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Monday, December 13, 2010

Muschamp to Florida is Great News for the Bulldogs

Despite the lack of games we had a very busy weekend in college football. Florida and Miami got their new coaches, the Heisman, the SMU 30 for 30, all this added up to a pretty interesting weekend.

Miami hires Al Golden
What???? Who???? Why???? Mike Leach, Dan Mullen, even Tommy Tuberville all would have taken this job why such a reach? Why is it that no ACC school is willing to step up and take this weak conference by the throat? Miami and their administration have decided that irrelevancy is the new way of the U, welcome to our sad little world Miami fans.

Poney Exce$$
Another good documentary by ESPN however, it paled in comparison to the 30 for 30 on the U. I was particularly interested to see how ESPN would handle/coddle the Craig James situation. It came as no surprise that Craig James was portrayed as a victim. Just a good kid who tried to stand up to Ron Meyer and was then maliciously lied to by Meyer. Craig James is the biggest douche bag in the world; first he is a crooked liar who is now- 30 years later pretending he knew nothing, and second he and his son are huge ungrateful faggots who have tried to ruin one of the best coaches in all college football. ESPN also snuck Muntsbooger in the documentary although like every game he calls he knew nothing of the situation and contributed nothing to the commentary. I was just surprised that he didn't ramble on about the Ohio St./Michigan game. ESPN also failed to post a disclaimer that Skip Bayless would be all up in that show. I need a heads-up on that kinda of stuff ESPN; I need to know when you will be showing something that will make me dumber for having watched it. James, Bayless, and Muntsbooger all at once..........we were one Stewart Scott BOOOOYYAAAHHH for being in ESPN hell.
Also, I loved how ESPN blamed some vague unnamed power houses in Michigan and Pennsylvania as the ones who were calling and reporting SMU to the NCAA. Nice move ESPN you failed to tell the truth which is that the University of Texas flexed it's muscle and almost single handedly brought the NCAA investigators into the SMU situation. Way to not offend a University who's fan base is white and affluent which your network's target demographic.

Cammy Cams Get his Heisman Straight Out Da Womb!
He deserved it. End of discussion. He dominated in the best conference in the world. That makes 5 straight National Titles and two consecutive Heisman's (also three Heisman's in four years).

Chris Fowler is a Faggot
Who does Chris Fowler think he is? He said after the ESPN bowl preview show that "Maybe it would be best for college football if a non-SEC team won the title." Go to hell Chris Fowler you and Lee Corso. Also, it appears that Lee Corso is going to be retired....so this is what emancipation feels like? However, ESPN could always replace him with Skip Bayless. I hate the entire anti-SEC pro-Big Tenlevinie Gameday crew. Herbie is an Ohio St guy, Desmond a Meechigun man, and Fowler a raging faggot, way to be representative of the entire college football world ESPN. ESPN should fire Howard who sounds like a retard and hire Archie Manning to tell Yankees how much their football sucks in a pronounced Southern accent.

Muschamp to Florida
This could work out but I just don't see it. We do know that he will beat Georgia so long as we continue to hold onto the sinking ship that is Richt. On the other hand I am confused about Foley hiring Muschamp. Florida is still very talented and their main problem in 2010 was the offensive coordinator so why not bring in Mullen to fix that immediately? What offense is Muschamp going to run? Who will he hire as an O-coord? Malzahn? I don't see that because Gus is either going to be a HC or stay at Auburn. Some people will say "Oh Florida will out bid Auburn." Have you not been paying attention this year? Auburn doesn't get outbid.
This is great for Georgia for two reasons:
1. When Richt is fired next year a lot of Georgia fans would have wanted Muschamp despite his lack of experience. Now he is no longer an option so we can focus on getting an experienced hard core SOB to- as Aaron Murry said-- fix the culture in Athens; and
2. Florida may have left that person on the show room floor. Trust us Dan Mullen is not happy in Starkganistan.
Georgia fans would have wanted this guy for his enthusiasm but what we will really need is these guys

Enthusiasm schmoothiasm you fellers need yelling and nut punching and lots of it stat!


  1. Quick correction. It appears Malzahn is taking the Vandy job as our boys over at the Leather Helmet are reporting from the Washington Post. But Auburn still doesn't get outbid.

  2. You should support you team including the coach as long as he is the coach. Failure to do that only hurts the school's recruiting efforts and the national public opinion of that school's program. No true fan would want to do that.

  3. Craig James is a big ole douchebag! Malzahn's an idiot for not taking $3mil to just get bowl eligible every year. Hell, Richt should jump on that no pressure position.
    Mullens didn't want the job at UF, been there...done that! He'll wait for the HC gig @ UGA or Tejas.

  4. -Davestoejam

    I love Patterson but would also love to beat the booger eaters with a guy that they passed on.


    Thanks for that spineless Richt-O-Phile argument. You should support your coach...I will when we have one that is producing. Your acceptance of mediocrity is hurting the program because recruits don't want to go to a 6-6 school that has been in decline for three years. You and all the Richt-o-Philes blind support is doing more to hurt the University than anyone. I am so sorry you don't like it when someone questions Glorious Leader.

  5. "When Richt is fired"; come on man. He's staying at least one more season, can you at least hope for the best!

  6. Richt for life!!!

  7. CCRider, You must know that there are people whose job it is to judge whether or not we have a new coach or keep the same one. When those people decide we need a change we will get one. It is not an "spineless Richt-O-Phile argument" or an "acceptance of mediocrity". It is a fact. Anything anyone does or says against the UGA program hurts the program no matter who the coach is or who its going to be next year. Bottomline is all peoples ridiculas whining does is hurt UGA. When and if the people who's job it is to get rid of one coach and hire another one makes such a decision. We should support that. Until then get behind UGA or go find another team to whine about or that you feel is worthy of your support.

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  10. So be a blind follower, that's your answer Ant123? We should just blindly accept whatever bullshii is being shoveled in our mouths because they're the coach and we're fans?

    As much as our ego would love it if so, this little corner of the intertubes has absolutely no impact on Georgia's recruiting. To think otherwise is as delusional as saying we should blindly support crap coaches when it's obvious they are overmatched. Mark Richt just lost to Mississipi St, South Carolina, and Arkansas, as well as the worst team in major conference college football the last few years in Colorado. His program has had countless issues obvious to those who aren't blind believers. But he's the coach for UGA, so let's pump some sunshine.

    We should support Robert Sapp when he's clearly overmatched.
    We should support Ray Goff when he's taking naps during practice, telling us we just need to get buttah?
    We should support Jim Donnan when his players sling cocaine in the locker room?
    We should support Dennis Felton when he's destroying the program, and doing things wrong in just about every way imaginable from media relations to player relations, recruiting, game day coaching, everything?

    Hey they're the coach, and we're the fans, now shut up and eat your spoonful of feces. Let the sunshine in, leeeeeeeeet the sunshine in, the sunnnnnnn shine innnnnnnnnnn! From now on we'll only speak of rainbows, sing kumbaya, and make macaroni pictures expressing our love for Coach Richt we'll be like you say you aren't, spineless and accepting of mediocrity blindly supporting a position no matter how poorly the person in it is doing the job.

    Hopefully by now, you realize how ridiculous (that's how the word is spelled by the way) your assertion that all fans should shut up and support the coach until they are no longer the coach is.

  11. Mr. Shanchez, If what fans say has no bearing on recruiting then why have three recruits this year been quoted as being a little concerned about the coaching stability because of all the "fan and or blog talk"? The truth is your wrong. First the negatige public talk makes a difference. Only an idiot was say otherwise.
    Second it is not blind following. Do you think you are so smart that you see what most other people can't so you just must broadcast it? Do you not have any confidence in McGarity? Adams? the atheletic board? Are you so full of pride that you feel they must have your input?
    I have confidence that the people at UGA are good people and will correct the problem. It happened with Ray Goff, it happened with Dennis Felton, it happened with Damon Evans, and it will happen now. True fans do not do anything that in anyway might injure UGA.

  12. Those recruits have eyes also. They can see 6-6, a struggling offense that looks unlike anything else they see on Saturday or Sunday and a team getting pushed around at will along the lines of scrimmage. Whether I'm blind to those facts or not, they can still see, and more importantly so can other coaches. What do you think Kirby Smart is telling recruits, or Billy Napier, Trooper Taylor, Chuck Smith? If Richt and his staff are able to close with Crowell, Dickson, Drew, Rome, Story, Jenkins, Carradine, among others, will you still try and blame us for recruiting woes? After all, it's us in mama's living rooms, and figuring out which players to target and which to drop isn't it? Or maybe Clemson blogs, Alabama blogs, Florida blogs, they do nothing but praise their staffs? Oh wait, that's just Auburn right now, and for their first time in a long time.

    And why is it injuring UGA to admit the truth? If you have cancer, you find it, treat it, and attempt to correct it. Sticking your fingers in your ears and screaming "No, no, no, no" until someone else fixes the problem isn't very helpful.

    And yes, we are quite arrogant. We have a blog, and must say something on it. So we say what we see going on around southern sports, and UGA football in particular. This place would be pretty desolate if we loaded it with a bunch of bullshii sunshine and ignored reality. But you can feel free to lead us in the kumbaya session next week.

  13. Mr. Sanchez,
    I realize that the other coachs are saying those things, and that recruits know our performance has not been good. But it is the lack of support from our own fan base that is giving the recruits concern. Are they troubled by our record? Maybe, but they are telling us the negative talk from our fan base is influencing them. You never know when one recruit gotten or lost can totally change a team.
    So why risk it by all the negative talk? I am not saying not to talk about our poor performance. Just not to say anything that simply would only have the potential to hurt not help. Whether you or I like it the coachs we have are the coachs we have and are going to have next year. When the people with the responsibility of deciding who the coach is make that decision we should get behind it (unless by their own actions they prove we should'nt ie. Damon Evans) and stay behind it.
    It makes no sense for a true UGA fan to do anything else. No good comes of doing anything else ultimately, only harm.

  14. While you think support is blind allegiance, others might think it's just fine to point out when and where things are going wrong as they see it. Some feel it's "support" to demand that players and coaches produce at the level they are capable of and not accept sub par results. Some choose to stick their head in the sand and blindly say "Yeah, you're all winners!" (http://www.seinfeldscripts.com/TheApartment.htm, scroll to the end)

    Happily, it appears some around Butts Mehre agree that things were not producing at an acceptable level, just like we've been want to say around here. If you don't want people to speak poorly of the results they see, improve the results. It's simple. Don't lose to the worst major conference football team in Colorado, don't get pushed around by Mississippi St, South Carolina, and Arkansas. Don't constantly piss yourself upon entering Duval County. We can't rightfully call someone out for stinking up the place if they're not stinking it up.

  15. Mr, Sanchez, I do not think "support is blind allegiance". I said before "am not saying not to talk about our poor performance. Just not to say anything that simply would only have the potential to hurt not help". I know the best interest of UGA is served when we are united to those on the outside of our fanbase. In other words you can say to your fellow UGA fan "we need to....(insert whatever here). But when you post it on a public blog or in front of other teams fans it hurts UGA.
    It's fine to say we are playing poorly everyone knows that. But when you put blood in the water (by talking about something that causes instability and disunity) the sharks start circling and most times they inflict pain of some sort on the whole program. Our goal should always be to help UGA.

  16. I do not like what is happening with our coaching at all for the past two seasons. I have witnessed a decline. I was screaming for Willie to get the axe last year, and I have been very vocal about Bobo's questionable play calling this year. That being said, the decision has been made for the 2011 season, so I will support what we have. Is it blind support? Not at all. Will I be screaming for Richt's head next year if we start 1-4? YES. But, he is my coach for the 0-0 2011 Bulldogs, so I will stand behind him because I love all things UGA, and he is the UGA head coach.

  17. Look fellers we want the Dawgs to go 14-0 next year but we also live in reality and we need to:
    a) give Richt-O-Philes a laundry list of reasons why when Richt does get the axe, and
    b) have an exit strategy (like Gary Patterson)