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Monday, January 31, 2011

2007 vs 2011 What a Turn Around for In-State Recruiting

ESPN has an article looking at the ESPN top 150 from 2007.

If there is one year that you can look at during the Richt administration and say what "What the _______" it is 2007. There was a ton of talent in the State of Georgia (per the usual) and Richt basically missed on everyone of them. Here are the players that Richt got, missed, and his out of State hauls (all rankings are according to ESPN):


4. Eric Berry CB/S Fairburn

20. Allen Bailey DE Darien

30. D.J. Stafford DT LaGrange

58. Cam Newton QB Atlanta

75. Jonathan Dwyer RB Marietta

78. Ted Laurent DT Powder Springs

99. T-Bob Hebert C Alpharetta

104.Conrad Obi DE Logansville

139. Morgan Burnett WR College Park


27. Israel Troupe WR Tifton

48. Caleb King RB Norcross

Georgia had 11 of the top 150 and yet Richt only landed 2 of the 11. Of those two both have been disappointments (especially King). Now we will say that Hebert and Berry were probably never in play because Berry was a Tennessee legacy and Hebert only lived in Georgia because his Daddy played for the Falcons. The natural Richt-O-Phille response is "what about the out of state recruits?" Well Georgia pulled in 4 top 150 from out of state.

40. Logan Gray QB

95. Trinton Sturdivant OT

128. Aaron White TE

149. Charles White OLB

Sturdivant has had a tough go of it with injuries and Aaron White has been a decent player but Gray and the other White were disappointments.

That was in 2007 when Richt was convinced that Athens was his kingdom and no one would ever question him. Fast forward to 2011 and oh what a little heat on the seat will do for recruiting.

Drew, Rome, Mitchell, and Swann are already in the fold and Crowell looking very likely it would appear that Richt has decided it is time to work a little harder because his job security ain't what is used to be.

The Cold Blooded Ones are quite pleased.

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  1. Wasn't Cam heyward in this class too? As well as out of state near misses like Cliff Matthews? The 2007 class was a giant bag of fail.