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Monday, August 2, 2010

If Not Richt Then Who at Georgia?

In the last post I concluded that by virtue of his record Richt should be fired. Who then could the Dawgs turn to as Richt's replacement? Here are a few suggestions:

1. Will Muschamp- The darling of every fan of every program that is unhappy with the current HC situation. Muschamp will not leave his cushy job a Texas for just anybody, and we think that his Alma Mater may be the only school that could lure the high energy defensive guru out of the wasteland that is the Big 12. The human 8-ball would not lack for energy on those all night recruiting visits but would have to find an excellent O-coordinator if he is to find success in Athens.
2. Gary Patterson- Saban-lite, the bombastic defensive guru is young enough to burn up the recruiting trail, has a big enough name and enough success under his belt to be seen as a viable replacement by Georgia fans. His experience as a Head Coach and his no-nonsense tough guy persona would be a welcome replacement for the meek Richt.
3. Kirby Smart- Yes another young, high energy, defensive coach and like Muschamp a Georgia grad. Clearly the third choice and probably would not be considered an upgrade over Richt.
4. Charlie Strong- Could be especially tempting if Richt is kept for a few more seasons and Strong has success in Louisville. As DC at S.C. and Florida Strong has the SEC pedigree and if he can show he can be the head man could be hard to pass over.

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