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Monday, December 13, 2010

Malzahn Now Tells Vandy No?

The Big Ten Network also know as ESPN is reporting that Malzahn has turned down Vandy and their $21 million contract. Malzahn will stay put at Vandy and Florida best to not even think they have the money to win a bidding war with the Barn, son.

This fax, area code Margaritaville and written in the blood of a sacrificial virgin, just came into the Vanderbilt administration office. Attached to it was also a letter inquiring as to the amount of closet space the next Head Coach would be allotted.


  1. Rumored deal breaker was Vandy wanted him to start now, and he wanted to wait until after the title game.

  2. And the Dread Pirate would start yesterday!

  3. Good summary of the "Dread Pirate"

    Beautiful to watch, but not good pets.

  4. Who cares, he is toast when all the facts come out about the recruiting at the dump in bama. He will be selling used cars with charlie pell. They are all finished.