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Friday, October 29, 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Has Richt Saved His Job? Can Richt Save His Job?

When I was a kid Florida was an important game but it was one that Georgia typically won. When I was a teenager and the vibrant and youth full adult that I am now Florida became the football equivalent to at home dental work. The pain has mounted for 20 years now with only brief intervals in which we were able to stave off the pain for one year before it returned for 8 or 9 consecutive years. This year the game that best exemplifies the drunken debauchery that we Southerners occasionally participate in-- but never admit too, carries more than the usual "Oh, God please don't let us get blown out" trepidation that it usually brings to Georgia fans.

Georgia is 4-4 with 4 games left. A win against Idaho St. is a sure thing making Georgia 5-4, but the chances of a win against Auburn are slim and none and slim left town back in September. That puts the Dawgs at 5-5 with the two most bitter rivals left to determine Richt's future. A loss to Florida would mean 5-6. Even with a win against Tech the final record would be 6-6. If Richt is to stay I believe that Georgia must beat Idaho State, Florida, and Georgia Tech and they must do so in convincing fashion. Furthermore, the Auburn game cannot devolve into a total embarrassment. Wins over ULALA, Vandy, Kentucky, and the worst Tennessee team in 25 years are not enough to erase the shame of losses to S.C., Missy St., and Colorado (three teams that define the term bottom-feeders).

CMR, devourer of low hanging fruit

In defense of Richt Georgia has a few things going in their favor:
1. Aaron Murray looks great and could be the next super-star QB in the SEC.
2. Grantham's D has improved each week
3. Green is at least considering returning for his Senior year
4. The O-line is finally showing up
5. The short bus Donny-brook that is the SEC East has left UGA in contention to get a trip to Atlanta

Can Richt save his job? Well here are the possible scenarios:
1. UGA wins out, gets to Atlanta, and gets the upset win, then wins the Sugar Bowl
2. UGA wins out in the regular season but is beaten in the SEC Champ game- Capital One Bowl
3. UGA beats UF, Idaho St., and G.T. but is narrowly edged out by Auburn.
4. UGA beats UF, Idaho St., and G.T. but is blown out by Auburn
5. UGA beats UF, and Idaho ST., but get thumped by Auburn and looses to G.T.
6. UGA beats Idaho St and G.T. but looses to Auburn and Florida
7. UGA is hammered by UF, beats Idaho St., gets blistered by Auburn and get edged out by G.T.

Scenarios 1-3 will save Richt's job.
Scenarios 5-7 will result in a call to Coach Patterson which will result in a very rich and belligerent Gary Patterson which will result in an even more belligerent Gary Patterson
Scenario 4 could go either way.

If Florida is smart they will lay down this week and do what they can to help keep Richt at Georgia and keep Georgia loosing to Florida 7 out of every 8 years.

I see you looking hard but might I remind you that you are wearing a turtleneck.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Best Conference Should Have the Best Officials

Much to the chagrin of the entire Yankee controlled Big Ten loving sports media--Auburn has regained the top of the mountain for the SEC. In arguable the most down year for the SEC in a decade the Conference still has a few things going for it.
- Number one team in the land
- Front runner for the Heisman
-The top pro style QB in the Nation (Mallett), the top duel threat QB in the Nation (Newton), the best WR in the Nation (Green), and the top Freshman in the Nation regardless of position (Lattimore)
However, there is a lot of dissatisfaction in Dixieland and much of that ire is directed at the officials. Commissioner Slive has received numerous letters, e-mails, and complaints from fans all over the SEC. We think even Slive will have to admit that the officiating, while traditionally bad, has been especially awful this season.
Here at S&G we think the solution is rather simple........Hire full time officials.
The SEC is a 12 member conference so at best the most possible games you could have going at once is six. Sure there are out of conference games but they aren't all played in SEC stadiums. Six crews would mean 60 full time officials. Each crew would have ten men- seven officials on the field, one alternate, and two review officials. Naturally the Conference would have to hire a director to sit in Birmingham and oversee the officials. The director would need a secretary and at least one assistant. That means 60 officials, one director, one assistant director, and one secretary. Sixty-Three jobs. Each school could give back a very small portion of their roughly $17 million annual television payout to cover the cost. Maybe it's just us but we expect the SEC to always be in the forefront of moves that make College Football even better.
Oh, and please don't bore us by saying "If you do it for Football then you have to do it for the other sports" to that we say "Uhhhhh.....NO! Other sports are not as good as Football and if they were people would give a crap about the ACC."

Monday, October 25, 2010

"What the hell are Gators?"...."Morons"

Since I can't embed the video, I'll link Henry and Leonard.

Georgia has had three weeks of impressive play. They have put up over 40 points in back to back to back games, and appear to have been reborn ala 2007. Impressive, but it's also been against the worst in the SEC East, and both UK and UT had numerous big turnovers leading to easy points. That said, Georgia seems to have a new found energy, and has looked much better than they did against earlier bottom feeders like Colorado and Miss St. Is the difference as simple as AJ Green's return? Is it the move to more physical practices? Maybe it's the promise of manly facial hair?

Whatever it is, we'll see if the Bear's Sequel can continue this weekend at the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.

Oh, and of course, Gators eat boogers.

Friday, October 22, 2010

SEC Mid-Season Report Sorta

We were very impressed with the showing of the Oregon Ducks last night and would be fine with them holding the #1 ranking in the country. Oklahoma on the other hand sucks even harder than they normally do and yet are inexplicable considered one of the top teams in the country. While the SEC is way down this year; there is little doubt that the 12 from Dixie still make-up the best conference top to bottom in the nation.

1. Auburn Wareagle-Tiger-Man-Bear-Pigs 7-0 Auburn should be number one in the National Polls on account of their being in the SEC and having more quality wins than any team in the country. Life is good right now on the Plains--Bama lost to S.C., Newton is the front runner to bring Auburn its third Heisman, and the Plainsmen are in the driver's seat in the SEC. Wins over resurgent Miss. St., South Carolina, and Kentucky, as well as beating the best passing QB in the country and a decent team from another BCS conference should be enough to overcome Chokelahoma. Chattanooga, Georgia, and Ole Miss are foregone conclusions. Bama is a flip a coin game and who knows what Voodooish luck the Hat Molester brings this Saturday. A win on Saturday makes the Iron Bowl and national title game ticket punch.
Best Player- Cam Newton QB
Biggest Mistake- None so far
Biggest Game Left- Alabama Nov. 26
2. Alabama Crimson Sabans 6-1

Like Auburn the Tide survived hurricane Mallett. In addition the Sabans rolled Penn State and Florida. Unfortunately the tide did not have the good fortune of Spurrier making a bonehead decision and subbing a true freshman at QB late in the game like Auburn enjoyed. The Tide should destroy the Vols on Saturday as well as Georgia State in November. The Hat Molester is a threat because crazy people is unpredictable, Auburn will be a slug-fest, and watch-out for sneaky sneaky Miss St the week after LSU.
Best Player- Trent Richardson RB (They have to get him the ball more)
Biggest Mistake- Not getting Richardson the ball enough against S.C.
Biggest Game Left- Auburn Nov. 26
3. LSU Bayou Bengals 7-0
Just do what we are doing an embrace the crazy folks. We still don't know if Miles is the luckiest man alive or just so far ahead of all of us that he has essentially looped pack (he looks retarded but maybe he is just a lap ahead of everyone). Auburn this week then an off week and then Bama. The next three weeks will tell us if Lester is dumb, crazy, lucky, or an insane genius--our guess is a little of all three.
Best Player- Patrick Peterson CB (hands down the best DB in the country)
Biggest Mistake- Not starting off and sticking with Lee at QB
Biggest Game Left- Tie Auburn Oct. 23 and Bama Nov. 6
4. Arkansas Malletts 4-2

The defense is horrible. The O-line is pretty good the receivers are fantastic and when the QB is Mallett the barn is in danger of getting burnt to the ground. Bama and Auburn were tough losses especially Auburn. Cam Newton's anal raping of the defense should haunt Willy Robinson's dreams for years to come. South Carolina, Miss. St., and LSU are left on the schedule and if Arkansas wins out and Lester throws a monkey wrench into the middle of the state of Alabama then the Razorbacks aspirations for Atlanta are still alive (on life support but alive none the less).
Best Player- Ryan Mallett (of course) QB
Biggest Mistake- Failing to have Newton kidnapped before the Auburn game
Biggest Game Left- All of them Arkansas has to win out
5. Mississippi State Taliban 5-2
I want every program in the country that may be looking for a new HC to listen closely to the following statement. After seven weeks Dan Mullen still has Mississippi State alive in the SEC West. Stop......allow that to sink in for a minute........ Mullen has done wonders with the Missy Dogs and if Bama, Auburn, and LSU have a round robin elimination cycle and the Shiites from Starkganistan upset Bama on Nov 13 then Miss St could be in Atlanta (we know that is a major stretch).
Best Player- Dan Mullen (hey if Spurrier can give himself the game ball..)
Biggest Mistake- Letting Auburn slip through their fingers
Biggest Game Left-Alabama Nov.13

6. South Carolina Shamecocks 4-2
We are sure that without Spurrier the Cocks would be on the bottom of this list but my God why put a true freshman in against Auburn in the fourth--- and why not kick a field goal against Kentucky. Spurrier is a huge douche but he is the SEC's douche so we have to accept him. Vandy and Tennessee should be cake walks, Arkansas may just score them under the table, Florida looks bad but could turn the ship around, and Clempsun well they always beat the Cocks. The team has the talent to win out but they are still Carolina and we all know what that means.
Best Player - Marcus Lattimore RB
Biggest Mistake- Pulling Garcia against Auburn; not kicking it against Kentucky
Biggest Game Left- Arkansas Nov. 6, and Florida Nov. 13

7. Kentucky Is It Basketball Season Yets 4-3
Uncharted waters right now for the Wildcats. A win over Georgia keeps the Cats in the hunt for a trip to Atlanta. Had they held on against Ole Miss and Auburn they would be in the cat bird seat right now. They look to be about the equal of Georgia right now so the play of Cobb vs. Green could decide the Wildcats future. If they don't beat Georgia so what basketball season is upon us.
Best Player- Randall Cobb WR
Biggest Mistake- Letting Auburn sneak away with a win
Biggest Game Left- Georgia this Saturday

8. Florida Tebows 4-3

Yes they beat Kentucky but UK is playing better than the Gators right now. Florida looks to be declining and Georgia looks a lot better so Jacksonville might be interesting this year. Meyer is just waiting for the Tebow experiment to go bad in Denver and then can you say Offensive Coordinator Tebow. I just caused 5,000 erections in the greater Gainsville area.
Best Player- Is it still Tebow
Biggest Mistake- Not throwing enough money and white girls at Cam Newton
and letting him walk.
Biggest Game Left- South Carolina Nov. 13
9. Georgia Please for the Love of God Fire Bobos 3-4
First off lets pump the brakes because the Vols and Vandy have found a way to suck harder than Georgia this year. Kentucky is hoping that they don't have a let down against Georgia--Yeah that's right Kentucky.....they don't want to overlook Georgia....yeah that is how bad Georgia is this year.....no I am not talking about basketball.
Best Player- A.J. Green WR
Biggest Mistake- Every single assistant and coordinator...no wait that can be
solved by just FIRING RICHT!
Biggest Game Left- Kentucky, Florida, Auburn, and GT- Richt needs to win three
to have a chance of surviving.
10. Ole Miss Yankee Loving Scalawags 4-2

The Jacksonville State loss and the mascot debacle have both so embarrassed the SEC that we couldn't rank them higher (although their record dictates that they should be 7th). Nice Bear Ole Miss nothing like a large Gay Man to be your mascot. Grrrrrrrrr boysss Grrrrrrr...its time to take it to those tight ends!
Best Player- Jerrell Powe DT
Biggest Mistake- That F*&%$#g Bear
Biggest Game Left- Auburn Oct. 30, LSU Nov. 20, Miss St. Nov 27

11. Tennessee Hillbillies 2-4

Precious has done as good a job as one can expect considering the hot ghetto mess Kiffikins left him with ( he just hopes Diddy is proud of him). Tennessee won't get up from this so easily. Knockersville is a turd of a town, Tennessee's white girls are on the low end of the totem poll by SEC standards, and Diddy's Boy doesn't seem like the cheatin type. This may be the beginning of a long decade for the Vols and it couldn't have happened to better people.
Best Player Nick Revis LB
Biggest Mistake- Still Lane Kiffin
Biggest Game Left- Memphis because it is the only sure win left
12. Vanderbilt Turkey Squirts 1-5
Dear Lord they are awful but they could still upset Tennessee. God we hope they upset Tennessee.
Best Player Warren Norman RB
Biggest Mistake- Not excusing themselves from the SEC
Biggest Game Left- Tennessee Nov. 20

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I'm really sorry I threatened to kill her, so can I's play now?


To the shock of absolutely no one, Chris Rainey is "eligible" to play against Georgia. Urban Meyer says he may not, but no one believes him. They've lost 3 in a row, and his offense is sputtering like my '83 Honda Civic. Chris Rainey will play.

To all those who rail in the media about Georgia being a thug program, note the massive difference. Richt cuts players lose, Urban suspends them for a couple weeks unless they aren't contributors. Athens-Clarke County PD arrests people for not giving a middle name they haven't used in years, while Florida has a DA who will reduce charges like they're his kids.

Get caught with weed for the dozenth time, we'll still play you against the hard part of our schedule. Have an arsenal in your apartment and shoot through the walls, it's OK cause you're gone to the NFL. Percy Harvin gets expelled from HS athletics in Virgina, and fails a drug test at the NFL combine, but in the between time at Florida, he was squeaky clean? The list of serious crimes committed by Gators is amazingly long, and thanks to ol' Billy "Bull Gator" Cervone, charges are almost always reduced or dropped.

For that, and a million other reasons, I hope the Gators get some comeuppance come October 30. Maybe Urb's can have another "heart attack".

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sports & Grits Top 25-The Only Legit Poll in the Land

Since there are a bunch of polls and in all the madness Chokelahoma is number one we at S&G decided to come out with a real poll that considers real issues. Issues like how pillow soft Oklahoma always is, how overrated Ohio State is every year, how beating a terrible VT team does not make a team out west a top ten team, you know common sense stuff.



3. LSU






9. TCU

10. OK.ST


12. UTAH



15. IOWA


17. FSU





22. MISS ST.




Undefeated in the SEC + quality wins against quality opponents+ Cam the Man= number 1 overall

Any other questions about this definitive ranking system can be directed to the comments. However if you dispute the ranking of any team on this board you are wrong.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Oklahoma, Like a Real #1 Only Much Softer

We have six computers and two man made polls that we use to tabulate together and rank the best college football team in the country. Some people argue that this system is flawed and others think it is the best system possible. So who is correct in this debate? Well lets consider the most vital piece of evidence---Oklahoma.
Oklahoma has been number one for more weeks than any other school in BCS history. As I sit here today Oklahoma is number one by the BCS formula. How can the "best system possible" continue to select a team that is so constantly nougat soft? Oklahoma is a joke. The greatest player is school history is seen above, Big Chief Chickenbones of the Foldlikeatentinbiggames Tribe.
We are pretty sure that Chokelahoma will collapse under the pressure of the Big XII championship game against a one loss Nebraska and spare us all the burden of having to watch a BIG XII team being allowed in the general vicinity of a National Title Game.

Hey, remember a couple of years back when everyone at ESPN was in love with the BIGXII South? Remember how they went on and on about how the BigXII South was as good as the SEC top to bottom? Ahh yes, the good old days when people still thought Texas and Oklahoma were SEC caliber. Hey Tex-la-homa at least you aren't Ohio State.

Monday, October 18, 2010

What in the wide, Wide World of Sports is going on here?

This year in the SEC has been quite strange hasn't it? It's years like these that keep me humble and remembering I know absolutely nothing about college football. Let me explain. No, there is too much; let me sum up.

Everyone in the SEC East has is technically in the hunt for Atlanta, still, since all have either 2 or 3 losses in conference play.

The Chicken Curse reared it's ugly head again in the land of thoroughbreds. Admit South Carolina fans, you knew it was coming.

Kentucky somehow upset a top 10 team, which was good timing since they are about to forget football with basketball season around the corner.

In true Les Miles fashion, LSU was losing to McNeese St 10-7, before that lucky horseshoe stuck up his butt went to work again. We'll see if Balls can win out in Auburn in a huge matchup Saturday, or if toilet paper will again be thrown.

Georgia has refound their swagger and destroyed the pair of teams from the Land of Hillbillies a combined 84-14.
That's Hill William to you Sir.

Florida has lost 3 straight for the first time since pre-Visor, including a butt whuppin by Bama and a homecoming failure to former OC Dan Mullen and Mississippi St. FIRE MEYER! Or maybe just Steve Addazio.

Alabama lost a regular season game for the first time since 1926.

Arkanas and Auburn pissed on the grave of Joe Lee Dunn, in a game where one Heisman candidate QB got knocked out, and another put his name at the top of the list.

What laptop?

In true Les Miles fashion, LSU was losing to McNeese St 10-7, before that lucky horseshoe stuck up his butt went to work again. We'll see if Balls can win out in Auburn in a huge matchup Saturday, or if toilet paper will again be thrown.

Yep, I've got no clue what's going on right now.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Hey Ole Miss Everyone Up North Still Thinks Y'all Are Racist!

We at S&G have lost what little respect we once had for The University of Mississippi (sorry RebelKev). Like so many of the once fiercely defended symbols of the Southern Culture, Colonel Reb is officially dead. So bravo Ole Miss you like so many others have buckled to wishes of your Yankee overlords.
Yesterday on the show The View Whoopie Goldberg and Joy Behear stormed off the set because Bill O'Riley said "The Muslims killed us on 9-11". I say this because there exists a liberal cross-segment of the population that gets offended when you are insulting to entire groups of people, their religion, or their culture. However,when it comes to the culture of white Southerners its is perfectly alright to make fun of us and disparage our culture. White Southerners are the only people in our PC world that is it okay to make fun of, to look down upon, and to hate.

Much like when Georgia dropped "Dixieland" off the bands name, and when all southern schools stopped "striking up Dixie" we are now one step closer to pretending the Civil War never happened.
Now I could say how our Yankee neighbors also had slaves at one point, or how slavery is an institution that has existed almost as long as time itself (and still exists in some places), or how it is unfair to blame the American South for all the slavery that has ever occurred in world, but that would do little good. I could explain how Abe Lincoln had numerous opportunities to avoid the civil war but decided against it because he was a warmonger (google the Crittenden Compromise), I could tell you that it would have been far cheaper and more efficient for the U.S. government to purchase every slave at 75% of their value (so as to free the slaves and avoid a total collapse of the Southern economy) than the cost of the war itself. I could beg the question why did Lincoln wait until 1863 to sign the Emancipation Proclamation instead of doing it in 1861; and I could point out how the Proclamation came at just the right time so as to keep England out of the war. I could do all of these things but it will do little good because even historians have selective memories--and when you win the war you get to write the history.

I am disheartened when I see pockets of the South such as Hilton Head, S.C., Aiken S.C., all of Florida south of Jacksonville, Atlanta, GA, and all of Virginia being overrun with mongrel yankee scum. I hate that all things Southern are so greatly despised by the rest of the country. Most of all I hate when a Southerner bows to the whims of limp wristed liberal elitists.

So R.I.P. Colonel Reb and we hope Ole Miss never wins at anything again until Colonel Red is restored. We hate you Ole Miss, we hope all the bad things in life happen to you and nobody else.

At least the Bear won because what the hell does a shark and Marvel Comics Silver Surfer have to do with Missisyphillus? The Administration and Student Body of Ole Miss are all weak and you disgust us.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Little NFL Talk

We aspire to be a blog about "Southern Sports" and in that vein we do occasionally cover non- SEC Football stories. I want to take one second to address the biggest story in the NFL because it involves a Southerner. Let me start by saying I am a huge Brett Favre fan. That being said here is a picture of the poor, sweet, innocent girl who was allegedly sexually harassed by Favre.

This is either a Maxim or a Playboy shoot I ain't real sure but my God, why would anyone assume that this chick is open for business? She looks like she just got finished throwing up a few dozen Hail Marys at church.

If you don't immediately recognize her This is Jenn Sterger, and a few years back while a student at FSU she was an Internet sensation as one of the FSU cowgirls. Then she became a quasi-porn model for various jerk-off magazines, and then a "sideline reporter" (and I make air quote signs with my fingers for extra sarcasm) for the Jets. She has journalistic integrity written all over her doesn't she. She isn't talking to the Commissioner right now because

a) she has an agent, and

b) she is exploring her options

What does that mean exactly? It means this chick wants to be rich but has no real talent other than fake boobs and a small waist line. Therefore, she is attempting to use what is either a huge hoax (which is out vote), or a situation that she probably initially pursued herself to try and garner a crappy cable network reality show.
Sexually Harassed, what a joke! Like this chick hasn't ever seen a wiener before.

"Oh my Gah, some one sent me a picture of their wiener can you believe it."

We are 100% sure that Jenn haven't seen a few thousand of them coming high and hard at her face.
Wow we must be huge sexist a-holes for even thinking that this chick is anything but pure right?
Good thing Ben Dukes over at This Dawgs View doesn't read our blog anymore because he is too busy defending Mike Bobo, hating everyone who doesn't see how great Bobo is, and is busy in the "entertainment business" whatever that means.

Thank You Bobby Cox

As a child I spent a lot of time with my grandmother who was an avid Atlanta Braves fan. She was a fan her entire life. My mother still cannot stand to hear baseball on the television because it makes her remember her childhood yearnings to watch anything besides baseball on T.V. I was the first grandchild and I stayed with her every chance I got. From an early age I remember hearing about how handsome Dale Murphey was and how the Braves were a team on the rise.
In 1990, my grandmother's prediction came true when Bobby Cox arrived on the scene as manager (I know he was GM for a few years before). He took the Atlanta Braves from obscurity to the World Series in 1991. I look back on that series and think about how much I hate Kent Hrbeck (I am serious about this, if I ever see him in public I WILL SPIT IN HIS FACE). But now as an adult I have some perspective, that I watched every pitch of one of the top three world series of all time.
I got used to the winning ways of the Atlanta Braves. Like many other Braves fans, I often did not show the proper appreciation for Bobby Cox. But, I can look back on his years with the Braves and say Thank You. Thank you for all of the years that I could hear you cheer your players on after every pitch. Thank you for all of the wins. Thank you for our World Series title. Thank you for keeping team drama in house in an era when players egos run rampant (a la Hanley Ramirez). Thank You Bobby Cox for everything.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Richt Wins, Miles Reverse Genius, and The Top Cocks

First off let us say this: If your team is facing Alabama at any point this season...well as they say in the Bible Gird up Thy Loins. Bama is hoping the Cocks get to Atlanta.

Saban now thinks Bama needs to refocus; so we are betting straight Bama and giving the points.

Don't Get Too Excited Richt-o-philes
After failure of a never before seen magnitude this season Richt turned all that pent-up aggression on the Vols this Saturday. Look out for a let down against Vanderbilt, and bar the door against a Kentucky team that is far more talented than Tennessee. We are still looking at 7 or 8 L's and should still be looking for a new head coach. How did Bobo and our offense explode for 41 points? For that answer we turn to the S&G west coast reporter, Kiffy what is the deal?
Pffffttt, Tennessee is Tenne-Gay dog! Eff them Hillbillies Brah!

Lester-Lester the Hat Molester; The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Please, please, please, puuuuuhhhhhaaaleeeeeesssss LSU never fire Lester. Watching LSU is like watching crack-heads fight-- funny, sad, unpredictable, a little scary, but always entertaining.

Only the Gamecocks!

Only the University of South Carolina football program could at the pinnacle of their existence as a football program still find a way to pull the SEC down. Not since a North Carolina infantryman shot General Stonewall Jackson by accident has one Southerner done so much to destroy the Southern cause. What Steve, you are unhappy in Columbia so you have to ruin the Conferences run at a 5th consecutive title.
What do we mean? Well let us explain. The two douche huffers seen below are Jim Delany and Larry Scott

These two are the curmudgeony and metro sexual commissioners of the Big and Pac 10's respectively. Now with Bama showing a loss these two will ensure that Ohio State and Oregon remain undefeated and thus ensuring an SEC-less National Title Game. Way to go Cocks! If Carolina and Bama play 100 times Bama wins 99 of them. McElroy was bad and Garcia played the best game he will ever play in his entire life. The re-match, should it happen in Atlanta, won't be pretty.

Friday, October 8, 2010

So the changes are underway....


Former DB Kelin Johnson reports that the team has practiced in full pads 3 times this week. Is it too little too late? At least there seems to be a re-evaluation of how they've done business of late, and an attempt to correct where things have appeared to be lacking. Only time will tell if it works.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It has happened before...

now, I'm not comparing Mark Richt to the following man, but I've seen comments of late asking if anyone has ever been able to put together a run of championship seasons, have the wheels fall off, then rebuild and get back to winning at the highest level. There's no doubt that from 2002-2007 Georgia was one of the best, if not the best, program in the SEC, and on par with the elite nationally. But that was then, and now we've lost 4 straight, including to South Carolina and two other major conference bottom feeders. So, is there a precedent for turning it around?


See that big, bolded batch in the middle of all those SEC and national championship caliber seasons? Pretty bad huh, and would make you think the coach had lost it. But he reassessed his program, made massive changes (including a new system offensively), and got things back on track. Now, Bear Bryant was a pretty special coach, and Mark Richt certainly goes about his business a bit differently. But just saying is all, there is a history of a coach who won big, lost it, but was somehow able to get it back. Can Mark Richt?

Who's got one thumb and is ready to turn this ship around?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dan Hawkins wins over BCS out of conference teams at Colorado...

among those not in the Big 12, he's beaten:
West Virgina, at home in 2008 (17-14 in overtime during Bill Stewart's 4th game as a head coach)
Oh, and now Georgia.

He was 19-34 coming into this game. 9-12 out of conference, against mostly Colorado St, Montana St, Eastern Washington, etc. How did it get this low?

It doesn't really matter now, because Derek Dooley isn't likely to gift wrap another game (and this is a guy who couldn't put together a winning record at Louisiana Tech, and took over a program in shambles not 10 months ago). Nor is this team likely to somehow gain intensity out of nowhere like 2007 and knock off Florida, Auburn, and Georgia Tech. Right now, Idaho St becomes questionable.

Who's got two thumbs and is about to go looking for a new job? See above.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Ponderous Pontifications for October 2nd

Since the oracle has been letting us down of late we decided to channel this weeks predictions from beyond the Grave. We got Heaven on the main line and asked for circa 1975, fat, teetering on the cusp of madness Elvis for his picks this week. You may shower the King with your adoration and panties now or on Sunday morning once all of his predictions have come true.

The Big One
Alabama 23 Florida 17

The Other Big Ones That Are Not Really Big but ESPN Will Pretend They Are
Stanford 38 Oregon 31

Oklahoma 31 Texas 20

Wisconsin 24 Michigan State 13

Iowa 16 Penn State 13

Clempsun 30 Miami 23

Upset of the Week
Tennessee 24 LSU 21

Other Games of Interest
Georgia 23 Colorado 10

Kentucky 31 Ole Miss 17