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Monday, August 9, 2010

S&G 2010 Dawgs Preview

2010 Georgia Bulldogs

2009 Record- 8-5
Head Coach- Mark Richt
OC- Mike Bobo
DC- Todd Grantham
09' Starters- 15-- 10 on offense; 5 on defense

Key to Success- This man to your right, Grantham must produce a passing defense better than the unit that finished 9th in the SEC last year.

Must Win Games- The Dawgs have two early tests, two late tests and a little game in Jacksonville in between. While the Dawgs are a better overall program than South Carolina the Cocks usually play their best game of the season against Georgia. Richt's Dawgs have almost always been slow to start and the Cocks view this game as a rivalry. Throw Spurrier into the mix and you can expect a tough game. The next week the Hawgs come to Athens and bring their El Grande rocket armed QB. The Dawgs O-line should dominate the Arkansas front 7, Ealy and King should run up and down the field and the Dawgs should chew up the clock. However, Mallett will keep the pressure on the Georgia secondary all game long. Grantham's changes will be put under the microscope in this game. Florida is Florida and Richt is only 2-7 against them. The fire Richt crowd does have a legit complaint about his team's performances agaisnt Florida. The Gators should be a little down and may be coming into this game having suffered a second straight loss to Bama, and back-to-back tough games against LSU and Miss. St. Two rivalry games end the season with the War-Tiger-Man-Bear-Pig-Eagles and the Yellowjackets. Aside from both having trouble picking just one mascot Auburn and Tech have also been dominated by the Bulldogs during the Richt era. Auburn won 8 games last year and they do have talent across the board. Give a coach a month to prepare for Tech and what Johnson does is not that impressive (see Johnson's bowl record) but only give a team a week and Johnson will have DC's tearing out their hair.

What to Expect- Georgia is talented, experienced, and deep on the offensive line. The Dawgs also boast the best one-two punch at running back this side of Tuscaloosa. If Aaron Murray can simply be the magical and elusive great white "game manager" the Dawgs offense should be very good. A.J. Green is arguable the best receiver in the country and should do a great job stretching the field when the need comes along.

Best Player (Offense)- A.J. Green, WR
Best Player (Defense)- Justin Houston, LB/DE
Players that can't fail- Aaron Murray, QB and Justin Houston, LB/DE

S&G Prediction: 10-2
This is the SEC so 10-2 could very likely land the Dawgs in Atlanta in early December. Another 10 win season and improvements on defense should silence the Richt on the hot seat grumblings. We know Grantham will be an improvement mainly because his name is not Willie Martinez. Dawg fans would like Grantham to be a lot like this guy:

But would be fine with Grantham being a lot like this guy:


  1. How can we be 10-2 ?

    It is a 14-game season.

  2. BuLLdawg,

    This was just a regular season prediction.
    So you are gonna make us call that SEC title game, huh?
    Well Bama is the odds on favorite to represent the West so a Bama/Georgia title game would be the most likely match-up. Bama has an edge with their running backs and McElroy has the experience edge over Murray. The Bama D is a little deeper and more talented. We have to say that Bama more than likely wins that game. However, at 10-3 the Dawgs could still possibly get an at large bid to a BCS game and we always expect the Dawgs to win non-conf. games.
    11-3 counting the post season