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Monday, November 1, 2010

Richt Is Not Doing What He Used To Do!

Mark Richt has made a name for himself by pouncing on the SEC at it's lowest moments. In 2002 Florida was under the oppression of the Zook administration, the cracks in the foundation of the Fulmer empire in Knockersville was beginning to show, South Carolina was drunk off their first two New Year's Day Bowl wins in school history and Holtz decided to mail it in from there, and Vandy and Kentucky were Vandy and Kentucky. The coaching situation in Alabama was totally out of control, Saban was still rebuilding LSU, T-Tubs was rebuilding Auburn, the Missisyphillus schools were awful and Arkansas was doing about as well as Arkansas can ever expect to do. To sum it up the conference was down, and Georgia took full advantage. In 2005 Florida was starting the process of emerging from the wasteland that was the Zook administration, Tennessee was completely floundering, Vandy and Kentucky- still Vandy and Kentucky, and South Carolina was in the process of jettisoning all the luggage as the Holtz plane had lost all fuel in mid-flight and Spurrier was trying to get the plane over water before the impending crash. Alabama was still hemorrhaging, Auburn was pouting over their undefeated snub, LSU was reeling over the loss of Saban, Arkansas was trying to fire Rev. Dale, and the Mississippi schools were still the Mississippi schools.
This year the conference as a collective group is down, but 2010 is different from 2002 and 2005 because Richt is not pouncing on the SEC title. Richt the Devourer of Low Hanging Fruits is now himself the devouree.
Richt is not competitive with the elite coaches and the elite talent in the SEC. The East was gift wrapped for any of the six teams that decided to take it. It will be a long time before the path to Atlanta out of the East is this easy, and with this staff it will be a long time before Georgia's path to Atlanta is a reasonable expectation.

Do we have $2.5 million a year and this man's phone number because if we don't we need to get them stat!


  1. You are correct. I was thinking about it today. If Georgia had beaten USC, Arkansas, and MSU (which we should...always) then the win at Kentucky would have been the clincher for the east, and the Florida and Auburn games would not have even mattered. The path will NEVER be that easy again.

  2. "and MSU (which we should...always)"

    Why? You guys have one national championship, in spite of being the oldest school IN the SEC, and you act like you have a Southern Cal legacy.

  3. -Rebelkev

    We gots 2 son, 1942 and 1980 as well as a share of the 1927, 1946, and 1968 championships because at least one recognized publication named the Dawgs champs in those years.

  4. Well, I mean, technically speaking Ole Miss has 1 ('60), with two additional shared ('59, '62). Doesn't mean they're going to be beating Alabamastan every year. That was 50 years ago. You know how I am about the SEC. I want to see all compete and beat every OOC team they play. I'm just glad that MSU finally has a coach that actually knows how to head coach. Last one was Jackal Sherry...and that's debatable.

  5. And Ole Miss doesn't have the recruiting backyard, the money, the facilities, or the recent history of multiple SEC titles in the last 10 (2) and last 30 (5) years. That's not an apples to apples comparison. Kind of like the Dallas Cowboys since Jimmy Johnson left, for this kind of money and talent, the results aren't always as good as should be expected.

  6. How do they not have the facilities and recruiting backyard? South Panola, Batesville, and Meridian High Schools are almost always in the HS top 25. Other schools also produce great athletes. As for money, I seriously beg to differ. Their endowment is 370 million while Georgia's is 572, but UGA has 15,000 students more than Ole Miss.