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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hutson Mason

According to ESPN Insider (yesterdays edition), true freshman Hutson Mason is showing some real promise in practice. Coach Bobo is said to be pleased with the way he commands the huddle. This might lead some to believe that Mason has a shot at starting against the Cajun's. That situation would go over like a fart in church here in Dawg Nation. I hope that Coach Bobo's comments were meant to motivate Murray. That being said, I do want the best QB to be the starter on opening day. Do you think that Bobo's comments were meant to motivate Murray or that it could be a real possibility that Mason could start for the Classic City Canines? What say you?


  1. Not a chance he starts barring a major setback or injury to Murray.

  2. I believe it's more to ease the early worries of the Bulldog faithful of having such a young QB stable...I don't think it has anything to do with Mason taking over the starting job from Murray. Now, as camp goes on....if Murray really stumbles then that could change. But, it's Murray's job to loose...