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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Rare Thing- We Agree with a Florida Fan

We have found some common ground with a Florida fan and it involves the greatness of a one Mike Leach. We have been screaming at Gary Patterson decibels for Vandy to quit being gay and hire Mike Leach and now others agree.

Go over your resumes Vandy...I think you will find the one written in blood to be the most compelling.


  1. Wow....you guys sure are jerking yourselves on Mike Leach. I know the man has won many Big 12 championships and all....oh wait, you mean to tell me he never won one? Well then surely, his numerous 10 win seasons are noteworthy....wait he only has one 10 win season?

    Please, I get the Gary Patterson thing, the man has a track record and now with TCU going to the Big East, he isn't leaving. But Mike Leach? The man is an impressive OC, but as a head coach, I will take my chances with the man we already have. Sure Vandy could use him, but then again we are talking about Vandy.

  2. -Anon

    Alright granted we are giving the Dread Pirate a lot of love. Our Leach-crush has as much to do with his glorious interviews, and his general "I don't give a F" as much as with his coaching.
    Also, Tx Tech was nothing before he got there and anything that they are or that they have is because of him.
    I love the defeatest attitude about our inability to pull Patterson from TCU because they are now in the big east. Look my man you cut him a check for $3 mill and he can't get to a major program in the top conference quickly enough.
    If Georgia wants TCU's coach the bottom line is they can get him.