Da' Dream Makin' Cold Blooded Sausage


Thursday, October 21, 2010

I'm really sorry I threatened to kill her, so can I's play now?


To the shock of absolutely no one, Chris Rainey is "eligible" to play against Georgia. Urban Meyer says he may not, but no one believes him. They've lost 3 in a row, and his offense is sputtering like my '83 Honda Civic. Chris Rainey will play.

To all those who rail in the media about Georgia being a thug program, note the massive difference. Richt cuts players lose, Urban suspends them for a couple weeks unless they aren't contributors. Athens-Clarke County PD arrests people for not giving a middle name they haven't used in years, while Florida has a DA who will reduce charges like they're his kids.

Get caught with weed for the dozenth time, we'll still play you against the hard part of our schedule. Have an arsenal in your apartment and shoot through the walls, it's OK cause you're gone to the NFL. Percy Harvin gets expelled from HS athletics in Virgina, and fails a drug test at the NFL combine, but in the between time at Florida, he was squeaky clean? The list of serious crimes committed by Gators is amazingly long, and thanks to ol' Billy "Bull Gator" Cervone, charges are almost always reduced or dropped.

For that, and a million other reasons, I hope the Gators get some comeuppance come October 30. Maybe Urb's can have another "heart attack".


  1. Actually Mr. Sanchez it was a "stroke" not a heart attack. Mr. Meyer has a massive brain zit that flares up and almost causes death (especially around 5 star recruits).

  2. I thought it turned out to be acid reflux in the end.

  3. Acid Reflux, yeah maybe for a 2 star recruit but as the stars go up sp does the severity of the diagnosis.