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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Our Top 5 Picks to Replace Richt!

Naturally our first choice is seen to your immediate right. He is everything you could possibly want in a leader of young men. Strong, wise, bejeweled, aficionado of fine clothing made from the freshly skinned hides of large game, and a keeper of the freshest waves beneath his dooh-rag. Unfortunately Sweet Baby Ray Lewis has many more NFL games and many more unfortunate night club incidents still to behold in what has been a life of pure unabashed manliness. Since this stalwart purveyor of the crunkest dance moves and deadliest knife skills is unavailable- here are our choices to replace Richt.

5. Dan Mullen- Head Coach Mississippi State: We really like Mullen and can't argue with the uphill job he has been doing at Missy State. While we are sure his time at Florida has helped him understand that at least a little cheatin is necessary for success in life we aren't quite sure he is prepared to get all full-on Jackie Sherrill up in Starkganistan. One would assume that he brings a little of that Urban Meyer magic with him, but his personality is a little to Richtesque for our tastes. We like Mullen but he lacks the killer instinct much like our current head man.

4. Kyle Whittingham- Head Coach Utah: Utah has won some big games even after the departure of the Mighty Brain Zit. Whittingham has shown success at maintaining what another has built but not in building himself. Make no mistake about it the next Head Coach at Georgia will be rebuilding a program not maintaining one. " The Devil knew that he'd been beat"-CDB

3. Will Muschamp- Defensive Coordinator Texas: We think that there are two jobs in the world that gets Muschamp to walk- LSU and Georgia. Texas just gave their AD a 5 year extension which means it is five more years before Mack Daddy becomes AD and Muschamp get the HC gig. Georgia has all the resources and finances to appeal to a top flight contender plus Muschamp has the nostalgia of being a UGA Alumni to consider. A brash and explosive personality he is in direct contrast to our current task master. Muschamp has SEC experience as a player and a coach so he would understand the job better than a guy from out West or up North.

Intensity...How we have missed you in Georgia.

2. Gary Patterson- Head Coach TCU: The very definition of making chicken salad out of chicken $#!@. Patterson is a slightly portly and bombastic man which means he eats big and yells big and you have to respect that. Patterson brings a good healthy irateness and defense- two things that have not been in Athens since the departure of Van Gorder.


1. Jim Harbaugh- Head Coach Stanford: Not only does he beat you he does it with white dudes at skill positions other than QB, which is extra insulting. If Rich Rod holds on to the Meeechigan job then Harbaugh may leave Stanford for a bigger challenge (the SEC) and pay day. Harbaugh is delightfully insane and also possesses that acceptance of the evil which must be done in order to win (much like the Mighty Satan). The difference between Harbaugh and Meyer is this:

Urban Meyer walks into the living room of a 5 star recruit:

Meyer: Son, I have a brain zit that could pop at any time, but I am willing to risk my own death for the privilege of coaching you.

Harbaugh walks into that same living room:

Harbaugh: Son if you could kill any one person in the world who would that be? Come to Georgia and I will personally kill him with my own two hands.

WHOOOOOOOOO! Very Ric Flairish!

"I can only assume Ol' Tummy was 6th on your little list, right."

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Greg McGarity didn't know he was buying a fixer-upper

I bet when Greg McGarity was hired as athletics director, he didn't know he was taking over an athletics department with a football program plagued by numerous areas in need of fixing. Now, I'll admit that Richt has given Georgia arguably it's most successful stretch of football other than the early 80s and early to mid 40s. But the program seems to have taken massive steps back since the run from 2002 to 2007, and has now lost three in a row to South Carolina, Arkansas and Mississippi St (which helped Alabama move from Shula to Saban, and Florida from Zook to Meyer). The loss in Starkghanistan seems to be the straw that broke the camels back for most fans. Mark Richt certainly has been and still seemed like the right man to lead this program, but he has also been painfully making Paul Finebaum look more and more prophetic by the day.

Greg McGarity recently told Seth Emerson of the Macon Telegraph about the multitude of things that are part of a successful football program. Citing strength and conditioning, recruiting, player development, and "philosophical approach". But unfortunately for Richt (and McGarity, among others) the program seems to be failing at many of those multiple moving parts. Now, I'm not smart enough to know how to fix the problems, but I think I at least have enough vision to see what some of them are (Ray Charles probably has the vision to see them, may he rest in peace). Here is a rundown of what appears, to this uneducated eye, to be areas in need of improvement.

  • Desire - How many games recently has Georgia come out flat? Not just the little games, but big ones, important ones. We looked flat vs. Arkansas until coming to life in the 4th quarter. Did it again against Mississippi St Saturday, and have done it time and again recently (see Florida last year, Tennessee the last few years, the Bama blackout debacle). Motivation certainly is seeming like a huge problem, as other than Georgia Tech last year we haven't come out ready to play since maybe Hawaii in 2007. We even manufacture fake ways to get up, such as the hideous Grambling knock off jerseys in Jacksonville, only to fail miserably at sustaining a high energy level. Rennie Curran and other players have been quoted talking about how players are lackadaisical in practice, Richt and staff talked about losing Stafford and Moreno as though it would help in leadership and get players to step up in effort instead of waiting on the stars to make a play. Bacarri Rambo cites an effort problem at a key early season contest against the Gamecocks. Why is effort constantly being mentioned as a problem? Has Richt gotten comfortable? Does he have the desire to win at the risk of his own health (like Meyer) or running assistants into the ground (like Saban)? Is he willing to do what it takes to get the best out of himself, his staff and his players?
  • Strength and Conditioning - Ironically, the first part out of McGarity's mouth in Emerson's article above. When Dave Van Halanger arrived, Georgia noticeably improved in this area from under Jim Donnan. For almost every game, Richt's squad seemed like the bigger, stronger, faster team. That hasn't been the case since 2007, and multiple times the last 3 seasons we have looked smaller, weaker, and slower. Not just against premier teams like Alabama and Florida, but now South Carolina and Missississippi St are physically dominating the Dawgs. Strength and conditioning, as countless people on the periphery of the program say, seems to be the area in biggest need of improvement. It's gotten to the point where our players go elsewhere between seasons to work out. Van Halanger's had noted health issues (said to be multiple heart attacks), and exercise science seems to have moved by huge leaps the last 5 years, especially in nutrition as well as traditional physical development like weight training. It's quite possible a change needs to be made, but will Richt make the hard decision of moving on from a man he brought with him from Florida St, where the relationship between Richt and DVH is much closer than the one between Richt and Martinez, and a guy who's been a huge part of championship programs for decades and the spiritual and emotional leader of his team during that aforementioned run from 02-07? One change that seems easy to make is an infusion of more, as the size of our staff (3) pales in comparison to those of Tennessee, Florida, and Alabama, in addition to other elite national programs like Texas, Southern Cal, Michigan, and Ohio St where they have 2-3 times the trainers. We lack a "training table" for feeding our athletes, and several other aspects of the top teams. With penny pinching Damon Evans gone and McGarity in from the Gators, hopefully we can have a much needed increase spending here. But whether you feel Van Halanger is too far past his prime or not, it is obvious that strength and conditioning is an area where significant improvement can be made, must be made, and that any improvement there will show up on Saturdays.
  • Talent - Recruiting rankings haven't been hurting under Richt, as he's stockpiled top 10 classes year after year. But recruiting rankings aren't an exact science, as even those who are among the best in that business will tell you. While Georgia has rated well nationally on the first Wednesday in February, we've also had more than our share of misses (Eric Berry, Allan Bailey, Cam Heyward, Da'Rick Rogers, Greg Reid, among other Georgia born players elsewhere, not to mention guys like Cliff Matthews and Marcus Lattimore who Georgia came close but missed). Are we making the right decisions on guys? See Chase Vasser vs. Jarvis Jones, although we were able to get Jones back after he was cut from Southern Cal; see rejecting Devin Burns saying we don't want a QB in last year's class, burning a bridge on multiple players we wanted from his high school to only later try again and end up with Hutson Mason at QB. Then see how those recruiting rankings and supposed ridiculously elite athletes end up falling on draft day. Georgia has stockpiled NFL draft picks in later rounds (we are at or near the top for SEC teams since Richt arrived), but other than Stafford, Moreno, and Massaquoi, who has been a top 3 round pick? Richt's best defensive players came from either Jim Donnan, or in his first one or two classes. His best offensive lineman have been the same. In spite of dozens of draft picks, very very few have come in rounds 1, 2, 3, or 4 where the elite talent goes in the draft. The talent, while it seems great walking in the door, doesn't look so good walking out of it. Maybe that's part of the desire and strength and conditioning problem above, maybe it's just overrated recruits, but something isn't adding up in the talent department.
  • Discipline - This also tends to tie in with the lack of motivation, desire, etc in point 1. While we don't have lineman pulling out AK-47s in traffic disputes or DBs firing them through apartment walls like Florida, we certainly have our share of off the field issues. The problem is not just the quantity, but the type of issue. It's the same thing over and over again with license issues and alcohol offenses. The amount of stupid arrests Georgia seems to get indicate the players just don't care, or don't pay attention to little details, or maybe just lack the common sense to avoid them. Why do we keep getting easily avoidable legal problems? Are they too stupid or do they just not care?
  • Player utilization - The amount of bonehead player personnel decisions under Richt and flip flopping positions has been maddening. Brandon Miller is a great athlete, big frame at 6'5, 250 or so, with soft hands, who isn't much of a hitter. Sounds like a TE, right? Nope, he's at LB (covering WRs in the spread, but we'll get to that in a second). Martrez Milner is a great athlete, with a big frame around 6'5, 250, with the hands of Roberto Duran and a love of contact. Sounds like a DE, right? Nope, he's at TE. Mikey Henderson is 5'7, and 150 pounds soaking wet, with great speed. Doesn't sound like someone who can jam 6'+, 200+ WRs at the line, or make a tackle against a 200+ pound RB on a sweep, does it? So it takes us 2-3 years to realize he should be at WR, not CB. Coleman Watson can't play TE, so we move him to OT. He doesn't like it, so we move him back to TE where he doesn't play. We waste Marcus Howard at LB, when he can't play in space, before putting his hand down and unleashing a beast in pass rushing. We move Kiante Tripp from DE to OT to TE back to DT. We waste Bean Anderson for 3 years at OL before realizing he can't figure out plays, and should be a DT. We waste Richard Samuel for 2 years at RB before realizing he can't find a hole and move him to LB. Is Nick Williams a LB or a S? Is Logan Grey a special teamer, WR, or QB? How about Chester Adams, Fernando Velasco, or Ken Shackleford playing as freshman so they can block for extra points and field goals? Thankfully Velasco took a redshirt between his sophomore and junior years, allowing us to have a critical leader in 2007, but why were we playing them for maybe 10 snaps as 19 yr old freshman instead of saving them for 10 starts as a 23 yr old 5th year senior? Yet when a redshirt makes little sense, like with Knowshon Moreno, we fail to use a player that can produce, then a few years later repeat the original mistake using an unproductive Marlon Brown for a couple dozen plays at most in his first year on campus.
  • Scholarship utilization - This ties in with player usage above, but deserves it's own spot. We waste scholarships. Now, one can debate the ethical nature of cutting lose good kids who are unproductive players. Are we a school playing football, or an NFL minor league with a school? Well as sad as it may be, the SEC has steadily become an NFL minor league. Florida, Alabama, among others, don't keep unproductive players through graduation. Right or wrong, they cut kids, which is perfectly allowed by NCAA rules where scholarships are a one year contract. Kids take medical hardships or are "encouraged" to transfer, among other ways to cut dead weight. It allows those teams to sign 3-5 more kids a year, which increase the chances one of those players turn into a contributor, keeps older players competing for time, and allows a team to take great talents that may or may not have an obvious position or space in a class (like White Co.'s Ashley Lowery). It's unsavory, but it's becoming a part of the 8 figure business that a major football program is these days. Just not at Georgia. We keep kids like Coleman Watson to be 4th string TE. We sign a 3rd K in Brandon Bogotay to not kick, after losing another 3rd K who never kicked (Andy Bailey). We bounce kids from spot to spot hoping to find a fit, like with Kiante Tripp. We have 4 FBs on scholarship, after having a great deal of success using walk ons there. We struggle to find room for players, while our conference competitors sign a full amount or more every year. We waste as many as half a dozen scholarships in a given year that could otherwise be used to sign players we currently don't have room for and bringing in new talent to fight for jobs. This is a voluntary disadvantage that we can avoid, if we were willing to do everything possible to get better.
  • Scheme - Watching plenty of football this year, why is it we seem to be among the few teams still using a fullback on the majority of plays? They can block, and are great dump off options in the passing game, but you can get the same production out of a backup TE (like say Bruce Figgins, who despite starting as a freshman and sophomore now can't see the field as a 4th year junior?) plus the ability to make them a vertical threat in the passing game. The amount of high level football teams using one back is growing for a reason, yet here we are, with a backup FB on the field, running play action of 3rd and long (when no one is going to be fooled by a run fake even if we could run effectively in the first place). Carlton Thomas is the size of Tyson Browning, so let's run him off tackle? We're throwing jump balls at the goalline, let's use a 6' or less WR instead of a receiver 6'5 with a big vertical like Marlon Brown, Orson Charles, or Aron White. We become enamored with a run up the middle, or an off tackle run from shotgun, or a bubble screen, or a QB draw on 3rd and long in the red zone, or whatever our play du jour seems to be for the moment. And rarely does that play du jour work. We don't adapt to situations, and haven't as a team for a while now. Willie Martinez was notorious for sticking with a base 4-3 against a spread team, leaving guys like Brandon Miller in space to cover WRs or stop water bug RBs. We get burned time and again on the same roll out bootleg by David Cutcliffe or a bubble screen from Ron Zook, play after play after play. Teams can game plan us pretty easily, and we don't adjust, or have someone at the top demanding adjustments to stop whatever is beating us. Do we not notice it's the same thing beating us play after play? Do we not know how to stop those plays, or are we just incapable of adjusting to them? It's the old Albert Einstein quote about insanity as doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results.
  • Planning - Richt takes over a team that lacked offensive line depth, forcing him to start an extremely inexperienced unit in 2003. He says we won't be in that situation again, only to have that exact situation pop up again in 2007 once the 2003 kids moved on. Greene is replaced by Shockley. Since then, we've signed countless elite QB recruits, only to rely on a pair of below average Joe's (Tereshinski, Cox) as a bridge to freshmen starters. We lose Kade Weston, Jeff Owens, and Geno Atkins, yet lack any capable DT recruits to step in as they go. It's not like these players moving on is unexpected since we can count years left on a scholarship, so why do we always seem so ill prepared to replace departing players?
  • Communication issues - When reporters asked about Hutson Mason playing game 1 this year, Richt said ask Bobo, while Bobo said ask Richt. Were they playing with the media, or did they not communicate on the issue? Richt "asks" Bobo if he'd move upstairs, only to have Bobo tell him he's more comfortable on the field than in the booth. Does Richt make that decision or Bobo? We say Logan Grey can't be risked for injury getting in game reps at QB, but can put him on kickoff coverage and punt return, the two most violent and injury inducing plays in football? Against South Carolina, Bacarri Rambo said there was a lack of effort, while Richt said effort wasn't an issue. Willie Martinez, Jon Fabris, and John Jancek were out recruiting in living rooms, representing the future of the program attempting to get kids to come to Athens, just days, if not hours, before being fired. A demeaning text about a recruit intended for a fellow coach gets since to the kid instead. This doesn't seem like much, and could also be at times the coaches not wanting to release information (such as with Mason), but there has been a surprising amount of conflicting quotes coming out of Athens over the last 24 months.

We seem to be making mistakes across the board, and the question now must come, as inconceivable as it might have been at the beginning of the year, is Mark Richt the man to correct these problems and get back on the level he was at just a few years ago. We slipped, maybe just a few inches. But "the margin for error is so small. I mean, one half a step too late or too early, and you don't quite make it. One half second too slow, too fast, you don't quite catch it. The inches we need are everywhere around us. They're in every break of the game; every minute, every second." The question remains though, is Mark Richt willing to fight for that inch? Tear himself and everyone else around him to pieces for that inch? Because it's those inches that are making the difference between winning and losing.

Monday, September 27, 2010

He Will Have His Defenders but Richt Has To GO!

MISSISSIPPI STATE! Georgia was blown out by Mississippi State. I would not be born for another six years the last time Georgia lost to Mississippi State, and Saturday night the Missy Dogs blew the Dawgs off the field. Colorado is not a sure thing. Tennessee and Vandy are flip a coin games at this point. Georgia probably won't beat Kentucky. Florida is a fore-gone conclusion for the Gators (AGAIN!), Auburn does not look like a possibility, and Georgia Tech's retarded defense is salivating at the chance to match-up against Bobo's play calling. The only sure thing right now is Idaho State. 2-10? Probably not but a seven or even an eight loss season looks very possible at this moment.

In addition there was another arrest on Sunday morning in case you haven't heard. Richt continues to bring a little piece of FSU to Athens every day.

The Richt crowd will be out in full force today:
"This is still the man we need to guide our team"
"We owe it to Richt"
"He is such a good man"
"He and his family are so special to the UGA fan base"

You know what is special to me.....WINS!
"Well Richt has 91 wins in blah,blah,blah,blah"

If you want to keep Richt you are stupid. This is not the fault of Willie Martinez, or Mike Bobo, or Todd Grantham, or Van Halanger, or A.J. Green.
Georgia did not get this bad over night. This has been a slow decay over a few years now. We know this because the seniors on this team are undersized and weak. This is a sign of poor S&C for at least 4 years now. We know this because Martinez was allowed to coach and recruit at UGA for 5 entire seasons. We know this because Mike Bobo is entering his fourth season as the worst OC in America.
Richt chooses his coordinators.
Richt chooses his coaches.
Richt makes the final decision on recruits.
Richt is the ultimate authority on discipline on the team.
Richt is responsible for the poor defensive play because he choose Martinez.
Richt is responsible for the poor offensive play because he choose Bobo.
Richt is responsible for the arrests, the undersized and weak players, the lack of any sort of ability to wrap up a tackle, allowing a coordinator to call 21 play action passes when he only called 25 pass plays in a game against Arkansas, the lack of fire and intensity, the loss to Vandy, the two losses to Kentucky, the three losses to South Carolina, the loss to West Virginia, and the humiliating loss to Mississippi State.

We will try to come with more substance later but right now we just want to vent!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Has Coach Mark Richt Lost his Passion for Coaching?

I would like to state that the following article is not a hatchet job. I am also not looking to make any judgements about CMR's personal life. I would never disparage anyone for being a christian man. GOD SHOULD BE FIRST IN EVERYONE'S LIFE. Please read the content of the article before you assume what I mean and take my argument the wrong way.

Coach Mark Richt has taken Georgia to the edge of a national championship twice in his 10 years at Georgia. I have been a staunch CMR supporter until the loss to Carolina. I must admit, I was on the fence at the begining of this season about him. My partner in crime, CCRider has seen this coming since last year. I would like to pose the question; Has CMR lost his passion for coaching?

In a conversation with my uncle (who bares a striking resemblance to CMR) we discussed CMR's priorities. He said "god should always be first in your life. But when you take a division 1 coaching job with the prestige and tradition of Georgia it is like a marriage." In other words your marriage and coaching Georgia should be on a level playing field (behind god) which I agree with. I am a middle school football coach and athletic director which takes up a lot of time, but not nearly as much as coaching any sport at Georgia. My wife complains about trips to Sam's on the weekend to pick up concessions or painting the field on Sunday. But if I were to ever take a job ( irealize it will never happen) coaching a team like the Georgia Bulldogs I would have to do it with my wife's support and she would have to know that I could stay at the middle school and spend a lot more time with her or we could have a lot of money and a lot less time with each other.

CMR has had his share of personal struggles while at Georgia. His wife suffered a battle with Cervical Cancer that had to be tough for the family to deal with. After going through something like that a lot of people re evaluate his/her life. I have had two grandparents die from cancer and my mother is a cancer survivor. I know a little bit about how it feels. Has CMR's wifes brush with cancer caused him to re evaluate his own life? Has it caused him to sit back and decide what is really important? Maybe Georgia football comes a distant third in CMR's life now. (behind god and family) If so, maybe CMR and the Georgia football program would be better off without one another.

Also, CMR came to Georgia hungry to prove himself? Hungry to be successful and provide a good life for his family. He has been successful and provided for his family to the tune of $20,000,000 not to mention the $10-15 million in endorsements he has taken. Has his financial and early coaching success made him complacent?

It is undeniable that CMR is a great man. But great men don't always make great football coaches. If CMR's priorities have changed ( and I certainly cannot blame him if they have) then I think that Bulldog Football and the RIcht family would have brighter futures parting ways.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Must Win Part Deux: The Taliban in Starkganistan

Just as our service-men are mired in a desolate waste-land fighting an enemy that one would assume has no real chance of winning--so it is with the Georgia Bulldogs as they travel to Starkganistan. The similarities between the radical jihadist sect and the Mississippi State Bulldogs are freakishly scary:
Home Field:
Taliban - Deserts and Caves
Miss. St- Trailer Parks and knock-off Golden Coral type eateries
Reason for Existing:
Taliban- To bring ruin to the decadent life style of the American infidel
Miss. St.- To bring ruin (but usually just a big inconvenience) to the decadent lifestyle of the SEC West fan base.
Taliban- Bin Laden; elusive, mysterious, his rise to power partially the U.S. fault as they provided most of his followers with arms to fight the Russians.
Miss St- Mullen; elusive, mysterious, his rise to power partially UGA's fault as they provided his Florida offensive unit with little to no resistance in the years leading up to his taking the MSU job
Two weeks ago Richt's dogs should have won.
Last week they had to win.
This week they should win and they have to win, however this game is at least a 50/50 split with Miss. St. holding home field advantage.
A Georgia offense that has looked bad and now we can add to that the presence of 50,000 cowbells. The cowbells may however work to Georgia's advantage. If the offense can't hear Bobo's horrible play calling then they may have a chance.
As a quick side note Vegas needs to have an over-under on the number of times Bobo calls a play action, my guess 38 with at least 7 or 8 in a row.
What do you see in this picture? The correct answer is.....
The harbinger of you fiscal doom playing an instrument that may sound the doom of your head football coach

Monday, September 20, 2010

Wasn't Donna Fired for Exactly What Richt is Doing?

I have seen the dozens of blog posting that read the following:
"Richt is not going anywhere"
"Richt is the right man for the job"
"We can't fire Richt because who would we get, and we would have to rebuild"

Well boys in case you didn't notice we are re-building. That's right after 10 years at the helm Richt is having to re-build. How is that possible you ask, well we have no idea.

After the 2000 season Jim Donnan was dismissed as the head football coach at the University of Georgia. He was dismissed for posting back-to-back 8 win seasons and struggling against Georgia's traditional rivals. However, the firing was based on a little more than just 8 win seasons. In fact the reasons for Donnan's dismissal has grown into the stuff of urban legend in Georgia. Some say their was a racial divide in the locker room, others say players were dealing drugs, and still others say half the team was high in half the games they played. While I am sure someone knows for sure-the majority of us will never know what truly transpired in Athens in those five years. What we do know is that Donnan did an excellent job of recruiting players. Of the NFL-Dawgs still in the league most of the best ones were Donnan recruits: Champ, Seymour, Strout, Stinchcomb, and Grant to name a few.

All I am saying is for those of you that hung Dime-Bag Donnan in effigy you need to make a real assessment of Richt at this point.
-Donnan beat Florida once in five years.
-Richt has beaten them 2 times in nine years with little hope of beating the Gators in Jacksonville this year.

-Donnan never lost to Vandy.
-Richt has lost to Vandy.

-Donnan lost to Kentucky once
-Richt has lost to Kentucky twice.

-Donnan lost to South Carolina twice (but was never dominated by them)
-Richt has lost to South Carolina three times (the last was a game in which the Dawgs were physically dominated by the Gamecocks)

We all like to think that Georgia is a program of National significance under Richt, but are we really? Teams of National importance beat ranked opponents here is Richt's record against ranked teams:
Teams of National importance beat top ten teams here is Richt's record against top ten teams:
7-8. The problem here is that Richt gets credit for beating a #10 Hawaii team and lets be honest that is total BS- if Hawaii was ranked they should have been no higher than #25.

Jim Donnan was 4-0 in bowl games in five years.
Richt is 7-2 in bowl games. The B.C loss came in Richt's first year because he mis-managed the clock. The West Virginia loss was an embarrassment to Georgia, the SEC, and the South. Mark Richt and Willie Martinez are the only reason the Big East still gets an automatic BCS bid. If Georgia had shown up and played to the best of their ability they would have run West "By God" Virginia, an inferior program off the field.

Richt's biggest wins are against #16 FSU in the 02' Sugar, #22 Arkansas in the 02' SEC championship, and his crowning jewel is the 05' win over #3 LSU in the SEC Championship.

In nine and 3/4 seasons only one major win of significant importance over a top ten team that actually deserved their ranking at the time.

Richt allowed an 07' loss to a far far far inferior South Carolina team keep Georgia out of the National Title Game.

In 08' with the future #1 pick in the draft at QB and #12 pick at running back Richt managed to end a season, which saw the Dawgs #1 in pre-season polls, with 3 losses.
Richt allowed Saban to take the third best team he has had since coming to Alabama and beat the best team Richt has ever had at home by a double-digit margin.

What about all that off the field stuff that contributed to Donnan's dismissal? How many players have been arrested in the Richt era? I don't know because I lost count back in 08'.

What about A.J. Green first being named in agent-gate and later the jersey debacle that has cost him four games and cost an anemic Georgia offense its best player.

What happened during Donna's stint is really not fully known nor has it been a significant black-eye to the program. Under Richt the lack of control of players has been very public: Odell and his drinking and driving, Ealy and his drinking and driving, Green and his involvement with an agent just to name a few. Where is all the control and discipline that Richt is supposed to bring where Donnan failed? Where exactly are all the glorious victories that eluded Donnan? We would love for the Dawgs to run the table and end the year 10-2 but that is not going to happen. That doesn't mean we are not fans it just means we are realists. At best Richt is looking at 8 wins this season. That is back to back eight win seasons and a team that is in the arrest column as much as the win column. So tell me why are we so accepting of Richt when we were so quick to condemn Donnan. Why is pretty good now good enough? Why was the decline of Donnan's program despised while Richt's continues to be accepted?

5 Instances That Cost Georgia the Win Vs. Arkansas

1. The secondary got burned for 380 yards and 3 TD's. One of which was the trick play that caught the secondary out of place...AGAIN. The problem is Georgia no longer has a Thomas Davis or a Greg Blue that will lay out a reciever or a tight end and make them hesitant to come over the middle.

2. RB's or O-Line? We all expected the Dawgs to have a prolific running game if nothing else this season. We have a veteran o-line and two returning backs that showed a lot of promise last year. What changed? At times it looked like the o-line was to blame. They were passive on run blocks and were not moving anybody off of the ball. At times it looked like Ealy was "running scared" as my Uncle Tom said. I looked for Ealy to have a big day against a sub par defense in Arkansas.

3. Special Teams - what was up with the snap that was fumbled on a punt attempt but ended up in a first down? That is poor coaching. No excuses.

4. Play calling - Why were we passing the ball with an opportunity to win and all we needed was eleven feet? In that situation we should have used the four down approach and ran the ball twice to make sure we got the first down. Instead, Murray holds on to the ball too long and gets sack instead.

5. No TE play - A lack of TE passing plays lead to Murray holding the ball too long. There is a reason they call them a QB's security blanket.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Top Five Spurrier Quotes

I hate Steve Spurrier with every fiber of my being. I have little to no respect for him as human being. What respect I do have for Darth Visor is reserved for the comments he makes during press conferences. Sometimes the quotes are sharp and sometimes he says stuff that make you think "I bet his kids don't even love him". Regardless of what he says it is always entertaining. In light of the recent jab HBC took at Toddy Graham I took a trip down memory lane and came up with my top five favorite Spurrier quotes...so....without further adieu.....(in no particular order)

1. When asked if the Gators were going to beat Georgia he replied "Is Ray Goff still the head coach there?"

2. When Florida State players were caught recieving free sneakers from from agents during the early 90's he referred to FSU as "Free SHoes University"

3. During his tenure with the Redskins he said that coaching in the NFL would be tougher than college because "there are no Vanderbilts in the NFL"

4. "You can't spell citrus without UT" - then stated that Payton Manning was coming back for his senior season because he wanted to be a three time Citrus Bowl MVP

5. After a 52-17 thrashing of the Dawgs in Athens in 1995 (Jacksonville was being renovated) where Spurrier was airing it out with a minute left in the fourth quarter leading to a touchdown, he defended his play calling by saying - "We knew coming in nobody had scored 50 against them here, so that's what we wanted to do. This may be the only time in our lifetime that Florida plays here, so we wanted to make it memorable for the Gators."

What an A-HOLE

Hunker Down Hairy Dawgs Cause the Bombs They is a Comin

Bombs, bombs, and more bombs that is what is coming to Athens on Saturday. Arkansas is like us-- the other allegedly good team in the SEC with an allergy to proper tackling. Ar-Kansas brings with it a Quarterback whose right arm like his pituitary glad is real big. Mallett will have a much better O-line blocking for him on Saturday than did South Carolina's Stephano Garcia last week. However, and mercifully so, Jesus Frankenstein Lattimore will not be in the backfield with him. Also, Mallett will not have all seven of Goliath's brothers catching his passes the way Garcia had last week.

On a happier note the Hawgs Defense is about as piss-poor as ours. We expect Petrino's plan is to go full-on Moshe Dayan on our secondary and air-raid it into submission. However, we also posses a strong armed QB who can put the ball in the air. The only problem is Mallett will be told what to do by someone who understands play-calling while Murray will be told what to do by Bobo. Mallett will be given play-calls that will help him establish a rhythm, Bobo will place five plays in a hat and randomly draw them through out the course of the game. One would assume that Georgia could just run the ball down Arkansas' throat but as we have seen in the past two weeks our O-line was grossly over-rated.

This is a must win of epic proportions, like Richt keeping his job proportions, like avoiding a Tennessee spiral into irrelevance proportions. Get behind the Dawgs this week because a loss here will mean the most depressing fall since Ray Goof prowled the sidelines.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ponderous Pontifications for Week 3

We asked the oracle why he lied to us about the outcome of the game in Columbia and he said "Georgia should never ever get beaten by the Shamecocks" our reply "Yeah, we know"
Here are the week three pontifications!
Auburn 38 Clempsun 16
Miss St. 24 LSU 21
Florida 31 Tennessee 21
In lesser conference predictions:
Wisconsin 27 Arizona St 16
Texas 28 Texas Tech 20
Upset of the Week
Arizona 31 Iowa 30
Coaches job on the line game of the week
Arkansas 41 Georgia 30
Usually I don't agree with what ESPN says but Chris Low called this game in his article titled
It's win or else for Richt,Bulldogs here are a few highlights:
"Most disturbing about Georgia's 17-6 loss to South Carolina last week was that the Bulldogs were beaten physically. And it wasn't in just one area of the game."
"...the Bulldogs probably don't want to get into a second straight shootout with Ryan Mallett and that Arkansas offense."
"With their season teetering, we'll find out a lot more about these Bulldogs on Saturday between the hedges."

A Final Look at the S.C. Game and the Talent Gap Closed by Spurrier

Once upon a time long ago the Georgia Bulldogs used to beat the Florida Gators. Then along came Steve Spurrier and the talent gap between Georgia and Florida was closed, evened-up, and then Florida left the Dawgs safely in their dust. Our final comments on the South Carolina game is just how much the talent gap has closed between Georgia and South Carolina. Chart 1 seen below is the traditional talent gap between the two schools. While the South is the King Solomon's Mine of football talent there is still only so much to go around. The red indicates how much of the talent has traditionally belonged to Georgia and the black how much belongs to South Carolina.

In the past 12 or so years South Carolina has pulled out all the stops to bring in two legendary national championship coaches. As a result despite the astonishing laziness of both men the talent gap has since 2000 looked something like this.

Now if you add Spurrier and Jesus Frankenstein Lattimore to the mix and you consider that the UGA staff has done its job in bringing in talent the difference should look like this:

However, on Saturday the talent gap looked like this

We have to blame someone and we are choosing to blame the people who recruit and coach the talent. These charts have been given to help the people who think that adding one running back to one of the 5 worst programs in college football history is a solid excuse for why Georgia lost on Saturday. It is also to help you understand that it is NEVER acceptable to be defeated by the Shamecocks.

What the "Real" Georgia Fans Want to Hear.

So we got our standard you are not real fans, you are a @$#&, blah blah blah from a portion of the Georgia fan base over telling the truth. Georgia is not very good at football this year just like last year. In fact we pushed another UGA blogger to post an article on his site about how stupid UGA bloggers are, himself not included naturally. The hear no, see no, speak no evil of Richt crowd has their pitchforks and torches out because "He is a really good man"

This reminds me of a few years ago when I was talking with two friends of mine who are huge Clempsun guys. Myself and one of the guys were discussing how horrible Tummy Bowden was as a coach. The other guy got really mad and said that I had no right to talk about Clempsun football because I was not a fan and the other guy had no right to talk about their coach like that. Y'all just keep on accepting mediocrity.

Here is what the "we are okay with 8 wins a season and never beating Florida" crowd wants to hear.

1. Herschel Walker, Bo Jackson, Barry Sanders, O.J. Simpson, Jim Brown, Gale Sayers, John Riggins, and Reggie Bush all donated their sperm to science and they then merged all the best qualities of every sample and created a Frankenstein-back named Marcus Lattimore. Lattimore is the second coming of Jesus Christ only he is black and cares more about football than saving your eternal soul this time around. The most elite defense in the nation recruited by the greatest coach of all time did everything they could to stop THE SINGLE GREATEST PLAYER TO EVER PUT ON A UNIFORM and fell just 11 points short.
2. After over 100 years of uncontrollable failure the University of South Carolina has now emerged as the perfect combination of the 60' Packers coaching, the 70's Steelers Defense, the 80's 49'ers offense, and the focus and drive of the early 00's Patriots. To be as honest as possible the Gamecocks will sweep through the SEC, represent the East in the championship game, crush Bama in Atlanta, and destroy who ever is presented before them in the National Title Game.
3. UGA did the very best it could and the 17-6 score will be the closest the Cocks have all year as they will destroy Bama twice, Auburn, Florida, and Arkansas by a total score of 576,231- 3
4. UGA was not undersized they were simply built for more areola-dynamic speed and will suddenly learn how to tackle over this six day period.
5. This was a bump in the road that no one could have imagined because we had no idea that South Carolina (and their over 30 players from the state of Georgia) are in-fact cyborgs engineered in Columbia with super human strength, speed, and endurance. Georgia will easily win every other game this season.

So sorry for the earlier posts they were totally absurd and everything listed above is the truth.

Monday, September 13, 2010

We Can't Tackle and oh Look a Prolific Offense is Coming to Town

The Dawgs are 1-1, un-ranked, and now the laughing stock of the South. They are in full chuckle mode in Clempsun cause no matter how bad they are they always beat the Shamecocks.
Arkansas comes to town with a QB that threw for 3,624 yards and 30 TDs and guess what....We are TURRIBLE at defense. In addition we intend to dazzle Arkansas with predictable play calling and just when it gets overly predictable we will call double-reverse-fake-puntarooskie- out of the wildcat from under center and get pushed back 15 yards. Take that Arkansas we have a coach who won two SEC titles while Florida was under Zook, Bama was under Shula, Saban was trying to re-build LSU, and Tennessee was in decline which means he should never be fired. Bobby-P won't even have to watch game tape this week because no matter what you throw at Georgia it won't matter what the defensive call is because GEORGIA CAN'T TACKLE!!!!!
In our pre-season assessment we were very optimistic and got a little irritated at the anti-Richt crowd but in our hearts we knew the decline was happening. It is now time to revise our 2010-projections

South Car. L
Arkansas L
Miss. St Push
Colorado W
Tennessee Push
Vanderbilt W
Kentucky Push
Florida L
Idaho St W
Auburn L
G.T. L

Best case- 6-6
Worst case- 4-8

If you are confused and weak on Defense you have no chance against Arkansas or Florida. If you can't tackle you have no chance against G.T. or Auburn. Kentucky and Miss. St are better than they have been in recent years and if the Dawgs can't beat S.C . who is to say they can beat any of the other inferior programs in the SEC.

Richt's Triumphant Return to the Hotseat!

We at S&G waited an entire day before commenting on the abortion of a football game that was played in Columbia on Saturday. After taking numerous deep breaths and trying to find the silver lining we have come to one conclusion:

It is time to press the button seen here to your immediate right. A loss to the Shamecocks is never, ever, ever, under any circumstances acceptable. South Carolina is an inferior program by ever imaginable variable for measuring a program. Richt has now lost to the Cock three times in a decade, and while we aren't 100% sure we think that has to be the all-time worst mark against South Carolina by any Georgia coach. So let us break this thing down piece meal, sit back, and accept the comments from the eternally optimistic crowd that will somehow see this as a salvageable season and tell us how we aren't real fans because we don't support a captain who is sinking the ship faster than an iceberg.

Boy how a week changes things. Against ULALA there was a fire, excitement, and what appeared to be good team speed on defense. Against South Carolina we endured no less than 10 Willie Martinez flashbacks. This is hard for us to say but The University of Georgia Bulldogs are SOFT on defense. What does that mean for a team with an SEC schedule? It means they will be eaten alive. Soft does not stand alone as the only applicable descriptive term either, here are a few others:
We can't stress enough how terrible the defense was in Columbia. Saturday was quite possibly the worst performance by any Georgia Defense ever. Not that more points haven't been scored on Georgia before or anything like that but Georgia's defense has never been so thoroughly dominated by such an inferior program as far as we can remember. No one could tackle and when we say no one we mean not a single player under scholarship to play football at the University. I can understand blown assignments because it is a new scheme, but to not know how to wrap-up is inexcusable and goes directly to coaching. In addition to a failure to tackle the front seven had zero ability to shed the blocks of an offensive line that is at best lower level ACC caliber. One final though on the defense is how undersized they were. If you watched the game you had to notice that not only the Carolina receivers but the entire offense was much larger than the entire Georgia defense.

Offensive Play Calling
To call Bobo's play calling vanilla would be an insult to vanilla. You see vanilla is the same flavor through and through it is consistent. The only thing consistent about Bobo is inconsistency. If the Dawgs started to find a rhythm Bobo would put in the wildcat or some other nonsense. The vaunted offensive line was a total enigma on Saturday. The easiest thing for an O-line to do, run block, looked like advanced calculus to an allegedly talented and experienced line. On the other hand the most difficult part of line play, pass blocking was not a major problem. When Murray stood in the pocket the line held the only time the Cocks got pressure was when Bobo rolled Murray outside of the tackles. Murray's arm had the most success of anything on Saturday but Richt and Bobo would reel him in whenever he started to find a rhythm.

This is applicable here because it looked as if the talent gap between Georgia and a much inferior program, South Carolina, had been closed. This did not happen because the Cocks got so much better; it happened because they got a little better and Georgia has gotten much worse. South Carolina was bigger, stronger, faster, and better coached than Georgia on Saturday.

Georgia is the flagship school in a state of almost 10 million people.
Atlanta is the seventh largest major metropolitan area in the country.
Georgia has two consensus National Championships (1942, 1980)
Georgia can stake at least a claim to three other National Titles (1927, 1946, and 1968) because at least one publications named them the champion.
Georgia has two Heisman Trophy winners Frank Sinkwich 1942, and Herschel Walker 1982.
Georgia has 14 players in the College Football Hall of Fame
All-time Georgia is 731-389-54 a .646 winning percentage.
Georgia has been to 45 Bowl games and have a record of 26-16-3.
Georgia has won the SEC championship 12 times.
Georgia has 29 consensus All-Americans.
Georgia has arguable the most beautiful campus in the country.
Georgia has state of the art facilities that rival anyone in the country.

South Carolina is the secondary school in a state of roughly 4.5 million people.
South Carolina has no major metropolitan area in the entire state.
South Carolina has never even played for a National Title.
South Carolina has one Heisman winner George Rogers 1980, (and everyone knew that Herschel deserved it that year).
South Carolina has 1 player in the College Football Hall of Fame.
All-Time South Carolina is 535-535-44 a .500 winning percentage.
South Carolian has been to 15 Bowl games with a record of 4-11-0
South Carolina has never even been close to an SEC championship.
South Carolina has 18 consensus All-Americans.
South Carolina plays in the worst city in the South. Columbia is the butt hole of Dixie. The campus is disjointed. The stadium is crap and is located in an industrial park about 5 miles outside of the general area that they call campus.
South Carolina has crappy facilities, the athletic department is a run-down circular building that looks like it was built in 1950.
How in the world, with these numbers can this team be competitive with Georgia, how can Georgia miss on a recruit if it comes down to Georgia or South Carolina? How can South Carolina ever have bigger stronger or faster players than Georgia? How much longer are we to allow this decline of the program?

We are dangerously close to falling into the Clempsun trap. Clempsun hired Tummy Bowden who immediately won with, his predecessors talent and with a very very good assistant coach in Rich Rodriguez. Richt was hired and immediately won with his predecessors talent and an excellent assistant in Brian Van Gorder. Tummy is a very nice person that everyone liked. Richt is a very nice person that everyone likes. Clempsun's AD openly stated that it was hard to part ways with Bowden because he is " Such a good Christian Man". Richt is the same. I am a Christian and I know lots of good Christian men but that is not a qualification for job performance. The program can't get caught up in Richt's personality or religion. The University needs to look at the decline in wins, talent, and coaching ability of the assistants.

The SEC is totally different than it was 10 years ago when Richt got the job. If you are not getting better you are falling into irrelevance. Everyone laughed at Alabama and their absurd expectations a few years ago. No one is laughing now. Alabama is dominant, Florida is dominant, Auburn is getting better, Tennessee will not stay down forever, and LSU will be replacing Lester this year so they will be back before long. Richt is now in his third year of decline. You can excuse the first two but if you let a third go you are slipping and if you are slipping then you are falling, and if you fall in this league it is hard to get back up.

Friday, September 10, 2010

A.J. Green and the Southern Inquisition

Close your eyes. Imagine if you will that Notre Dame is still relevant in the college football universe. Now imagine the Irish having a wide-out considered to be the best in the nation. Imagine that if he came out as a junior he would be a top ten if not a top five pick. Now, imagine that a sleazy former player from another program contacted him and claimed to be a memorabilia collector and offered to buy a jersey from the N.D. receiver to keep in his personal collection. Now imagine that receiver sold him the jersey, felt guilty, admitted to the sale, and donated the money to a charity. Do you know what his punishment would be? NOTHING!!!!!!

In fact he would be hailed as a heroic victim who turned his being victimized into charity. He would be on the cover of SI. ESPN would do a 30 on 30 concerning this Nobel Irish player. The Sporting News would demand that a new yearly trophy be given in his honor to recognize the player who did the most off the field to inspire and personify what it means to be an NCAA athlete.

This scenario would be true if he played at Ohio St., Michigan, Penn St., or any other non-southern program. However, if you do what is listed above and you play in the South (especially the SEC) you get a four game suspension. Look around this off-season. Southern Cal almost got the death penalty only because their violations were so egregious and blatant the NCAA could not possible sweep them under the rug. Trust us the NCAA and the Northeastern media did not want to see the great white hope of the west (the only big program the SEC champion has not taken to the woodshed in a national title game) in this much trouble. Ohio St. is garbage and everyone knows it. USC is out of play for a few years. Texas and Oklahoma have already been dismissed in title games. That means the SEC champion walks to a fifth straight national title for the conference.

Unless, the NCAA suspends all of their top players. Follow us here, if Green is out Georgia has a greater chance of loosing to Carolina and Arkansas, Florida is down, and the Gamecocks will inevitable be the Gamecocks and fall apart around Halloween. If a three loss (but only two in the conference) Carolina team drags into Atlanta in December and a one loss Bama team beats them, but Ohio St. has one loss and Texas is undefeated then guess who is out in the cold.

We need 16 team conferences so we can get a play-off and do away with the corrupt NCAA!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ponderous Pontifications for Week 2

Each and ever week your humble servants at S&G will
selflessly scale the cliffs of Wolverton Mountain, bypass
Ol' Clifton Clowers and his good ol' Arkansas wine, and speak directly with the Oracle of Dixieland seen to the right. Upon swimming through the sea of bourbon, glorious full bodied cigar smoke, and former Miss. Mississippi's we will return to the Garden City and relay to you the picks of the week.

Here are the week 2 picks as given by the oracle, So let it be written so let it be done.

Upsets of the Week
Mississippi State 34 Auburn 31
Miami 38 Ohio State 17
Tennessee 38 Oregon 35

Blow Outs of the Week
Alabama 41 Penn State 6
Florida State 45 Oklahoma 13

Closer Than They Should Be
Florida 17 South Florida 14
Ole Miss 20 Tulane 14
USC 24 Virginia 20
LSU 27 Vandy 24

Other Notable Games
Michigan 23 Notre Dame 17
Georgia 27 South Carolina 13

Monday, September 6, 2010

Toddy Grahams Throws Ice on the Richt Hotseat

Yes we are well aware of the fact that Saturday's game
was against ULALA, yes we know the Dawgs should have won in a blow out, yes we know the speed will be different at high-noon this Saturday. All of that being said Dawgs nation had to feel really good about what they saw from the defense. Not since VG bolted have we seen the defense look so aggressive and focused. It was the defense's energy that was the catalyst for the team. It was the man to our right who was vigorously creating new sphincter cavities for the defensive players who were not doing their jobs. It was in this glorious creation of new butt holes that we took particular delight. Getting chewed on by the coach is something that we have not seen on the defensive side in quite a while.
The Dawgs will be facing this chick and her team on Saturday so naturally we need to assess their performance from this week. The Mighty Cock was in a similar boat to the Dawgs with a much weaker opponent of a lesser conference. So. Miss and ULALA both get the occasional SEC reject and their starters are not completely terrible. The Cocks looked good on Defense but that is becoming the norm in Columbia since Ellis Johnson is the only coach up there who still appears to care about what sort of legacy he leaves behind. Lattimore looked to be the best back the Cocks have had in a long long time. Garcia looked very comfortable and his feet were a lot less happy. That being said they still pulled off the mystical and much fabled back to back false starts on the O-line and even if they get King back in the line-up the Cocks still lack a competent O-line. We expect Toddy Grahams D to pin their ears back and throw Garcia out of his comfort zone. The Dawgs O-line was not nearly as dominant as we expected but they should step it up against the Cocks whose D-line and MLB looked soft against the run on Thursday. Ealy and Green should return and make what looked to be a very coherent Offense even better.

It is funny how quickly things can turn around. All seem to be pleased with Grantham and if the defense gets fixed all should be back to being pleased with Richt. Another loss to the Cocks this Saturday could undo all these good feelings. Speaking of undoing good feelings, welcome to the Hot Seat Reverend Nutt. How is hiring Tyrone Nix as your D-Coordinator working out over there in Oxford? Nix was horrible at South Carolina and it ain't like Ole Miss has any more talent than they do in Columbia. Stop being soft over there, bring back Colonel Reb, fire Nix and quit embarrassing the SEC.
Since we are on Hotseat talk........"Coach Muschamp LSU is on line 1 they say it is urgent"

Lester Lester the Hat Molester has now officially supplanted Rich-Rod, Hawkins, and the Maryland Fridge as the new most fired coach in the country.