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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Isaiah Crowell is a Must Have for Richt but Bama is Looming

We are all aware of how desperate the need for a mammoth nose tackle is considering that we are to be subjected to another season of Richt-ball in Athens. The one elusive piece that will supposedly fix all our problems on defense is the afore mentioned mammoth DT (or so the Richt-O-Philes tell me) and while that is very important, equally important is Richt landing Crowell. ESPN and Rivals both believe that Georgia is leading the pack that is in hot pursuit of Crowell (and we do mean hot--like Sheriff Buford T. Justice level hot pursuit). Crowell plays for Carver in Columbus, GA which is one of the areas that Georgia has struggled in the past due to the geographic location in respect to the two Alabama schools.

Equally interesting for the SEC is the recruiting of Jadeveon Clowney of South Pointe High in Rock Hill, S.C. Most scouts have him as the number 1 overall player regardless of position. The University of South Carolina is believed to be leading the pack in the recruiting of Clowney. An interesting point about Clowney that our insider in Columbia tells us is that while serving a 12 year sentence for armed robbery, Clowney's father earned the nickname Chilli-Bean. We aren't sure we really want to know how one earns such a nickname while in prison but we do know that his nickname rivals that of the most legendary father in Gamecock history.....Nuggett Mitchell sire of SEC Icon Blake "the LaGrange Snake" Mitchell.

We bring up Clowney seen above for one big reason; he like Crowell has been targeted by Alabama. The best part of the Cam Newton saga was the outrage by Bammeroid Nation. Alabama, the dirtiest program east of Oklahoma, was outraged that Auburn would beat them at their own game...I mean cheat.

Word is that Saban is looking to pull the trigger on his in home visits early (like some time in the next few days) on both Clowney and Crowell. After that others in the Bama program will write checks...we mean continue to recruit these kids before the deadline.

As far as Clowney goes it wouldn't hurt our feelings if he picks Bama over SC but Richt has got to close the deal on Crowell.


  1. Thanks for opening up with the "Richt Ball" comment. Now I know to never click on your blog again. Its like I tell all those people who complain about the USA - move to Canada.

  2. Jacob is a dumb ass. . . .

    However, if this guy is so good, how did his team lose last weekend?