-style" if that's what we're gonna claim.  If you hadn't noticed, like Bobo, the pros use a 2nd TE now and not a FB.  And the OL class, which needed a stud JUCO LT to step in this spring and win the job, whiffed there but otherwise did well with Baker and Sims as top OT prospects, as well as Wynn and Edwards inside.  4 OL per class, yep, just right.

Defensively, we loaded on DBs after a couple misses in last year's loaded DBs.  We got a good LB in Dukes after reloading last year there too.  And the DL, while flashy, lacks interior power.  Next year is supposed to be a big year in state for big DL, so it may well be part of the plan, but getting just a suspect shaped Gaillard means the staff can't miss on landing multiple contributors at DT next year and the year after.  But we landed Lorenzo Carter, who was the one big name out there, and Keyon Brown as another DE for Pruitt's 4-3 looks.

Good play makers, filling need spots at return man and TE while keeping the cupboard full on talent at DB, WR, and RB.  Good class, not great.  We gotta do better next year boy's, but it's certainly not the slackers we've been landed the last several years.  And you're welcome Dawg fans for finally demanding more out of the staff that you've been far too chicken shit to do yourselves. 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Meet Our Soon To Be New (and also very first real) Strength and Conditioning Coach

Since we have been doling out the hate from deep within the bowels of Snake Mountain with a little more regularity stuff has been getting fixed!  Turns out not only Sack O' Used Tamponds and Laktose Intolerant but now Olivadotti and Wilson are out tha' door, son.  As always Dawgnation you are welcome.  Since we are back to breakin' necks and cashin' checks it's time for us to move on down our list of things "to make happen".

Next on the hit parade is doing something about the homeless problem in Athens.  We are going to start with this one in particular:

Now I am all for giving this old dude a warm coat in the winter and three meals a day.......it shows that the football program cares.  I'm fine with letting him on the sidelines to yell at people and give the old stink eye.  What I am not fine with is letting this man, who knows nothing of S&C, be the head of our S&C program.  While Pruitt is a tenacious guy we still lack that one true face eater....that dude that everyone is just a little afraid of......this guy:

This is Rusty Whitt.  He is the S&C coach at Louisiana which I think used to be ULALA but they dropped the Lafayette part somewhere along the way.  That stream of blood running down his head and face is from where he head butted a player....who had his helmet on....too hard.....to get him fired up........then just let the blood stay there......because he is REAL, son!

Gone are the days when we will accept a frumpy old grandpa telling our guys to drink raw eggs and jog around the stadium.  In are the days when our S&C coach is swolle' up and can most likely lift everyone on the team under the table.  Gone are the days when a stern look from a geriatric with no real substance behind it is seen as discipline.  In are the days when the S&C coach threatens to kill you and means it because he is ex-Army Special Forces who did a couple of tours in Iraq and has killed more camel jockeys than Charles Martel (historical military reference- look it up I cant do everything for you).

Plus his name is Rusty.....like Rust.  Rust is what happens to metal when it is exposed to the elements.  Sure metal is too strong for the elements to just fight outright so what do the elements do?  They fight a long drawn out war of attrition against metal until finally after a couple hundred years the elements win.  A fitting name for someone who is supposed to break down and totally erode away some 18 year old kids BS and mold him into a killing machine.

So get to crackin' McGarity!  If you need to drive over to Tuscaloosa and lay on Mal Moore's grave until you get the inspiration you need to treat the football program like what it is......the single most important aspect of this University.....then do it.

Breaking News: Bama Fans Concerned 'Noles Overtaking "Biggest Crybaby" Status

First, welcome Coach Pruitt, and what a fantastic hire.  Well done at long last UGA!    As we see how he assembles his staff, we'll have more takes on that as we go.

For now, while every Georgia fan, and fans of about 100+ schools would be happy with a National Championship, FSU fans went from "Yea Team" to throwing the coach that got them there right under the bus.   I've said this about assistant coaches for years (credit Mr Sanchez for getting me to watch 'The Wire'), having your coaches get hired away is "one of them good problems."   Except for Florida State, who has to have their ball and go home.   Wahhhhh!

But no, winning a Heisman and a Natty just isn't good enough. The Noles felt they were about to go on a dynasty run....insert claim they are also sending a million players to the NFL....how can you reload if you are also losing so many players...pick a side already, you idiots use opposite arguments at the same time, it's making my head spin and puke come out.  And rather than say "Thanks Coach" they had to throw him under the bus, slandering him, using the internet as a "source", making gifs of Coach Pruitt's head chopped off, because, hey, a Natty isn't good enough, we need all the trophy's!  And the utter hypocrisy of "Winston is clean as a whistle" followed by "Pruitt's dirty" right after his hire to UGA...just Bama level full on moron.    It concluded with the FSU Athletic Department announcing all slander crap bs was wrong and untrue.   I guess FSU failed the "I'm a French model on the internet" class.   

If UGA wins a NC - I don't care if the whole staff leaves.   Seriously.  Maybe an improvement in a few places.  When you route for a team like UGA that is ever so close, closer than almost anyone, without a NC since 1980, you learn not to take things for granted.   I would have thought well of FSU, but in today's "give me give me" 14 year level thinking college world, sitting back and having a nice cigar and bourbon isn't enough, you got to cry your coach sucks and then lie about the whole thing.  

So, FSU cry babies, screw you.   Oh, I meant thank you.  Thank you for the best coaching hire we've had since Erk Russell.  Get over yourselves.   Ever think maybe Athens, being close to family, and not being around Jimbo for a massive payraise are good reasons to move?  Jacklegs.  Enjoy your year, and shut your traps.