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Monday, January 31, 2011

All this negativity is killing recruiting, part 2....

In the next few days, Georgia should land Blair Walsh's replacement to start the 2012 class.
Hopefully Morgan is more Walsh than Bailey, and can continue a long line of excellent placekickers from Athens native Billy Bennett to Brandon Coutu and now Walsh, and going further back include notables like Kanon Parkman, Hap Hines, John Kasay, Kevin Butler, Todd Peterson, among others. All due respect to the Jayhawks, we are definitely becoming K U.

Isaiah Crowell should be a Dawg Wednesday, and John Jenkins shortly after that. We still have room for a few more if we can steal Kent Turene, Antonio Richardson, Jeoffrey Pagan, Xzavier Dickson, among others.

I guess all this negativity about the staff really doesn't hurt recruiting now does it? But keep believing whatever nonsense you wish, since those who claim as much clearly don't care if their stupidity can be proven through even specious reasoning, let alone clearly debunked as bunk by all available evidence.


  1. And we signed Morgan this morning. Darn us and our killing of the recruiting process.

  2. He won't sign for a year, but close enough CC. This kid ain't likely one to waver.

  3. Oh, you know CC isn't concerned about facts and details! He's a genius in his own mind.

  4. -Anon @ 5:07

    Is that sarcasm I sense Anon?
    I said signed when I should have said got a commitment from...oooohhhhh sorry there Captain Fact-Check. I am usually busy working, running this blog, being a genius, and re-defining awesome so there are the occasional mistakes.

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