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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Greg McGarity Assures You the 2011 Football Season Will be Delightfully Mediocre

Football in Athens will be average at best in 2011. Bobo will be calling for the screen on 25 of 27 pass plays, the O-line will under perform, the strenght and conditioning will be second rate, and the defense will suck...(I mean it will still be in transition under Grantham). We know all of this because McGarity told us.

There will be a large portion Dawg Nation that is going to be relieved that Richt gets his "chance to right the ship" never mind that he is the one who has taken out every iceberg in the water since 2007. The funniest thing about this is that while we are going to be tickled to accept loosing to Vanderbilt, going 2-8 against Florida, and never even playing for a National Title- the Shamecocks of South Carolina will be in Atlanta at the beginning of December. Hello Role Reversal.
The once perpetual "Wait Till Next Year", "Give the Coach One More Year", "It Was a Moral Victory", "Well We Do Play in the SEC", "At Least We Are Still Loyal Fans", Gamecocks are playing for a SEC title and a trip to the Sugar Bowl. Georgia on the other hand is preparing for a war with their inferior in-state ACC rivals with a bowl appearance on the line. My how the mighty have fallen, and my how mediocrity is so readily accepted by the huddled masses.

Most troubling in McGarity's statement was:

"I know we're 5-5, but you go back and you look at all the dynamics involved - how close the games were. It's not like we're dealing with situations here of lopsided losses, of being non-competitive."

Greg this is the SEC, Bubba! There are no moral victories here unless you are Vanderbilt. I do not want this South Carolina Gamecock mentality around the Georgia Bulldogs. If you lose you lose- it doesn't matter by how much.

Eight defeats in ten years to the Florida Gators is grounds for Richt's dismissal.

I don't care how many bad teams Richt beats. Where are the National Titles? Where are the wins against Florida? Why have we lost to Vanderbilt under Richt? Why have we lost to Kentucky twice? Why have we lost to Mississippi State for the first time since the 70's? Why have we lost to Colorado, Oklahoma State, West Virginia, and Boston College?

Richt stole two SEC titles on back door jobs while the conference was in turmoil. You know why Meyer gets a pass on his record this year in Florida? Do you know? BECAUSE HE HAS TWO NATIONAL TITLES! Do you know why Mack-Daddy Brown is getting a pass at Texas? BECAUSE HE WON A NATIONAL TITLE! You know why I don't want to give Richt a pass? HE LET A LOSS TO THE GAMECOCKS IN 2007 KEEP THE DAWGS OUT OF A NATIONAL TITLE GAME THAT THEY WOULD HAVE WON!

Look at this article by Craig Haubert with ESPN. In it he is talking about the elite recruits coming out of South Carolina but that is not why I bring it up. I bring it up for this statement that he makes:

"When it comes to finding talent, most would agree that Florida, Texas, California and Georgia offer the best pool of gridiron prospects.

That is four states and each has a premier flagship school
1. Florida-- University of Florida
2.Texas-- University of Texas
3. California-- University of Southern California
4. Georgia-- University of Georgia

Under the Richt tenure Georgia is the only flagship school of one of the top four talent producers to not win a National Title. Florida has two, USC one consensus and one share, and Texas has one. The head coach of the University of Georgia keeps elite company (top four talent producing states, in the SEC) and yet Richt is lagging far behind his peers. If you get on Rivals right now I bet Texas, Florida, and USC are almost full on commitments from in state. On the other hand Georgia is fighting for Ray Drew, Isaiah Crowell, Jay Rome, and Damian Swain. Georgia has already lost top in-state recruit Stephon Tuitt (26th overall by rivals) to Notre Dame (do I even need to tell you how embarrassing that is).

But we are all happy in Georiga. Richt has won over 90 games. Hey maybe we should just accept our ineptitude against Florida. Just like Obama wants us to accept that the U.S. economy no longer leads the world maybe we should just accept that Georgia Football in Mediocre at best.


  1. Jeez Dude, lay off the glass pipe! Just for discussion who would you suggest as his replacement? Nick Satan, Bill Parcells, Paul "Three Chin" Johnson?

  2. I have been a fan of Richt and thought he should stay, but, I think you just changed my mind.

  3. ScoutDawg,

    er uh DISNEYdawgs.com poster,

    Glass Pipe ? Is that some kind of drug reference ? Oh Mark Richt is such a great guy, dude - unlike that DEVIL Nick Saban

    47-17 Alabama last 5 years on field, Nick Saban*
    43-20 Georgia last 5 years, Coach Richt*

    Oh, wait, your other coaches are all made up.


    You cannot stand it that someone actually wants us to do well, can you ScoutDawg - er uh DISNEYdawgs.com poster that you are.

    Question ScoutDawg, sir ?

    Are you a Christian ?

    Do you Pray with the "coaching staff" of Coach Richt, ALL of whom will have been FIRED in a 12-month period after the Georgia tek game.

    Program Record last 5 years on field, current head coach :
    53-9 Ohio State last 5 years, Jim Tressel
    54-11 Florida last 5 years, Urban Meyer*
    58-4 Boise State last 5 years, Chris Petersen
    53-10 TCU last 5 years, Gary Patterson
    50-12 Southern California last 5 years, Lane Kiffin
    50-15 Oklahoma last 5 years, Bob Stoops
    49-14 Texas last 5 years, Mack Brown
    49-14 LSU last 5 years, Les Miles*
    49-15 Virginia Tech last 5 years, Frank Beamer
    48-14 Utah last 5 years, Kyle Whittingham
    48-14 BYU last 5 years, Bronco Mendenhall
    47-15 Wisconsin last 5 years, Bret Bielema
    46-15 West Virginia last 5 years, Bill Stewart
    46-16 Penn State last 5 years, Joe Paterno
    47-17 Alabama last 5 years on field, Nick Saban*
    46-16 Oregon last 5 years, Chip Kelly
    46-18 Missouri last 5 years, Gary Pinkel
    44-18 Cincinnati last 5 years, Butch Jones
    44-18 Auburn last 5 years, Gene Chizik*
    43-20 Georgia last 5 years, Coach Richt* # 20 program

    * 5th Best Program in The SEC won/lost on field last 5 years UGA

    Through 15 November 2010

  4. We are the Flagship University in Top 5 recuiting state. What kind of program should we have? BETTER THAN WE HAVE!

  5. First Off,
    Richt is 8-1 against the Nerds(Donnan 2-3).
    Richt is 6-4 against Auburn (Donnan 3-2)
    Richt is 6-4 against Tennessee (Donnan 1-4).

    Now Richt has struggled against Florida, but everyone has for the last 21 years at UGA.

    He has beat his rivals more often than not.

    The SEC has dominated the decade on a National Scale, yet he is 53-27 against the SEC.

    He's 7-2 in Bowl Games.
    He's won the SEC 2 times, which we hadn't won the SEC before him since the early 1980's.
    Won the EAST 4 times.

    Furthermore, your argument that we lost to Miss St. and that's a reason to be fired, should Urban Meyer be fired too???

    Basically you're an idiot! Give me a name that you would want to replace him that would be better! A proven Head Coach that would actually come to UGA. IF you find one, let me know... doubt you will.

  6. Get back to work CCRider. Your boss is pissed. Moron!

  7. I get so tired of reading crap like this when idiots like you offer NO REPLACEMENT OPTIONS!!! Who would Georgia hire????
    As far as recruiting goes just shut up! We do great in the state of Georgia (as we should). But I noticed you didn't mention people like Shaun Chapas, Blair Walsh, Orson Chales and Aaron Murray are all from FLORIDA!!!! Or a guy nameed AJ Green from SOUTH CAROLINA!!!! or Knowshon from NEW JERSEY or Matthew Stafford from TEXAS!!!!! Mo Massaquoi from NORTH CAROLINA!!!! There was a time when we didn't recruit outside of Georgia very well...Richt changed that when he put us back on the map!
    Also, of course we are going to lose players in the state. You can't blame Richt when guys like Greg Reid in South Georgia go to FSU considering it is 3 hours closer to Valdosta than Athens!
    No one is happy being 5-6 but calm down man! Unless you can come up with a realistic replacement your blog is worthless!

  8. interesting point, some people might not like what you're saying, i like it, somewhat. I would like to see if richt could pull it out, i also said the same thing last year. whats going to happen next year when we are 9-3. to me thats still not good enough considering we will loose to florida, auburn(if scam newton comes back) and whoever else we have in the west. The point is that richt always finds a way to salvage the season, but then he always finds a way to screw up the perfect season like in 2007. i honestly don't think he cares about winning a national title or the SEC. he's just too laid back for me. I would like to see a change, if firing richt will get the talent we need to compete at the next level then lets do it. I feel deep down that we are waiting a year to late to make the changes that we need.


  10. "i honestly don't think he cares about winning a national title or the SEC"..... i cannot believe this came from a competent brain... If Richt didn't care to win, why in the world would he coach?? wow.. You do realize he's trying to be the very best team out of 119?

  11. Dan Mullen would be a great replacement to Richt. He has done a great job at Miss State and worked with our athletic director at Florida. I am not saying he would take the job but I definitely think he would be a step up from Richt. If he can win at Mississippi State I definitely think he could win at Georgia. He won't be around long so the time is now

  12. Richt over his entire 10-year period :

    Winning Percentage Coach at Current School :

    .869 Chip Kelly Oregon 20-3 year 2
    .825 Jim Tressel Ohio State 104-22 year 10
    .935 Chris Petersen Boise State 58-4 year 5
    .818 Urban Meyer Florida 63-14 year 6*
    .806 Bob Stoops Oklahoma 125-30 year 12
    .803 Nick Saban Alabama 41-10 year 4*
    .800 Mack Brown Texas 132-33 year 13
    .791 Gene Chizik Auburn 19-5 year 2*
    .789 Les Miles LSU 60-16 year 6*
    .774 Gary Patterson TCU 96-28 year 11
    .763 Bo Pelini Nebraska 29-9 year 3
    .755 Brian Kelly Cincinnati 37-12 year 4
    .758 Bret Bielema Wisconsin 47-15 year 5
    .746 Kyle Whittingham Utah 56-19 year 6
    .749 # 15 Joe Paterno Penn State 400-133-3 year 45
    .742 # 16 Mark Richt Georgia 95-33 year 10*

    * 5th best coach in SEC winning percentage current school CMR
    Through 11/15/2010

    Entire Coach Richt Era
    Through 11/14/2010

    He has been passed by better coaching staffs than he has assembled. He doesn't know how to hire an assistant coach. He knows how to be an assistant coach; but, hiring an assistant coach is a skill he lacks in his OJT here at UGA. Perhaps his next job, he will hire a good assistant on some side of the ball.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. 076. CMR beat 5 teams 15 wins 31 losses this yr
    077. CMR lost to 4-win Vandie 2006
    078. CMR lost to Colorado even Kansas beat 2010
    079. CMR doesn't care
    080. CMR has no fire
    081. CMR says he answers only to God
    082. CMR said last yr would not fire Willie
    083. CMR already said 2010 would not fire Bobo
    084. CMR waited too long last year to hire DC
    085. CMR settled for documented choice # 10 DC
    086. CMR picked a loser as DC
    087. CMR has 10 one-years of experience as HC
    088. CMR is Not CEO, no skills to be Head Coach
    089. CMR should have salary pegged to Losses
    090. CMR should have salary pegged to Arrests
    091. CMR should have AD assign all Suspensions
    092. CMR should have AD hire EVERY asst coach
    093. CMR should not make Depth Chart either
    094. CMR must have a guest speaker each pregame
    095. CMR has to be told lead team on field
    096. CMR cannot devise a game plan
    097. CMR cannot organize recruiting for needs
    098. CMR wastes scholarships
    099. CMR gives Scholarships to walk-ons loses 6
    100. CMR doesn’t know how to control his team
    101. CMR thinks you don’t MOTIVATE team
    102. CMR God Almighty son that # 1 priority
    103. CMR continues to make the same mistakes
    104. CMR will be here for 2011
    105. CMR will have no different 2011 than 2010
    106. CMR had no different 2009 from 2010 either
    107. CMR has done NOTHING after DJ left 2005
    108. CMR Lost 4 beat # 9 Auburn 2006
    109. CMR Lost 3 beat # 6 LSU 2005
    110. CMR Lost 4 beat # 4 vols 2001
    111. CMR otherwise lost EVERY game Top 10 Final AP
    112. CMR has lost 9 of 12 vs Top 10 Final AP 10 yrs
    113. CMR can beat cupcakes, sometimes
    114. CMR loses to more cupcakes than any coach
    115. CMR has Lost to 10 cupcakes in 10 years now
    116. CMR averages 1 cupcake LOSS a year
    117. CMR has the # 3 state for recruiting
    118. CMR played 3 good teams 2008 lost all 3
    119. CMR beat NO ONE 2007, either
    120. CMR gave ball Knowshon avg 14 times 08 FL AL tek
    121. CMR Lost all 3 games 2008 good opponents result
    122. CMR # 56 Rushing Offense 2008 with Knowshon
    123. CMR # 83 Passing Offense 2007 with Stafford
    124. CMR # 74 Total Offense 2007 Stafford & Moreno
    125. CMR 2008 Stafford Green Moreno beat NO ONE
    126. CMR 2-8 vs Florida in 10 years
    127. CMR WIMPY AM750 radio 715 every am
    128. CMR cannot identify Key & Exploit it
    129. CMR NEVER beat Top 10 Final AP in Bowl Game
    130. CMR 20 other 10 yrs better than 33 losses
    131. CMR knocked lid off # 11 all-time win UGA
    132. CMR beat # 4 vols 2001 - lost 4 games 2001
    133. CMR knocked lid off with 4 LOSSES 2001 ?
    134. CMR compares 10-win to 10 & 11 game seasons
    135. CMR finds 8 of his 10 were 14 game seasons
    136. CMR could have won 138
    137. CMR actually won only 95
    138. CMR 33 Losses in 10 years
    139. CMR 10 Losses are not Top 25 Final AP
    140. CMR 23 Losses are to Top 25 Final AP
    141. CMR 17-23 vs Top 25 Final AP Poll
    142. CMR 3-9 vs Top 10 Final AP Poll
    143. CMR 2-8 vs Florida
    144. CMR now who the hell did he beat ?
    145. CMR quit already with 10-win avg
    146. CMR only 95 wins 10 years
    147. CMR could have won 138
    148. CMR won 95
    149. CMR Lost 33 which kept him out of 7 more games
    150. CMR Lost to 6-6 no bowl game So Car 2007
    151. CMR blown-out by crappy vols 2007
    152. CMR beat no one in 2007
    153. CMR beat no one in 2008
    154. CMR beat no one in 2009
    155. CMR beat no one in 2010
    156. CMR will beat no one in 2011
    157. CMR beat 1 team # 9 Auburn 2006, Lost 4

  15. -Scout Dawg
    -DDenson Dawg
    -All other Richt-o-philes posting here.

    We assume you read more than just one post before going nuts because we want to fire you personal Jesus, Mark Richt.

    We have given multiple replacements on multiple posts:
    1. Gary Patterson (w/Dick Bumpas) they are wasting away at TCU and I know we can afford them.
    2. Jim Harbaugh but only if you are confident he is not looking at the NFL
    3. Dan Mullen if you can win at Miss St you can win anywhere, and if we don't go for him someone else will

    Richt will survive this year as a lame duck which is stupid, fire him now and go for one of these guys before they are gone.

    So we do in fact give replacement options Griff. I get so tired of reading your crappy posts when you have not read my site.

  16. CC Rider,
    Yeah, Patterson is wasting away in TCU...one Auburn/Oregon loss away from the BCS championship game.
    You said it yourself about Harbaugh...NFL or Michigan. Or he may stay at Stanford.
    Mullen...If you can win at MSU you can win anywhere. Hmmmm. Let's go hire Jackie Sherill or Sylvester Croom! MSU is 7-3 and still has to play Arkansas.
    You really are an idiot.

  17. Griff

    So TCU is as good a job as Georgia? Coachingin the Mountian West is as good as the SEC? You think Gary Patterson took the TCU job and did not want more later?
    Croom had the occasional win at MSU but I don't think he had as much success in one year as Mullen has had this year. As far a Sherill I didn't know we could throw out old retired guys past their prime because in that case i want Howard Schnellenberger.

  18. I wonder if you would have wanted Patterson in 04 when TCU went 5-6 or in 07 when they went 8-5.
    Also, what's to say he would come to Georgia? You probably thought it was a lock to get Kirby Smart too huh?

  19. -Anon

    Excellent strawman argument. Would Bama have wanted Saban when he was at Michigan St? Would Florida have wanted Meyer when he was an assistant at ND? 8-5 ain't bad at TCU and he has steadily built on what was basically a program that did not exist prior to his arrival.
    p.s. never wanted Kirby Smart pretty sure he wont work when you take Saban's hand out of his ass.