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Monday, August 2, 2010

Richt and the Hot Seat.

We here at S&G apologize for the erratic posts of late but the summer time often presents distractions. With the upcoming SEC Football season right around the corner we figured it is time to tackle some of the top stories for the upcoming season.
In our part of Dixieland one of the biggest story is Mark Richt and his status on the ever present "Hot Seat"(as well as the unspoken rule of Southern haberdashery which states that turtlenecks is super gay and you sir have violated that rule). Now, if you talk to fans of other programs depending on who you talk to you get one of two responses to the Richt question; a) Richt is soft and Georgia should fire him (Florida, Alabama fan) or b) He wins more than he looses Georgia would be crazy to fire him (South Carolina, Vanderbilt fans). We bring this up for the most obvious of reasons, Georgia needs to decide if it wants to be grouped with the Commodores and Gamecocks or if they want to be grouped with the SEC teams in the thick of the national title hunt every year. This is a question that is going to divide Bulldog nation so we want to look at the overall record of the Richt tenure.
Mark Richt is 90-27 in nine seasons with the Bulldogs and it doesn't take a math major to know that Richt averages 10 wins per season. Richt has also taken the Dawgs to Atlanta three times to represent the SEC east in what is now the defacto National Title Game. Richt has won two of those three games. Richt has taken his team to a bowl game every year and is 7-2 in those games. The average sane person would look at this and say your coach is 90-27; 2-1 in SEC title games; and 7-2 in bowl games and did all of that in the SEC how is he considered on the hot seat? However, this is not the Big Televinie and being really good in the SEC is sometimes just not good enough. We need to look at his record a little closer.
-Non-Conference Games: Now let us just say that some of the non-conference stuff is not Richt's fault. If you play in the SEC and you have a permanent in state game with an ACC school then why in the world would you schedule anyone tougher than Southern Miss for other non-conf. games? Oklahoma St. and that debacle should rest squarely on the shoulders of the AD that made that decision. You play in the SEC you don't need to schedule big out of conference games, Georgia needs the wins not the extra money. Not counting the Georgia Tech game in any given 10 year stretch the Dawgs play 30 non-conf. games and the only thing that is acceptable for a program that wants to vie for the National Title is a 30-0 record in those games. Anything less than 30-0 in these games is unacceptable. Richt is 23-1 in these games because a number of seasons were comprised of only 11 regular season games. However, he has lost one more game than is acceptable at the University of Georgia.
-Georgia Tech: This is an intense in-state rivalry game with a team from a major conference. In any 10 year stretch a Georgia coach must be no worse than 8-2 in this game. Tech is an inferior program and must be dominated. Richt is 8-1 in this game so a win this year would make him better than expected against Tech and a loss would put him where a Georgia fan should expect their coach to be against Tech.
-Kentucky and Vanderbilt: I can not stress this enough The University of Georgia should NEVER, EVER loose to Kentucky or Vanderbilt. Georgia should be so good that if they are having a terrible day and the Wildcats or Commodores are playing their best game of the season the Dawgs should still win. In 10 years a Georgia coach should be 20-0 against these schools. Richt is 15-3 and that alone is grounds for firing.
-South Carolina: South Carolina is an inferior program from a smaller state, and they must share talent with another in-state program that has traditionally been superior to the Gamecocks. However, the Cocks care about football unlike Vandy and Kentucky. The Cocks try really hard and don't shy away from paying for big name coaches. However, the University of Georgia should expect to be 9-1 against the Gamecocks in any 10 year stretch. Richt is 7-2 and this years game with the Cocks is far from a foregone conclusion. Richt also allowed a loss to the Cocks in 07' to keep the Dawgs out of the SEC and potentially National Title games. This alone is grounds for firing.
-Tennessee: Tennessee if taken in any 10 year window is about the same program as Georgia. While sometimes UT is down and UGA up that role has switched a number of times. In a 10 year window the Dawgs should be 5-5 against Tennessee. Richt is 5-4 so like with G.T. a win this year would have him doing better than expected and a loss would put him right where he belongs.
-Florida: Since 1990 the Gators have dominated the Dawgs and that is unacceptable for Georgia. It has not only been Spurrier and Meyer, Zook also enjoyed success against the Dawgs. To truly contend the Dawgs should be 5-5 against Florida in a 10 year stretch. Richt is 2-7. Unacceptable and grounds for firing.
-Auburn: Another fierce rivalry but yet another inferior school and program. By simple virtue of being in the SEC and being a program with tradition and success the Tigers should be a yearly challenge. However, in a 10 year stretch the Dawgs should be 6-4 against Auburn. Richt is 6-3, so like with Tennessee and G.T. a win would give him more success than expected and a loss would put him on par.
-SEC West- Georgia pulls two teams from the West in addition to Auburn every year. LSU and Alabama are equals to Georgia and Ole Miss, Miss St., and Arkansas are by far inferior programs. Losses to Ole Miss and Miss St are unacceptable and should be considered the same as a loss to Kentucky or Vanderbilt. Georgia should experience the same level of success against Arkansas as they experience against South Carolina. Alabama and LSU are like Florida and Tennessee a 50/50 split with those teams is acceptable. Georgia should be 16-4 in a 10 year stretch against these schools. Richt is 15-3 (one loss to Bama and two against LSU) so a loss this year puts him on par, 2 losses is unacceptable, and two wins would have Richt at better than expected.
Post-Season: If the Dawgs are winning at the pace that is outlined above then they should represent the SEC east in Atlanta 3 times in a given decade. Richt has done that. They should also win 2 of those 3 appearances. Richt has done that. Also, Georgia should be in a bowl game every year, Richt has done that. Georgia should be 8-2 in those bowl games. Richt is 7-2 so he must go to a bowl and win this year to fulfill the post-season expectations.
Overall a Georgia Coach if coaching 10 years in 12 game seasons should be:
Non-Conf. Games: 38-2
SEC West Games: 22-8
SEC East Games: 39-11
SEC Champ.: 2-1
Bowls: 8-2
Total: 109-24
Due to the number of 11 game seasons Richt would not have quite as many wins because of fewer non-conf games however he should have no more than 24 losses and right now Richt has 27, and little chance of going undefeated this year. So if we take nothing but the record under consideration Richt should in fact be fired.


  1. You have got to be kidding. Richt is the best coach we have ever had at UGA and his record bears that out. This is one of the stupidest blog posts I have ever seen. If you are just kidding, forgive me.

  2. I started to just close this window, but no, I think I must reply too.

    Coach Richt is not today being fired for losing to a 4-win Vandie team. He is not being fired for any reason whatsoever. Further he is not being fired for having played seven of his nine seasons 14-game seasons and amassing 90 out of a possible 124 wins.

    We are too interested, after the Ray Goff years, in being less than stellar – in accepting and making excuses for what has transpired the 1st nine years of the Coach Richt Era.

    And, what has transpired ? Is it what you write here ? No.

    Item 1, we are not up to standard the last 4 years with 18 teams Coach Richt does not have more wins than, after the Jim Donnan recruits all went on the NFL as high draft picks – not some of them, all of them.

    Item 2, we are # 3 in the nation over the last 4 years in Fulmer Cup Standings for Arrests / Suspensions.

    Item 3, we lose 15 seniors and 4-5 juniors after this 2010 season, all starters – so 2011 is not gong to be stellar. Plus, we have a very soft schedule of 1 ranked team all season long and if Florida should lose 2 games as many suggest, we could lose to them and to Alabama. We have a chance to be really good this season at 12-2 in Coach Richt’s 8th 14-game season in his then 10 Year Career.

    Item 4, Coach Richt has assembled the dead last worst coaching staff in all of America for the entire 9-Year Coach Richt Era. He is stubborn about firing them, makes excuses for them, takes over for them while leaving them in place and even had the timidity to say in the last few weeks that the reason why he had 0 coaches with 0 years NFL experience ever is that he felt that they worked only for money and would not be loyal.

    Item 5, while Coach Richt addressed this with his $ 750,000 eleven year veteran NFL Defensive Coordinator and more than that on his defensive staff, we are saddled with an offensive coaching staff that is just every bit equally if not even more so inept than he assembled on the defensive side of the ball.

    Item 6, for example, in the last 4 years now we average # 96 in penalties NCAA Ranking, 14 interceptions a year and 21 fumbles a year.

    Item 7, this has culminated in 10-10 vs SEC East the last 4 years. An SEC East that offered up to us, 1 good team – and, yet 10-10.

    Item 8, we have not won the big bowl game against a Top 10 Final AP Poll team in the entire Coach Richt Era.

    Item 9, this is Georgia which finds only 3 other states with better high school recruits who go on to the NFL and we were out-recruited on offense 2010 in this state in a huge fashion.

    Item 10, for the 9-Year Coach Richt Era, we average the # 52 Total Offense NCAA Ranking. Our offense sucks.

    Item 11, we cannot evaluate talent on the offensive side of the ball as a direct result of a great former RB being our WR coach, our former WR whose Dad was a great RB for us as our RB coach, a QB as our TE coach and to lead them all we stole the QB coach from Jacksonville State 1 year and made him our Offensive Coordinator.

    Item 12, every fan at Sanford Stadium boos the Mike Bobo play calls.

    Item 13, we have failed on offense to prepare our QB for 2006 and lost 4 games, 2009 and lost 5 games and now 2010 yet again.

    Item 14, 10-3 is NOT VERY GOOD. Vince Dooley 80-88 and Wally Butts 40-48 lost only 21 games and had better wining percentages over those 9 years than in the Coach Richt 9-Year Era. Both also won CONSENSUS National Championships.

  3. Item 15, we are the # 11 best football program in America and yet over the last 4 years alone, Coach Richt finds that he does NOT have more wins than 18 teams. This is unacceptable that since 2005, we have not even been to The SEC Championship Game. The losses to South Carolina, Kentucky, Vandie, and most especially to the vols the last 4 years have taken a great toll on our Proud Program – these are 4 sorry-butt football programs which we lost to – especially Tennessee vols.

    Item 16, we have LOST to 8 teams who that season, even with their win over UGA, did not even make the Top 25 Final AP Poll.

    Item 17, ESPN Chris Low states 2 weeks ago that Coach Richt is the 5th best coach in The SEC current coach at current school at beating ranked teams.

    Item 18, we have played 11 games vs Top 10 Final AP Poll teams in the 9-Year Coach Richt Era, and LOST 8.

    Item 19, we have a 17-19 record in the entire Coach Richt Era vs Top 25 Final AP Poll teams.

    Item 20, we are over the last 4 years # 3 vs SEC East teams.

    Item 21, we are over the last 4 years # 4 best in The SEC alone at 20-12.

    Item 22, Nick Saban has a better winning percentage at Alabama than Coach Richt at UGA over the same timeframe that Nick Saban has been at Alabama.

    Item 23, LSU and Florida have both been better than Coach Richt in the Coach Richt Era.

    Item 24, this is not about just only 10 wins in 14-game seasons all but 2 of Coach Richt Era seasons.

    Item 25, this inexplicable trend of the last 4 years 10-10 vs SEC East and all the crap about our offense penalties, fumbles and Interceptions, our total abject inability to recruit in-state on offense in the 2010 Signing Date shows that this has all caught up with us, and all the off-field tragedies daily – all of these items especially must all come to an abrupt end because after this season 2010 we are not going to be great 2011 quite obviously so we better make hay this season at 12-2.

  4. The Rich Apologists forget:

    Georgia has been "nice" to "Mr. Nice Guy". On January 1, 2011 Mark Richt will have raked in over $30 million in salaries,bonuses and endorsements. I think it is obvious by now that Van Gorder was more responsible than Richt for the three SEC Championship appearances.

    #1 Letting Van Gorder go was Mark Richt first huge mistake.
    #2 Hiring Willie Martinez was his second huge mistake.
    #3 Tod Grantham and his 3-4 scheme may be his last mistake. Time will tell.
    So Mark Richt caused the problem to begin with.

    Richt "addresses the problem, but doesn't "solve" the problem.
    Recruiting has fallen,ranked 15th by Rivals and 21st by Scout.
    Season ticket sales have fallen from $10,000 to $1550.(even the old "railroad track fans" are able to buy season tickets!)
    The Hackneyed "10 win/10 average win is an old Bowden-esque trick. 10 wins out of a 14 game schedule does not win championships when you average 3 conference losses over the past four years and the consensus says it will happen again this year.

    Mark Richt has become a "Burden on the Dawg Nations Soul!" He has fallen and he can't get up!

  5. You are right about the 10-win seasons. 1966 Vince Dooley was 10-1 and Won The SEC Championship. 1959 Wally Butts was 10-1 and Won The SEC Championship. Those were 11-game seasons.

    14-game seasons, and 10-win season means 3 losses and FAILURE to play in The SEC Championship Game every single year of the last 4 in a row.

    Every single season of the Coach Richt Era, except 2, have been 14-win seasons.

    10-3 is good for finding 18 teams whom Coach Richt does NOT have more wins than over the last 4 years.

    We are # 11 All-Time in 1-A Wins.

    Being # 19 the last 4 years by direct stark contrast is NOT great.

    1946 we were 11-0 SEC Champions and National Champions.

    10-3. 9 years of 10-3 Coach Richt.

    What is 10-3 for 9 years now of Coach Richt Era

    27 losses, that's what 10-3 is over the 9 years of Coach Richt Era.

    Wally Butts lost only 21 games over 9 years from 1940 to 1948.

    Vince Dooley lost only 21 games over 9 years from 1980 to 1988.

    Both Vince Dooley and Wally Butts Won Consensus National Championships.

    Coach Richt by stark contrast is # 3 vs SEC East teams over the last 4 years at 10-10.

    Coach Richt by stark contrast is # 4 vs SEC teams over the last 4 years at 20-12.

    Truth be told about 2002, and The SEC was down with besides UGA only Auburn ranked in the Top 25 Final Coaches' Poll. We played a lousy 5-Loss FSU in our bowl game. It was NOT the national stage. Coach Richt beat NO TEAM of CONSEQUENCE in 2002.

    2007 we completed a 6-game in a row sweep by all The SEC East over us, losing every game vs SEC East in a row 6 straight consecutive SEC East games Coach Richt lost. The South Carolina loss was a horrid football team at just 6-6 for South Carolina 2007 and South Carolina did not even play in a bowl game. There is NO WAY that the Tennessee vols were a Quality team better than us in 2007 either. We LOST to both of those SEC East teams in 2007. Our bowl game was against Final AP Poll Number 19 Hawaii. Sorry, 2007, Coach Richt beat NO TEAM of CONSEQUENCE. (Worst Florida team over the last forever beating 4-Loss Florida.)

    11 Top 10 Final AP Poll teams we have played. David Greene beat # 4 Final AP Poll Tennessee vols his freshman year 2001 and Coach Richt exclaimed he had knocked the LID OFF this program. Excuse me, we lost 4 games in 2001. DJ Shockley beat # 6 Final AP Poll LSU to win The SEC Championship Game in 2005, but we lost 3 games. 2006 Matthew Stafford beat # 9 Final AP Poll Auburn, but he lost 4 games in 2006.

    All the other 8 Top 10 Final AP Poll teams we played, none in a bowl game, we LOST to.

    Every 1.

    47 Arrests / Suspensions documented by David Hale of www.Macon.com from February 2007 to today, 3 years and a few months.

    # 1 in Fulmer Cup Standings today for Most Arrested / Suspended football program in America right now today including 2 Top 10 recruits at their position in the nation both recruited here by Mike Bobo and both abused little girls both college students in this state.

    Coach Richt was quoted just last week as stating that he wakes up in the morning expecting ANOTHER ARREST, expecting ANOTHER INTERCEPTION, expecting ANOTHER PENALTY, expecting another FUMBLE, and expecting to LOSE.

    Our problem is our Offense.

    Because of Our Offensive Coaching Staff which is WORSE than our Defensive Coaching Staff all just fired.

  6. Rodney

    Apology accepted, in part. A lot of this was kind of back-handed, and all we wanted to do was address the record Richt has amassed without looking at player arrests, failure to maintain talent at the O-line, the DC debacle that was Martinez, Bobo or any other problem within the program. All of the fire Richt talk is just talk; 90 wins in 9 seasons means Richt has the chance to fix the problems and get the Dawgs back on track.
    The stuff about never getting beat by Vandy and only having 2 wins against Florida we were not kidding there.

  7. Looks like I found Mr. Anonymous from the David Hale and AJC posts!

  8. Haberdashery is hat making.
    Get a dictionary, you illiterate rube.

  9. I love Coach Dooley as much as anyone, but sans the Herschel years, Richt has fielded more competitive teams and done so more consistently.

    Your knee-jerk, absolutists arguments almost preclude any conversation on the subject.

    Penalties, recruiting and talent development are valid arguments destroyed by statements like:

    "Jim Donnan recruits all went on the NFL as high draft picks – not some of them, all of them." - Fallacy

    "Item 4, Coach Richt has assembled the dead last worst coaching staff in all of America for the entire 9-Year Coach Richt Era." - Fallacy

    "Item 12, every fan at Sanford Stadium boos the Mike Bobo play calls." - Fallacy

  10. CCRider, you obviously know absolutely nothing about college football to be so sure about firing a coach as good as Richt. If you think in a 10 year span it is unexcuseable to lose a single game to Vandy, Kentucky, Miss State, and Ole Miss, then you're just plain dumb. And I'm betting you've never actually been a student at UGA.

    By the way, the Braves lost last night, what the hell are Schuerholz and Wren thinking, Bobby Cox must be fired immediately!!!

  11. Anthony,

    We were making fun of people who want to fire Richt no need to insult.


    Good job looking up haberdashery but we use it to refer to all fine men's clothing.

  12. Mike

    Well, let's see that leaves

    22 which are NOT


    (And, I would just love to hear how you might FALLACIOUSLY state that you think that Coach Richt's recruits are better than Jim Donnan's recruits - not borne out by the NFL drafts. This not to mention, you could not begin to state that the fans at Sanford Stadium do NOT boo Mike Bobo's play calls - sure they do in a big huge fashion. And, as for this unadulterated B.S. that the coaching staff Coach Richt has assembled on Offense is any good whatsoever, why then did Coach Richt TAKE CONTROL AWAY FROM THEM, Mike in Valdosta ? )