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Monday, October 5, 2015

All The Small Things or How To Be Prepared vs How To Not Be Prepared A Case Study in Coaching

In the wake of Saturday's Old Hat Pooing of the Bed your humble servant, CCRider, wrote an unprecedented four stories.  I had a lot to say and what I had to say came to me in waves.  However, there was one thing that I wanted to talk about and forgot to mention. 

If you were at the game then you would not have heard this but for those of us who watched at home there was a moment (I believe late in the second quarter) when the blonde headed chick du jour reporting from the sidelines (in this case Allie LaForce) summed up the difference between Richt and Saban and vis a vis the difference between Alabama and Georgia football.

As Allie stood amidst the deluge she made a quick comment to Verne and Gary in the booth.  I will try to get the quote right although I may be slightly off.  Regardless you will get the gist of it:

LaForce:  "Alabama has trainers and staff running around non-stop using special tools to clean the mud and grass out of players shoes.  They are also keeping players hands covered with towels so that the rain doesn't soak their gloves causing separation.  It is an attention to detail that the Alabama staff hopes will combat these conditions.  On the Georgia sideline they do not seem bothered by the conditions as no such measures are being taken."

Yep........there you have it.  Maybe that is a small insignificant detail?  Never the less it is a detail, a small detail that shows a world of difference between Saban and Richt and goes a long way towards explaining why we are where we are and they are where they are.

At least Richt reacted really classy when that player from Southern got hurt.  I mean I would much rather my son play for a man like Richt than a man like Saban who doesn't care, right?

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Alabama Game Post Mortem

The collective face of all Georgia fans in the 1st quarter

It's not that I have hated Mark Richt since the day he got the job.  There was a time when I was like most of you out there, I was excited about Richt and thought Georgia's future was bright!  However, reality slowly began to creep in.  There have been the loses to Florida even when they didn't have Spurrier or Urban, the loses over and over and over again to lesser South Carolina teams and the atrocious record against top ten teams as well as his abject failures when matched against top tier coaches.   There has been either the inability to identify offensive line talent or the inability to develop offensive line talent.....or perhaps both!  There has been the horrible coordinator hires and the subsequent refusal to correct these bad hires.  More than anything there has been the weakness and lack of emotion that has permeated the culture of the program. 

Now way deep down inside there is a small part of me that has thought that if Richt were only given a solid defensive and offensive coordinator and a real S&C program then there would be no limit to what Richt could accomplish.  That last little bit of hope that was buried way down deep officially died yesterday.  There is no hope under any circumstances that the University of Georgia can ever be elite with Mark Richt at the helm. 

The collective face of all Georgia fans at the half

I could give you a play by play position by position analysis of the game but why bother when the what went wrong is so obvious?  I have only one question that needs to be addressed:

Having known for months now that Alabama was on the schedule, having watched game tape on Alabama and having an understanding of what Alabama obviously struggles with.....who made the decision to not go up tempo against Alabama?

There are only 32 teams in all of football who can go toe to toe with Alabama and let them rotate in their various defensive packages and all 32 of those teams play in the NFL!

The collective face of all Georgia fans at the end of the 3rd quarter.
We are so far past excuses at this moment that any Richt defender must be assumed to actually hate the football program.  We have some real soul searching to do in Athens because after 15 years it is obvious that what we are doing is not working!

How your local Cold Blooded Sausage Makers looked through out the entire game.

Bloomin' Onions....That Is All Georgia Has To Look Forward To This Season

Tampa....It's basically the Athens of Florida

Well now that Mark Richt has taken all of our hopes and dreams and used them as toilet paper for the 15th year in a row what is left for Dawgnation?  Well there are lots of  activities that suck but not quite as bad as watching a Richt coached Georgia team sucks to occupy your fall, and here is a list of things you can do since we are no longer a contender:

1. Go apple picking,

2. Spend time with your wife/girlfriend,

3. Watch the leaves change colors,

4. Try to figure out which minor league players the Braves will trade Freeman, Simmons, Markakis, Teheran and Miller for,

5. Try to "Rise Up" and get excited about the Falcons.

Now before you go getting too upset there is a silver lining in the distance!  "What is this lining that you speak of Oh Wise One" is exactly what you are thinking right now.  Well despite the fact that we will no doubt lose to Florida in Jacksonville and there is the annual Richtian Belly Flop Game which will be either Missouri or Kentucky there is yet and still something to look forward to!!!

That's right baby!  We could still be the Bloomin' Onion Team in the Outback Bowl!  Now mind you I am not knocking Outback's delicious coconut shrimp but let's be honest....if your team winning the Outback Bowl results in you getting a free appetizer.....you want it to be the Bloomin' Freakin Onion!

I mean you have to respect the fact that even Outback realizes how sucky your season has been if your name is not South Carolina and you are in their bowl game.  I mean read the advertisement!  It says "Here's Something To Cheer About" as in "Despite How Much Your Team Disappointed You Here Is Some Slightly Below Average Steak House Chain Food So Buck Up Buttercup!"

Right now it's looking like Michigan or Penn State on January 1st in luxurious Tampa, Florida for us!  I hope it's not Michigan because they have a real coach which means we will have to pay for our own Bloomin' Onion on January 2nd because God knows if there is anything above a functioning retard on the other side lines Richt will curl up into the fetal position and just "wait for the bad men to go away."

This is our destiny because you Richt-O-Philes are
the worst people this side of ISIS!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Meanwhile Down In Gainesville......

The Florida Gators are clearly the best team in the East. 

The Florida Gators will no doubt beat us this year and go to Atlanta. 

The Florida Gators are on their 5th Head Coach since 2001

The Florida Gators are closer to being elite in the first year of a HC who they got from a place that hired I Has A Crayon to be their new HC. 

The Florida Gators have won 2 National Titles since 2001.

But please tell me all about how you can't just fire a coach because we don't want to end up like Tennessee!

Just Not Good Enough! In Fact Not Even Close!

We have tried being funny, sarcastic, mean and even lately we've tried to be optimistic.  Now its time to be honest.......Mark Richt is just not good enough for Georgia to ever be elite in the SEC.  As we stated earlier this week all of Georgia's woes don't fall completely on Richt's shoulders, but what excuses exist now?  I could have lived with a close hard fought loss.  I would have said we are finally moving in the right direction! However, this complete beat down shows that UGA is not even within sniffing distance of being what it needs to be!

Is Richt a good coach?  Sure he is.  Is he good enough for the SEC?  Well that is the real question and the answer is a resounding NO! 

Here is the bottom line:
In the past ten years this league has left Richt in the dust.  Mark Richt is in over his head when it comes to top tier competition!

Let's talk about a few obvious things about the Blackout/Funeral Game the sequel.

1. What exactly was the game plan that Richt and Schotty came up with?

2. Lambert was HORRIBLE! 

3. We are not cute at anything except for how we line up on punts.....and it cost us.

4.  Our O-line got dominated.

5.  Ramsey is not very good.

6. Sony Michel does not get the ball enough!

7. Where was our pass rush?

8.  I don't care who you are and who you have on your team you will never beat a Nick Saban SEC school if you are banking on running the ball between the tackles.

This program continues to have a total lack of fire and heart!  This program continues to be a direct reflection of its head coach.  Make no mistake about it....this was walk in your house, take everything from you and drop a deuce on the kitchen table statement game from Saban!  This was a clear signal to each and every recruit in the State of Georgia that Richt and Saban are fighting over! 

Richt will have his defenders coming out of the wood work and we will have to hear all about how we can still win the East.  Yet answer me this one question:

Would any other "elite" program in the SEC put up with this much mediocrity/being almost there for this long?

We all know the answer to that question in fact here is how other fan bases see Richt! 

So enjoy talking to fans of other programs about how classy Richt is for responding the way he did when that Southern player got hurt.  Alabama, LSU and Ole Miss fans will be talking about how they win!

Oh and congratulations to Chubb for another 100 yard game!  He did it in spite of how poorly prepared and coached his team was for this game.
Just how many elite players will the Reign of Richt squander?

Friday, October 2, 2015

Take a Picture, Trick!

Cause this right here may never happen again!!!!!!!!

This is what I usually look like after the final second ticks off of the clock
in a big Georgia game during the Richt era.

I, CCRider, the HNIC (Head Nay Sayer In Charge) of Georgia football, ruler of Snake Mountain, Conductor of the Hate Train, connoisseur of haterade, director of the Georgia Department of Treatment and Control of Richt-O-Philia and Disney Dawg Public Enemy #1........am predicting the Georgia Bulldogs will win tomorrow!

That is right!  I am predicting that the University of Georgia's football team will defeat the University of Alabama's football team by a score of:


***Please note that I still hate everyone and everything and will forever be bitter about the fact that Georgia has not won a single National Title from 2001- present! ***

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Who Is This Mark Richt?

We aren't exactly known for being what some people call "optimistic" when it comes to Georgia Football.  Yet as I sit upon my throne of hatred deep within the inner recesses of Snake Mountain on the Thursday before a game against Alabama......I have a strange feeling in the area of my chest where a normal person would have what they call a heart.  I don't want to call it confidence because UGA football since the 2008 Sugar Bowl has destroyed the part of my psyche where confidence in Georgia Football used to exist.  Instead it is more of calm which leads me to ask the question:

What is going on in Athens?  I mean really.......what IS going on?  Who is this

Who are you and what did you do with CMR?
Actually the better question is since when have the powers that be in Athens decided to treat football as something that we want to win at?  Over the years we have placed a lot of blame- ok 99.999999% of the blame for football failures on CMR. 

Is that fair? 

Well not completely.  You see the powers that be in Athens have not always given Richt everything he has needed to win, and they have often placed more on CMR than simply being the HC.  To CMR's credit he did maintain some semblance of a football program even during the Damon "Pantie Raid" Evans era. 

However, something is different this year.  Consider these following facts:

1. In 2014 UGA hired a real life Defensive Coordinator in Jeremy Pruitt.  Sure we could have promoted from within or hired some abject failure from the NFL ranks but instead we hired the very best defensive coordinator on the market.  In truth he wasn't really even on the market he was the DC of the defending National Champions yet we hired him!  Not only that but Pruitt has been matched with a man (once our bitter foe) who is world renowned for destroying SEC offenses in Tracy Rocker!  No not John Rocker but I would not be opposed to having John Rocker as our official steroid use/acting insane coordinator!

"You have rotate your injection spots so as to avoid scar tissue, son!"
2. In 2015 UGA hired a real life Offensive Coordinator!  One who knows how to run the pro style offense.  So far this season we have seen the run used to set up the pass, the run used to set up the play action, well-timed use of screen passes, a devotion to the running game, effective play calling that keeps defenses off balance, the use of quick sure passes early to help build the QB's confidence and most of all forward passes to the tight end!!!!!!! Of additional note is the fact that Brian Schottenheimer stands on the side lines and uses what appears to be a highlighter pen and not a Crayola product.  This Highlighter would have possibly come from an office supply store or as our former OC would call it "a boring ol' grown up's store."   Also, with Schotty it looks as if we got real crazy and hired an O-line coach who, believe it or not, appears to be teaching our O-linemen how to block.

Is that a Bic Highlighter in our pocket or are we just happy to see a real OC in Athens?
3. We have five.....count them five as in 1,2,3,4,5 full time strength and conditioning staffers for the football program alone!  After we tried and failed at hiring the old homeless man who was always sleeping in the lobby of the Butts Mehre as S&C coach UGA went in a bold new direction.  The Dawgs went to Tuscaloosa, the Mecca of S&C, and hired away one of Scott Cochran's assistants to be our Director of Strength and Conditioning.  Then UGA hired a man with 20 years experience as a S&C coach to be the Senior Associate Director of Strength and Conditioning!

Now all of this seems like evidence that something has finally changed in Athens......but then there is this:

Isaiah McKenzie will play this Saturday against Alabama!

That's right!  He won't be suspended......not even just to be safe!  He will play....as in this Saturday!  Mark Richt didn't suspend him.  Mark Richt didn't kick him off the team.  Isaiah McKenzie will not, I repeat will NOT be Auburn's starting QB next year!  Isaiah McKenzie will play this Saturday at home in the biggest game UGA has had since losing to Alabama in the SECCG! 

Now I don't know what it is about a Chili's that makes you want to threaten to kill someone and then call on your boys to come down and help with said killing but that doesn't matter.  If no body is actually dead....well let me rephrase that....if there is not a dead body then there is no need to suspend anyone! However, the old CMR would have suspended everyone exactly 45 seconds after the accusation was made and then left them suspended "for good measure" even if they were cleared days later. 

So what IS going on in Athens these days?

Could be Giorgio...........could be.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Redshirts: Under New Management

What will you have your eye on in the college football world tomorrow, besides the latest Twitter updates about Lane Kiffin apparently sleeping with any (or every) lady in Tuscaloosa from a booster's wife to his boss's daughter?

I'm actually going to pay close attention to Georgia's game against Southern University because I'd like to see who ends up playing after the game is comfortably in hand.

Coach Richt, the man who notoriously redshirted Knowshon Moreno in 2006, has already said the he intends to have made a decision on which players will be redshirted by the fifth game of the 2015 season. This is a philosophical shift from years past when the Georgia coaching staff determined a player's status shortly after National Signing Day, in summer camp, etc. Richt said earlier this week that he would "rather have a true sophomore who's got a few plays under his belt than a redshirt freshman that hadn't played a game."

As of today, there are only eight true freshman who have not played a down for the Georgia Bulldogs so far this season. Of those eight, four are offensive linemen (Pat Allen, Sage Hardin, Mirko Jurkovich and Sam Madden).

The offensive line seems like a particularly important position at which to implement Coach Richt's new approach to roster management. Starters Kolton Houston, Greg Pyke and John Theus will all be taking their talents to the NFL at the end of the 2015 season, and the four aforementioned green offensive linemen could certainly benefit from some snaps against the Jaguars on Saturday. As talented as the Dawgs' OL is this season (it is one of the best in college football), it isn't the deepest in the neighborhood. Letting these young guys get in there on Saturday would be a step in the right direction in terms of building quality depth for 2015 and confidence for 2016 and beyond.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Saturday's Special Was Fried Chicken

I can't say this enough, but Georgia hung more than half a hundred on Steve Spurrier on Saturday. Spurrier's South Carolina Gamecocks came to Athens a little bruised and banged up, but still put up a fight in the first half. However, the superior team simply took over in the second half, humiliating South Carolina in more or less every aspect of the game from the onset of the third quarter. 

Georgia's known strengths were on full display on Saturday: the running game was again masterful, the offensive line manhandled the Gamecock front seven all evening long, the Georgia front seven harassed both South Carolina QBs more or less at will, etc. However, it seemed as if the Dawgs' biggest advantage on Saturday was one of their perceived liabilities heading into the game, junior transfer signal caller Greyson Lambert. College football is a fickle and strange universe. At halftime just a week ago, Georgia fans were calling for #11's head and begging for backup Brice Ramsey to come to the rescue. Lambert comes out the very next week and completes 96% of his passes, setting not only a UGA-, not only an SEC-, but an NCAA record for completion percentage. He is now, rightfully so, the toast of a town that knows a thing or two about toasts. 

Referring to my previous post, the Dawgs did pretty much exactly what I hoped they would do on Saturday. They aced a big test with flying colors. If Steve Spurrier can muster a compliment (he called our offense "really good" during his post-game press conference) for Georgia, you know something went right for the good guys between the hedges.

I believe that the manner in which Georgia took down South Carolina was a memo to the rest of the conference. When the QB is clicking in Brian Schottenheimer's system, the Dawgs' offense will be hard to stop this season. South Carolina will not be the best team Georgia plays all year, but they are certainly the best team the Dawgs have played thus far. For what to make of the 2015 Georgia Bulldogs, I am still reserving my judgement for the Alabama and Tennessee games early next month, but Saturday's performance was an encouraging sign of the kind of potential that this team possesses. 

Georgia v. South Carolina Monday Morning QB!

Oh it has been years and years and years since we have had two coordinators on staff at the same time!  Not only are they prepared but they also............make adjustments!!!!!!!!  Real life, honest to God, you can actually see them adjustments! 

This is the way we are supposed to look against the University of South Carolina every year!  Schottenheimer actually worked with Lambert this past week and they fixed things!  There were passes to the tight end......Sweet Lord in Heaven there were passes to the tight end for the first time since 2006!!! Screens were well timed and were not used as a tool to set up the run!  The running game wasn't abandoned!  The play action was well timed and not used as a tool to set up the run! 

Don't you give us that look!  Not yet!  You still need to win some big games with the lights shining bright before you can give us that look! 

Friday, September 18, 2015

Just How "Big" Is Tomorrow's Big Game?

It's my pleasure to have been invited to do some bloggin' at S&G for a bit. Let's jump right into it, shall we?

Georgia's game against South Carolina tomorrow is a big one. You know the story: Steve Spurrier spends every waking hour of his sad little life dreaming up new ways to beat Georgia, the team that left a huge blemish on his Heisman-winning 1966 season. South Carolina has had the Dawgs' number the past five years, winning four of the last five. This is a huge game anyway because these two teams have been two of the best in the SEC East the past five seasons. I could go on.

Tomorrow's contest is a big game for all the aforementioned reasons, but I'd also like to add this to the list: this is a major test in a season which will ultimately reveal a lot about the trajectory of the Georgia football program. Coach Richt again has an elite staff on both sides of the ball. The athletic department has finally opened up its wallet (for football anyway). Strength and conditioning has been completely overhauled, a change long overdue. Recruiting has been almost otherworldly. There's just a different vibe emanating from the halls of the Butts-Mehre building, a vibe that says, "We want to win a championship and have the resources to do it." In short, the game against South Carolina will boldly declare how far this program has come since that uninspired loss in Columbia last year. A win would be nice and certainly preferable to the alternative, but this is the kind of game where "Evil Richt" needs to make a statement by going absolutely berserk on Spurrier and his fightin' chickens, who will come slightly limping into Athens tomorrow. Make no mistake about it- Georgia is getting South Carolina's best shot tomorrow, but a truly elite team should be ready to ace that test with flying colors. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

oh, you thought i forgot about disney dawgs

And here we are again.

Georgia has the best S&C program it has ever had ever.  But it took people like this blog to be nuts to finally get it.

Georgia has the best staff it has had ever.  I am saying Pruitt.

Georgia has (finally) dropped the most money it has ever.

I don't care about Mark Richt's record at this point.  Wins dont mean a damn thing without rings.  Only 2 SECs, in 15 years.

I expect a stack of rings over the next 4 years.

The only measure from today to 2018 is rings.

Mark Richt was shorted resources from UGA for years.  I hated it.  That is no longer the case.

Is anybody ashamed UGA doesnt have a SEC title in football in almost a decade?  Damn.