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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Has Coach Mark Richt Lost his Passion for Coaching?

I would like to state that the following article is not a hatchet job. I am also not looking to make any judgements about CMR's personal life. I would never disparage anyone for being a christian man. GOD SHOULD BE FIRST IN EVERYONE'S LIFE. Please read the content of the article before you assume what I mean and take my argument the wrong way.

Coach Mark Richt has taken Georgia to the edge of a national championship twice in his 10 years at Georgia. I have been a staunch CMR supporter until the loss to Carolina. I must admit, I was on the fence at the begining of this season about him. My partner in crime, CCRider has seen this coming since last year. I would like to pose the question; Has CMR lost his passion for coaching?

In a conversation with my uncle (who bares a striking resemblance to CMR) we discussed CMR's priorities. He said "god should always be first in your life. But when you take a division 1 coaching job with the prestige and tradition of Georgia it is like a marriage." In other words your marriage and coaching Georgia should be on a level playing field (behind god) which I agree with. I am a middle school football coach and athletic director which takes up a lot of time, but not nearly as much as coaching any sport at Georgia. My wife complains about trips to Sam's on the weekend to pick up concessions or painting the field on Sunday. But if I were to ever take a job ( irealize it will never happen) coaching a team like the Georgia Bulldogs I would have to do it with my wife's support and she would have to know that I could stay at the middle school and spend a lot more time with her or we could have a lot of money and a lot less time with each other.

CMR has had his share of personal struggles while at Georgia. His wife suffered a battle with Cervical Cancer that had to be tough for the family to deal with. After going through something like that a lot of people re evaluate his/her life. I have had two grandparents die from cancer and my mother is a cancer survivor. I know a little bit about how it feels. Has CMR's wifes brush with cancer caused him to re evaluate his own life? Has it caused him to sit back and decide what is really important? Maybe Georgia football comes a distant third in CMR's life now. (behind god and family) If so, maybe CMR and the Georgia football program would be better off without one another.

Also, CMR came to Georgia hungry to prove himself? Hungry to be successful and provide a good life for his family. He has been successful and provided for his family to the tune of $20,000,000 not to mention the $10-15 million in endorsements he has taken. Has his financial and early coaching success made him complacent?

It is undeniable that CMR is a great man. But great men don't always make great football coaches. If CMR's priorities have changed ( and I certainly cannot blame him if they have) then I think that Bulldog Football and the RIcht family would have brighter futures parting ways.


  1. somtimes a man cannot change with the times...i think his passion is the same though...

  2. Thats a good point. I believe that he has tried to change but has lacked focus due to the changes in his personal life.