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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Aron White is Right!!!!!!!!

I was reading a blog post on redandblack.com by writer named Zach Dillard who criticized Aron White for his recent letter to redandblack.com stating that the recent arrests of UGA players can be explained because the players at UGA are scrutinized more than other programs. Aron said (I am paraphrasing) that if other programs were scrutinized as UGA players were then they would have more dismissals and arrests. Zach Dillard disagreed with White and stated that White is just making matters worse by writing this letter. I couldn't disagree with Zach Dillard more. I have no delusions about the blog I have created. I know that no one reads it right now. But, that will change. So, when people start to read my blog they will forever here Zach Dillard referred to as "The Turd". Aron White was merely taking up for his coach and program. White is proud of his program and the high standards that are set by the Coaches and realizes that UGA players are role models and in some cases targets. I am proud of Coach Richt for his standards. Do you think Pete Carrol, Urban Meyer, Nick Saban or Less Miles would have the stones to dismiss a four star QB recruit for doing what Mettenberger allegedly did? Meyer handed down a one game suspension for Dunlap for a DUI. Don't even get me started on Carrol. "The Turd" goes on to state that this team has been an embarrassment to The University of Georgia. No, these players have embarrassed themselves and blown a huge opportunity. If anyone reads this post, please do me a favor and go to http://www.redandblack.com/2010/04/28/player%e2%80%99s-explanations-make-matters-worse/ and look at the picture of this guy. He looks like a turd and writes like a turd. So, Zach Dillard, stop hating on football players because they get all of the attention and the girls (I am assuming "The Turd" is into women) and appreciate the fact that we have players who are proud to play and coaches who hold to their standards.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Boys from Dixie Make the NFL Go Round

As already mentioned the SEC produced 49 players in this years draft, but there are a few other schools located in "Sweet Beulah Land" that produced players this year. As usual the Southern crop will rise to the top. Here are a few players to keep an eye on over the next few years:

1. Eric Berry Safety Tennessee Round 1 to Kansas City
Berry was by our estimation the best overall player on the board this weekend. It is rare to see a player big enough to play either safety position while also being fast and smooth enough to play corner.

2. Rolondo McClain Linebacker Alabama Round 1 to Oakland
We rated McClain third overall going into this draft and think he landed in the perfect spot. McClain is big and strong enough to swap paint between the tackles and he should have a firm understanding of what to do since he was produced by the Mighty Satan himself. All of this is important but most important of all is how is prison yard mentality means he is perfect for the Raiders.

3.Linval Joseph Defensive Tackle East Carolina Round 2 to New York Giants
Joseph is big and thick but still explosive and should fit in nicely with a team that knows a little about D-line play.

4. Terrence Cody Nose Tackle Alabama Round 2 to Baltimore
Cody will rotate with Nagta and Greg at the nose which means he will be tremendously effective because he won't tire-out late in the game. In addition he will be clearing blocker for Sweet Baby Ray and anything that helps alleviate the desire to kill that Baby Ray struggles with is fine and dandy with us.

5. Brandon Spikes Linebacker Florida Round 2 to New England
All I know is Brandon Spikes looked pretty fast to me in Jacksonville the past two years, and I am pretty confident that the Evil One up in New England has this coaching thing under control.

6. Chad Jones Safety LSU Round 3 to New York Giants
A raw player but a big ugly that brings a load when he hits ya. The Giants should give him every opportunity to succeed. He is one of my big sleepers in this years draft.

7. Aaron Hernandez Tight End Round 4 to New England
The Tenacious Tamale had a knack for getting open and that is no small task with the quality of defenders in the SEC. He goes from playing for a man with no soul to the dark devourer of souls up in New England.

8. John Conner Fullback Round 5 to New York Jets
It won't be pretty but Big John reminds me a lot of Lorenzo Neil and playing for Sexxay Rexxay means he will get plenty of work pushing the pile.

9. Jonathan Dwyer Runningback Round 6 to Pittsburgh
A true downhill runner with questionable speed but a beautiful fit for what the Steelers like to do.

10. Brandon Deadrick Defensive Tackle Round 7 to New England
Our most underrated player in the entire draft this year. The Evil One used 1/2 of his picks to take SEC talent; Why? Because he knows what time it is.

Monday, April 26, 2010

2010 Drafts of the Southern NFL Teams

Lets set some ground rules for this; First, Texas is not in the South it is in Texas which is technically its own country; Second, nothing south of Jacksonville is Southern anymore so we will not be covering the Southern command post of New York City or the teams located therein; Finally, while technically Washington D.C. is in the geographic South we will not be covering the team located in the city which oversaw an invasion of Southern soil (actually the team is in Maryland and lets be honest no one cares about Maryland).
Here is the breakdown and analysis of Atlanta, Carolina, New Orleans, and Tennessee, but not Jacksonville because they are soon to be the L.A. Jaguars the way they drafted.

Atlanta- Overall grade C
Who They Should Have Taken
1(19) Patrick Robinson CB FSU
3(83) Geno Atkins DT UGA
3(98) Mike Johnson OG Alabama
4(117)Ricky Sapp LB Clempsun
5(135)Mitch Petrus OG Arkansas
5(165)Anthony Dixon RB Miss St.
6(171) Greg Hardy DE Ole Miss

-Best Pick: Mike Johnson G Alabama Round 3 pick 98
-Best Value: Mike Johnson G Alabama Round 3 pick 98
-Worst Pick: Joe Hawley C UNLV Round 4 pick 117
-WTF Pick: Shann Schillinger S Montana Round 6 pick 171

Overall not a terrible draft although it looks like the front office started throwing darts at the board on Saturday. I like Weatherspoon and think that was a good pick but after trading Houston away the Falcons need more help in the secondary. Dunta Robinson may be the free-agent steal of the off-season but he will need help, and while Dominique Franks is a player he is not going to be a starter anytime soon.

Carolina-Overall grade A-
Who They Should Have Taken
2(48) Jimmy Claussen QB N. Dame
3(78) Brandon LaFell WR LSU
3(89) Mike Johnson G Alabama
4(124) Eric Norwood LB S.Carolina
6(175) Greg Hardy DE Ole Miss
6(198) Charles Scott RB LSU
6(202) Ted Larsen C NCST
6(204) Jevan Sneed QB Ole Miss
7(223) Jeff Owens DT UGA
7(249)Brandon James KR Florida

-Best Pick: Brandon LaFell WR LSU Round 3 pick 78
-Best Value: Jimmy Claussen QB N.Dame Round 2 pick 48
-Worst Pick: Armani Edwards WR App.St. Round 3 pick 89
-WTF Pick: Armani Edwards WR App.St Round 3 pick 89

I don't like Claussen that much but he was a value pick at 48. LaFell is a big time receiver but Armani Edwards is questionable. The Hardy pick was also a great value but it looks like they started throwing darts at the board after taking Hardy. I love Eric Norwood but I am not sure how he will fit in Carolina, he needed to go to an established 3-4 defense. I loved taking another QB late because it will push Claussen who seems inclined to be lazy, but they should have taken Sneed not Pike.

New Orleans- Overall grade A-
Who They Should Have Taken
1(32) Patrick Robinson CB FSU
2(64) Chad Jones S LSU
3(95) Rennie Curran LB UGA
4(123)Al Woods DT LSU
5(158)Matt Tennant C B.C.
7(239)Jevan Sneed QB Ole Miss

-Best Pick: Patrick Robinson CB FSU Round 1 pick 32
-Best Value: Matt Tennant C B.C. Round 5 pick 158
-Worst Pick: Jimmy Graham TE Miami Round 3 pick 95
-WTF Pick: Jimmy Graham TE Miami Round 3 pick 95

One of my best friends has been a rabid Saints fan his entire life. In the past few years we have been shocked that the Saints passed on talent at corner to take players they didn't really need. Finally the Saints used a high pick on a very talented corner this year and I think Robinson will be a home-run. The Saints were in a unique position to take the best player available without reaching and fill most of their needs. I like the Brown pick but with Sharper's future in doubt I think Chad Jones was a better player and also a need. Curran could have been the man to fill the Saints need at OLB but they reached on a TE. Just like with Carolina I liked taking a QB late. Brees has a history on injury and insurance at the most important position on the field is never a bad thing. My only question was if you are going to take a project QB late why not take the best available guy; and that was Sneed.

Tennessee- Overall Grade C-
Who They Should Have Taken
1(16)Maurkice Pouncey C Florida
3(77) Brandon LaFell WR LSU
3(97) Rennie Curran LB UGA
4(101)Aaron Hernandez TE Florida
5(148)Riley Cooper WR Florida
6(176)Rusty Smith QB FAU
6(207)Myron Rolle S FSU
7(222)Jeff Owens DT UGA
7(241)Brandon Deadrick DL Alabama

-Best Pick: Rennie Curran LB UGA Round 3 pick 97
-Best Value: Myron Rolle S FSU Round 6 pick 207
-Worst Pick: Robert Johnson S Utah Round 5 pick 148
-WTF Pick: David Howard DT Brown Round 7 pick 241

I think the Titans need to replace Kevin Mawae just as much as Vanden Bosch; Pouncey may have been the best O-lineman in the draft and he would have filled a need. The Titans stretched to take Morgan. Fisher and the gang drafted well but threw away their 4th, 5th, and both 7th round picks.

Post 2010 NFL Draft

Well we have tons to cover since the draft was this weekend but we are going to break it up into multiple posts.
Once again (just as we predicted) the SEC was dominant again in this years draft sending 49 players which is 9 better than their average over the past decade. I know the Big XII sent a lot early but they tapered off later in the draft just like their conference champion has in the second half of the national title game the past two seasons. We will break-down the drafts of the NFL teams that happen to be geographically located in the South as well as looking at the cream of the crop, the Southern football players, that went in this years draft. Posts to come.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Braves are Pissing Me Off

I think that the Braves have line up, the bullpen and the starting pitching to atleast make it to the post season. The only thing they are missing is a true leadoff man, and it is killing them. I was hoping during the off season that they would have traded Melky Cabrera or Nate McClouth for Juan Pierre. He would change the whole line up. He has speed, he puts the ball in play (he is one of the toughest k's in baseball), he has been on championship teams, he showed character last year during the whole Manny Ramirez fiasco. The only bad things you can say about Juan Pierre is that he has no arm and he cannot rap http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vl0dqWhzU6k . Whether it is Juan Pierre or some other option with a low K rate and speed I don't care. But, we cannot drop games to the MUTS. I love our team, and I want to send Bobby out on a winning note. Lets hope that the white sox become sellers.

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Five Things No GM Should Ever Do On Draft Day

Every year I am amazed that not one team can get the draft right from beginning to end. In light of this fact I am writing this article as a guide for all the GM's in the league. When you read this you will immediately say to yourself "Wow! This makes so much sense how did this one guy figure all of this out?" Well I can't take full credit. I may have actually just intercepted an in-house memo that Ted Thompson sent to Mike McCarthy outlining the Green Bay Packers draft day strategy, and then just wrote the complete opposite of everything it said.
Here are the Five things you should always keep in mind on draft day:

1. Thou Shall Not Draft Big 10 Linebackers:
Big 10 LB's are soft, weak, slow, injury prone, poor tacklers, and have over-inflated college stats. The main reason 98% of the world doesn't realize this is because Kirk Herbstreet, Mark May, and Lee Corso, have inexplicably established themselves as "experts" in college football. Herbstreet, May, and Corso all have one thing in common...a massive case of SEC envy. Every year we are forced to hear about how ferocious some kid from Ohio State or Penn State is and how the world had better look out because Andy Katzenmoyer/A.J. Hawk/Bobby Carpenter/Dan Connor/Paul Posluszny/James Laurinaitis/Vernon Gholston/Sean Lee is the second coming of Dick Butkus. However, all of these linebackers have one thing in common; they get owned against USC or any SEC team they play in their bowl games, and when they get to the NFL all they can do is get to the play late, grab the back of a players jersey, and hold on until help arrives.
2. Thou Shall Not Draft Big 10 Running backs
The Big 10 produces great Offensive Line talent and has absolutely no Defensive Line talent, therefore Big 10 running backs get spotted three yards on every carry. Since the D-lines are so awful they never make tackles and that responsibility falls to Big 10 LB's (another reason for the over-inflated draft value of Big 10 LBs). The running backs win 50% of the time and the LBs 50% of the time and the result is that both the LBs and the RBs have over-inflated numbers.
Big Tenlevinie running backs are SSSSLLLLOOOOOOOWWWWWW! They are also injury prone because they spent three to four years playing patty cake with Big 10 linebackers and get a serious case of the "I don't wants to plays no mores" the first time they take a hit from Ray Lewis or Patrick Willis. Naturally none of this matters to Herbstreet and his gang because every year we get to hear about how Ohio State/Penn State/ Michigan/Wisconsin should get a chance to play for the national title despite having 1, 2, or 3 losses during the season because those losses came when Ki-Jana Carter/Tim Biakabatuka/Ron Dayne/Mike Hart/Larry Johnson/Beeanie-Weenie Wells was hurt and the fill in the blank Big 10 team is completely different when their running back is healthy.
3.Thou Shall Not Draft Pac-10 Quarterbacks
This one is easy, nine out of ten teams in the Pac-10 have refused to play defense for the past 15 years. Nine out of ten teams in the Pac-10 throw the ball 70-80 plays per game. The result is the one team that plays D and runs the ball always wins the conference and 5 or 6 QBs average 300 yards passing and 3 TDs per game, and they also average 6 losses a year. When these guys get to the NFL and see SEC and (some ACC) speed on defense they become ineffective.
4. Thou Shall Not Draft Oklahoma Players Unless Thou Wantist a Soft Team
Oklahoma players are always hurt in the NFL. I know Adrian Peterson is a beast but he is always banged-up (and he fumbles...a lot...I mean he cost the vikings a trip to the Super Bowl because he fumbles...a lot and fumbles are the result of being mentally soft). Well AD aside how about The Boz, Teddy Lehman, Jason White, Roy Williams, Tommie Harris who has been hurt for three straight seasons now, the ever-injured Stockar McDougle, Dusty Dvoracek, Dan Cody, Rocky Calmus, and the human concussion machine who had a brief stint at Oklahoma Troy Aikman. Chokelahoma is SOFT but before the Texas fans get overly excited the entire BIG XII is SOFT!
5. Thou Should Always Show Preference to SEC Players
Lets say you need a quarterback the way the Colts did in 1998. There were two players on the board that played QB. One played at Tennessee in the SEC and the other played at Washington State in the Pac-10. One played a schedule that had eight conference games in which he saw anywhere from five to nine NFL caliber players on defense in each of those eight games. The other played in the PAC-10 so if you combined all his conference and non-conference games he saw as many NFL caliber defenders in 12 games as the SEC player saw in any given two weeks in the SEC. The result is that the SEC player is always more prepared for the rigors of the NFL. The Colts to the SEC player, 4 time MVP, 2 Super Bowl trips, 1 Super Bowl win, the Chargers took the other guy 0 MVP, 0 Super Bowl trips, 0 Super Bowl wins.

2010 NFL Draft Round One: The Big XII Blows Thier Load In The First

Undoubtedly all the BIG XII fans are burning-up the Internet with mindless dribble about how great their conference is. The Big XII sent nine players in the first round which is a big number, and they will surely send a few more players by Saturday night. However, let me be very clear: The Big XII still sucks! That's right, we are looking at you residents of Texas your football is inferior to that which is played in the deep south.
In the past decade the SEC has averaged 40 players per draft and will send about the same number this year. Sure the Big XII sent more in the first round but we have seen this before. Remember 2006 when the ACC sent their entire conference in the draft and have been awful ever since? You see Big XII fans if you want to play big boy college football you have to do two things: 1)Have depth at all positions, especially Defense- 1st rounders are great but you have to send players in all seven rounds not just the first; and 2) You need to win a national championship game-- not just go and get beaten by the SEC champ.
The SEC quietly sent seven player in the first round and will pump out more picks in the next six rounds. Will the Big XII send more players than the SEC? They could but will the Big XII send more than the SEC over the next 2, 5, 10 years? I think we all know the answer to that.
Well here are the 1st round winners and losers:

-Detroit: The Lions did not buy into the Gerald McCoy hype and went with Suh at number two. Gerald McCoy did 22 rep on the bench and that means one thing; he lacks sufficient upper body strength to be effective against NFL guards. Also, McCoy played in the same conference as Suh and did not play anywhere close to the same level that Suh did against the same competition. The Lions then traded back into the first to nab Javhid Best. Best is not quite as versatile as C.J. Spiller but Best can be a home-run threat for the Lions.
-Kansas City: The NFL is Safety-driven on defense. The Colts, Ravens, and Steelers are consistent contenders and all three have elite safeties. The Patriots have declined in recent years for a number of reasons but one of the biggest reasons is the loss of Rodney Harrison. The Chiefs not only got the best safety on the board they got the best overall player in this draft. Berry can play strong safety, free safety, or corner back. Despite McShay's best efforts to talk Earl Thomas into the top safety spot the Chiefs saw through McShay's Big XII agenda and took Berry.
-Arizona: The Cards sat on the 26th pick and still got the best 3-4 DT on the board, and with Dan Williams got a better DT than the Buccaneers got with the 3rd pick.

-Rams: The Rams front office decided to get themselves fired yesterday, and may have helped to send the Rams back to L.A. The Rams took Big Chief Chicken-Bones a.k.a. Sam Bradford and will promptly be placing him on the I.R. list by June. Bradford is a horrible pick here; but the media, the inflated value of the QB position, and the fact that the Rams are an abysmal organization means that Bradford went number one. Not since the legalization of casinos on reservations has an Indian so greatly benefited from the white man deciding to throw away large sums of money. Some scouts were impressed with the new muscled-up Bradford but I would point to this as another weakness and here is why--when a big hard killer like Jared Allen slams Bradford on the hard ground and his chicken bones are now surrounded by hard muscle, all that hardness will just shatter his chicken bones into a million pieces. Bradford should have followed the example of his uncle and wrestling legend Chief Wahoo McDaniels and put on 40 lbs of pure fat. Wahoo knew that Indians have chicken bones instead of real bones and he knew that all that falling on the hard mat could break his bones; so Wahoo surrounded his bones with soft giggly fat to cushion his falls. Unless Bradford got a full skeletal transplant and a new throwing arm he is still going to be a bust, as soon as this draft ends the Rams will be on the clock with the #1 pick in the 2011 draft.
-Chargers: I like Ryan Matthews, but why did the Chargers move-up 16 spots to take a guy that would have been available at the 28th pick anyway?
-Bengals: Speaking of injury prone soft Oklahoma players why did the Bengals waste this pick? A great tight end is more than worthy of a 1st round pick, a less than great tight end is a wasted pick if you go for them in the 1st. If you can't stay healthy in the Big XII, where they don't play defense, you are never going to get off the training table in the NFL.
-Dolphins: Very surprising to see the Tuna blow a 1st round pick but a Big Teneleveniey DT is a wasted pick. Big Ten (11) DT just like Big Ten (11) linebackers are soft and don't translate into the NFL.

Tebow & Moreno on the Same Team?

Tim Tebow is now a member of the Denver Broncos along with Knowshon Moreno. I look forward to future press reports about Knowshon beating Tebow up in the locker room. All kidding aside, good for Tebow. I love seeing Kyper Jr. and McShay look stupid.

Who is Satan's Right Hand Man? Meyer or Saban?

Both of these men are part of what I like to call my "Axis of Evil". The third member of the Axis is Spurrier but I am pretty sure he already has his place secured in the heart of the Dark Prince. So the question is, is it more evil to fake quit your job, lie to recruits about your defensive coordinator until the day after commitments are signed, get your childs hopes up of actually having a father, constantly refuse to take the higher ground, threaten nerdy reporters for reporting WHAT YOUR PLAYER SAID and basically tell the world that football is more important than family? Or, is it more evil to chase money and just be a prick? Typing these thoughts out has made me realize that I hate Meyer much more than Saban. Actually, Saban kind of sounds like someone I would like to hang out with. But Meyer just sounds like a sleezeball of the worst kind. There is something else I don't like about Meyer, he is a no good carpet baggin' yankee (born in Ohio). Saban is atleast from West Virginia (semi-southern). I have so much more to say about the guy, but I fear I may freak some people out with how much I detest Urban Meyer. To sum it up Saban is out as the right hand man of Satan, Meyer has made sure that his spot in hell with be close to the Dark Lord.

Georgia's 2010 Pre-Season Depth Chart

When I look at the Pre-Season depth chart for the Dawgs I can't help but wonder what the QB spot would look like with Mettenberger still on the team. Coach Richt did state that Aaron Murray would have been number one even if Mettenberger was still on the team. It certainly would not have hurt to have those two pushing one another for the entire summer.I am surprised and pleased at the same time to see that Orson Charles is our number one tight end. I expected the Aaron White to be number one. The thing that jumped out at me the most was the amount of players we had listed at full back. Charles White is fourth down on the list and he used to play linebacker. Why wouldn't the coaches try to move him or someone else to a different position. I can't wait to see Bacarri taking people out. The defense is the most exciting thing about this year. There may be growing pains at times, but I have faith in Grantham and the 3-4. Over all, I feel pretty good about this season. The depth chart seems to indicate the Dawgs return to a New Years Day Bowl and maybe an SEC title next year. One can only hope. Go Dawgs!