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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

So if talent isn't the problem, what is?


Georgia is apparently loaded with talent right now. Among the best pro prospects at WR, two OL, a OLB, and P. According to Pro Football Weekly, we have more elite pro prospects than the rest of the SEC combined (Glenn, Green, Boling, Butler, and Houston for Georgia makes 4, the rest of the SEC had Marcel Dareus, Patrick Peterson, and Mike Pouncey). Argument aside (because having two OL on there when our OL was a major problem is begging for an argument), it's pretty clear that this year's 6-6 record wasn't because of a lack of talent. It's 4 juniors and a senior, so it's not that our talent is too young either. It isn't a freshman QB, because Aaron Murray had a terrific season and was significantly better than 2009's 5th year senior starter. Maybe it was personnel on defense ill suited right now for the 3-4 (specifically an undersized DL that failed miserably to control the line of scrimmage), and the staff is targetting a 3-4 Nose in JUCO John Jenkins that hopefully is an immediate fix there.

So if it's not talent, and it's not youth, what could possibly be the problem? We're stumped too, Coach.


  1. Now this is happening.

    I am about to defend Mark Richt a little here, shocking I know. The 2 O-linemen you can throw out. Every year there are about 20-30 O-linemen that are considered "Pro-Prospects" this has more to do with how tall they is and how much they weighz.
    Two years ago the Shamecocks had a OT/OG named Jamon Meredith. He was possibly the worst O-lineman in the SEC but he was like 6'6 315lbs. All the "draft guru" publications had him going between the 4th and 6th rounds. The Packers took him in the 5th (I think) and then cut him before camp was even over.
    In years like this year (when O-line talent is thin) guys that wouldn't normally get considered will get elevated grades.

  2. Boling and Glenn are great pass blockers, and are great run blockers in space.

    They are just weak at the point of attack, which don't go well with a coordinator that likes to run 5'6''' 170 lb RB's up the middle on dive plays.

  3. Our problem is the same as it has been the last 4 years. A very suspect defense. The difference is we have a reason to be cautiously optimistic this year. We are a nose tackle away from having a good defense.

  4. Ant123,

    The secondary, who could not stop a single passing play, Ant123 ?

    The DL who got no pressure on any QB all season long, Ant123 ?

    The linebackers with an added 1 to the group this season, did they help us against the pass or against the run ?

    3rd Downs, allowing every 3rd Down to be converted against us while we by stark contrast are # 73 in the nation in getting a damn 1st Down ourselves - that's just 1 player away at NG ?

    Choke signs on field goal tries against us to lose our game number 6 this season, and oh well we are just a NG away from a national championship...

    4th quarter all season where our opponents scored at will against us, and all we need is a NG ?

    What about a Fullback ? Wouldn't a fullback help our defense by actually making a 1st Down every once in a while and keeping them then off the field ?

    WR ? Do we have any WR for next year either ? Doesn't the defense do best when it is not playing ?

    Player decisions; we are wholly unable to make any right moves on personnel decisions with all these players moved around willy-nilly while we force them to learn new positions instead of evaluating the talent we have and get them on the field to make plays.

    Recruiting, getting the players in this state to be part of a DRAM TEAM - yeah right.

    4-LOSS season average for the last 5 years

    And, counting...

    An entire Mark Richt coaching staff who none of them know what they are doing

    And, the players with NO DISCIPLINE doing whatever the hell they want to do taking advantage of Mark Richt's coaching staff.

    Did I mention 20 LOSSES last 5 years

    And, you think all we need is a NG ?

    That's RICH.

  5. Problem was a freshman QB who choked aginst winning teams and under pressure in accuracy (among worse in NCAA) 3rd downs, 4th quarter, and red zone.