Da' Dream Makin' Cold Blooded Sausage


Saturday, December 4, 2010

"We looked pretty stupid there on that last play."

Yes, yes you did Steve. And statements like that is why you are the greatest coach in SEC football history.

Oh, and Go Gamecocks!


  1. Gamecocks NEVER had a chance and neither will the Ducks. Looks like another SEC team will win the BCS National Championship and it hurts me to say that it's not the DAWGS from GEORGIA.

  2. Watching FSU with 5-8 DB's and 235 DLinemen reminds me of....well, nevermind!

  3. Real coaches follow-up a 8-5 record with 11-2 and conference championship....even with WILLIE. Not 6-6 Richtophiles.

  4. Coach Richt NCAA Rank Total Offense Averages # 52 all 10 years. Cam Newton has scored 49 Touchdowns this season, 49, and Coach Richt recruited him as a Tight End.

  5. BuLLdawg,

    If Richt had a player like Newton, of course he'd be a TE. AJ Bryant might have been a similar player, and where did he play? Even with DJ Shockley, we ran a ton of I formation, play action. We have a shotgun, spread QB now (imo, he's very similar to Colt McCoy), and we run a ton of I formation play action.

    And Anon @ 7:17,
    I know that. If Auburn misses that hail mary, South Carolina would have been called for holding quickly upon getting the ball to start the second half, as many times as it took to stall out there drive and give Auburn a comfortable lead. The SEC is clearly unwilling to tarnish their newest $15-20,000,000 paycheck.

    But how does any of this apply to Spurrier, who if not among the best coaches, is certainly the greatest quote in coaching history.