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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Why is Georgia complaining to the SEC about Fairley?

Is it just me? Or does Georgia complaining to the SEC about Fairley's admitedly dirty hits against Aaron Murray make them look bad. Especially in the SEC, which prides itself on being a defensively superior conference. I hate to agree with a judgement that doesn't go the Dawgs way but I have to applaud the SEC for protecting defensive players from being suspended for what I see as playing agressively, or playing with with heart, or playing like you want to win. In my opinion, Georgia would be much better off if we had a player who strattled the line that seperates an aggressive player from a dirty player. I beleive Fairley is a dirty player, but I also think that complaining about it makes us look like a whiney football team.

Riddle me this. What good would it do to suspend Fairley against Alabama? It could make the difference in what is sure to be one of the best Iron Bowls yet and prevent an SEC team from playing in the title game which is not good for any SEC team. It just makes us look weak. Stop complaining about Fairley and recruit someone who will body slam Auburn's QB into the ground for the next three years when the Tigers will surely be down and out due to the NCAA sanctions that are sure to follow the season.


  1. Ahmen brother, Georgia should be punishing the O-lineman that allowed it to happen.

  2. EXACTLY!!!

    Recruit someone who will manage the Fairleys of the world....not 5-7" 165 db/wr's!!

  3. That hit in the 2nd quarter would have drawn an immediate ejection and a 4 game suspension in the NFL because the NFL knows how to protect their assets that make the game worth watching. That spearing to the spine could have put Murray in a wheelchair for life. This isn't about UGA, it's about the integrity of the game. Fairley was trying to maim Murray, just as he has been doing against every QB he's targeting this year. That's not part of the game or at least it is not supposed to be.

    I'm sure you were on the same side of the issue several years ago on the Reggie Brown hit. Well the NCAA now has the "Reggie Brown rule' for a reason so players don't get injured permanently and become a ward of the state to take care of them for the rest of their life because they have to sip their food through a straw.

    I do agree about our weak and soft O-line issues though.