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Monday, September 27, 2010

He Will Have His Defenders but Richt Has To GO!

MISSISSIPPI STATE! Georgia was blown out by Mississippi State. I would not be born for another six years the last time Georgia lost to Mississippi State, and Saturday night the Missy Dogs blew the Dawgs off the field. Colorado is not a sure thing. Tennessee and Vandy are flip a coin games at this point. Georgia probably won't beat Kentucky. Florida is a fore-gone conclusion for the Gators (AGAIN!), Auburn does not look like a possibility, and Georgia Tech's retarded defense is salivating at the chance to match-up against Bobo's play calling. The only sure thing right now is Idaho State. 2-10? Probably not but a seven or even an eight loss season looks very possible at this moment.

In addition there was another arrest on Sunday morning in case you haven't heard. Richt continues to bring a little piece of FSU to Athens every day.

The Richt crowd will be out in full force today:
"This is still the man we need to guide our team"
"We owe it to Richt"
"He is such a good man"
"He and his family are so special to the UGA fan base"

You know what is special to me.....WINS!
"Well Richt has 91 wins in blah,blah,blah,blah"

If you want to keep Richt you are stupid. This is not the fault of Willie Martinez, or Mike Bobo, or Todd Grantham, or Van Halanger, or A.J. Green.
Georgia did not get this bad over night. This has been a slow decay over a few years now. We know this because the seniors on this team are undersized and weak. This is a sign of poor S&C for at least 4 years now. We know this because Martinez was allowed to coach and recruit at UGA for 5 entire seasons. We know this because Mike Bobo is entering his fourth season as the worst OC in America.
Richt chooses his coordinators.
Richt chooses his coaches.
Richt makes the final decision on recruits.
Richt is the ultimate authority on discipline on the team.
Richt is responsible for the poor defensive play because he choose Martinez.
Richt is responsible for the poor offensive play because he choose Bobo.
Richt is responsible for the arrests, the undersized and weak players, the lack of any sort of ability to wrap up a tackle, allowing a coordinator to call 21 play action passes when he only called 25 pass plays in a game against Arkansas, the lack of fire and intensity, the loss to Vandy, the two losses to Kentucky, the three losses to South Carolina, the loss to West Virginia, and the humiliating loss to Mississippi State.

We will try to come with more substance later but right now we just want to vent!


  1. Of all the losses you name.. those are 8. 8 bad losses in 10 years? really?

  2. who is a realistic replacement?

  3. Gary Patterson or maybe Chris Peterson! A big HE double hockeysticks to Muschamp, Smart and Gruden.

  4. Nevermind how many times we've lost to Tennessee and Florida, two schools I just can't stand.

  5. Anon 1:19,

    I seriously don't think any of those suggestions are very realistic. Those guys will NOT want to coach at UGA. You're thinking way too highly of this program.

  6. Its 3rd and short...let's throw it deep!!!

  7. Moggs,

    I did an older post on the possible replacement for Richt.
    Muschamp has to be the top candidate the question is will he leave Texas for his Alma Mater. Patterson would be an excellent fit and would jump at the money and the spotlight of the SEC. Bama DC, Kirby Smart is another possibility but probably wouldn't be an upgrade. If Rich-Rod holds his job at Michigan then Harbaugh at Stanford may be an option.

  8. I think you should be replaced. You stink!

  9. Ahhh.. The Richt-o-philes are starting to come out now.

    Mediocrity once you accept it you can't live without it.

  10. I don’t know what the big deal is. So what, we lost 3 games. We will go undefeated the rest of the season and end up 10-3. I mean we have a freshman QB and with his 27 yards on 24 carries in SEC games alone, he is going to be special, if he doesn’t have his brains beat in from this year’s senior Offensive Line.

    Next year, then we can win the national championship.

    Coach Richt got rooked out of it in 2002 and 2007. 2011 is our year. I don’t care if we lose 15 seniors and another 4-5 juniors after this season. National Championship baby.

    I know we have had a few arrested. But, it’s not like any of them have murdered anyone yet, have they ?

    I think we should move the Spring Practices to Valdosta so the players don’t have to drive all the way down there to take Spring Break.

    Lawrence is a hard name to spell. I mean it’s got what 1 way to spell the name, ever ?

    Date of Birth, why would you ask me that ? I am supposed to know that ?

    Can you just write the questions down and let me take them to the team counselor and get a consensus on what the answers might be please ?

    Caleb King says running the football at UGA is just a grind. Caleb, how can that be when you only feel like playing about one third of the games ? How can that be a grind ?

    You know I play football at UGA, right ? Not meaning to pull rank on you or nothing, but could you just put away your silly yellow pad and take me and my slut to a Marriott please ?

    What am I doing with Red Panties on my Lap ? Good Lord Officer, you didn’t expect me to put them on did you ?

    Missy State is 1 of the really good teams in the country, you can tell that because at game time, they had the same won / loss record as The University of Georgia Bulldogs.

    If we had started out # 1 in the preseason polls, since everyone says they don’t mean anything anyway, would we be down to about # 13 or so this week ?

    What is this we can’t even name a Bulldog Mascot ?

    Hey I know I just hit a truck, but it’s not like it’s your truck you know ? I just gotta go. See ya.

    This guy was talking to a girl I wanted to ask out myself even though she has turned me down 5 times in the last week already. I didn’t mean to beat him up that bad. I only hit like 312 times in the face.

    Would everyone please send in some monies for Michael Lemon because he is a bag lady and has a younger brother to take care of, and he is a really nice guy you know here at the Half-Way House Football Program we run nowadays oblivious to the world around us.

    Can we all just get along, sit down and pray together please ?

    Let’s just Forgive all these guys, and anyway it’s the police’s fault you know ?

  11. And, the NCAA is being unreal. 4 whole games for what they normally would put the school on Probation for, take away all the scholarships and TV ban and then make us vacate all our wins.

    Oh, we didn’t win any ?

    Sorry about that.

    $29 T-Shirt for thousand dollars. What’s wrong with that ? Anyway, I never have ever been in Miami, so there is nothing there to talk about – not when I have never been to Miami in my lifetime.

    Got to admit though, having been there, he hasn’t missed anything.

    The OL is the best in the nation. They have been blocking great. It’s the running backs who cannot clean up those 2 both pouring in at the same time confusing the poor running backs on which 1 they should block leaving the other a wide open shot at our QB.

    Hey if I fall down near the end zone, can I just sit there – even if the ball is 2 inches from my leg. I don’t have to maybe protect the ball in case the officials make a bad call again and say I fumbled it. I can always go over to the bench and slam my helmet into the bench, which I can ride the rest of the way.

    Suspend my license ? What for ? I am Vance Cuff, no he just looks like me. What am I doing with Vance Cuff’s DL ?

    I don’t know my name or my date of birth and that is perfectly understandable now that the circumstances come out.

    We can always watch Chuck Dowdle. He’s fun. Boy, things are really looking up NOW.

    What do you mean coach that I cannot belly flop repeatedly after the play on some Florida player looking like we are mating on National TV ? I will be in the NFL soon and all will be forgotten.

    Coach Richt really recruits those Top 5 recruiting classes every year.

    And, that coaching staff of Coach Richt is just great, eh ? I mean we fired the whole defense and now there is no one left on the Offensive Coaching Staff. That doesn’t mean that Coach Richt cannot learn how to HIRE A COACHING STAFF or nothing. I mean, now, really, think about it : this way he gets to HIRE 2 coaching staffs, 2 complete coaching staffs. He is getting a lot of experience at it now at our expense so he can go back to Tallahassee and re-live the games against Duke, Weak Forest, Maryland, Georgia tek, Virginia, South Florida, Western Carolina, Middle Tennessee State, Tennessee at Chattanooga, Jacksonville State, Citadel, Louisiana Tech, East Carolina, Central Florida, UAB, Tulane, Rice, Syracuse, Troy, Memphis, and Western Michigan. No wonder his offense looked so good every week.

  12. Kyle Wittingham at Utah. He replaced Urban and has done well. So far as who will or will not become the next coach at UGA, you never know until you make the offer. Lastly, GA has already tried a coordinator as head coach. Maybe they would like to go after a head coach who has already guided a winning program.