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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

We Have Made The Richt-O-Philes So Mad They Are Attacking Us On Other Blogs

The guys over at Leather Helmet showed S&G some love based on our article from yesterday. Naturally we were attacked by one of the Richt-O-Philes that monitor the web for any negative Richt talk:

Screen Name- simple_matter titled his post "Sports and Grits is a horrible blog"

simple_matter then goes on to say that he tries to never read our blog but we all know better don't we simple_matter. In fact from the mountains of North Georgia to the marshes of the coast all the Richt-lovers monitor our site so that they can jump on here and call us "idiots" which is a bland insult. However, if you love Mark Richt football bland is probably your middle name. Simple_matter is also upset because we don't give him that warm fuzzy feeling all over; we are a bunch of "Negative Nancy's" (another dynamic and hurtful insult). In honor of simple_matter here is a picture of Richt back when he won games--let those warm squishies wash over you.

Now we have also driven our buddy Ben Dukes over at This Dawgs View (who we love to read and apparently piss-off as well) to counter some of our recent work in this article. We love ya Ben but we will not accept mediocrity no matter how purdy you write about it.

The bleacher report is stepping in to size up all this fire Richt talk here. Wow the acceptance of mediocrity is spreading in Georgia like Aids in Africa. Wait, was that too negative? Sorry guys here is a picture to make you feel better

Ahhhhhhhh, good Christian living which in some inexplicable way qualifies you to be a head football coach. I know lots of good Christian men but that does not qualify them to do any and all jobs. If I need brain surgery give me a Muslim or an Atheist who has been to medical school not a Christian who only finished high school.

As I have stated before we are in the "Clempsun Trap" we have a coach who had early success when coupled with a dynamic coordinator:

Clempun- Bowden and Rich Rodriguez
Georgia-- Richt and Van Gorder

After the coordinator left there was some residual success but after the kids he coached and recruited start to graduate the level of the entire program starts to drop. Some people start to ask questions but they are immediately attacked by the alleged "real fans" who demand that you "support our team" and stop being so "negative". Clempsun didn't want to part with Tummy Bowden because he is such a:

"Good Christian Man" sound familiar? Also he:

"Means so much to the fans" and "Has had more success than his predecessors who had failed to replace a legendary coach that left in the 80's".

Is all this looking familiar?

Don't keep Richt for another year listen to reason. If not from us how about from Mr. SEC
Let's look at Gary Patterson at TCU, Jim Harbaugh at Stanford, or Dan Mullen at Miss. St. These guys are winning at schools with major impairments in recruiting and facilities. They have head coach experience, winning ways, and have not become complacent in their jobs.
Oh and here is to balance out all the negativity
Just so long as he ain't coachin' the Dawgs.


  1. Always glad to be of service. Richt-O-Phile - LOL

  2. 1 post so far, making this post the second. Your blog is really popular these days, guys. Obviously people like to use their lunch break to read this quality material. Keep up the good work!

  3. Question....let's play a game of what if...What will this site look like if UGA wins the east next year...or better yet, the SEC? Will you keep all these posts in the archive as historical reference? Or will they get as foggy as your view of historical UGA football?
    Just curious as to your feelings after the 2002 and 2005 seasons? Did we run our mouth a bit too much about UGA dominance and now we are having to cover it up??
    I couldn't care less if you like him or not...or if you like Christians or not or if you think he should stay or go...history shows him at this point in his career to be one of the top three coaches the program has ever had....prove otherwise.
    I'm no blind loyalist...I am however a realist and you can't just say "he's destroying our tradition" when facts say, at least from a W/L's and winning % standpoint that you are wrong.

  4. This is a terrible blog, and you sir, are a blithering moron, and an embarrassment to bulldog nation. Please take up blogging for Tech, you jackwagon.

  5. Also a look at Brady Hoke at San Diego State would be wise. No stadium and very little administrative support, but does a decent job with what he's got. Imagine what he could do if he had the money and support at UGA.

  6. I'm not bashing your opinion because you make valid points. What I will say is that I am a long-haul type of guy when it comes to Richt. He has been great when you look at the big picture. Now, if we lose to Tech, I may change my tune!

    Love the blog.

  7. Wow....people are soooooo sensitive. In my eyes, he deserves one more year. Anything worse than playing for the SEC championship, we should politely show him the door.

  8. Andy

    We are looking at the long term as well and this has been a slow and steady decline. Also we can't base our opinion on beating an inferior ACC program. Again the Clempsun Trap they kept Bowden around b/c of his record against South Carolina, the problem is Clempsun is supposed to beat So. Carolina you can't hang your hat on doing what you are supposed to do.
    Thanks for the love and we welcome bashing just more creative than "your an idiot"

  9. We would have to win the east next year for me to change my mind about getting rid of the current coaching staff. Ok, nothing would change my mind on Bobo.

    However, I really do not see that happening. Next year will be as bad as this year or even worse unless the defense learns how to stop teams from scoring. If we lose to the gators next year, he should be retired.

  10. I'm with the GET RID OF BOBO idea. I guess I am just having a hard time getting over my man crush on Mark Richt. I know that I would LOVE to see what Mike Leach could do with our talent (Murray)! He would have the kid throwing for 6,000 yards!

  11. I really enjoy your blog. I don’t agree with your current stance on Mark Richt. I do think you make some good points and do so in a well written way. I believe UGA has made a commitment to keep Richt on for another year. They haven’t been shy about saying so publicly. My thought is that UGA must keep him on one more year. Firing Mark Richt right now, as badly as some of may want it, would not get a coach like the examples you’ve made reference to. Who wants to go to a program where a coach who has a great record is not allowed to have one down year? A down year as defined as, a losing season or break even season. Georgia knee jerked when they fired CJD, and what we ended up with was an untested guy because the way it was done flat turned off some fine experienced coaches. That is what will happen if Richt is fired at the end of this year. None of the people you mention will touch the Georgia job. Secondly, Mark Richt has shown his willingness to adapt and change. I like Grantham and I think he could be as effective as BVG. I think Richt will make some more changes at the end of this year. At the end of next season, if there is not serious improvement, I think there will be a change and I think that change will be expected and not seen as an impetuous move by the kinds of talent we would need to fill the job. Keep up the good work.

  12. Anon

    Thanks for actually reading the site instead of just one article that looks like someone is bad mouthing Richt.
    We of course disagree with ideas that CMR deserves one more year, this is just one down year, and that no other coach will want this job.
    First this has been a steady decline not a one year deal I would say look at this post by our own Mr. Sanchez:


    Second Saban was not afraid of the Bama job nor was Meyer of the Florida job and back when those guys were coming in people said those programs had too lofty expectations and that they were spoiled by the ghosts of coaches past. I think a coach that has what it takes to be a National Champion coach would embrace the expectations.

  13. You think I write "purdy"? Sweet.

    I made no mention of your blog because I wasn't quoting you directly. I was talking about what I read repeatedly on many blogs and in crap articles on the AJC. I grow weary of a fanbase that thinks it is somehow entitled to a measure of success that is unattainable. Absolutely no team is competing for a National Championship year in and year out. Sure, they may be that way for a couple of years, but over the life of a program? No.

    Schools are lucky to find "longevity" coaches. These are coaches who can bring your team to Championship highs, then suffer lows, then bring the team back again. We're in the lows right now. We will return to the highs. And of course, after that, we will fall again. And when we do, there will be a whole new set of bloggers screaming for Richt's head and saying he's "Lost it" because the average fan's memory is about as long as Bobbitt's prick.

    Keep writin' guys.

  14. -Ben

    We though you had sworn us off last time. Good to have you back.

  15. Just read the September 28 write-up....point on! It's good to be reading blogs now that aren't butt-kissing and wishing!

    Keep up the good job!

  16. Is it just me or are you anit-Christian? No, I don't read this blog on a regular basis, but assuming that people only like Richt because he is a Christian is just stupid. But if you are anti-Christian then all of your opinions are skewed and pretty much irrelevant.
    I also notice how you didn't answer the earlier question on what your stance would be if we win the East, or heaven forbid the entire SEC, next year. What would your reaction be? Would you have the balls to admit you were wrong? Or would you just simply say that the SEC is in a down year and that we should fire Richt for some other stupid reason?
    Whether you like it or not, Mark Richt is our coach this year AND next year. You can choose to deal with that and support the Dawgs or you can continue your rants that do no good.

  17. Anon

    Well we are not anti-Christian. It is just that we hear that a lot when people are defending Richt. I have a lot of friends that are huge Clempsun fans and they delt with the same thing over Tommy Bowden. His Christianity was always thrown-up in defense of his job performance.
    If the Dawgs win the East and beat Florida or win the entire SEC then we will apologize and sing Richts praises on this site. The problem is that Richt's tenure hit its peak right after the win over Hawaii in the Sugar Bowl and has been declining ever since. I really doubt he fixes it in one year- considering that he will loose his best offensive and defensive players to the NFL in the spring.
    We love the fact that Richt is a Chrisitian we just wish he was one that beat Florida a little more often.

  18. CC,

    If this comment had been the original post....you probably don't catch much flack.

    I think the issue was (I'm a Christian by the way but I also hate seeing that thrown around the way it too often does) in the original post you may have tipped the scales a little too far in the other direction.....just maybe.

  19. Hold on - reading through the comments...you think Richt's tenure reached its peak after the Hawaii victory?


    So, in your eyes, we won two sec titles while on the way UP to an 11-2 fake season in which we were whipped handidly by teams that shouldn't have sniffed our drawers, then went on a tear to end the season and didn't make it into the SEC title game? Oh, and then these three seasons indicate that it's all over?

    So, we were 6 years on the upslope....and reached the crest at a non-title season?


    I don't agree with you when you say that Richt is done. I understand that many people out there are making the same claim, and that there is more anger than rational thought involved...but even YOU can't say there's anything logical with calling 2007 a peak?

    If ANYTHING you should say Richt peaked in 2002 or 2005. I would have a harder time arguing against either, because at least those were title seasons. Sure, you could say the 2007 team played better football than the 2005 team....but they didn't win the games they needed to win. The defense gave up more points in 2007 than in either 2002 or 2005. So how is that the peak?

  20. -Ben

    I see your point and now for the counter to your argument:

    After the win over Hawaii in the Sugar Bowl I believe UGA ended the season ranked #2, and then I think they were the pre-season #1; the highest end of the season and pre-season rankings in the Richt-regime.

    Now I say they peaked after the Hawaii game because their was enough residual effect of the Van Gorder recruiting and coaching of Defense to make UGA a national player on that side of the ball that was coupled with a future #1 overall pick at QB and a 1st rounder at RB marking the high water point of effectiveness on both offense and defense under Richt which was evident by the rankings of the Bulldog program.
    In o8' The VG effect was totally gone and replaced by the Will Mar mentality which in the three years he had been DC had totally pussfied the defensive side of the ball at UGA. The record and the rankings have been in steady decline since that Sugar Bowl win, a win that might have been against Ohio St in the Nat. Title game but for an early loss to S.C. in which UGA was out coached.

    Richt will get his one last year but unless there is a miracle out there or Marcus Lattimore intends to transfer I don't see Richt righting the ship

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