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Monday, November 1, 2010

Really Ole Miss..All Gray Uniforms......You Racists!

See above....all Gray and Gray is the color worn by the Confederate Soldiers in the Eastern Theatre of the Civil War. By wearing these uniforms Ole Miss is saying- We accept the misguided belief that blacks should be slaves and we encourage the glorification of the Old South. Ole Miss...New Gay Man Mascot but still hates blacks!
Old Mascot... Colonel Reb and Plantation/Fried Chicken Restaurant Owner.

New Mascot.....A Bear which is an urban slang term for a large Gay Man.....Very PC.
While we are at it I would like to note that calling yourself "Old" and spelling it "Ole" in Old South Vernacular is Racist so lets change the name to Mississippi.
Also, Cardinal Red and Navy were the colors of the Confederate Naval Jack or the typical "Confederate Flag" also terribly racist and offensive.
Ole Miss needs to change its colors to Pink and Doo-Doo Brown and only have "Miss" on the helmets.


  1. Seriously, if you want PC why not call your blog "Rainbows & Unicorns"

  2. The grayish uniforms commemorated their 1960 NC.

  3. -Anon

    You must be a first time reader because we are "seriously" making fun of the PC Police and the people at Ole Miss.

  4. Ole Miss has made all these changes for the ones who are still knit-picking them. Ole Miss would never arrange an act to encourage a reputation they are so desperately trying to overcome. You're just looking for reasons to be offended. No matter what changes Ole Miss makes, outsiders will always find reasons to be hateful. There's no more racism at that university than there is anywhere else. People just love to hate Ole Miss. That's right, you're just a hater!