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Monday, November 22, 2010

Sports & Grits to Team with the Georgia Department of Health and Human Services?

The state department of health and human resources may be tapping into the old boys at S&G for some perspective into the biggest threat to the health and well being of Georgia citizens, Richt-O-Philia.

We are currently working on a story that will outline this dreaded disease, its symptoms, and possible cures. However, it may already be too late for this shopping mall full of Georgians (talk about Black Friday). Stay tuned to S&G for updates because you or a loved one may be infected and you don't even know it!

Much like Aids coming from the eating and or molesting of monkeys in Africa we are studying the correlation between Richt-O-Philia and the Football Aids that is Willie Martinez.


  1. you Tech guys are too much...

  2. How long would it have taken you to look up the actual state department, rather than getting it wrong twice in 1 post? Like 90 seconds? Of course, it's amazing that you're even able to type.

  3. -Anon

    Hahahahahah! really your main concern is my not getting the name of the department that entering into a "fake" alliance with us. What a douche.