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Monday, November 29, 2010

Richt IS the U's Top Choice!

Now as I get into this post let me give all non-Richt-O-Philes a heads up because you are about to see an interesting piece of Richt-O-Phillic hypocrisy. As the comments to this post roll in you will start to see all the Richt-O-Philes saying "Unh-uhu Richt ain't leaving why would he leave Georgia for the the U that is at best a lateral move." However, these are the same anonymous posters that have been reminding us that Georgia is not that elite of a program and that 6-6 is something that we just need to accept from time to time.

So not that good of a program when the talk is of firing their personal hero but suddenly Georgia will be Notre Dame with the four horsemen when the talk is of another program taking their Richtie-poo.

Richt is a perfect fit for the U and trust us the U knows this. Here are all the reasons why Richt will "take his talents to South Beach":

1. Richt is the perfect front man for the U. Clean cut, religious, trust worthy, white. No one will believe that there was an incident involving the entire Miami secondary in which 7 people were murdered, 11 more critically injured, 9 women and 2 men raped, and a rap album cut because Mark Richt is too good of a man to allow that to happen.

2. Richt will be moving to a conference in which 8 wins a year is good enough to win your division and get you into the conference title game.

3. No more Saban, Meyer, Spurrier, Petrino, and Miles tradin' them in for a little Dabo Sweeney action.

4. His biggest challenge will be Beamer-ball which is a fancy way of saying VT is always trying to block punts.

5. No recruiting necessary because the six counties closest to the city of Miami are the most fertile recruiting soil in the country, and they all want to play for the U. That means no more fighting with Auburn, Alabama, South Carolina, Clempsun, and Tennessee for recruits.

6. In the SEC Mark Richt football is often bland, boring, and uninspired. In the ACC that same brand of football will be spicier than the aroma of a Mexican work van and the end of a long day of layin' sod.

Life would be easier for everyone, and in the ACC Richt may actually get a chance to play for that ever elusive national title without having those dreams dashed by the South Carolina Shamecocks.

Oh and also for the random super douchie Richt-O-Phile that demands that we name a possible replacement for Richt in every post we put up about Richt not being Georgia's head coach here goes in order of preference:

1. Gary Patterson- TCU HC

2. Jim Harbaugh- Stanford HC

3. Dan Mullen- Missy St. HC

4. Gus Malzahn- Auburn OC
5. Will Muschamp- Texas DC


  1. First of all, Richt ain't going to Miami. In case you haven't picked up on this in the 10 years he's been here, Coach Richt is a family man. His family comes first before his personal accomplishments. He has more money than he'll ever need and if he were to run out his contract, he could retire for a while and be with his family. He's said time and again that Georgia is where he wants to finish his career, his family has moved here, that's it. End of story.

    Second, your "wishlist" for new coaches is a complete joke. Patterson - dream on. He's been given numerous opportunities to leave TCU over the years and he hasn't. You think he's been secretly waiting for his dream job (UGA) to open up even though he has no ties here. Forget it. Harbaugh - if he ever leaves Stanford, he's going to Michigan. He's a big 10 guy, not an SEC guy. Muschamp - ?, I'm surprised you haven't thrown him under the bus after his awful year at Texas. He's not coming back either because he'll get the Texas job if they get rid of brown. Mullen - the tie with McGarity is about the only tie he has to UGA. I suspect that Meyer is working on a way to "retire" at UF so they can get Mullen back there and he can continue the Meyer tradition. Finally, Malzahn - four years ago he was coaching high school kids. Yes, Auburn lights it up this year, but that's because they have a great (albeit maybe illegitimate) quarterback running the show. Let's see what he does next year without Newton before we make him a head coach.

    We all know you hate Richt on here (even though you were probably praising him in 2002 and 2005 and 2007). If you want to follow another team, go ahead, or you could try to support the one you got. Did you really think a year with a freshman qb and a new defensive scheme/coordinator would not have some hurdles to jump over. Stir in a 4 game suspension for the best player on the team and best receiver in the country and you should have expected several losses. See you when the Dawgs start winning again. BTW, if Richt leaves, I'll come back and post so you can say I told you so.


  2. Thanks Jonathan,

    I really loved the go to Richt-O-Phile defense of, go pull for another team. I guess when ever a German said "I don't know about killing all these innocnet people" the Nazi's said "Well maybe you should go live in France"

    I am not sold on Malzahn or Muschamp because they have no HC experience but they are going to be hot names for HC positions. I think the biggest problem with Harbaugh is just like you said Michigan or even the NFL.
    Now there is no way Meyer is leaving Florida anytime soon and the suitors for Mullen are about to be coming.
    You response to Patterson is an ill-informed Richt-O-phile defense. Maybe you should go pull for another team since you don't think Georgia is a better job than TCU. Patterson has officially turned down Minnesota, but does anyone really want to coach in Minnesota? His name has been rumored for other jobs but Minn is the only one that he has been offered and turned down. Georgia would be a major step up for Patterson. A flagship SEC school in the 4th biggest talent producing state in the country--that sounds a lot better to me than TCU.

  3. Mullen has coached one year at Miss State and people are ready to consider him for the UGA and UF jobs? Go look carefully at MSU's schedule...of their 8 wins, only 1 team had a winning record and that team finished at 7-5. Mullen took advantage of the fact that UGA and UF were way down....13-11 combined and MSU played us without AJ. I'd say the jury is still out on Mullen.

  4. Anon

    You may be right about Mullen but teams are going to say 8 wins at Missy St is a yeoman's job regardless of the schedule. I think people will also look at the decline of the Flordia offense since his departure (although I think T-boners departure has just as much to do with that as Mullen).

  5. CC Rider,
    Thanks for the blog. You really are the biggest idiot in the world. You throw out 5 names for replacements but then immediately shoot down 3? Then you just assume Patterson would take the job. Answer me this genius, what IF Patterson and Mullen aren't interested? What IF they get here and go 7-5 next year? I'll go ahead and answer your follow up question...What IF they did come here and went 11-2? Well I would be happy because I am a dawg fan. I will support this team no matter what.
    The greatest thing in all of this is that no matter how bad that you want your opinion to matter...it doesn't. Richt will be our coach next year. But hey, at least you will have something to blog about.
    By the way, Mark Fox and the bball dawgs are 4-2 (you better start your rants on him next)...I like him though, so I guess I am a Fox-aphile too.
    Thanks again for the comic relief on this blog. Hope your dream job of being the next Jim Rome works out.

  6. Well Griff

    I'm not shooting them down I am just being a realist about their flaws. Let me answer your question with another question..When did Georgia fans start fearing that they couldn't hire a coach away from lesser programs. How did we know Donnan would leave Marshall? How did we know Richt would leave FSU? We knew because the HC job at UGA is better than Marshall or OC at FSU and it is better than the HC job at Missy St or TCU.

    Happy you could appreciate some of the humor of our site. I find that your being just as pleased with a 7-5 record as you would be with a 11-2 record to be wonderful comic relief as well because that is the typical Richt-O-Phile thinking or what we used to call South Carolina Gamecock fan thinking.

  7. If you think we're just going to go out and hire a "proven" head coach, look back at our 3 coaches since Dooley. Two guys with no head coaching experience in Richt and Goff and a guy from D1-AA in Donnan. And don't forget that we were turned down by coaching legends Dick Sheridan and Glen Mason during those processes.

    I'm not suggesting that the UGA job isn't attractive, but it's not like we can go out and get whoever we want.

    If you'll recall, before Bama was able to lure Saban, it was looking like they were going to have to take a chance on some "relative unknown" who might not have been any better than Mike Shula.

    Richt's job hangs on Grantham's performance next year. We need to get back to the point where we win 90-95% of the time when our O scores 20-24 points. Giving up an average of 30+ points per game is just insanity.

  8. Richt isn't going anywhere and the coaches you name to replace him, if he did leave, are fine choices, but I don't see any of them leaving where they are for UGA. Patterson seems happy at TCU, Harbaugh (who would probably be the best fit for UGA) will most likely be coaching the 49ers if he leaves Stanford. The others you mention, are not likely to leave where they are. I think CMR has made some mistakes, we all do, even Nick and Urban. As much as you may not care for it, he has earned the right to another year at Georgia. At the end of next year, if we are at 6-6, I'll gladly jump on the bus with you.

  9. Undermining Richt with glib and disingenuous phrases puts the question: Who the hell designated you to post such trash? If you can't support our coach then how do you call yourself a Bulldog? Richt is here at the pleasure of the AD, the Pres and the Bd of Regents. They all answer to the alumni and the people of Georgia. Your negative cheap stuff when the going gets tough should be grist for a rumor mill like Fox "News".

    Take a look around at the records of the most recent NCs this year. Muschamp's team isn't even bowl eligible. Richt didn't force AJ to make himself ineligible. You look only at a record of w/l and see nothing else. Children write better while Saban,Meyers and Miles trump your sports character. What a low-class wimp you are to jump on Finebaum's bandwagon.

  10. Cojones

    Well I designated myself to write this because its my blog. Why don't all the Richt-O-Philes join hands all over Georgia and sing happy songs and start their own blog called
    "Winning Doesn't Matter Because When I Was A Kid Playing Soccer We All Got Ice Cream In The End and We Love Mark Richt and Unicorns"
    Would you prefer I write things that MSNBC could use? Would you feel better if I put a liberal spin on all of this?

    Richt didn't force Green to make himself ineligible? In the end team discipline falls on the head coach.
    What a weak and feeble minded person you are to not care about the W/L's. You are allowing your emotions and love of a man cloud your thinking.
    I love it when I strike a nerve with Richt-O-Philes who can only respond with bleeding heart, liberal, mediocrity accepting dribble like:
    "You are not a fan of the Bulldogs"
    "No other coach would want this job"
    "No one is better than Richt"
    "Blah blah blah Richt Richt Richt"

  11. I wish someone would take Mullen.

  12. ....someone far, far, far away. BTW, this is Mullen's 2nd year.

  13. CCRider:

    You didn't answer my other questions:

    (1) What were you expecting of this season? Me personally, I think with AJ in the first 4 we, at worst, split and go 2-2 and, probably more likely 3-1. That puts us at 8-4. I was thinking we'd go 9-3 this year anyway (would have predicted loss to Arkansas, UF and Auburn) but we had chances in every game we lost. Add in the disastrous start without AJ and it creates a situation which is ripe for a bad season.

    Make no mistake, neither I nor the other Richt-ophiles are happy with a 6-6 or 8-5 or any other losing or mediocre season. I want to go 12-0 every year and play in the MNC. But, UGA is in the SEC with really good teams. We aren't going to have the 12-0, 11-1 or 10-2 season every year (even last years MNC participants are 9-3 and 5-7, respectively). Teams will rise and fall, you just don't want the fall to be too far for too long.

    (2) Will you praise Richt if he turns it around next year and go 11-1 or 10-2? Or will it only take 12-0 and a MNC title? If it's the latter, you will never be pleased. We're you happy in 2002? 2005? Were SEC championships enjoyable for you or were you disappointed that we didn't play in the MNC game? If you were unhappy then, I don't know that Richt, or any coach for that matter, could ever please you. He would have to go 12-0 every year. And then what, winning by 10 is not enough. Must win by 20? 30?

    Like I said, I am all for the best outcome everytime - I want to win more than the next guy. But I think you have to have some realism and perspective, and your comments about the expectations of the program are missing that. 2009 - losing two top 12 draft picks to the NFL who accounted for a considerable chunk of your offense is hard to replace. A downturn was expected, though certainly not desired. 2010 - I was hopeful for a turn back to positive from 2009, but starting with a freshman qb, a new defensive scheme/coordinator and losing 3 d-lineman to NFL is a tough way to start. AJ missing first 4 games doesn't help. Next year, if we start without AJ and Houston, we will have to build again, but the schedule looks promising, even opening with Boise. I'm excited about Richt and co in 2011, not dreading it. GO DAWGS!!

  14. I love you dude!

    You have nailed the Richt-O-Philes! LMAO!

    PS Cojones (or is it blowjones), the board of regents answers to nobody....especially a peon like you.

  15. The U is not taking CMR, Why?

    Miami has worked very hard to clean their program up and can not risk the NCAA or media attention of multiple arrests. UGA has been known for arrests and the Fulmer cup.