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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Richt's Vision of Where UGA is Heading in Terms of Recruiting

Richt thinks it will be a good idea to recruit the top players in the State of Georiga. He wants a "Dream Team" of recruits from the State of Georgia.

Hhhmmmmmmmmm......Took a HC job a decade ago in a state that is the 4th biggest talent producer in the country and now you decide that keeping the top 10-15 players from that state may be the way to go. Funny thing about epiphanies is you never know when they will strike but boy when they do.

If only someone like say... I don't know......maybe.... Howard Schnellenberger had thought of this, implemented it, and had success with it thirty years ago down in Miami perhaps Richt would have had this in mind when he first took the job. Well you know what they say "better late than never."

McGarity Biggest Decision Is On The Horizon

We have a lot of fun on this site at CMR's expense. The best part is the militant pro-Richt people who only want to hear positive, positive, positive in a 6-6 season. I must admit we do enjoy having the Richt-O-Philes getting all up in arms over any criticism of their beloved.

In all honesty CMR is not a terrible coach in fact I think he is a pretty good coach. The problem with CMR in my opinion lies more with his staff than with Richt. However, it is Richt that picks his staff and Richt that refuses to fire those staffers.

You see a Head Coach is not just a coach. When it comes down to pure coaching Richt is very good. A Head Coach is much more than just a coach, he is an executive. An executive has to make hard decisions especially an executive in a balls to wall, cut-throat, take no prisoners business like college football. An executive should be kind and helpful to those beneath him in the pecking order but he also has to have some distance between himself and his employees. I know the Richt-O-Philes will jump on this and say things like "I am glad our HC isn't a dick like Spurrier, Saban, or Meyer." Maybe you don't have to be as big a hardcore jerk as those guys but you can't be as squishy soft as Richt is either. We kept Willie Martinez for far too long (actually Martinez never should have gotten the job) because he and Richt are such good friends.

Right now if you talk to any Dawg fan you will hear three names Bobo, Grantham, and Van Halanger. As far as Bobo goes I understand Richt's thinking, I really do. Bobo is young and Richt sees a lot of himself in Bobo. Just the other day Richt reminisced about the heat he took while at FSU. The difference between Bobo at UGA in 2010 and Mark Richt at FSU in the 90's is two fold:
1. FSU was not playing the level of competition week in and week out in the ACC in the 90's that UGA faces now in the SEC. An OC that struggled at FSU in the 90's had a much greater margin of error than an OC in the current SEC has, and
2. In the 90's the FSU defense wasn't so much a defense as it was a collection of genetically altered cyborgs from the future who played football as if their very existence depended on the level of pain they inflicted on the adversary. Bobo doesn't have that same luxury of the defensive side of the ball at Georgia.
That being said if Richt wants to stick with Bobo you just have to say "Well he is the HC and he is in a better position to see potential and track the improvement of an assistant" I know that doesn't sound very much like me but I am actually willing to give Richt the benefit of the doubt on Bobo.

Now as for Grantham. He makes a lot of money and while we anticipated a transition we did not anticipate his Martinez level of failure to stop the opposition. I am not saying I expected him to field the top D in the conference but I did expect better than what we had. Now I could point out that the 3-4 is a poor match against spread offenses like South Carolina, Auburn, Florida, and Missy St. because it forces you into the nickel for most of the game and limits what you can do in your blitz packages; but I am not as sophisticated a football spectator as some other Dawg bloggers so I won't. I could point out that the 3-4 is probably the worst possible D to play against PJ's triple option flex-boner attack; but Bob Davie (yeah pretty sad-Bob Davie pointed it out) spent the better part of ESPN's telecast on Saturday hammering that point home. UGA is paying Grantham a lot of money and it is true that he doesn't have all the personnel necessary to run this D. I will (probably to the surprise of the regular reader of this blog) give Richt the benefit of the doubt on Grantham as well.

The point where I can't give CMR the benefit of the doubt, and the place where McGarity has to step in and force a change is with Van Halanger. In the stretch where UGA lost 4 games the first 3 were to SEC teams- South Carolina, Missy St, and Arkansas. The bottom line is we were undersized and weaker than those teams. We have been undersized and weaker than a lot of teams in the past few years. Van Halanger has to go and if Richt can't pull the trigger on his friend then the AD has to override him.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Vandy Needs a New HC...Anyone....Anyone.....

Here is who Vandy will want and who Vandy may have to settle for:

1. Gus Malzahn- OC Auburn
Vandy may look to a coordinator before going the route of a current HC because lets be honest what job is worse than Vandy. Malzahn is an opportunist so he will carefully look at this thing but only if Auburn gets blistered by Newton-gate. If you can get Vandy to schedule 4 cupcakes (which is sorta hard because there may not be four programs in the country that Vandy is a sure thing over) then you only need to steal 2 of 8 games to get bowl eligible. If Malzahn were to be there 4 years and get into a bowl in at least 2 of those years he could land a bigger job. Chances he would take the job 40%.

2. Ken Niumatalolo- HC Navy
Vandy needs a gimmick because lets be honest they ain't gonna win by just lining their athletes up across from SEC competition. Vandy could run the triple option flex-boner just like Dusty Rhodes unwashed cousin does in Atlanta. They still probably won't win many games but they would be good for about 500 yards of total offense against the Dawgs ever year. Chances he takes the job 30%, he can probably hold out for something better.

3. Mike Leach- HC of Awesomeness
Even nerdy kids are due to accomplish one very cool thing in their life just look at Bill Gates. Are you tired of being picked on at the SEC playground Vandy? Then do something about it...something that says hey we have balls too you know....Hire Leach. Leach may take the job because:
a) A commodore is like a really rich sorta nerdy Pirate, and
b) See Malzahn above (two years of bowl eligibility would remind the other big schools that Leach has still got it and by it we mean a love of slinging the ball around and baggin and taggin chunky gals).
Chances he takes the job 50% his main concern is that with no Athletic Dept there may not be enough closet space.

4. Tummy Bowden- Sittin on his couch at home and poutin' cause Clempsun was real mean to him
When you put more emphasis on stupid crap like academics then when it comes to important stuff like football you have to take what you can get. Chances he would take the job 100,000,000%.

Richt Talks with S&G About the Mis-use of Time Outs this Season?

CCRider: Thanks for talking to us CMR.

CMR: Not a problem boys. Say how about that beat down we put of GT?

CCRider: Uhhh..... well I don't know if I would call it a beat down but thank God the Dawgs won.

CMR: Well a win is a win in the SEC

CCRider: Well Tech is in the ACC but never mind that we want to talk about the mis-use of time-outs this season.

CMR: Well you see the thing about time-outs is they always give you an extra one in the 4th quarter.


CMR: Well that is why they call it the 4th quarter because they give you a 4th timeout.

CCRider: No they don't!

CMR: Are you sure?

CCRider: 100% sure.

CMR: I know that I was just testing y'all. Seriously though the thing about time-outs is they don't allow you to use them in the 4th quarter.

CCRider: Yes they do!

CMR: Are you sure?


CMR: Well I will have to check the rule book on that one. If they do allow you to use them in the 4th I'm pretty sure most any coach you ask would agree that you want to use all your timeouts before the end of the 3rd quarter.

CCRider: Literally every coach in the world would disagree with that statement.

CMR: Are you sure?

CCRider just stares at Richt with an "I just smelled a fart" look on his face.

Richt IS the U's Top Choice!

Now as I get into this post let me give all non-Richt-O-Philes a heads up because you are about to see an interesting piece of Richt-O-Phillic hypocrisy. As the comments to this post roll in you will start to see all the Richt-O-Philes saying "Unh-uhu Richt ain't leaving why would he leave Georgia for the the U that is at best a lateral move." However, these are the same anonymous posters that have been reminding us that Georgia is not that elite of a program and that 6-6 is something that we just need to accept from time to time.

So not that good of a program when the talk is of firing their personal hero but suddenly Georgia will be Notre Dame with the four horsemen when the talk is of another program taking their Richtie-poo.

Richt is a perfect fit for the U and trust us the U knows this. Here are all the reasons why Richt will "take his talents to South Beach":

1. Richt is the perfect front man for the U. Clean cut, religious, trust worthy, white. No one will believe that there was an incident involving the entire Miami secondary in which 7 people were murdered, 11 more critically injured, 9 women and 2 men raped, and a rap album cut because Mark Richt is too good of a man to allow that to happen.

2. Richt will be moving to a conference in which 8 wins a year is good enough to win your division and get you into the conference title game.

3. No more Saban, Meyer, Spurrier, Petrino, and Miles tradin' them in for a little Dabo Sweeney action.

4. His biggest challenge will be Beamer-ball which is a fancy way of saying VT is always trying to block punts.

5. No recruiting necessary because the six counties closest to the city of Miami are the most fertile recruiting soil in the country, and they all want to play for the U. That means no more fighting with Auburn, Alabama, South Carolina, Clempsun, and Tennessee for recruits.

6. In the SEC Mark Richt football is often bland, boring, and uninspired. In the ACC that same brand of football will be spicier than the aroma of a Mexican work van and the end of a long day of layin' sod.

Life would be easier for everyone, and in the ACC Richt may actually get a chance to play for that ever elusive national title without having those dreams dashed by the South Carolina Shamecocks.

Oh and also for the random super douchie Richt-O-Phile that demands that we name a possible replacement for Richt in every post we put up about Richt not being Georgia's head coach here goes in order of preference:

1. Gary Patterson- TCU HC

2. Jim Harbaugh- Stanford HC

3. Dan Mullen- Missy St. HC

4. Gus Malzahn- Auburn OC
5. Will Muschamp- Texas DC

Monday, November 22, 2010

Sports & Grits to Team with the Georgia Department of Health and Human Services?

The state department of health and human resources may be tapping into the old boys at S&G for some perspective into the biggest threat to the health and well being of Georgia citizens, Richt-O-Philia.

We are currently working on a story that will outline this dreaded disease, its symptoms, and possible cures. However, it may already be too late for this shopping mall full of Georgians (talk about Black Friday). Stay tuned to S&G for updates because you or a loved one may be infected and you don't even know it!

Much like Aids coming from the eating and or molesting of monkeys in Africa we are studying the correlation between Richt-O-Philia and the Football Aids that is Willie Martinez.

By Popular Demand- Some Positives To Take Away From This Season

While 5-6 is typically an abortion of a football season by University of Georgia standards, most of our anonymous posters (which trend heavily towards Richt-O-Philia) want old CCRider to be a little more positive. So here are the positives that we can take from this season:

1. Aaron Murray- Everyone in Bulldog Nation has to be thrilled with the improvements Murray has made as well as the apparent upside of his talent. I don't know if we were this pleased with Stafford after his first season, but I don't think I was personally as excited about Stafford as I am about Murray. His mobility is not quite that of DJ but it is a vast improvement over Cox as well as Stafford. Naturally his arm is not as big as Stafford's but that is not always a bad thing. Trust us- he has plenty of arm strength but sometimes guys like Stafford, Cutler, and Favre are overly confident in their arms and that can get them into INT trouble. With Mallett and Newton on their way out of the door Murray should be the top rated passer in the SEC come 2011.

2. Toddy Graham's D is Improving- Now Toddy doesn't run a true 3-4 in the Pittsburgh Steelers sense of the word. Much like his old associate Nick Saban, TG runs a hybrid that very often has four men on the line. We all knew this would take some time (Saban's first year at Bama turned up a loss to UL-Monroe) and we all knew that we didn't have the best personnel for this switch. Even if we have to go the Mt. Cody route and dip into the JUCO ranks TG's #1 priority this off-season has to be a gigantic NT. The ability to wrap-up and tackle has improved by leaps and bounds since the Carolina game, and with contact back at practice and a full year on the job TG should continue to improve the fundamentals as well as the nuances of this defense.

3. We Still Have Tennessee- I don't know why it is but for me more so than G.T., Auburn, or Florida I hate no program more than those inbred hillbillies in Tennessee. While there are some problems in Athens we are still in better shape than they are in Rocky-Top, and that does this ol' heart so good.

4. A.J. Green- Despite the suspension AJ is still in the words of Dusty Rhodes:
The man of the hour
the man with the power
too sweet to be sour
The hit maker
the record breaker
Will he come back? We hope so but if he leaves for top five pick money can we really blame him.
5.We Got a New AD- While I disagree with the Boise St. deal I have been very pleased with the other decisions. Plus anything is better than what we had.
See very positive although there may still be some grammatical mistakes.

Richard Seymour- His Pimp Hand Is Way Strong Son

Now normally we wouldn't condone the straight up jacking of a player on the field but since the striker is a former Bulldog, the strikee is Slothlisberger, and Seymour was in Raiders uniform we have justified it in our minds.

The first thing I thought of was Raider great Jack "The Assassin" Tatum in an interview discussing Steeler's ballerina Lynn Swann

Tatum: "Lynn Swann? Lynn Swann? Lynn Swann was soft."

Say what you will about the incident you know in your heart that:
a) After what did or didn't go down with Slothlisberger in GA you are sorta glad a Bulldog gave him da bitnezz Dusty Rhodes style, and
b) you sorta long for the days when the Raiders did crap like this all the time.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mark Richt's Fututre with Georgia Will be known by the first game of next season

I would like to start off by pointing out that the opening game in the dome of the 2011 season against Boise State is a good idea for Georgia. I think it will have a positive affect on recruiting for this years class. Crowell, Rome and the other top prospects we have been seeking are surely taking notice of this huge announcement of what could be there first game as a Dawg. This match up at the start of the CFB season will pay dividends for this years recruiting class. With the potential to dessimate our future recruiting classes.

However, there is also the potential that if Georgia gets beat (whether it is by 3 or 43) that this could spell the certain end for CMR tenure at UGA. CMR end at UGA could only be avoided by a season that would rebound from the openning loss to Boise by beating Florida, Carolina & Auburn and winning the East. He could also follow that up by winning SEC championship.

Georgia will not and should not tolerate three seasons in a row of sub par performances by a team that is definately not short on talented players. If UGA were to lose, a coaching sea change (barring a miraculous turn around would most certainly be in the cards for the Dawg Nation.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Boise State......Uhhhhh....Not So Sure We Want That One

Now I don't think Boise should play for a National Title but with as bad as we have been does CMR really want to start his farewell tour against Boise. Boise will see this as:
1. Retribution for getting the inevitable snub from the BCS,
2. There own personal National Title Game, and
3. A chance to shine against the SEC (b/c no matter how good the team is (Oregon) they will beat their chests over beating a non-elite SEC team (Tennessee)

I thought that a new AD would mean better decisions for the program but after keeping Richt for one more year and now this I have to wonder why the football gods seem to hate UGA so much right now.

Richt's teams always start slow and rarely look hungry and motivated. I know Boise will be ready willing and able. Boston College, West Virginia, Oklahoma St., Colorado need I remind you that Richt does not exactly shine against competition for lesser conferences (especially when that team puts more importance on beating Georgia than Georgia puts on beating them).

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Let's Not Dog Pile on the Newton Deal Just Yet.

Lifted from our boys over at Leather Helmet
This is a long but very interesting article concerning Bobby Lowder, the Auburn Board of Trustees, Cam Newton and their newest scandal.

Lowder seen here with TTubs, unfortunately for Tubs he had already invited Lowder into his home and once you let a vampire in it is only a matter of time before it sucks you dry.

Now I am sure we will all enjoy Auburn squirming a little but I would like to make one small point; we are all in the SEC and people in glass houses....well you know the rest. The last thing the SEC needs in the Feds and the NCAA snooping around our recruiting habits. Lets not treat this like steroids in baseball because we all know that what is going on at Auburn is not confined to Auburn, or the SEC alone.

For the Gamecock faithful hoping that Newton is out, be careful. Do you really want people asking how in the world did Marcus Lattimore look at Tuskaloosa, Athens, Gainsville, and Columbia and then choose Columbia? Have you ever been to Columbia? Columbia, South Carolina is the butt-hole of Dixie, I mean it is the worst. How could a kid pass on nicer places to live and play for four years in favor of Columbia? Trust us you don't want people asking that question. If Auburn goes down you better believe that the NCAA will see this as open season on the rest of the SEC. The NCAA would relish an opportunity to attack us and the major sports media would be an all too willing accomplice. (Please no comments from Clempsun fans, do y'all want people asking how you got C.J. Spiller?)

Pay for Play is something that everyone has done, and Mike Slive and the SEC needs to shut everyone up and hope this storm passes by without any major casualties.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Richt Seeks Guidance in Dealing with the Fairley Situation

After sitting in his office and crying about the Fairley hit on Murray and then crying some more because everyone in the world is so mean; CMR reached out to another coach to help him with the problem with Auburn and here is how it went. (For best effect Richt's lines should be read by a chick, Patterson's while screaming at the top of your lungs, and Bumpas' by Sam Elliot)

The phone rings in Coach Gary Patterson's office.........

Patterson: HELLO!
Richt: Gary, it's Mark Richt over at Georgia how are you today?
Patterson: FINE AND YOU!

Richt: Good Gary but I've got a little problem.


Richt: Yes, how did you know?


Richt: Well like I was saying I have a problem with Fairley from Auburn



Bumpas: Hello, Mark have you been crying?

Richt: Well yeah but listen I got a problem with Fairley over at Auburn. I tried calling Saban but he doesn't have time for phone calls, and I am getting all this heat about not being tough enough and I don't know what to do.

Bumpas: Fairley, Hoooooolllyyy Frihole did you see him bust that QB's.........I mean...uhhh who is Fairley?

Richt: You know Dick, he's the DT that had the dirty hit on my QB last week

Bumpas: No such thing as a dirty hit son.

Richt: Well I just don't know how to get justice in this situation.

Bumpas: Ok I understand, lets start at the beginning. Did you punch him in the nut sack?

Richt: What! No of course not.

Bumpas: Hmmmm....well right out the gate you're mishandling this situation and that is disappointing.


Richt: What! No of course not

Bumpas: Well what have you done?

Richt: Well I reported it to Mike Slive and the SEC offices.

Bumpas: Hhhmmmmmm.......so you're telling us you snitched on em?


Richt: What?

Bumpas: Exactly.

Why is Georgia complaining to the SEC about Fairley?

Is it just me? Or does Georgia complaining to the SEC about Fairley's admitedly dirty hits against Aaron Murray make them look bad. Especially in the SEC, which prides itself on being a defensively superior conference. I hate to agree with a judgement that doesn't go the Dawgs way but I have to applaud the SEC for protecting defensive players from being suspended for what I see as playing agressively, or playing with with heart, or playing like you want to win. In my opinion, Georgia would be much better off if we had a player who strattled the line that seperates an aggressive player from a dirty player. I beleive Fairley is a dirty player, but I also think that complaining about it makes us look like a whiney football team.

Riddle me this. What good would it do to suspend Fairley against Alabama? It could make the difference in what is sure to be one of the best Iron Bowls yet and prevent an SEC team from playing in the title game which is not good for any SEC team. It just makes us look weak. Stop complaining about Fairley and recruit someone who will body slam Auburn's QB into the ground for the next three years when the Tigers will surely be down and out due to the NCAA sanctions that are sure to follow the season.

We Have Made The Richt-O-Philes So Mad They Are Attacking Us On Other Blogs

The guys over at Leather Helmet showed S&G some love based on our article from yesterday. Naturally we were attacked by one of the Richt-O-Philes that monitor the web for any negative Richt talk:

Screen Name- simple_matter titled his post "Sports and Grits is a horrible blog"

simple_matter then goes on to say that he tries to never read our blog but we all know better don't we simple_matter. In fact from the mountains of North Georgia to the marshes of the coast all the Richt-lovers monitor our site so that they can jump on here and call us "idiots" which is a bland insult. However, if you love Mark Richt football bland is probably your middle name. Simple_matter is also upset because we don't give him that warm fuzzy feeling all over; we are a bunch of "Negative Nancy's" (another dynamic and hurtful insult). In honor of simple_matter here is a picture of Richt back when he won games--let those warm squishies wash over you.

Now we have also driven our buddy Ben Dukes over at This Dawgs View (who we love to read and apparently piss-off as well) to counter some of our recent work in this article. We love ya Ben but we will not accept mediocrity no matter how purdy you write about it.

The bleacher report is stepping in to size up all this fire Richt talk here. Wow the acceptance of mediocrity is spreading in Georgia like Aids in Africa. Wait, was that too negative? Sorry guys here is a picture to make you feel better

Ahhhhhhhh, good Christian living which in some inexplicable way qualifies you to be a head football coach. I know lots of good Christian men but that does not qualify them to do any and all jobs. If I need brain surgery give me a Muslim or an Atheist who has been to medical school not a Christian who only finished high school.

As I have stated before we are in the "Clempsun Trap" we have a coach who had early success when coupled with a dynamic coordinator:

Clempun- Bowden and Rich Rodriguez
Georgia-- Richt and Van Gorder

After the coordinator left there was some residual success but after the kids he coached and recruited start to graduate the level of the entire program starts to drop. Some people start to ask questions but they are immediately attacked by the alleged "real fans" who demand that you "support our team" and stop being so "negative". Clempsun didn't want to part with Tummy Bowden because he is such a:

"Good Christian Man" sound familiar? Also he:

"Means so much to the fans" and "Has had more success than his predecessors who had failed to replace a legendary coach that left in the 80's".

Is all this looking familiar?

Don't keep Richt for another year listen to reason. If not from us how about from Mr. SEC
Let's look at Gary Patterson at TCU, Jim Harbaugh at Stanford, or Dan Mullen at Miss. St. These guys are winning at schools with major impairments in recruiting and facilities. They have head coach experience, winning ways, and have not become complacent in their jobs.
Oh and here is to balance out all the negativity
Just so long as he ain't coachin' the Dawgs.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Greg McGarity Assures You the 2011 Football Season Will be Delightfully Mediocre

Football in Athens will be average at best in 2011. Bobo will be calling for the screen on 25 of 27 pass plays, the O-line will under perform, the strenght and conditioning will be second rate, and the defense will suck...(I mean it will still be in transition under Grantham). We know all of this because McGarity told us.

There will be a large portion Dawg Nation that is going to be relieved that Richt gets his "chance to right the ship" never mind that he is the one who has taken out every iceberg in the water since 2007. The funniest thing about this is that while we are going to be tickled to accept loosing to Vanderbilt, going 2-8 against Florida, and never even playing for a National Title- the Shamecocks of South Carolina will be in Atlanta at the beginning of December. Hello Role Reversal.
The once perpetual "Wait Till Next Year", "Give the Coach One More Year", "It Was a Moral Victory", "Well We Do Play in the SEC", "At Least We Are Still Loyal Fans", Gamecocks are playing for a SEC title and a trip to the Sugar Bowl. Georgia on the other hand is preparing for a war with their inferior in-state ACC rivals with a bowl appearance on the line. My how the mighty have fallen, and my how mediocrity is so readily accepted by the huddled masses.

Most troubling in McGarity's statement was:

"I know we're 5-5, but you go back and you look at all the dynamics involved - how close the games were. It's not like we're dealing with situations here of lopsided losses, of being non-competitive."

Greg this is the SEC, Bubba! There are no moral victories here unless you are Vanderbilt. I do not want this South Carolina Gamecock mentality around the Georgia Bulldogs. If you lose you lose- it doesn't matter by how much.

Eight defeats in ten years to the Florida Gators is grounds for Richt's dismissal.

I don't care how many bad teams Richt beats. Where are the National Titles? Where are the wins against Florida? Why have we lost to Vanderbilt under Richt? Why have we lost to Kentucky twice? Why have we lost to Mississippi State for the first time since the 70's? Why have we lost to Colorado, Oklahoma State, West Virginia, and Boston College?

Richt stole two SEC titles on back door jobs while the conference was in turmoil. You know why Meyer gets a pass on his record this year in Florida? Do you know? BECAUSE HE HAS TWO NATIONAL TITLES! Do you know why Mack-Daddy Brown is getting a pass at Texas? BECAUSE HE WON A NATIONAL TITLE! You know why I don't want to give Richt a pass? HE LET A LOSS TO THE GAMECOCKS IN 2007 KEEP THE DAWGS OUT OF A NATIONAL TITLE GAME THAT THEY WOULD HAVE WON!

Look at this article by Craig Haubert with ESPN. In it he is talking about the elite recruits coming out of South Carolina but that is not why I bring it up. I bring it up for this statement that he makes:

"When it comes to finding talent, most would agree that Florida, Texas, California and Georgia offer the best pool of gridiron prospects.

That is four states and each has a premier flagship school
1. Florida-- University of Florida
2.Texas-- University of Texas
3. California-- University of Southern California
4. Georgia-- University of Georgia

Under the Richt tenure Georgia is the only flagship school of one of the top four talent producers to not win a National Title. Florida has two, USC one consensus and one share, and Texas has one. The head coach of the University of Georgia keeps elite company (top four talent producing states, in the SEC) and yet Richt is lagging far behind his peers. If you get on Rivals right now I bet Texas, Florida, and USC are almost full on commitments from in state. On the other hand Georgia is fighting for Ray Drew, Isaiah Crowell, Jay Rome, and Damian Swain. Georgia has already lost top in-state recruit Stephon Tuitt (26th overall by rivals) to Notre Dame (do I even need to tell you how embarrassing that is).

But we are all happy in Georiga. Richt has won over 90 games. Hey maybe we should just accept our ineptitude against Florida. Just like Obama wants us to accept that the U.S. economy no longer leads the world maybe we should just accept that Georgia Football in Mediocre at best.

Lester Miles Would Like to Remind You of One Thing

"Hey Fag-Bag, I'm still in the National Title Hunt. Don't believe me? Do you like Apples? How bout these Apples?

Monday, November 15, 2010

This Should be the University of Georgia 2011 Coaching Staff

In light of the last post-- here is the top choice to replace Mark Richt and his staff in 2011, although we will probably puss-out and keep Richt (we'll see you after the 2011 Florida loss)



Right now we can hear the Misfits "Last Caress" on the stadium speakers.
I got something to say
I killed your baby today
And it doesn't matter much to me
As long as it's dead.


a) He looks like Sam Elliot so he probably drinks Coors "The Banquet Beer"
b) His defenses don't dick (pun intended) around and that is with TCU talent.
c) Dick LeBeau, Dick Butkis, Dick Bumpas see what we did there.
d) Just look at this Moostache!
e) Once Patterson yells at you for making a mistake Dick will tell you its all okay and not to get upset in a Grandfatherly sort of way, and then at three in the morning while you are sleeping BANG right in the nut sack! See ya in two hours for conditioning drills son.


All the lonely Milfs in Georgia would be sassyfied

Dick's D will come to stomp your nuts and Mike's O will come to score points, Pirate style son (which means with with pizzaz). The benefits would be:
a) showing you just how awful Bobo's play calling really was.
b) no more fatties on campus only hotties; hotties that put out boys.
c) He'll be getting them points, son!
d) "Awww, has coach Patterson been yelling at you? Are your feelings hurt? Here step into this small dimly lit room and in 4 or 5 hours it will all be better, you pussy"

Sure we could keep Richt, Bobo, and Grantham and we'll be Emerald Bowl bound in December of 2011. Or we could hire men who know that yelling, nut punching, solitary confinement, and Pirate livin are the only way to make boys hard enough to win in the SEC.

Even If The Dawgs Drop The Tech Game The Militant Pro-Richts Will Support Him

Georgia Tech is a MUST win game for the Dawgs on the 27th. A loss to the Techies would mean a 5-7 season for the Dawgs, and that is unacceptable.

Way Back on August 2nd I wrote an article called "Richt and the Hot Seat"

It was a little tongue and cheek because to be honest with you I thought the Dawgs would win the East. Instead the Shamecocks won and the fact that Georgia allowed South Carolina to win the SEC East is unacceptable. Tennessee was a disaster because of their coaching debacles, and Florida was rebuilding their entire team. Georgia on the other hand was returning an elite corner, elite pass rush end, an allegedly experienced and dominant O-line, the best wide out in the Nation, a highly recruited young QB, allegedly talented running backs, and a D-coordinator getting paid a truck load of money. The result; a must win against GT to be bowl eligible.

In light of this I want to revisit my August 2nd article. If you want a deep understanding of what has caused this catastrophe see this article by Mr. Sanchez. What I am going to do here is break down the nuts and bolts of what really matters in the end Wins.

In almost 10 full seasons Richt is 95-33
7-2 in nine bowl games
2-1 in three SEC title games
This is a pretty good resume, but it needs to be broken down into a little more detail.

As I stated back in August some of the non-conference stuff is not Richt's fault. You should not schedule any one tougher than Southern Miss if you an SEC school with a permanent ACC opponent. In the three yearly non-conference, non-Georgia Tech games Georgia should have a 100% winning percentage in any ten year stretch. Now for Richt some years were 11 game schedules so you drop one of these games but in general he should be 30-0. If you want to compete on a National stage anything else is unacceptable. Georgia is the 4th biggest producer of talent in the Nation and Georgia is the flag ship school of that state. There is no reason to ever lose one of these games. Richt is 25-2 in these games. The defeats came against Oklahoma State (which Georgia should not have ever been playing) and Colorado (which is the signature win of a coach that has already been fired before the season in which he got that win was even over). This is unacceptable.

Georgia Tech
Tech is an inferior in-state rival. Georgia should win 8 out of 10 years. Richt is 8-1 so even with a a loss to Tech this year it would still be acceptable. However, UGA must beat Tech to get a bowl so a loss is unacceptable.

Kentucky and Vanderbilt
As I stated in August Georgia should NEVER EVER EVER lose to Vandy and UK in Football. In ten years Georgia should be 20-0 if they want to really be a big time National program. Richt is 17-3. This is unacceptable.

South Carolina
This is a grossly inferior school- in a much smaller state- that produces far less talent- and it must share those recruits with an in state program that traditionally has far more success than they have. In ten years Georgia should be 9-1 against South Carolina if they want to compete on a National level. Richt is 7-3 against South Carolina and this is unacceptable.

Tennesse of the past three years is not the real Tennessee. If taken in any 10 year window the Vols and Dawgs would be pretty even. In a decade Georgia should be 5-5 against Tennessee. Richt is 6-4 so that is better than acceptable.

Prior to 1990 they were our whipping boys, post 1990 it has been the other way around. To compete Nationally Georgia should be 5-5 in any ten years against Florida. Richt is 2-8 and that is beyond unacceptable and falls into the area of epic failure.

SEC West; Non-Auburn
This is a little tricky. You really have to break this up into the haves and have nots. Against the haves (LSU and Alabama) UGA should split just like with Tennessee and Florida. The Mississippi schools should be treated like Vandy and UK a loss is totally unacceptable. Arkansas should be treated like South Carolina more than one loss in ten games is unacceptable. Richt is 15-5 in these games. One loss to Bama which is understandable, two losses to LSU which I get, one loss to Arkansas (which is too early to judge because Richt has not faced Arkansas ten times yet) and one loss to Mississippi State which is the same as a loss to Vanderbilt and that is unacceptable.

This is a fierce rivalry but the bottom line is Georgia is the flagship school in the 4th biggest talent producing state and Auburn is the secondary school in the 7th or 8th biggest talent producing state. In a ten year stretch Georgia should be 6-4 against Auburn and that is what they are under Richt. This is acceptable.

Post Season
At this pace the Dawgs should win the east 3.5 times in a decade so that would mean 3 appearances every ten years with one ten year stretch in 30 years where they go to Atlanta 4 times. Richt has been three times in a decade. One would hope to be at least 2-1 in those games and that is Richts record. This is acceptable.
Georgia should go to a bowl game every single year. Georgia should be 8-2 in those bowl games. Georgia is 7-2 and in danger of a) not bowling this year, which would be unacceptable; or b) going to a bowl but loosing that bowl which would put his mark at 7-3 which is unacceptable. Also it is unacceptable to lose to a Big East opponent in a bowl game and Richt has been there and done that.

Has Richt won a lot of games, yes. Is he the biggest "get em' while the conference is down" opportunist in the SEC, yes. Did he get em' while they are down this year, no. Most people will tell you ten years is the longest you should stay at any one coaching position.

If you disagree with any of this then you are an acceptor of mediocrity and may want to consider being a fan of the Ole Miss Gay Bears.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

What Do We Need To Happen This Year To Get A Playoff

If you are unfortunately forced to watch ESPN, read Sports Illustrated, or visit any mainstream sports related website all the pundits are talking about a playoff. Down in the SEC we have been wanting a playoff for years because it will assure an SEC National Champion every single year.

So what do we need to get a playoff? Boise or TCU in the title game? No because if Boise or TCU goes and plays a major conference opponent for the title as opposed to being in a bowl that is a concession prize for not getting into the title game then they will get destroyed. However, thanks to a one Mr. Lester Miles there is a scenario that could play itself out and result in a playoff---and here it is
Event 1:
Boise gets beaten most likely by Fresno State or Nevada.

Event 2:
The most unlikely which is TCU gets stunned this weekend by S.D.State

Event 3:
Oregon gets beaten by Arizona or even better by unranked Oregon State.

Event 4:
Auburn wins out and goes to the National Title game.

Event 5:
LSU wins out.

Event 6:
Nebraska drops one more game

Event 7:
Wisconsin drops another game.

The result would be an all-SEC National Title game which would assure a 5th consecutive SEC National Championship.
The major sports media and the other conferences would be so pissed they would agree to a playoff.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What Is Really Going On With Newton and Another Reason To Hate Urban Meyer

Cam Newton is the front runner for the Heisman and is currently leading an SEC scoring juggernaut that unlike Oregon is scoring its points against teams that don't field 11 retards on defense. First let us say that Newton will play on Saturday (no matter how hard you pray he doesn't) and like Tony Barnhart we are pretty sure that he will be super pissed and ready to play football which is bad for the Dawgs and their beleaguered coaching staff. If you have been living under a rock Newton is under fire for two separate issues:
1. Allegations that his handlers asked Miss St for money in exchange for his commitment, and
2. Allegations that he cheated while at Florida

So where are these allegations coming from and why are we just now hearing about them? Simple, the anti-SEC media will do anything to avoid a second straight SEC Heisman and the third in four years as well as a fifth consecutive SEC National Champion. Funny how the heat has really been cranked-up after the Alabama loss which is the only SEC team that could still beat Auburn and jump into the National Title game. Much like with A.J. Green- The Southern Inquisition continues. Should Auburn win out they would ruin Oregon, Boise, TCU, or any other team they face in the National Title game. The Oregon offense would fold like a cheap pop-tent after 1 quarter on the field with an SEC defense. Cam would have his way with the Boise or TCU defensive units simply because of the talent gap (not because Dick Bumpus would not have a perfect game plan in place). The pay to play allegations are simply put- the NCAA and the Northeastern controlled media's attempt to attack the Greatest Conference in the land.

On the other hand the cheating allegations are coming from this man:
How do we know? Simple, the only way the media would know about this is if the University of Florida leaked the info. Why would Florida want to attack a young man already having his name slandered nation wide? Florida did this because Urban knows the Gamecocks will choke on Saturday and he will drag his team into the SEC title game against Auburn. No Newton would mean Meyer's team would have a chance and Meyer is a big enough douche-turtle to try and pull this crap. Urban Meyer---class, class, class.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Idaho State Bengals- A Retrospective on the Program

The Dawgs pull the Idaho State Bengals this week and here is all you need to know about their program:

1. They wear knock-off Virgina Tech uniforms and;

2. This is their all time greatest player (and a personal hero of S&G) Jared Allen

Are you sure you didn't go to Ole Miss?

He wears 69 for a reason ladies!

This shirt is a must have for us from Ol' Saint Nick.

Just an average man with exceptional hair.
Enjoy this is the last sure win of the season for the Dawgs.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Really Ole Miss..All Gray Uniforms......You Racists!

See above....all Gray and Gray is the color worn by the Confederate Soldiers in the Eastern Theatre of the Civil War. By wearing these uniforms Ole Miss is saying- We accept the misguided belief that blacks should be slaves and we encourage the glorification of the Old South. Ole Miss...New Gay Man Mascot but still hates blacks!
Old Mascot... Colonel Reb and Plantation/Fried Chicken Restaurant Owner.

New Mascot.....A Bear which is an urban slang term for a large Gay Man.....Very PC.
While we are at it I would like to note that calling yourself "Old" and spelling it "Ole" in Old South Vernacular is Racist so lets change the name to Mississippi.
Also, Cardinal Red and Navy were the colors of the Confederate Naval Jack or the typical "Confederate Flag" also terribly racist and offensive.
Ole Miss needs to change its colors to Pink and Doo-Doo Brown and only have "Miss" on the helmets.

Richt Is Not Doing What He Used To Do!

Mark Richt has made a name for himself by pouncing on the SEC at it's lowest moments. In 2002 Florida was under the oppression of the Zook administration, the cracks in the foundation of the Fulmer empire in Knockersville was beginning to show, South Carolina was drunk off their first two New Year's Day Bowl wins in school history and Holtz decided to mail it in from there, and Vandy and Kentucky were Vandy and Kentucky. The coaching situation in Alabama was totally out of control, Saban was still rebuilding LSU, T-Tubs was rebuilding Auburn, the Missisyphillus schools were awful and Arkansas was doing about as well as Arkansas can ever expect to do. To sum it up the conference was down, and Georgia took full advantage. In 2005 Florida was starting the process of emerging from the wasteland that was the Zook administration, Tennessee was completely floundering, Vandy and Kentucky- still Vandy and Kentucky, and South Carolina was in the process of jettisoning all the luggage as the Holtz plane had lost all fuel in mid-flight and Spurrier was trying to get the plane over water before the impending crash. Alabama was still hemorrhaging, Auburn was pouting over their undefeated snub, LSU was reeling over the loss of Saban, Arkansas was trying to fire Rev. Dale, and the Mississippi schools were still the Mississippi schools.
This year the conference as a collective group is down, but 2010 is different from 2002 and 2005 because Richt is not pouncing on the SEC title. Richt the Devourer of Low Hanging Fruits is now himself the devouree.
Richt is not competitive with the elite coaches and the elite talent in the SEC. The East was gift wrapped for any of the six teams that decided to take it. It will be a long time before the path to Atlanta out of the East is this easy, and with this staff it will be a long time before Georgia's path to Atlanta is a reasonable expectation.

Do we have $2.5 million a year and this man's phone number because if we don't we need to get them stat!