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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mullen Has the U-Haul Gassed Up and Headed to Gainsville

The University of Florida will give Charlie Strong a token interview because a) it looks like they aren't a cartel that has the next drug lord already lined-up, and b) they can "interview" a minority candidate. However, this is all for show as Dan is en route from the outhouse capital of the world to the jort capital of the South.

About 30 minutes after the Meyer resignation was official this fax came into the Mississippi State athletic department. The area code was from Key West, Florida and the fax appeared to be written in some kind of blood.


  1. He may end up in "Gainesville" too! ;)

  2. Colin Cowherd claims he knows who's next, gave the hint "S.T.A.B". Rumors swirling around the Stoops brother in Arizona.

  3. Anon

    Cowherd is my favorite personality at ESPN (which isn't saying much) and he is usually spot on. I could see Florida looking at Bob Stoops over Mullen but not any other Stoop. I am not even sure that Bob would be better than Mullen at this point.