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Thursday, December 16, 2010

We Already Know One Team That Will Be In the 2012 National Title Game

All our problems could be fixed.
Arrests, missing on recruits, turrible defensive play, a lack of intensity, never beating Florida, being undersized and weak because the S&C program was allowed to decay on top of itself; all could fixed with one fail swoop!

Fire Richt and hire this man.
We bring it up again because we are not alone in thinking that Gary Patterson is the Tits!
TCU is now in the Big East so they will run the table and get an automatic bid into the National Title Game.
We gave Patterson the love yesterday and come to find out Bear Bryant himself called down from Football heaven and ordered Patterson be named a finalist for the Bryant award.When I was a teenager my mother would tell me to do something..........pfft whatever I just ignored her. However, when my Pops said to do something I did it because when an irate grown man yells at kids s*#t gets done. Right now my Mom is coaching the Georgia Bulldogs so no one is listening to her...I mean Richt. Lots of people like it that way, I liked it when Mom was home and my Pops was at work because there were almost no rules. On the other hand nothing got done. I think it is time for Daddy to get home from work and make the kids walk the line.

Here is a day in the life of Gary Patterson:

6:45- Wake up

6:46- Yell at self in mirror, demand that self be more awesome, refuse to hear excuses like "I can't get any awesomer"

7:00- Drop a cannonball sized deuce in the terlit....refuse to flush

7:05- Eat Breakfast

7:06- Yell at Bacon for being delicious

7:07- Stand in garage and yell at his Sherman Tank until it cranks up without a key

7:08- Run over jerk-offs driving their Lance Armstrong bicycles on the road that is supposed to be for cars (and tanks) not bicycles

7:10- Be a Head Coach

12:00- 28oz T-bone- rare- loaded baked potato

12:02- Yell at everyone in Steak House which is accepted as payment for his meal..tip included.

12:15- Be a Head Coach

4:00- Write "I hope you get Aids/Cancer/Bubonic Plague letter" to Mack Brown. (If hired at Georgia this letter would be addressed to Muschamp)

4:10- Yell at recruits until they commit to him.

4:45- Threaten to invade a European Country for "acting all douchie and not being America"

5:00- Receive letter of apology for being douchie and uppity from said country along with a tribute paid in hopes of staving off invasion.

5:02- Accept tribute, wipe butt with apology, and vow to invade anyway

5:05- Delay invasion due to being too busy coaching football.

5:10- Call Mack Brown and threaten to set his children on fire if he doesn't back-off of a recruit that they are both pursuing. (If hired at Georgia this phone call would go to Dooley)

5:30- Go home to his harem of women and demand to be serviced "Genghis Khan style"

7:00- Watch game film

12:00- Bed

Repeat Sunday through Friday which culminates in a win on Saturday.


  1. That settles it. I'm on board.

  2. You know dude, I've come to the conclusion that this site is more of a fire marke Richt site that anything. If you're a true fan you would acknowledge what he has done for the program and know that his is trying to get this program back to it's winning ways. You know, I sure would hate to go to war with you and expect you to have my back. I certainly will not be back on this site, and any true bulldawg fan with any common sense will not either. Like they say "if you're not with us you're against us". By the way you need to put at the top a big TCU rather than a Georgia G. You know I probably will come back just to see if you respond to this.

  3. S FL Chapter of the Bulldog NationDecember 16, 2010 at 8:37 PM

    yell at self in miror...too funny! lmao

  4. -Anon

    Welcome to our blog. I assume you have never been here because you used the same old lame points that every othr Richt-O-Phile puts on here almost everyday. However, since you are coming back just to see our response here it goes:
    1. I don't think you are a Georgia fan. No fan of the Dawgs would be accepting of 3 straight seasons of decline. No Dawg fan would put love coach above program. Since you worship at the alter of personality and are accepting of mediocrity you must be a Gamecock fan.
    2. I would hate to go to war with you because all you would want to do is sit around and reminess about how our general "almost" won some battle 5 years ago. I would be there to win the war and you would be there to hang out in a fox hole.
    3. Richt-O-Philes always want you to "name someone better than Richt" well we did he just happens to be at TCU. I'm sorry TCU has a better coach than us but that doesn't make me a TCU fan. Where is your blog with a big Gamecock on it where you can post about if's and but's, moral victories, and how "I know they lost but dang it if I ain't proud of these boys."

    Typical Richt-O-Phile, I bet you have an ugly wife and stupid kids since you love not striving for the best and accept stuff that is at best average.

  5. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! im down for it

  6. Anon @ 7:57-
    Get the corncob out your butt and loosen up. There are 152 blogs that you can go to if you want to fluff Richt. Like they say "shit or get off the pot!"

  7. I personally love being :

    13-12 vs SEC East last 5 years

    20 Losses, average 4-Loss season last 5 years

    Not having 2009 recruiting class, off the roster

    2010 recruiting class Mark Richt's worst by far

    2011 recruiting class ranked # 16 so far

    2011 class 16 commitments with 16 scholarships to give

    Having Richt-0-Files in here daily bragging what he has done here

    Having Richt-0-Files in here daily NOT discussing any of this or his Arrests / Suspensions off-the-field

    Having Richt-0-Files tell us daily there are not 25 teams averaging 10-win seasons each of the last 5 years now

    Having Richt-0-Files tell us daily how there are not 17 coaches at their current school with a BETTER win percentage than Mark Richt at Georgia

    Having Richt-0-Files tell us daily that Mark Richt is such a good man, that they prefer him to Nick Saban, Les Miles, Urban Meyer, etc. all of whom have National Championship after National Championship after National Championship after National Championship - because they say those type coaches are mean, nasty, aggressive and not Christians.

    Let's instead compare WINS in 14-game seasons with previous UGA coaches who played 11 game seasons.

    Having Richt-0-Files try to IGNORE that we are 3-9 vs Top 10 Final AP Poll teams in the 10-Year Mark Richt Era and have an additional 10 Losses to teams NOT ranked in the Top 25 Final AP Poll.

    Having Richt-0-Files tell us that being # 73 in the nation in 1st Downs 2010, is not relevant - which is exactly what we are with Mike Bobo.

    Having Richt-0-Files tell us daily that they can name 1 coach on Mark Richt's staff who is worth a DAMN. I certainly have no confidence that Mark Richt EVER will hire 1 assistant coach. NEVER.

  8. Count me on board. It is now evident to me that Richt inherited a talented team at a time when the conference was down. We have displayed mediocrity over the past 5 years and will continue to do so under CMR. He's a great guy but doesn't have any business coaching in the SEC. And BTW, anybody who loves Elvis, Al Green, and features old school wrestling pictures can't be wrong!