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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

All We Want For Christmas is a NT!

The official reviews on Toddy Grahmas are starting to roll in and well lets just say they aren't terribly flattering. Now all the Disney Dawgs and Richt-O-Philes have once again thrown all their hopes into one basket. This time the basket is a NT. We at S&G are not quite sure how a NT is going to help everyone learn how to tackle but this is the newest excuse as to why CMR and his staff can't bring Georgia to the National Prominence that they should.
Remember last year when it wasn't Richt's fault because our D-coordinator was Willie "Football AIDS" Martinez. Well... we got Magic Johnson on the phone and got the cure only to find out that $750K per year gives you about the same thing.
Now the Richt-o-Philes will naturally charge our position with crap like:
"You knew the transition to the 3-4 would take time"
"We don't have the right players yet"
"I for one will back Mark Richt no matter what even if he were funneling money to Osama Bin Laden because I'm sure he has a good reason. I mean Mark Richt has such an omnipotent view of the world that if he is supporting radical Islamic terrorists it must be because that is what is best."
If we do land the ever elusive, fix all our problems, vindicate CMR, and shut this blog up, JUCO NT we hope he has spectacular Man-Tits. Man chestesticles.....the one missing ingredient to a National Championship team!


  1. I'm beginning to equate this term you have coined "Richt-O-Phile" as nothing more than a University of Georgia supporter.

    Overall, I did see better tackling than the 2009 season. I also saw a 285lb NT named Tyson getting manhandled by 330lb gaurds.

    A 340 NT has to be one piece to fix this team, right?

    Can you write a blog about the parts of the UGA football program you do currently support? I am curious.

  2. Armchair coach and burnt hash browns is what you should rename your blog.

  3. Yeah sure, having an NT didn't help Alabama get better in 2008, right? Look at the stats, they don't lie. Yes, having the right personell to run your scheme makeS A HUGE DIFFErence. UGA's pass defense was ranked in top 25, fix the run defense, and defensive woes might be fixed.

  4. Are you saying that anybody that thinks we need a big dude at NT is a DisneyDawg?

    Do you watch the games?

  5. Doug,

    Uh no Doug.... we obviously need a NT but that alone is not going to fix the problem. You see we are for firing Richt and his entire staff and we just find it funny when Richt-O-Philes point to one of about 50 problems and say "Oh this is all we have been missing."

  6. Anon 4:09

    Or get a new HC and staff and fix all the offensive, defensive, special teams, off field, S&C, and not winning problems.

  7. Andy,

    I have a friend with an adult son. The kid is a huge, lazy, burn-out, waste of oxygen. His Dad still loves him, supports him, and wants nothing more than to see him become a productive member of society. That said he is disappointed with almost every aspect of his son's life. I feel like that Dad Andy....I want it to change but so long as this program is surrounded by enablers of Richt it will not change.
    In Richt's tenure LSU has won 2 national titles, Florida 2, Alabama 1, and Auburn should win won in a couple of weeks and got screwed out of another. What makes those programs better? Alabama, Auburn and LSU do not have as much in state talent; and Florida competes with 2 major in state programs as well as the rest of the country. Georgia is a sleeping giant and half of its fanbase doesn't want it to wake up because they think Richt is such a nice guy.

  8. Now that makes about as much sense as anything I have read from you CCRider! If you happened to read my posts during the middle of this season, I bashed Richt like crazy! And when he wouldn't can Willie, I did the same! But, I have to support him when he is being given "another" year. I am beyond pissed that Bobo is being allowed to call plays again more than anything. All things being said, as soon as we start 1-4, 3-3, or badly...I am off the band-wagon for good!

  9. This blog lacks common sense.

    First the linked article above is distorted. It shows that in both years our D gave up 30 points or more in 5 games which is true. However, in 09 4 of those games were over 40 points. This year only Auburn scored that many and 14 of those were end of game give-me's. Against an Auburn team that put up 65 on Arkansas and 56 on South Carolina. True Alabama only gave up 28. But Auburn had to play their worst half of football in the first half for them to do it.
    Also, in 09 there were many more missed tackles and many fewer turnovers. We have shown obvious improvement. It is just not near good enough as of yet. Only a very short sighted person would judge somone that harshly that still has not been with the program a year.

    Second no one I'v read is saying a good nose tackle will solve all of our D's problems. Only that it is the most important missing piece. If you know much about the scheme we are now running you know that if the nose tackle doesn't demand at least 2 blockers the chance of failure is very high. We tried to cover for our weakness there but as it most often does it leaves you vurnerable in other areas.
    Andy you make way more sense than the the blog piece. No offense intended.

  10. Thanks Ant, but I was just talking about CC's analogy about the fat kid!

  11. A 330 pound Nose is all we need huh? May I introduce you to Bean Anderson and Kwame Geathers. We've got big massive NTs, and it didn't help now did it? For some reason, we ran an undersized DeAngelo Tyson again, and again, and again, and didn't even use Geathers as a backup for a gassed and worn out Tyson.

    Look around guys, 330+ pounders that can move and produce are in high demand and short supply. Just adding some fat bastard isn't going to fix this defense, or this team. Finding the RIGHT fat bastard to man the middle of the D will help, but it won't fix poor safety play, weak CB depth, an offense that will be without a playmaking WR next year, or is hoping a FR TB can be the playmaker out of the backfield we need, or that we can somehow get good OL play after getting crap from as experienced and talented an OL as we'll ever have, or is hoping a retread from within can fix S&C. But by all means, let's focus on the lack of a fat boy for Nose, while ignoring the plethora of other problems, and the extreme difficulty in both finding someone that can be that massive, difference making nose AND convincing that kid to come here instead of elsewhere.

  12. UGA's defense went up against 3 top scoring offenses.

    UGA'S defense didn't face 1.

    Tainted the stats.

    Auburn's defense was ranked WORST than UGA's in scoring defense, and they won the SEC.

    It's OFFENSE boys, get a clue.

  13. Auburn just needed 1 thing to change--Cam Newton--and they won the SEC.

    Sometimes, 1 player is all it takes.

    Same for Bama, just needed a big dominating NT, they got it.

    Try and over-complicate it all you want, but it's a simple thing.

    UGA needs a big dominating NT.