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Monday, October 11, 2010

Richt Wins, Miles Reverse Genius, and The Top Cocks

First off let us say this: If your team is facing Alabama at any point this season...well as they say in the Bible Gird up Thy Loins. Bama is hoping the Cocks get to Atlanta.

Saban now thinks Bama needs to refocus; so we are betting straight Bama and giving the points.

Don't Get Too Excited Richt-o-philes
After failure of a never before seen magnitude this season Richt turned all that pent-up aggression on the Vols this Saturday. Look out for a let down against Vanderbilt, and bar the door against a Kentucky team that is far more talented than Tennessee. We are still looking at 7 or 8 L's and should still be looking for a new head coach. How did Bobo and our offense explode for 41 points? For that answer we turn to the S&G west coast reporter, Kiffy what is the deal?
Pffffttt, Tennessee is Tenne-Gay dog! Eff them Hillbillies Brah!

Lester-Lester the Hat Molester; The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Please, please, please, puuuuuhhhhhaaaleeeeeesssss LSU never fire Lester. Watching LSU is like watching crack-heads fight-- funny, sad, unpredictable, a little scary, but always entertaining.

Only the Gamecocks!

Only the University of South Carolina football program could at the pinnacle of their existence as a football program still find a way to pull the SEC down. Not since a North Carolina infantryman shot General Stonewall Jackson by accident has one Southerner done so much to destroy the Southern cause. What Steve, you are unhappy in Columbia so you have to ruin the Conferences run at a 5th consecutive title.
What do we mean? Well let us explain. The two douche huffers seen below are Jim Delany and Larry Scott

These two are the curmudgeony and metro sexual commissioners of the Big and Pac 10's respectively. Now with Bama showing a loss these two will ensure that Ohio State and Oregon remain undefeated and thus ensuring an SEC-less National Title Game. Way to go Cocks! If Carolina and Bama play 100 times Bama wins 99 of them. McElroy was bad and Garcia played the best game he will ever play in his entire life. The re-match, should it happen in Atlanta, won't be pretty.


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