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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Boise State......Uhhhhh....Not So Sure We Want That One

Now I don't think Boise should play for a National Title but with as bad as we have been does CMR really want to start his farewell tour against Boise. Boise will see this as:
1. Retribution for getting the inevitable snub from the BCS,
2. There own personal National Title Game, and
3. A chance to shine against the SEC (b/c no matter how good the team is (Oregon) they will beat their chests over beating a non-elite SEC team (Tennessee)

I thought that a new AD would mean better decisions for the program but after keeping Richt for one more year and now this I have to wonder why the football gods seem to hate UGA so much right now.

Richt's teams always start slow and rarely look hungry and motivated. I know Boise will be ready willing and able. Boston College, West Virginia, Oklahoma St., Colorado need I remind you that Richt does not exactly shine against competition for lesser conferences (especially when that team puts more importance on beating Georgia than Georgia puts on beating them).


  1. You are such a douche. This is the same crap we heard in 05. Try writing something positive about Georgia for once. If you are so miserable being a fan, switch teams.

  2. Despite the bad breaks this year, Georgia's on the right track. Grantham's defense will continue to get better. Dawgs will win this one. Richt also has games where he waxed Clemson, Boise State, Hawaii, Oklahoma State and Arizona State.

    BTW-- there should be their. For should be from and you ought to get a proof reader.

  3. Tech is looking for fans. You'd make a great one.

  4. Win, lose, or draw, I hope the Dawgs NEVER back down from a challenge! I praise McGarity for this. Not only are we making bank, we're giving ourselves a chance to become relevant right off the bat. Look where starting out against a cupcake got us this year.

  5. I think it is a deliberate attempt by McGarrity to shoot one across the bow of the coaching staff.....and make some good cash as well. I kinda like the move because we need to see a UGA program like we 'used to' at the beginning of the season and not 5 or 6 games down the stretch. Like every year, I just hope the team and staff are ready.

    I love the previous comments from the anons:
    Yeah, we really 'waxed' AZ State.That was the first ever 20-17 'waxing' recorded in all of sports. Although we did beat them by a fair margin of previously, I wouldn't say a 17 pt spread was a waxing.
    Richt also has games where he waxed....
    Clemmins (2002? 01?)....I remember that like yesterday
    Boise State(2005)...Can we add this win to the '09 season?
    OK & Golden Rainbow Warriors (2007)...We should bronze a plaque...and a statue somewhere. You should go ahead and add Colorado's visit to Sanford on the list as well.
    Ahh, good times! In fact, so good we can relish it to this day.
    If you call somebody out on a blog you shouldn't be able to use anon. Be a man.

  6. Someone else pointed out by removng Louiville from the schedule it frees us up in 2012 from having to go to SC, go to Louisville and then go to Alabama back to back. Now we can schedule someone at home. This would have been a tough way to start the season. You have to wonder what the former AD was thingking.

    Now, if you had a coach who was not performing but was still supported by useful idiots, you could schedule this game to make a point such as if we get embarressed people will think it is time for a change as we will probably lose the following week to SC. Of course, the coaches could surprise us and turn the program around. Bear Bryant scheduled UCLA(USC?) to prove he needed black athletes to compete with teams from other conferences. He got clobbered and they let him recruit the kids he wanted. I have a Gator friend who says he still thankful miss state beat zook so they could get rid of him.

  7. You're a horrible blogger, someone should smash your computer.

  8. Now now, do not pick on computers. Do you like being 5 and 6?

  9. I wouldn't bet against Peterson making Richt lok like a fool. Richt has looked like a fool a lot the last couple of years. A guy whose a "great coach" is fighting to win game #6 in the last game of the season, and who has been the head coach for ten years already? Go on McGarity. Give Coach "Overpaid" a contract extention. Be an idiot like the UT athletic director that gave Fullmer a new contract and then shelled out $6 million the next year to fire him. That's what the "Richt-lovers" deserve.

  10. Why don't you rename the blog Sports & Whining, or was that already taken? Maybe you should lay off the grits, or switch to stone milled.

  11. Outside of the title... which I think is the wrong mentality for the program to have. Anyone, anywhere and anytime.

    Outside of the title... what in this article isn't true of the current state of Georgia football? If you're going to give Richt his praises, don't blind yourselves on his lack of "all of the above" the last 3 seasons. He's followed up his worst season (2009), his 9th season at UGA... with a possible sub-.500 season, his 10th at UGA.

    No criticism is due here? Wow...

  12. Which team do you pull for, ccrider?

    We know it's not Georgia. If it were, you would certainly specify that in your bio.

  13. I would say beating Arizona State by 17 in a game that wasn't that close qualifies as a waxing. Calling yourself moggs is different than anon? What a moron. What exactly is a moggs?

  14. Moggs was a nickname for my 7 year old son that passed a few months ago from cystic fibrosis. He got the nickname some how from one of his friends at the hospital who also had a chronic disease and I use that handle as a way of remembering him. I'm not quite certain of what a 'moggs' is, but I know that its better than an anon. Who is the real moron? not Moggs.

  15. From a different anon -- sorry about your loss Moggsbut I have to agree with the previous anon. Calling out anons while using a pseudonym is not exactly "being a man." If that's your standard use your real name.

  16. -Anon #2
    Wow calling out grammer on a football blog, what a sad little world you must live in. You must be a community college English Teacher, which we all know means you are probably a communist. Sorry the editing department of our multi-million dollar blogging industry had Saturday morning off.

    -Anon #3 and #10
    Excellent Richt-o-phiole arguments. If you don't believe 100% in our coach who has our team at 5-6 you must not be a Georgia fan or better yet you should be a Techie. Really guys I haven't heard that once from any other Richt-o-phile.

    -Andy Coleman
    I understand the NEVER back down mentality but sometimes discretion is the better part of valor. Look an SEC schedule is more than enough to show that your team has what it takes you don't need to go out and schedule these crazy games. You win the SEC you are in the Nat title game. We don't need Boise, Boise needs us, we don't necessarily have to beat Boise but it will be the biggest game in their universe in 2011. Nothing in the world wrong with an eight game SEC schedule, 1 in state ACC team, and three cupcakes.....get them wins son!