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Monday, August 23, 2010

2010 Pontifications- A Bama Repeat and No More Richt on the Hotseat

We have seen all the pre-season polls, heard all the pundits weigh in, read all the magazines, and now we will officially be the 5,237th website to predict the 2010 College Football season. Naturally we will pay more attention to the SEC since it matters more as a conference than all the others combined.

SEC- Alabama
1. Georgia 10-2 (tie-breaker)
2. Florida 10-2
3. S.C. 7-5
4. Kentucky 6-6 (tie-breaker)
5. Tennessee 6-6
6. Vandy 4-8

We will start at the bottom, Vandy will sweep their non-conference schedule with big wins over Northwestern, UCONN, and Wake, however they will be swept in the SEC. Ole Miss, S.C., Kentucky, and Tennessee should be on Vandy upset alert. Tennessee will be way down and will endure a 4 loss October, but should upset the over-rated Ducks. Bama should be on upset alert against a Tennessee team that will have its back against the wall. Kentucky will drop 6 in a row in mid-season starting with Florida on September 25 and ending with Miss. St. on October 30. The Cocks will sweep their non-conference schedule and pick-off Vandy, Kentucky, and Tennessee, however a Clempsun loss is always a possibility. The Gators should be down. The offense should be drastically different and (for their coaches sake) the Dawgs have to make a move to the top this year. Florida should drop the Georgia and Bama games and may struggle against the surprising StarkVegas Bulldogs. Georgia has to step up this year. Every SEC O-Coordinators best friend Willie Martinez is gone, the O-line is deep and talented, so are the tail backs, and A.J. Green is the best Wide-out in the country. If Richt wants to hush the hot seat talks he needs to win the East this year. S.C., Arkansas, Miss.St., Florida, Auburn, and G.T along with another ill-advised non-conference western foray is too tough to avoid at least 2 losses, just make sure one of them is not in Jacksonville.

1. Bama 12-0
2. Auburn 10-2
3. LSU 8-4
4.Miss. St. 7-5 (tie-breaker)
5. Arkansas 7-5
6. Ole Miss 7-5

Bama runs the table but it won't come easy, nothing down here ever does. Auburn drops the UGA game and the Iron Bowl then decides the West. LSU drops the Florida, Auburn, Bama, and the Miss. St. games. Les Miles is fired and may replace Jim Harbaugh at Stanford when he replaces Rich Rod in Michigan. We like Patterson of TCU and Muschamp to be the top two candidates to replace Miles in the Bayou. Miss. St. is surprising and the "how much longer before someone hires him away" watch begins with Dan Mullen. Arkansas has no D so good luck to the Hawgs in their 12 shoot-outs this year. Houston Nutt's new "Chinaman" QB may be the only thing that saves a disastrous season for the Rebels who lost a ton of talent from last season.
Bama over UGA in the SEC Championship Game
We love Richt and the Dawgs but bringing Richt against Saban is like bringing a pocket knife to a nuclear bomb fight.

Big Ten- Wisconsin
Nebraska's yearly dominance of the Big Tenlevine is still a year away. In the mean time we like Wisconsin and their NFL Offensive line to actually be the big physical power team that Ohio State always pretends to be.

Big XII- Texas
Look Nebraska did not grow an offense in the past few months and that dominant D lost its heart and soul in Suh. Oklahoma will miss the Navajo Bomber, Big Chief Chicken Bones again this year. Texas is not very good but they are better than programs that they own as their personal chattel. FYI Texas there was a proclamation of the emancipation variety in 1863, you can't own slaves anymore even if these idiot programs want to be your slaves.

PAC- 10- Stanford
We all know Harbaugh will be in Michigan this time next year but for right now he is at Stanford. You know Kiffikins will screw up and I have no faith in any team located north of the state of California. Luck's arm and Harbaugh's substantial force of will should carry the Cardinal to the Rose Bowl. Harbaugh will go to Michigan but you know as well as I do that his unique brand of crazy belongs in the SEC.

ACC- Miami
You have to believe that a team as talented as Miami will emerge from the hot ghetto mess that is the ACC. However, Randy Shannon is their coach, and Paul Johnson is still baffling with his spread-option-flex-wish-boner attack, and Beamer ball still finds a way in spite of itself. Honestly the ACC is wide-open (except for North Carolina because N.C. is never allowed to win at Football)

Big East- Pittsburgh
Yes this still a real conference and yes they still have a champion that gets a BCS bid. Pitt emerges as the least retarded kid on the short bus and gets an Orange Bowl bid to play the other least retarded kid on the other short bus in the ACC champion.

This Mangino is brought to you as an advertisement, our next post will pontificate the 2010 coaching carousel and the return of Fat Chic to the NCAA


  1. Richt vs. Saban isn't that lopsided, is it?

    LSU vs. UGA 2003 - Richt barely loses
    LSU vs. UGA 2003 SECCG - Richt is blown out
    LSU vs. UGA 2004 - Saban is blown out
    Alabama vs. UGA 2007 - Saban barely loses
    Alabama vs. UGA 2008 - Richt is blown out

    Where does that suggest that Saban has a distinct advantage just because he's Nick Saban?

  2. You would rather have Richt than Saban on your sideline?

    We are all about loyalty here but lets be realistic. Richt does a great job, he has elevated the Georgia program but Saban has rebuilt two programs and delivered National Titles to each. Saban's team ran the table in the SEC last year, and that ain't easy.
    If the Dawgs get to Atlanta they could very well win but the smart money for the people who live in reality will be on Saban.