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Monday, September 13, 2010

Richt's Triumphant Return to the Hotseat!

We at S&G waited an entire day before commenting on the abortion of a football game that was played in Columbia on Saturday. After taking numerous deep breaths and trying to find the silver lining we have come to one conclusion:

It is time to press the button seen here to your immediate right. A loss to the Shamecocks is never, ever, ever, under any circumstances acceptable. South Carolina is an inferior program by ever imaginable variable for measuring a program. Richt has now lost to the Cock three times in a decade, and while we aren't 100% sure we think that has to be the all-time worst mark against South Carolina by any Georgia coach. So let us break this thing down piece meal, sit back, and accept the comments from the eternally optimistic crowd that will somehow see this as a salvageable season and tell us how we aren't real fans because we don't support a captain who is sinking the ship faster than an iceberg.

Boy how a week changes things. Against ULALA there was a fire, excitement, and what appeared to be good team speed on defense. Against South Carolina we endured no less than 10 Willie Martinez flashbacks. This is hard for us to say but The University of Georgia Bulldogs are SOFT on defense. What does that mean for a team with an SEC schedule? It means they will be eaten alive. Soft does not stand alone as the only applicable descriptive term either, here are a few others:
We can't stress enough how terrible the defense was in Columbia. Saturday was quite possibly the worst performance by any Georgia Defense ever. Not that more points haven't been scored on Georgia before or anything like that but Georgia's defense has never been so thoroughly dominated by such an inferior program as far as we can remember. No one could tackle and when we say no one we mean not a single player under scholarship to play football at the University. I can understand blown assignments because it is a new scheme, but to not know how to wrap-up is inexcusable and goes directly to coaching. In addition to a failure to tackle the front seven had zero ability to shed the blocks of an offensive line that is at best lower level ACC caliber. One final though on the defense is how undersized they were. If you watched the game you had to notice that not only the Carolina receivers but the entire offense was much larger than the entire Georgia defense.

Offensive Play Calling
To call Bobo's play calling vanilla would be an insult to vanilla. You see vanilla is the same flavor through and through it is consistent. The only thing consistent about Bobo is inconsistency. If the Dawgs started to find a rhythm Bobo would put in the wildcat or some other nonsense. The vaunted offensive line was a total enigma on Saturday. The easiest thing for an O-line to do, run block, looked like advanced calculus to an allegedly talented and experienced line. On the other hand the most difficult part of line play, pass blocking was not a major problem. When Murray stood in the pocket the line held the only time the Cocks got pressure was when Bobo rolled Murray outside of the tackles. Murray's arm had the most success of anything on Saturday but Richt and Bobo would reel him in whenever he started to find a rhythm.

This is applicable here because it looked as if the talent gap between Georgia and a much inferior program, South Carolina, had been closed. This did not happen because the Cocks got so much better; it happened because they got a little better and Georgia has gotten much worse. South Carolina was bigger, stronger, faster, and better coached than Georgia on Saturday.

Georgia is the flagship school in a state of almost 10 million people.
Atlanta is the seventh largest major metropolitan area in the country.
Georgia has two consensus National Championships (1942, 1980)
Georgia can stake at least a claim to three other National Titles (1927, 1946, and 1968) because at least one publications named them the champion.
Georgia has two Heisman Trophy winners Frank Sinkwich 1942, and Herschel Walker 1982.
Georgia has 14 players in the College Football Hall of Fame
All-time Georgia is 731-389-54 a .646 winning percentage.
Georgia has been to 45 Bowl games and have a record of 26-16-3.
Georgia has won the SEC championship 12 times.
Georgia has 29 consensus All-Americans.
Georgia has arguable the most beautiful campus in the country.
Georgia has state of the art facilities that rival anyone in the country.

South Carolina is the secondary school in a state of roughly 4.5 million people.
South Carolina has no major metropolitan area in the entire state.
South Carolina has never even played for a National Title.
South Carolina has one Heisman winner George Rogers 1980, (and everyone knew that Herschel deserved it that year).
South Carolina has 1 player in the College Football Hall of Fame.
All-Time South Carolina is 535-535-44 a .500 winning percentage.
South Carolian has been to 15 Bowl games with a record of 4-11-0
South Carolina has never even been close to an SEC championship.
South Carolina has 18 consensus All-Americans.
South Carolina plays in the worst city in the South. Columbia is the butt hole of Dixie. The campus is disjointed. The stadium is crap and is located in an industrial park about 5 miles outside of the general area that they call campus.
South Carolina has crappy facilities, the athletic department is a run-down circular building that looks like it was built in 1950.
How in the world, with these numbers can this team be competitive with Georgia, how can Georgia miss on a recruit if it comes down to Georgia or South Carolina? How can South Carolina ever have bigger stronger or faster players than Georgia? How much longer are we to allow this decline of the program?

We are dangerously close to falling into the Clempsun trap. Clempsun hired Tummy Bowden who immediately won with, his predecessors talent and with a very very good assistant coach in Rich Rodriguez. Richt was hired and immediately won with his predecessors talent and an excellent assistant in Brian Van Gorder. Tummy is a very nice person that everyone liked. Richt is a very nice person that everyone likes. Clempsun's AD openly stated that it was hard to part ways with Bowden because he is " Such a good Christian Man". Richt is the same. I am a Christian and I know lots of good Christian men but that is not a qualification for job performance. The program can't get caught up in Richt's personality or religion. The University needs to look at the decline in wins, talent, and coaching ability of the assistants.

The SEC is totally different than it was 10 years ago when Richt got the job. If you are not getting better you are falling into irrelevance. Everyone laughed at Alabama and their absurd expectations a few years ago. No one is laughing now. Alabama is dominant, Florida is dominant, Auburn is getting better, Tennessee will not stay down forever, and LSU will be replacing Lester this year so they will be back before long. Richt is now in his third year of decline. You can excuse the first two but if you let a third go you are slipping and if you are slipping then you are falling, and if you fall in this league it is hard to get back up.


  1. Working is seriously hurting my blogging so i forgot to mention the clock management. All your TO's in the third that is coaching pure and simple. Richt said afterward that there were some substitution errors, that is coaching. I watched the Bama game on Saturday and they had no substitution problems, in fact Muntsbooger even commented on how they sub like an NFL team, 3 and 4 at a time.

  2. The game reminded me a lot of the 2001 UGA/AU game. Carnell Williams, then a true Freshmen, carried 35+ times for 180+ yards helping a 7-5 AU team beat UGA.

    Very similar circumstances....

  3. When are we going to realize that our coaching staff is awful and that strenght and conditioning at georgia is the biggest joke in th SEC.

  4. How can Richt make a satement at the end of last year there is no problem with our strength and conditioning and then take his staff to VT to learn strength and conditioning. during the latter part of summer camp no less. Two things bother me about this,one why wait till football season is here to take a fieldtrip and two why lousy ass VT why not the defending national champs or a pro program.

  5. -Shliknik

    Not a bad assessment however Auburn is a real program with tradition, a history of winning, and they often field a real football team. I expect UGA to be better than Auburn for the most part but we have to expect and demand that UGA always be superior to South Carolina