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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Has Richt Saved His Job? Can Richt Save His Job?

When I was a kid Florida was an important game but it was one that Georgia typically won. When I was a teenager and the vibrant and youth full adult that I am now Florida became the football equivalent to at home dental work. The pain has mounted for 20 years now with only brief intervals in which we were able to stave off the pain for one year before it returned for 8 or 9 consecutive years. This year the game that best exemplifies the drunken debauchery that we Southerners occasionally participate in-- but never admit too, carries more than the usual "Oh, God please don't let us get blown out" trepidation that it usually brings to Georgia fans.

Georgia is 4-4 with 4 games left. A win against Idaho St. is a sure thing making Georgia 5-4, but the chances of a win against Auburn are slim and none and slim left town back in September. That puts the Dawgs at 5-5 with the two most bitter rivals left to determine Richt's future. A loss to Florida would mean 5-6. Even with a win against Tech the final record would be 6-6. If Richt is to stay I believe that Georgia must beat Idaho State, Florida, and Georgia Tech and they must do so in convincing fashion. Furthermore, the Auburn game cannot devolve into a total embarrassment. Wins over ULALA, Vandy, Kentucky, and the worst Tennessee team in 25 years are not enough to erase the shame of losses to S.C., Missy St., and Colorado (three teams that define the term bottom-feeders).

CMR, devourer of low hanging fruit

In defense of Richt Georgia has a few things going in their favor:
1. Aaron Murray looks great and could be the next super-star QB in the SEC.
2. Grantham's D has improved each week
3. Green is at least considering returning for his Senior year
4. The O-line is finally showing up
5. The short bus Donny-brook that is the SEC East has left UGA in contention to get a trip to Atlanta

Can Richt save his job? Well here are the possible scenarios:
1. UGA wins out, gets to Atlanta, and gets the upset win, then wins the Sugar Bowl
2. UGA wins out in the regular season but is beaten in the SEC Champ game- Capital One Bowl
3. UGA beats UF, Idaho St., and G.T. but is narrowly edged out by Auburn.
4. UGA beats UF, Idaho St., and G.T. but is blown out by Auburn
5. UGA beats UF, and Idaho ST., but get thumped by Auburn and looses to G.T.
6. UGA beats Idaho St and G.T. but looses to Auburn and Florida
7. UGA is hammered by UF, beats Idaho St., gets blistered by Auburn and get edged out by G.T.

Scenarios 1-3 will save Richt's job.
Scenarios 5-7 will result in a call to Coach Patterson which will result in a very rich and belligerent Gary Patterson which will result in an even more belligerent Gary Patterson
Scenario 4 could go either way.

If Florida is smart they will lay down this week and do what they can to help keep Richt at Georgia and keep Georgia loosing to Florida 7 out of every 8 years.

I see you looking hard but might I remind you that you are wearing a turtleneck.


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  3. Why are you so scared of Auburn? It took all they could give to beat a bad LSU team by a touchdown. They beat Kentucky by 3, and South Carolina by a touchdown. They beat Mississippi State by 3.

    They've been amazing against crap teams, and they've fought to win against the SEC. In fact, the only SEC game where they've done exceedingly well was against Arkansas, a game that featured more than one questionable review that went in the Tigers' favor.

    Can Richt save his job? His job isn't in danger.

  4. -Ben Dukes

    Why so afraid of Auburn? Did you see Marcus Lattimore against the Dawgs? Did you see Ryan Mallett? Cam Newton is like the mutant off-spring of the two.

    LSU has QB issues but I don't think they are a "bad" team. In fact I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if LSU sent the most players into the NFL in the upcoming draft. Also, South Carolina who Auburn beat by a touchdown, they whipped the Dawgs.

    Speaking of crap teams, those are the only teams that Georgia has beaten this year, and they aren't exactly batting 1.000 off crap teams...you did watch the Colorado game I assume.

    Again I say Coach Donnan was fired because of his record and a percieved "out of control" team. Richt has far more arrests and about as many defeats as Donnan did in his last year. So what is so magnificent about Richt that his failures should be over looked when Donnan's were not?

  5. Delbert D.
    May 27th, 2010
    7:00 pm
    Jim Dornan's last 4 years:
    Mark Richt’s last 4 years:
    Delbert D.
    May 27th, 2010
    7:16 pm
    Jim Dornan's SEC record, last 4 years:
    Mark Richt’s SEC record, last 4 years:
    Jim Donnan lost 13 games his last 4 years here
    and we fired him for it.
    Coach Richt has lost 14 games his last 4 years here
    Jim Donnan lost 13 games his last 4 years here
    and we fired him for it.
    Coach Richt has lost 14 games his last 4 years here
    • No – because our President fired our last coach when it was apparent that our program had plateaued, we had lost to all of our biggest rivals, and the AD could not guarantee that the overall and record against are rivals would improve the next year.
    Richt is just 9-7 to our four biggest annual rivals (UT, UF, AU, Ga Tech) over the last four years. Our overall record the last four years is strong but we certainly have had a share of frustration too.
    While I have been on record that I do not think that Richt is on the hot seat, I also believe that given Adams proclivities for meddling in athletics that it is not beyond him to step in to make a change if he thinks CMR has peaked and we struggle against our traditional rivals. I think we UGA fans would be deluded to think that Adams believes that he is that powerful.
    The problem, as I have stated before (here and other places) is not that we UGA fans believe it. The problem is that coverage and commentary are rapidly moving beyond “is he or is he not” to he is on the hot seat. It's now a “fact” because so many people are writing about it.

  6. Actually, right now all the coverage I'm reading is about how we've scored 40 points in 3 consecutive conference games and how Georgia is in the hunt legitimately for the SEC East title and an incredible feel-good finish (second only to Michigan State with their cardiac arrest coach). There is some hesitation to pronounce the program "cured", but there is virtually no discussion whatsoever of Richt having to "save" his job. Until this blog post, I don't recall reading anything that treats Richt's job as still being in jeopardy in the last two weeks at least.

    Richt and Donnan are not the same. In Donnan's last 4 seasons, he lost 3 to Auburn and 3 in a row to Tech (that by itself pretty much explains everything). He was surly with the media and with fans, and his players were in constant trouble for severe things far beyond suspended drivers' licenses and skinny dipping with the dean's daughter. Even when his teams won, they virtually never blew anyone in the SEC out. The defense was never stout, and never got any better no matter what coaching changes he tried. Georgia appeared firmly entrenched at third in the SEC East, behind Florida and Tennessee, and even the win over UT in 2000, while exciting, felt more like a sign that UT was down (which they were, and that was already known before UGA beat them) than that UGA (who had already suffered the South Carolina 5 interception debacle) was "up."

    Today, the SEC is far more volatile in general, but Georgia is clear #2 behind UF in the East and was #1 even when losing to Florida from 02-05. UT occasionaly wins the West with an obviously weak team that stands no chance in the SEC championship game, but which manages to beat Georgia and then limps to the finish line while Georgia finishes strong (2004, 2007; both times UT nearly lost to Vandy and to UK, in 2007 UT also nearly lost to SC).

    There is no longer any feeling, even in the midst of year's like 06 or 09, that Georgia has no right to hope for the SEC East. They might not be in it this year, but they could EASILY be in it the next year. Tennessee has beaten us when they shouldn't have a few times, but that is a very different situation qualitatively than Tennessee beating us b/c they really are much better than us.

    Donnan's teams finished third in the East, and should have. Richt's teams consistently are the 1st or 2nd best team in the East, clearly to any objective observer (and usually in the standings as well).

    Numbers are meaningful, but they are not the whole story. I much prefer the last four years under Richt, including the w-l record, to the last four years under Donnan. There are qualities to things that you either see or you don't I guess.

    Meanwhile, beat the Gators!

  7. As said above, Richt and Donnan are different. One important difference is one does a much better job of eliciting large donations, which we can both agree is a mark in his favor cc.

    Also, Auburn isn't a sure thing, and that should be obvious from the history, where numerous times one of the teams in this rivalry comes in with a potential national title caliber season, only to get upset by the other team who's spent the whole season struggling for .500. I'm not saying Georgia will win, but if the past is an indicator of the future, then they certainly have a good shot at winning.

  8. -Mr. Sanchez

    The Auburn game is a road game for Georgia and the visiting team has a history of success in The Deep South's Oldest Rivalry.

    I would love for the ship to be righted and the Dawgs to have this thing back on track. I would love to keep Richt, but I just can't beat my chest over wins against Vandy, Kentucky, and the worst Tennessee team that I can ever remember. A win over Florida would be exciting but again this is the worst Florida team since pre-Spurrier.
    A win over Auburn and not stopping but at least slowing Cam Newton down would go a long way in showing that the beginning of this season was just a combination of no AJ, a 1st year QB, and adjusting to Grantham's Defense.

    We have seen improvement in the Defense and once Grantham starts getting the type of players he needs (i.e. a real Nose Tackle) it should continue to improve. Let's not put the cart before the horse just as yet because we have seen more talented Georgia teams get run out of Jacksonville before. Do I think Auburn will beat Georgia, yes, will I be shocked if Georgia wins, yes, will I be happier than a pig in slop if Georgia beats Auburn, YES, but lets see how the boys fare against Florida before we focus on the #1 team in the land.

  9. I'd think your memory is short on Tennessee then. They're bad, but were pretty bad in 2005 and 2008 too when Fulmer led them to 5 wins. This year's team looks similar in the 4 or 5 win vein.

  10. This Tennessee team is far worse than those UT teams.