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Saturday, December 18, 2010

For those of you who love to give bookies money...

and I'm sure those bookmakers appreciate it as the holiday season is upon us, and they have families too.

But here is the Sports and Grits advice for those who simply have to have the juices flowing today (all lines are from bodog.com).
@ 2:00pm eastern, BYU (-11 1/2) vs. UTEP

Wahoo! Did ya miss college football, well to get you back in the spirit here comes a pair of 6-6 teams, one from the Mountain West and the other from Conference USA. Who says we need a D-1 college football team needs a playoff? Who cares if you're the only level of football deciding your champion this way when we can have the pagentry and tradition of two 6-6 teams from crap conferences playing in scenic Albuquerque? While we'd rather spend all day shopping with the wifey than watch this fecal festival, we did tell you we're going make a pick here. Well, we're going with BYU since they are good clean cut mormon boys (and thanks to missions generally have 28 yr old men along the lines) who've been working hard and enjoying clean living, while Mike Price took his UTEP squad to see Ginger Lee at TD's Gold last night.

@ 5:30 Northern Illinois (-1 1/2) vs. Fresno St

It would have been appropriate for coach Jerry Kill to play his final game for Northern Illinois on a field known for killing numerous birds as they crash land into the blue turf thinking it's a lake. But alas, both he and his coordinators are preparing to run roughshod over the Big We Can't Count for Minnesota now. That leaves the awesome moustache of Pat Hill to triumph over the best team in the Land of Lincoln. Take the Bulldogs and the points.

@ 9:00 pm Troy (-2) vs. Ohio

Of course, we're going with the boys from Troy instead of the coach who roofied himself. Why? Because Troy is actually good at football, loaded with players who couldn't academically cut it in the SEC thanks to the esteemed higher education system of the state of Alabama (and their conference allowing partial qualifiers). Ohio, well, we've seen time and again how teams from the Buckeye state fair against teams from the South. But this should be a boom for the city of New Orleans, as drunken fools from Athens (Ohio) and illiterate Alabamans swarm the "home of pirates, drunks, and whores".

Oh, and in the best game of the day, look for Georgia Southern to upset Delaware. Go Eagles!

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  1. 2-1, with the lone loss being a game we'd have gotten right if not for the coaching turmoil giving us a reason to doubt ourselves. I'll put out the Christmas week games on Monday, say pay attention if you want to buy your kid the GI Joe with a kung fu grip.