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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Best Conference Should Have the Best Officials

Much to the chagrin of the entire Yankee controlled Big Ten loving sports media--Auburn has regained the top of the mountain for the SEC. In arguable the most down year for the SEC in a decade the Conference still has a few things going for it.
- Number one team in the land
- Front runner for the Heisman
-The top pro style QB in the Nation (Mallett), the top duel threat QB in the Nation (Newton), the best WR in the Nation (Green), and the top Freshman in the Nation regardless of position (Lattimore)
However, there is a lot of dissatisfaction in Dixieland and much of that ire is directed at the officials. Commissioner Slive has received numerous letters, e-mails, and complaints from fans all over the SEC. We think even Slive will have to admit that the officiating, while traditionally bad, has been especially awful this season.
Here at S&G we think the solution is rather simple........Hire full time officials.
The SEC is a 12 member conference so at best the most possible games you could have going at once is six. Sure there are out of conference games but they aren't all played in SEC stadiums. Six crews would mean 60 full time officials. Each crew would have ten men- seven officials on the field, one alternate, and two review officials. Naturally the Conference would have to hire a director to sit in Birmingham and oversee the officials. The director would need a secretary and at least one assistant. That means 60 officials, one director, one assistant director, and one secretary. Sixty-Three jobs. Each school could give back a very small portion of their roughly $17 million annual television payout to cover the cost. Maybe it's just us but we expect the SEC to always be in the forefront of moves that make College Football even better.
Oh, and please don't bore us by saying "If you do it for Football then you have to do it for the other sports" to that we say "Uhhhhh.....NO! Other sports are not as good as Football and if they were people would give a crap about the ACC."


  1. Only if they will fire Penn Wagner.

  2. It's not feasible. The NFL doesn't have "full time" officials, but the SEC will? The NFL doesn't have full time employees officiating games because they'd work around 20 days a year, no more than 25 (preseason, regular season, post season). The SEC has no preseason, a shorter regular season, and shorter post season.

    So you are going to make guys who work around 15 days "full time"? These guys (school presidents, etc) are too greedy with their money to waste full time pay, benefits, etc on a bunch of people who work one day a week in around 15 of the 52 weeks a year.

  3. Anonymous

    Your argument has multiple mistakes:

    Mistake 1: you assume that the NFL is in someway the equal of or possibly moe important than the SEC.

    Mistake2: the college football season runs from August to January around six months, however these officials would start training around July. It would constitute much more than 15 weeks a year.

    Mistake 3: your statement "It's not feasible" you obviously are not aware of the power structure of the Universe. It proceeds as follows
    1. God
    2. SEC Commish
    3. U.S. President