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Friday, December 3, 2010

Six Degrees of Leach- and There Is Still a Chances Richt Gets a Pink Slip

Way back in August I did an article about who is on the hotseat and who would be the hottest coaching prospects for the big schools that were soon to be in need of a HC. The Royal We was actually surprisingly accurate back in the summer and now I want to revisit that with all that has happened and is about to happen.

First we had a list of five coaches that were as good as fired already:

1. Rich Rod- Meechigan
2. Ralph Friedgen- Maryland
3. Dan Hawkins- Colorado
4. Lester Miles- LSU
5. Mike Sherman- Texas A&M

Hawkins has already been canned, and the executioner in Ann Arbor appears to be sharpening his guillotine. Sherman and Friedgen had drastically improved teams and appear to have saved themselves for another year. Lester-Lester the Hat Molester naturally ran a fake field goal of a season, only lost two games despite having no QB, and will hold onto his job.

Second we named three coaches that had to win this season to avoid 2011 being a do or die season for them:

1. Randy Shannon- Da U
2. Bret Bielema- Wisconsin
3. Mark Richt- Georgia

Shannon has already been fired. Bielema got past his always pissing away a game against N'western or Purdue or some other crap team and won 11 games. Bielema will probably get TCU in the Rose Bowl which is a winnable game and would buy him 5 more years in Madison, at least. Richt is about 99% out of the woods this year, and should be back in 2011. The only thing that could happen is highly, highly unlikely and that is a loss to a C-USA team in the Liberty bowl which would no doubt lead to the wheels of the recruiting bus falling off all together. Georgia should destroy their Liberty bowl opponent and delay the inevitable of Richt's firing for another year.

As of right now the following jobs are open (all are HC jobs)

Da U

The following could be open shortly (and all depend on what Meechigan does)


Now I know what you are thinking "Which job will Leach get?" His choice is Miami but they are being unreasonable because they appear to lack vision in Coral Gables. Leach has applied for Minnesota but remember he is a Pirate who enjoys the warm Caribbean breezes, and perfectly bronze tanned senoritas, not a Viking. The cold may be the only force of nature capable of stopping the Dread Pirate and his "show up to the party sans pants" passing attack.

Right now Michigan and Miami control the fate of a number of these programs. If Michigan keeps Rich Rod then Clempsun keeps Hey-Dabo and that means that Harbaugh is staying at Stanford. However, if Michigan cuts Rich Rod loose then Clempsun will fire Dabo to hire Rich Rod. One would assume that Michigan will only do this if they know for sure they have Harbaugh. If something happens with the Harbaugh deal then Michigan's contingency plan may very well be Lester the afore mentioned molester of hats. Which would mean that LSU is more that crazy enough to hire......The Dread Pirate Leach! Leach to LSU would mean trouble for the entire SEC especially the Lilliputian monarch of Alabama. Leach with all that coon-ass talent (I am told this is not a racial insult but an expression of Cajun endearment) should scare everyone.

Of course the U could take off their pretty pink panties and hire Leach but that is seeming less and less of an option as the days go by. Most interesting of all the other crappy schools that need a coach is Vanderbilt. If Malzahn turns way Vandy's advances and Leach is jobless after Michigan and Da U make their hires then Leach could be the guy in Nashville. That's right baby just imagine the Marquee at the Grand Ol'Oprey:

One Night Only
Hank Williams Jr.
David Allen Coe
Mike Leach

Mike Leach as a presenter at the CMA awards, Mike Leach hocking Bryant Hotdogs, Mike Leach all up in the SEC Media Day's guts.

Of course Patterson or Mullen could take the Miami job, Malzahn the Vanderbilt job, and Leach could be jobless again this year............which would make him available in a post-Richt Georiga world after next season.....think about it.


  1. I don't think Wisconsin can take TCU.

  2. "...and delay the inevitable of Richt's firing for another year."??
    Or we destroy our liberty bowl opponents, destroy, boise state next sept, go on to win out, win the national championship, and all of you naysayers will talk about how you were behind CMR the whole time. that's how I see it working out....

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Are you serious Anon? You go from Liberty shit Bowl to the NC in one year. Dude, really!

  4. DISNEYdawgs.com

    allowed to post anonymously because they haven't got the balls to post that crap under their own name where I can post it back in their faces forever with Coach Richt's

    20 LOSSES the last 5 years

    And, he runs in here to say Mike Bobo will stay as our Offensive Coordinator and Coach Richt will win the National Championship with this CRAP "coaching staff" he has put together.

    (Here, you can save this post under my name and post it back along with all the others I have posted for the last 5 years of this B.S. to my alma mater with all our Arrests / Suspensions once a month for 10 years and counting - and his 20 LOSSES last 5 years.)

  5. Are you a little sure of yourself? I wonder what your co-workers would say of your performance if they could?

  6. Dude,are you on crack or something,that was just stupid,get a clue.