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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Richt's Vision of Where UGA is Heading in Terms of Recruiting

Richt thinks it will be a good idea to recruit the top players in the State of Georiga. He wants a "Dream Team" of recruits from the State of Georgia.

Hhhmmmmmmmmm......Took a HC job a decade ago in a state that is the 4th biggest talent producer in the country and now you decide that keeping the top 10-15 players from that state may be the way to go. Funny thing about epiphanies is you never know when they will strike but boy when they do.

If only someone like say... I don't know......maybe.... Howard Schnellenberger had thought of this, implemented it, and had success with it thirty years ago down in Miami perhaps Richt would have had this in mind when he first took the job. Well you know what they say "better late than never."


  1. Yes, those out-of-state guys like Knowshon, Stafford, Green and Murray have been such duds.

  2. You just want to sh*t on everything he does it seems. From day one since arriving in Athens, Richt has talked about keeping the best talent in the state. This is just a new pitch - albeit a little more public - about how to land the top guys. Kinda like Coke pitching a new slogan. Jeez, give the coach a break for god's sake.

  3. Stupid f*cking post. You didn't even quote the man, except for a link. Lame as balls...

  4. People always talk about in state recruiting, but if you stop and think about the larger cities where some of the top talent is they are closer to the towns of other universities than they are to athens. ex. valdosta and columbus. yes lets sign some kids out of prince ave. its harder than everybody thinks to pull kids out of your own state.

  5. Once again, you are the biggest idiot on earth.