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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Is Florida the Best Job in College Football?

The simple answer to that is--No. However, Florida is at least one of the top three or five jobs in the country. Florida will no doubt get their first choice to replace Meyer and there will be plenty of coaches willing to take the job.

The best job in the country is LSU for a number of reasons:
1. They are the only major program in a top ten talent producing state.
2. The population of Louisiana is not a transient one, unlike Georgia, most people in Louisiana have been there for generations and they are all Tiger fans.
3. They are well positioned in the state of Louisiana geographically and the surrounding state programs do not have geographical advantages over LSU, like Auburn and Alabama with Columbus, Florida and Florida St with south Georgia, or the Carolina schools with Augusta.
4. Not only do they dominate their state but they are also seriously in the hunt for any player in Arkansas or Mississippi.
5. They have pockets of eastern Texas where they are as competitive as any of the Texas schools.
6. They are in the SEC so they play in the premium Conference.
7. They are a football school with a lot of resources and they aren't afraid to sink that money into the football program.

With all of that said we will be shocked if Mullen is not the HC of Florida sooner rather than later. Forget Wittingham, Stoops, Strong, Petrino, Peterson, or Chip Kelly. Mullen can step in with very few ripples in the program's water and he can fix the Gator's main problem which is the offense.

Many speculate that if this happens Malzahn will be Missy State's first choice to replace Mullen. This is a far better option for Malzahn than Vanderbilt as Mullen will be leaving a few groceries in the pantry. Vanderbilt could be soon to find themselves at a cross roads....continue to be irrelevant in the SEC.....or make the call to Key West.


  1. Tommy Bowden to Vandy?!

    And Charlie Strong isn't leaving Louisville yet. They took a chance on him that no one else would because of foolish racial reasons (he and his wife have the wrong/different skin colors). He's not going to burn them a year after they gave him his chance.

  2. Anon

    Agreed on the Charlie Strong deal. My understanding is that the fact that he is in an interracial relationship killed his chances at the Florida, South Carolina, and Auburn jobs. Very sad because the man made the SEC a better conference.

  3. They didn't get there first choice with Stoops in the past. Also, Southern Cal is the best job in the land, sanction-less of course. If I am an 18-22 year old kid, why would I not want to be in Hollywood? Have you seen the girls Leinart was banging when he was at USC?

  4. USC is in Watts, not Hollywood, and the girls down there would be “banging” Leinart not the other way around. You can’t leave the campus of USC on foot, day or night, due to the crime. USC is a wealthy urban island surrounded by sharks.