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Friday, December 17, 2010

It Is Christmas Time and Richt Is In The Giving Spirit

Mark Richt is trying to build a Georgia All-Star team this off-season. Currently Richt is in hot pursuit of the following 4 star recruits:

DE -Ray Drew- Thomasville, GA
RB- Isaiah Crowell- Columbus,GA
TE- Jay Rome- Valdosta, GA
ATH- Damian Swann- Atlanta, GA

However, now is not the time to be greedy. CMR wants to make sure that others in the coaching fraternity have adequate talent as well; so MERRY CHRISTMAS to the following:

Merry Christmas Notre Dame how would you like a 4 star DE
Stephon Tuitt DE Monroe,GA

Merry Christmas Tennessee how would you like a 4 star DB, a 4 star LB, and 4 other recruits
Justin Coleman DB Brunswick, GA
A.J. Johnson LB Gainsville, GA

Merry Christmas Alabama how about a 4 star LB and a 4 star DT (it ain't like we need a DT)
Shannon Brown LB Marietta, GA
LaMichael Fanning DT Hamilton, GA

Merry Christmas Georgia Tech how would you like a 4 star LB
Jabari Hunt-Days LB Powder Springs, GA

A special Merry Christmas to South Carolina how would you like 9 Georgia recruits; and Merry Christmas to the following:
Auburn 3 recruits
FSU 2 recruits
Kentucky 5 recruits
Miss St. 1 recruit
N.C. State 1 recruit
So. Fla 3 recruits
V.T. 1 recruit
W.V. 1 recruit
Virginia 1 recruit
Vandy 1 recruit
So. Miss 3 recruits
Maryland 1 recruit
Lousiville 2 recruits
ECU 1 recruit
Clempsun 1 recruit

Now naturally Georgia can't sign everyone, and you just have to cut your losses sometimes when an in-state kids goes to another in-state school. However, the 4 stars going out of state and the sheer total that South Carolina pulls in is inexcusable. Roughly 55-60 Georgia boys going out of state and 10-12 going to Tech.
Merry Christmas everyone don't ever say we never gave you nuthin'.


  1. Two things: First of all, feel free to mix in a comma once in a while. Seriously, your grammer isn't doing UGA any favors in the academic arena. Secondly, the state of Georgia produces more D1 talent than the schools instate can sign. Furthermore, we are surronded by Alabama, Tennessee, and South Carolina, three states that DON't produce enough D1 talent for their instate schools. It's kind of inevitable what's going to happen from there. It suck to have kids go out of state, but unless Mercer, Kennesaw State, etc. can start soaking up some the talent as well, it's going to continue to happen.

  2. gatriguy,

    Much like our boy Faulkner we rarely conform to the use of proper grammah' when writing it is realer that way

    If you will see the end of the post I acknowledge that there is moe talent than Georgia can sign. That being said I can't understand Notre Dame getting the highest rated player in the state (via Rivals) and I don't understand how a crappy Tennessee team is still taking 4 stars from UGA (oh wait maybe because we were just as bad).
    This goes along with not wanting to accept mediocroty- we can't just say oh well that is just how it is--because it shouldn't be like that at all.

  3. You are a focking idiot.
    Do us all a favor and take this crap blog off
    the internet.
    You must be a pencil neck geek from tech.

  4. i feel u bro. and ive been saying this for years, there are too many kids slipping away from us. its time to build walls around this state and start ruining players families lives for leaving. yeh i said it, you dont think shit like that goes on in alabama. those crazy bastards will do anything to win. and well the truth is, THEY DO WIN! at all costs

  5. Anon 12:07pm

    You must be a looser Gamecock since you are so accepting of failure and averageness (is that a word)

    Do me a favor and don't post on my blog (I would say don't read it but I know you Richt-O-Philes can't resist us)

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  7. I will agree on one thing; we missed the boat BIG TIME on AJ Johnson out of Gainesville. I have coached the kid since he was in 6th grade, and he will be something special. Won't be surprised at all if he is playing on Sundays in 4 or 5 years. 2 years ago, he was dreaming about being a Bulldog! He's told me personally that the showed NO real interest.

  8. Shannon Brown LB Adel, GA(Cook County) not Marietta, GA

  9. Andy, there's only two reasons a kid in Georgia wouldn't' want to play for Georgia, 1) he was a fan of another school, I.e. Valdosta kid pulling for FSU, or 2) he has NO confidence in the team and thinks the team won't go anywhere. TRUST me, I'm an Ole Miss fan. Mississippi has 3-5 stars leaving ALL the damn time.

  10. ...and that's the coach's fault.

  11. Rebelkev, you missed a big 3rd reason. He wasn't offered! UGA has yet to offer the kid!