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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Foley Loves Petrino, How Dare You Call Him A Man-Whore

Sure he's a huge slut and of course Foley knows that he will eventually sleep with Florida's best friend but he still looks mighty fine to Foley.

However this is all a ruse because Florida has already picked their new Head Coach and it is Dan Mullen. So what if Petrino was heavily considered back in 06 or even last year in 09 that was before Mullen was able to win at Missy State; and before the effects of a Mullenless Florida team had some openly speculating as to who the brains of that operation really was. All the rising Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores on Offense would have to learn a new system in the off season where as with Mullen they would just improve on what they already know. Heck some of the older Gators were already coached by or recruited by Mullen.

If Petrino were to go to Florida he would be the most hated man in Georgia since General William T. Sherman.

Hey Bobby P. you's a Ho. G's up and Ho's down, son.

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  1. Mullen would never make it out of Mississippi. He'd be found gagged and buried in a pine thicket.