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Monday, November 15, 2010

Even If The Dawgs Drop The Tech Game The Militant Pro-Richts Will Support Him

Georgia Tech is a MUST win game for the Dawgs on the 27th. A loss to the Techies would mean a 5-7 season for the Dawgs, and that is unacceptable.

Way Back on August 2nd I wrote an article called "Richt and the Hot Seat"

It was a little tongue and cheek because to be honest with you I thought the Dawgs would win the East. Instead the Shamecocks won and the fact that Georgia allowed South Carolina to win the SEC East is unacceptable. Tennessee was a disaster because of their coaching debacles, and Florida was rebuilding their entire team. Georgia on the other hand was returning an elite corner, elite pass rush end, an allegedly experienced and dominant O-line, the best wide out in the Nation, a highly recruited young QB, allegedly talented running backs, and a D-coordinator getting paid a truck load of money. The result; a must win against GT to be bowl eligible.

In light of this I want to revisit my August 2nd article. If you want a deep understanding of what has caused this catastrophe see this article by Mr. Sanchez. What I am going to do here is break down the nuts and bolts of what really matters in the end Wins.

In almost 10 full seasons Richt is 95-33
7-2 in nine bowl games
2-1 in three SEC title games
This is a pretty good resume, but it needs to be broken down into a little more detail.

As I stated back in August some of the non-conference stuff is not Richt's fault. You should not schedule any one tougher than Southern Miss if you an SEC school with a permanent ACC opponent. In the three yearly non-conference, non-Georgia Tech games Georgia should have a 100% winning percentage in any ten year stretch. Now for Richt some years were 11 game schedules so you drop one of these games but in general he should be 30-0. If you want to compete on a National stage anything else is unacceptable. Georgia is the 4th biggest producer of talent in the Nation and Georgia is the flag ship school of that state. There is no reason to ever lose one of these games. Richt is 25-2 in these games. The defeats came against Oklahoma State (which Georgia should not have ever been playing) and Colorado (which is the signature win of a coach that has already been fired before the season in which he got that win was even over). This is unacceptable.

Georgia Tech
Tech is an inferior in-state rival. Georgia should win 8 out of 10 years. Richt is 8-1 so even with a a loss to Tech this year it would still be acceptable. However, UGA must beat Tech to get a bowl so a loss is unacceptable.

Kentucky and Vanderbilt
As I stated in August Georgia should NEVER EVER EVER lose to Vandy and UK in Football. In ten years Georgia should be 20-0 if they want to really be a big time National program. Richt is 17-3. This is unacceptable.

South Carolina
This is a grossly inferior school- in a much smaller state- that produces far less talent- and it must share those recruits with an in state program that traditionally has far more success than they have. In ten years Georgia should be 9-1 against South Carolina if they want to compete on a National level. Richt is 7-3 against South Carolina and this is unacceptable.

Tennesse of the past three years is not the real Tennessee. If taken in any 10 year window the Vols and Dawgs would be pretty even. In a decade Georgia should be 5-5 against Tennessee. Richt is 6-4 so that is better than acceptable.

Prior to 1990 they were our whipping boys, post 1990 it has been the other way around. To compete Nationally Georgia should be 5-5 in any ten years against Florida. Richt is 2-8 and that is beyond unacceptable and falls into the area of epic failure.

SEC West; Non-Auburn
This is a little tricky. You really have to break this up into the haves and have nots. Against the haves (LSU and Alabama) UGA should split just like with Tennessee and Florida. The Mississippi schools should be treated like Vandy and UK a loss is totally unacceptable. Arkansas should be treated like South Carolina more than one loss in ten games is unacceptable. Richt is 15-5 in these games. One loss to Bama which is understandable, two losses to LSU which I get, one loss to Arkansas (which is too early to judge because Richt has not faced Arkansas ten times yet) and one loss to Mississippi State which is the same as a loss to Vanderbilt and that is unacceptable.

This is a fierce rivalry but the bottom line is Georgia is the flagship school in the 4th biggest talent producing state and Auburn is the secondary school in the 7th or 8th biggest talent producing state. In a ten year stretch Georgia should be 6-4 against Auburn and that is what they are under Richt. This is acceptable.

Post Season
At this pace the Dawgs should win the east 3.5 times in a decade so that would mean 3 appearances every ten years with one ten year stretch in 30 years where they go to Atlanta 4 times. Richt has been three times in a decade. One would hope to be at least 2-1 in those games and that is Richts record. This is acceptable.
Georgia should go to a bowl game every single year. Georgia should be 8-2 in those bowl games. Georgia is 7-2 and in danger of a) not bowling this year, which would be unacceptable; or b) going to a bowl but loosing that bowl which would put his mark at 7-3 which is unacceptable. Also it is unacceptable to lose to a Big East opponent in a bowl game and Richt has been there and done that.

Has Richt won a lot of games, yes. Is he the biggest "get em' while the conference is down" opportunist in the SEC, yes. Did he get em' while they are down this year, no. Most people will tell you ten years is the longest you should stay at any one coaching position.

If you disagree with any of this then you are an acceptor of mediocrity and may want to consider being a fan of the Ole Miss Gay Bears.


  1. Anon

    If by idiot you mean someone sick of a mediocre football then you sir are correct.

  2. You sir are a complete idiot and I'm not even a Mark Richt supporter - Answer one question for me...Name a coach who would actually come to UGA who is better than Richt?? And don't say Kirby Smart or Muschamp is any better...

  3. Anon

    Agreed on Muschamp and Smart neither has been a head coach before.

    1. Gary Patterson with Dick Bumpas of course. He is doing an awful lot with a little at TCU. He would bring a toughness that we lack right now.
    2. Jim Harbaugh. He is doing a lot with a very limited pool of recruits. He would also bring toughness that is lacking in Athens
    3. Dan Mullen. This one may be a little too soon but he is getting great results at Miss. St which aint easy
    4. Mike Leach )but he would need to find a good DC). He is just awesome all the way around

    There are 4 off the top of my head.

  4. I'm down with the Mike Leach selection. Think of what Murray would do in a Leach offensive scheme.

    None-the-less, Richt get's one more year to right the ship.