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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Food for thought from Cam Newton...

in the past, I'd always wondered what would keep say a Georgia booster and a Florida St booster from joining forces, where the Georgia booster pays kids who attend FSU, and the FSU guys pays kids for Georgia. For a while, I thought that would be illegal/an NCAA violation, but the Cam Newton stuff makes me no longer think that's the case, with the wording from Mike Slive and the NCAA about how because Cecil solicited from a school his kid DIDN'T attend, did they open a loophole for friendly boosters of non-rival schools?

A partnership between boosters from Georgia and Michigan, Texas and Alabama, Florida and Oklahoma, LSU and Southern Cal, Ole Miss and Illinois, etc? Does the Cam Newton ruling make this sort of "I pay yours while you pay mine" technically allowed?


  1. Well I for one am appauled that you would even think of such a horrible, terrible, un-Richt like thing. You must an immature, racist, devil worshiping, Georgia Tech fan to even put something so devious on a blog that focuses on Georgia Football.
    Did I cover all the typical insults we get on here?
    FYI Saban has Mack Daddy on the phone with this plan as we speak.

  2. In all seriousness though, going off the words of Mike Slive on the issue, and the NCAA's ruling on Cammy Cam, how is that against the rules? Just don't tell the kid about it, and don't pay players who attend your school, aside from those two things, it's all fair game. Next step is finding equal boosters in financing and aspirations.

    South Carolina can get with Georgia Southern, Arkansas can find some Russian billionaires I guess (cause no one is as insane as the horse-shooting Hawgs, and thanks to Perdue's and Tyson's and Walton's, among others have plenty of big spenders).