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Sunday, December 12, 2010

You are dead to us Will...

For those of you that don't know, Will "Boom Mother Florida" Muschamp is replacing Urban Meyer at the Swamp. You know, we could take you with Auburn, considering the amount of coach/player crossover between the two schools. And then you at least had the decency and intelligence to trade it in for a better shade of orange in Austin. But to swap that for a return to ugly orange and blue, to become a booger eatin' Gator? That sir, is inexcusable.

Hopefully we get another certifiably crazy fraternity fighting mad man (not that Georgia was any more successful against the Zooker either).


  1. the way i see it, muschamp probably wouldnt take the head coaching job at UGA. Neither would kirby smart. I believe something drastically has to change (and im not talking about the coaching staff) the whole culture of bulldawg nation has to change. I dont know how, and I dont know where everything went wrong. Aaron murray said it earlier this week about a culture change and it sparked something in me. He’s right, and not just about the S&C system but in all aspects. We don’t have the winners mentality. We are passionate, but not enough. The players care more about going to the NFL and going downtown and chasing girls than they do about football. Mark Richt is a good coach, but he needs to grab the football program by the balls and run it with an iron fist. There are too many distractions in athens and these guys do not take it seriously and that reflects leadership. From the top to the bottom i do not believe there are many leaders including our head coach. Its time to wake up guys, we are loosing control of this football program and we are starting to loose control of this state. There are more non-georgia fans in this state then georgia fans and thats the truth. FSU, Florida, Auburn, and Alabama have spread like a cancer throughout the state in people jumping on the banwagon and we havnt dont ANYTHING to stop it. and now its going to be even worse now because auburn will win a national championship and boost their program over ours. This is the time to step up and market this school and make people believe we are great again.

  2. Anon, thank yoy for the woe is me chicken little act. Now for one, we wouldn't want Kirby Smart. The guy has never even called half the shots, and is little more than Saban's do-boy.

    Muschamp of course would have been willing to come here, so long as we ponied up the money like Florida did to trump Texas' deal. That "culture" you mention begins and ends in one place, the head coaches office. A change there changes the culture, and the job has everything Florida has except it comes with a state income tax.

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