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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Let's Not Dog Pile on the Newton Deal Just Yet.

Lifted from our boys over at Leather Helmet
This is a long but very interesting article concerning Bobby Lowder, the Auburn Board of Trustees, Cam Newton and their newest scandal.

Lowder seen here with TTubs, unfortunately for Tubs he had already invited Lowder into his home and once you let a vampire in it is only a matter of time before it sucks you dry.

Now I am sure we will all enjoy Auburn squirming a little but I would like to make one small point; we are all in the SEC and people in glass houses....well you know the rest. The last thing the SEC needs in the Feds and the NCAA snooping around our recruiting habits. Lets not treat this like steroids in baseball because we all know that what is going on at Auburn is not confined to Auburn, or the SEC alone.

For the Gamecock faithful hoping that Newton is out, be careful. Do you really want people asking how in the world did Marcus Lattimore look at Tuskaloosa, Athens, Gainsville, and Columbia and then choose Columbia? Have you ever been to Columbia? Columbia, South Carolina is the butt-hole of Dixie, I mean it is the worst. How could a kid pass on nicer places to live and play for four years in favor of Columbia? Trust us you don't want people asking that question. If Auburn goes down you better believe that the NCAA will see this as open season on the rest of the SEC. The NCAA would relish an opportunity to attack us and the major sports media would be an all too willing accomplice. (Please no comments from Clempsun fans, do y'all want people asking how you got C.J. Spiller?)

Pay for Play is something that everyone has done, and Mike Slive and the SEC needs to shut everyone up and hope this storm passes by without any major casualties.


  1. Now I see why you don't like Richt.

  2. I'm pretty sure the NCAA needs a reason to go sniffing around. While there is no question that benefits and bribes happen, I really doubt it is to the level that you are suggesting. Just because a good player changes his mind on his school of choice doesn't mean he was offered thousands of dollars. Take Da'rick Rogers...was it dirty for UT to offer his friend a scholarship to help sway him to UT, yes. Was it a violation, no. When egregious violations, like the Cam Newton situation is shaping up to be, occur, then of course people need to speak out against it. I'm pretty sure if this pay for play thing is as big as you think, we would have heard a lot more about it already. Just my opinion.

  3. Anon #1

    Bless your little heart you are one of those people that thinks CMR has never done anything a little left of the letter of the law. Never let go of that child-like innocence.


    I am not saying it is going to be anything on the same scale as Auburn (Auburn and Oklahoma are probably the two dirtiest programs of all time) what I am saying is you don't want to open the door because the bottom line is if the NCAA gets in the SEC's house the only program that won't have problems is maybe Vanderbilt.
    Didn't Newton go to Florida first? How did they get him? You think Cecil Newton got this bright idea just last year?
    You think kids want to go to Knockersville,TN and play football? Have you ever been to the state of Tennessee? Who in their right mind would think going to Columbia, SC or Fayetville, AR seems like a good way to spend their time?
    The SEC is the most cut-throat conference in a very cut-throat business and all I am saying is you don't want that door opened up.

  4. CC Rider,
    So you're saying the door isn't opened already? Come on. And have you been to an SEC school city that is desirable? Athens? Starkville? Baton Rouge? Auburn? If recruits used that as criteria, San Diego St. should be undefeated every year.

  5. Anon

    Oh I agree the door is wide open we just need to make sure the NCAA gets the quick tour and is shown the way out asap.

    Its not just the city. Take USC for example:
    Columbia sucks
    The University is not know for doing anything of value
    There is not one program that they are well known for
    the campus is all disjointed and out dated
    the football team has no tradition and usually isn't very good. Why would a 5* like Lattimore pick them over Bama, Florida, UGA, or LSU?

  6. Location. SOS did a good job of convincing him (and Jeffries) to stay at home.

  7. I hope everyone who's involved in this kind of crap, no matter where(yes even UGA), gets hammered. I am open to the idea of players being compensated in some way, but this under the table BS done by spoiled, arrogant, fat cat boosters should not be tolerated or condoned by anyone. Bring on the investigations if they are warranted.