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Monday, November 22, 2010

By Popular Demand- Some Positives To Take Away From This Season

While 5-6 is typically an abortion of a football season by University of Georgia standards, most of our anonymous posters (which trend heavily towards Richt-O-Philia) want old CCRider to be a little more positive. So here are the positives that we can take from this season:

1. Aaron Murray- Everyone in Bulldog Nation has to be thrilled with the improvements Murray has made as well as the apparent upside of his talent. I don't know if we were this pleased with Stafford after his first season, but I don't think I was personally as excited about Stafford as I am about Murray. His mobility is not quite that of DJ but it is a vast improvement over Cox as well as Stafford. Naturally his arm is not as big as Stafford's but that is not always a bad thing. Trust us- he has plenty of arm strength but sometimes guys like Stafford, Cutler, and Favre are overly confident in their arms and that can get them into INT trouble. With Mallett and Newton on their way out of the door Murray should be the top rated passer in the SEC come 2011.

2. Toddy Graham's D is Improving- Now Toddy doesn't run a true 3-4 in the Pittsburgh Steelers sense of the word. Much like his old associate Nick Saban, TG runs a hybrid that very often has four men on the line. We all knew this would take some time (Saban's first year at Bama turned up a loss to UL-Monroe) and we all knew that we didn't have the best personnel for this switch. Even if we have to go the Mt. Cody route and dip into the JUCO ranks TG's #1 priority this off-season has to be a gigantic NT. The ability to wrap-up and tackle has improved by leaps and bounds since the Carolina game, and with contact back at practice and a full year on the job TG should continue to improve the fundamentals as well as the nuances of this defense.

3. We Still Have Tennessee- I don't know why it is but for me more so than G.T., Auburn, or Florida I hate no program more than those inbred hillbillies in Tennessee. While there are some problems in Athens we are still in better shape than they are in Rocky-Top, and that does this ol' heart so good.

4. A.J. Green- Despite the suspension AJ is still in the words of Dusty Rhodes:
The man of the hour
the man with the power
too sweet to be sour
The hit maker
the record breaker
Will he come back? We hope so but if he leaves for top five pick money can we really blame him.
5.We Got a New AD- While I disagree with the Boise St. deal I have been very pleased with the other decisions. Plus anything is better than what we had.
See very positive although there may still be some grammatical mistakes.


  1. You guys are going soft. Where's the usual outrage?

  2. Either we have turned over a new leaf,or we are luring the Richt-O-Philes into a false sense of security.

  3. With an average record of around 6-3 for the life of the program....6-6 (assuming a W this week) looks a little more a partial abortion...and it makes 8-5 look dreamy...I have no problem if you don't like him and want to see him gone....but stop harping on this mythical standard because the guy is above the standard of this program.

  4. Positive ?

    Grantham is a positive, the first good hire of an assistant coach by CMR in his 10 year tenure ?

    AJ Green is a positive ? Quit on the team to sell a $29 T-Shirt for $1000, and top NFL draft pick now ?

    vols are a positive for UGA that a team with a WORSE RECORD than us, if that is even possible, is worse than us ?

    Aarron Murray a 5' 11 and half inch 198 lbs SEC quarterback, out-dueled on the field 6 times this season and LOST ALL 6, is a positive because he is our best player all season long this year ?

    Where are the players ?

    Where are the wins over good teams ?

    If we are so great, then this list of positives would not be presented with the poor 2010 recruiting class, poor 2011 again assured, and the 2009 recruiting class is gone not in the program.

    If this is what we have for positives, quit.