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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Are you sure it's not just a little gas? You look gassy....


For the second time in two years, Urban Meyer has resigned as head ball coach for the University of Florida. Is he for real this time, or is it just the acid reflux from his Brett Favre disease kicking in again?

Word on the street says Dan Mullen is all ready to leave Starkghanistan and head back to Gainesville. It's doubtful Jeremy Foley will go through another set of missed hits and land on a 3rd choice Zooker candidate again, so considering Mullen's repeated denials of Miami Hurricane overtures, it's all but a matter of time.

Our opinion though, until he actually goes through with it this time, it's just gas. Or maybe he's getting into the Clowney/Crowell hunt, promising to sacrifice his life if they'll just come to Florida. He's really super serial this time guys.

If it's not Mullen though, we've got just the guy


  1. Why the hell would he announce it now? Before the bowl game? Two damn years in a row he's done this to the lizards.

  2. I'd assume to let Foley get a jump on a search. If you wait until January, that really puts them in a bind on a search with several names off the market and recruiting in full swing. Do it now, let him target a former coordinator like Mullen or Strong now instead of later, or after a school like Miami has come calling.