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Friday, December 3, 2010

The Possible Future Of Georgia Football! Very Exciting

It is just wishful thinking at this point but our last post got us thinking; and well a man can dream can't he.


Even the most hardened Richt-O-Phile must show respect to this. Don't even try to step to this Microsoft paint job random Anonymous Richt-O-Phile poster, less your s*%$ be ruined.

You can say what you want but you know good and well you will at some point this weekend pull out last years NCAA on your PS3 or X-box and change you offensive scheme from Georgia to Texas Tech just to see how it feels. Trust us it will slide right on in.

We see your averaging 30 + points per game in the home stretch Bobo and raise you infinity.


  1. C, now you're on crack and you can do a better job on Powerpoint than MS Paint, if you don't have Photoshop. Leech isn't coming to UGA unless you want to have one of the weakest defenses in the SEC. He'd be a good OC, but he's not going to take a step down.

  2. Weak sauce! I agree with RebelKev, Leech would get eaten alive since you must play defense in the SEC.

  3. Like Florida did with Spurrier??

  4. I can name 17 coaches at their current school current coach with a better won/loss record than Coach Richt.

    I can name 22 college football programs with a better won/loss record over the last 5 years than The Georgia Bulldogs.

    I can name 119 college football programs with fewer arrests / suspensions the last 5 years, than my alma mater.

    There were 21 teams who had a better recruiting class than ours this 2010 season and we have ignoble feat of having our recruits that got us even that highly ranked at # 21 recruiting class, who were arrested / suspended or failed to get in academically - before they even got to play in a game.

    The 2009 recruiting class is gone from our roster already.

    The 2011 recruiting class, is, once again, more of the same.

    20 LOSSES last 5 years averages 4 LOSSES PER SEASON.

  5. They said the same thing about Spurrier's offense, Meyer's offense, Malzahn's offense. Leach's offense would work fine, and the D would be just fine too considering the massive amount of defensive talent in Georgia high schools and if he hires a competent defensive coordinator (something Mark Richt has only done once).

  6. RebelKev,
    Come on man I expect more from you than a Richt-O-Phile argument.
    Who could replace Richt?
    We say an offensive guru and Richters say "Oh no he won't have enough D for the SEC"
    We say a defensive guru and Richters say "Oh no with all the great Defenses in the SEC you have to have someone that can score point"
    No one was worried about Defense when Richt first got the job.
    You don't think Leach would get a D-Coor? Perhaps a one Mr. Dick Bumpas?

  7. Defense in the SEC??? You boys might want to take another look. In this year at least, it has become anything but a defensive conference. There are 2-3 good defenses in the entire league.....and not one great one. The SEC might be changed for the foreseeable future to an offensive league which means we are falling further behind at the Mighty G.