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Monday, September 13, 2010

We Can't Tackle and oh Look a Prolific Offense is Coming to Town

The Dawgs are 1-1, un-ranked, and now the laughing stock of the South. They are in full chuckle mode in Clempsun cause no matter how bad they are they always beat the Shamecocks.
Arkansas comes to town with a QB that threw for 3,624 yards and 30 TDs and guess what....We are TURRIBLE at defense. In addition we intend to dazzle Arkansas with predictable play calling and just when it gets overly predictable we will call double-reverse-fake-puntarooskie- out of the wildcat from under center and get pushed back 15 yards. Take that Arkansas we have a coach who won two SEC titles while Florida was under Zook, Bama was under Shula, Saban was trying to re-build LSU, and Tennessee was in decline which means he should never be fired. Bobby-P won't even have to watch game tape this week because no matter what you throw at Georgia it won't matter what the defensive call is because GEORGIA CAN'T TACKLE!!!!!
In our pre-season assessment we were very optimistic and got a little irritated at the anti-Richt crowd but in our hearts we knew the decline was happening. It is now time to revise our 2010-projections

South Car. L
Arkansas L
Miss. St Push
Colorado W
Tennessee Push
Vanderbilt W
Kentucky Push
Florida L
Idaho St W
Auburn L
G.T. L

Best case- 6-6
Worst case- 4-8

If you are confused and weak on Defense you have no chance against Arkansas or Florida. If you can't tackle you have no chance against G.T. or Auburn. Kentucky and Miss. St are better than they have been in recent years and if the Dawgs can't beat S.C . who is to say they can beat any of the other inferior programs in the SEC.


  1. Also, don't forget we have done the truely unthinkable and lost a game to Vanderbilt in the Richt-era so that game may not be in the bag either.

  2. That prediction schedule is a joke. Wow, suppose SC actually has a good team this year. I am not happy AT ALL with the loss, but this one is more believeable than the other 2, which were the bad losses. SC might turn out to be ok... Im not done with this team, but if you are, i have friends who want your tickets

  3. Well boys lets suppose SC does have a good team this year.....no wait they are SC so no they will self destruct by Halloween. If they are good then that goes to the point that
    South Carolina should never ever under any circumstances ever be better than, as good as, or even very close to UGA.
    What about the game on Saturday makes you think UGA can stop Arkansas this Saturday, or Auburn, or Florida, or GT. It is time for a reality check Auburn, Florida, and Arkansas are more talented and while Tech is not they are going to force our undersized D to tackle for 60 minutes.